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L'Amoureaux, Susie J. of Binghamton m. John L.Smith of Port Jervis Feb. 19, 1868
L'Amoureaux, Kate of Binghamton m. George L. Smith of Brownsville, NY Feb. 4, 1874
L'Amoureaux, Mary Ellen m. Irwin Kerr McNaught both of Binghamton Mar. 2, 1869
LaBarron, Anna M. of Choconut Center m. Eli Bronk of East Maine Nov. 27, 1879
LaBarron, Elvina of Binghamton m. L.S.Drum of Vestal Dec. 31, 1868
Lacey, Isabelle C. of Laceyville, Pa. m. Joseph A. Beebe of Montrose, Pa. no date (pub: May 22, 1850)
Lacey, Lizzie of Binghamton m. Frank E. Brown of Wyalusing, Pa. no date (pub:Feb. 11, 1874)
Ladd, Lucy d/o Capt. Samuel Ladd of Sherburne, NY m. John M. Brown a merchant of Binghamton Oct. 31, 1832
Ladd, Lucy A. of iberty m. E.D.Tyler of Ararat, Pa. no date (pub:June 10, 1868)
LaGrange, Frances d/o D.H.LaGrange m. in Union I.W.James both of Vestal May 12, 1853
LaGrange, Martha T. of Binghamton m. William L. Simmons of Elmira, NY Sept. 23, 1872
LaGrange, Hannah d/o John LaGrange m. in Vestal Charles Mersereau no date (pub:July 4, 1828)
LaGrange, Mary m. Charles A. Bates both of Binghamton Feb. 17, 1876
Lainhart, Mary m. Burr Smith both of Maine Nov. 14, 1872
Lamb, Ella m. in Jeffersonville, Sullivan County, NY O.L.Stevens Sept. 9, 1868
Lambert, Ettie of Binghamton m. William J. Harris of NY June 11, 1871
Lambert, Hattie m. Franklin Newton both of Binghamton Aug. 27, 1862
Langdon, Hattie d/o D.M.Langdon m in Conklin S.P.Chase of Oshkosh, Wisc. Dec. 3,1857
Langdon, Mattie m. L.H.Watrous both of Kirkwood Feb. 19, 1870
Langdon, Mary of Conklin m. Chester Dwight of Windsor Mar. 27, 1851
Langdon, Matilda m. Samuel Bayless Mar. 25, 1858
Lanterman, Eliza d/o of the late David Lanterman m. in Buffalo, NY William M. Wardsell no date (pub:Oct. 27, 1852)
Lanterman, Nancy B. d/o the late David Lanterman of Binghamton m. in Buffalo, NY May 12, 1853
Lanterman, Sarah E. formerly of Binghamton m. in Honesdale, Pa. Henry W. Brown of Mt. Pleasant, NY Sept. 31, 1849
Lashier, Ida d/o S. Lashier of Union m. Charles E. Welch of Binghamton Apr. 29, 1877
Lathrop, Alverette m. in Port Dickinson Hiram Bates Jan. 9, 1875
Landauver, Fannie of Augsburg m. in Batavia, Germany Frederick P. Hirschmann of Binghamton July 5, 1868
Lavy, Fredricka m. M.Newman of Binghamton Nov. 11, 1860
Lawn, Catherine (Lown?) m. Cornelius Donahue both of Bingahamton Nov. 13, 1859
Lawrence, Maggie m. C.F.Dewey both of Conklin Jan. 17, 1869
Lawrence, Jessie L. d/o B.W.Lawence, Esq. of Conklin m. Frank Watrous of Kirkwood Mar. 23, 1875
Lawrence, Sarah m. Theron T. Stoughtenburg both of Conklin Nov. 26, 1856
Lawton, Emma m. John Morris both of Binghamton Dec. 25, 1864
Lawton, Frances A. d/o W.C.Lawton of Copenhagen, NY m. Daniel B. Smith of Binghamton Nov. 24, 1863
Lawyer, Caroline E. of Binghamton m. George S. Beach of Hartford, Conn. Jan. 24, 1860
Lawyer, Margaret J. m. Asa Parsons both of Binghamton Nov. 17, 1852
Lay, Anna of Hamilton m. Charles Gale of Binghamton Feb. 25, 1863
Laycock, Mary A. m. James Whitbeck both of Binghamton Dec. 31, 1861
Layton, Betsey E. m. in Binghamton James K. Hardy both of Union Dec. 10, 1861
Layton, Elizabeth A. of Middletown, NJ m. Peter M. Badger of Union Apr. 7, 1857
Layton, Jan m. David Belcher both of Binghamton Jan. 13, 1848
Leach, Sarah D. of Owego, NY m. William D. Covwell of Elmira Mar. 6, 1851
Leary, Anna G. m. in Union Isaac O. Goodenough both of Friendsville, Pa. Dec. 25, 1876
Leavenworth, Caroline d/o Isaac Leavenworth m. Col. Julius Page both of Binghamton Sept. 25, 1831
Lebabon, Azura L. m. in Newark, NY John Swan Sept. 30, 1850
LeCouver, Emma of Binghamton m. George Blakely of Buffalo, NY Aug. 25, 1862
Lee, Ellen m. Eriah Lee both of Sanford Mar. 20, 1869
Lee, Emma m. Isaac H. Page both of Glen Castle Dec. 30, 1873
Lee, Imogene m. John W. Gulnack both of Port Dickinson Nov. 9, 1873
Lee, Mrs. Jennie of Chenango m. Henderick C. Heath of Chicago, Ill Feb. 10, 1880
Lee, Jessie of Binghamton m. S.L.Chapman of Cincinnati, Ohio Sept. 15, 1870
Lee, Sarah m. Levi B. Sturdevant both of Binghamton Mar. 13, 1842
Leet, Caroline of Center Lisle m. Walter Thomas of Dryden, NY June 1, 1863
Lenderson, Anna E. of Greene, NY m. Addison Miller of Fenton Sept. 6, 1868
Lent, Amelia d/o Alexander Main of Albany formerly of Binghamton m. Charles G. Curtis of NYC Apr. 17, 1851
Leonard, Betsey of Union m. Morrison Winfield of Binghamton Apr. 27, 1869
Leonard, Carcindana of Binghamton m. Parley W. Foster of Unadilla, NY Nov. 16, 1843
Leonard, Emeline L. of Union m. Alonzo M. Bennett of Maine May 23, 1850
Leonard, Sarah E. of Union m. John McGaw or McGraw of Niagara, NY Sept. 25, 1862
Lester, Ella A. of Binghamton m. Lon A. Boothby of Hornesville, NY May 23, 1877
Lester, Ellen of Binghamton m. E.E.Harkness of Council Bluffs, Iowa Sept. 24, 1873
Lester, Lucy of Conklin m. Sanford Stanley of Binghamton Feb. 28, 1863
Lester, Mary E. of Binghamton m. James S. Squires, Pres. of the Bank of Cortland May 14, 1873
Lewis, Adelia Reynolds of Cortland m. William K. Ackerman of NYC Nov. 30, 1858
Lewis, Ann E. d/o William Lewis of Conklin m. Alvin Northrup July 18, 1856
Lewis, Mrs. Eliza of Waterford, NY m. Horatio N. Benjamin of Kirkwood Jan. 10, 1861
Lewis, Eliza Catherine m. George M. Lyon both of Greene, NY Oct. 2, 1855
Lewis, Mrs. Eliza m. Barzilla Marvin both of Binghamton Jan. 21, 1858
Lewis, Elizabeth M. of Stockbridge, Mass m. Erastus B. Barnes of Binghamton Oct. 10, 1849
Lewis, Eunice of Maine m. Harvey A. Brooks of Union Center Aug. 1, 1871
Lewis, Jane E. of d/o Col. H.Lewis m. in Riverside, Broome Co, NY Patrick Henry Drake of Ithaca, NY May 8, 1850
Lewis, Jane d/o Abijah Lewis of Union m. John Wentz Jan. 2, 1845
Lewis, Lydia A. of Conklin m. Charles D. Johnson of Leraysville, Pa. July 4, 1852
Lewis, Mary m. Asa Curtis both of Maine Feb. 11, 1869
Lewis, Mary Jane m. Alexander Jackson both of Binghamton Mar. 13, 1858
Lewis, Mrs. Polly m. Dr. Martin Bullock both of Binghamton Feb. 25, 1875
Lewis, Sarah E. of Norwich, NY m. Stephen Palmer of Chenango Forks Oct. 3, 1871
Light, Abelinda of Sanford m. Theodore Pierce of Colesville Oct. 8, 1867
Lightner, Emma M. m. in Lancaster, Pa. Tunis Hellings of Phila., Pa.Dec. 18, 1862
Lilly, Lucy D. Chenango Newton Hand Jan. 24, 1861
Lilly, Mattie A. of Castle Creek m. Henry M.Fuller of Mt. Etrick, town of Maine, Sept. 6, 1876
Lilly, Sarah M. m. Nelson Meeker both of Brackneyville, Pa. Sept. 16, 1868
Lindsley, A.M. of Liberty, Pa. m. D.S.Alden of Windsor Mar. 1, 1866
Lines, Caroline E. of Franklin, Pa. m. Hermon Ensign of Conklin Sept. 27, 1843
Lisk, Ella U. m. Harry Collington both of Colesville Mar. 29, 1877
Little, Julia M. of Binghamton m. Levi Brigham of Worcestor, Mass. Oct. 29, 1855
Littlefair, Elizabeth A. m. Jame S. Cary both of Binghamton June 12, 1862
Livermore, Sally m. in Lisle Ebenezer Russell Oct. 15, 1815
Lloyd, Jennie d/o John Lloyd of Binghamton m. Levi Lathrop of Norwich, NY Mar. 29, 1865
Lloyd, Nettie of Binghamton m. A.B.Baldwin Feb. 10, 1880
Lobell, Cornellias m. William Van Steanburg both of Sanford uly 3, 1870
Lockwood, Annie H. d/o P. Lockwood of Binghamton m. Josiah S Leverett May 18, 1865
Lockwood, Emma m. John Simmons both of Binghamton Mar. 8, 1876
Lockwood, Rachel L. m. Elijah W. Brigham both of Binghamton Mar. 14, 1850
Lockwood, S.A. m. F.P.Cary both of Binghamton May 7, 1862
Loomis, Clara d/o B.N.Loomis m. in Binghamton George Robinson of Elmira, NY Oct.. 20, 1874
Loomis, Hannah of Binghamton m. Henry Birch of Montrose, Pa. July 9, 1850
Loomis, Isabella m. in Owego, NY Charles A. Brown both of Binghamton Mar. 4, 1874
Loomis, Mary A. of Lanesboro, Pa. m. Anson Gillette of Cortlandville, NY Jan. 3, 1844
Lordell, Jane of Sanford m. William O. Merritt of Masonville, NY Sept. 27, 1871
Lounsbury, Eleanor m. Silas Walrath Aug. 20, 1860
Lounsberry, Hattie M. m John A. Blair both of Binghamton Nov. 14, 1872
Lounsbury, Ettie d/o Gideon Lounsbury m. George C. Decker both of Binghamton Aug. 15, 1860
Lounsbury, Lucy of Conklin m. Bryon Bunnell of Binghamton June 1, 1828
Lounsbury, Laura m. in Chenango Nathaniel Lattin May 30, 1822
Loveland, Libbie m. Charles Kellum both of Vestal June 4, 1877
Lovett, Annie of NYC d/o Jacob Lovett m. J. Ailport Andrews no date (pub:Apr. 5, 1865)
Lovette, Cassie N. d/o Jacob Lovette of NYC m. Sidney D. Pardee no date (pub:Apr. 5, 1865)
Lucas, Emma A. of Smithville m. William W. Baker of Triangle June 4, 1877
Luce, Melissa Jane m. in Union Nathaniel Moulton Aug. 8, 1844
Luck, Ann Amelia of Hawleyton m. John S. Stanley of Choconut, Pa. June 22, 1858
Lunger, Jane m. in Scranton, Pa. Wilaim J. Ryan Nov. 12, 1871
Low, Mrs. Ellen of Binghamton m. in Windsor Sylvester Edsell of Windsor Aug. 30, 1866
Lucket, Julia of Binghamton m. William P. Hubbard of Toronto, Canada Sept. 9, 1874
Lull, Polly m. Charles Gaylord both of Barker Feb. 16, 1847
Lung, L.R. m. in Binghamton S.E.Cronk both of East Rush, Pa. May 16, 1870
Lusk, Eliza J. of Lisle m. Ira S. Cook of Center Lisle May 21, 1859
Lusk, Mrs. Lucy of Newark Valley, NY m. in Owego, NY, C.W.Councilman of Lisle Oct. 24, 1870
Lusk, Parmelia m. in Lisle Robert Forbes May 12, 1858
Lusk, Sarah J. of Lisle m. J.B.O'Brien of Homer, NY Nov. 12, 1860
Luther, Clara of Syracuse, NY m. Frank L. Harris of Binghamton June 3, 1873
Lynde, Clara V. of Lisle m. H.Phetteplace of Killawog Jan. 21, 1875
Lynch, Julia I. of Windsor m. William C. Lamb of Otego, NY Feb. 6, 1863
Lyon, S.R. m. H.S.Buckingham both of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1853


Mack, Ida E. m. J. Frank Spaulding both of Binghamton June 16, 1874
MacHugh, Mary m. A.W.Parmley both of Binghamton Sept. 15, 1873
Mack, Ella M. m. Warren Crofut both of Binghamton Jan. 31, 1877
Mack, Minnie d/o E.F.Mack m. in Binghamton Samuel B. Haynor Oct. 22, 1872
Macumber, Carrie A. m. B.O.Griswold of Windsor, Conn. Dec. 17, 1874
Mahoney, Mary d/o John Mahoney of Silver Lake, Pa. m. B.F.Southby Sept. 21, 1880
Manchester, Mary m. Oliver Judd both of Conklin Apr. 27, 1851
Mandeville, Adelia of Nineveh m. in Bainbridge, NY Henry F. Doolittle of Oquaga Jan. 1, 1861
Manier, Hattie of Union Center m. David Plough of Tracy Creek Oct. 3, 1876
Manier, Mary E. m. Charles H. Edson both of Union June 26, 1872
Manier, Mary J. of Union m. Richard F. Crasper of Windsor Mar. 23, 1858
Mann, Josephine E. of Broome County m. Manville Johnson of Albany, NY Jan. 22, 1868
Manning, Ida R. of Coventry, NY m. George A, May of Harpersville Jan. 11, 1879
Manning, Lydia C. d/o Rev. Samuel Manning of Chenango Forks m. Henry C. Smith of Masonville, NY June 12, 1843
Manning, Martha m. Lewis Page both of Binghamton Feb. 13, 1829
Manning, Sarah E. m. William H. Belcher both of Binghamton Apr. 27, 1861
Manville, Emma V. of Colesville m. in Harpersville Albert C. Pratt of Fenton Nov. 9, 1873
Marcy, A. of Greene, NY m. in Maine, NY Dr. H.D.Stevens of Triangle Nov. 20, 1850
Marean, Martha M. of Union m. in Maine Samuel B. Lewis of Westfield, Mass. May 30, 1847
Markham, Mercia m. in Binghamton Stephen Bunnell Jr. Mar. 6, 1833
Maricle, Louisa m. in Binghamton Freddie J. Landon both of Vestal Center Sept. 30, 1876
Markstein, Pauline of Mobile, Ala. m. Sigmund J. Hirschmann of Binghamton Oct. 15, 1865
Marquisee, Annis Elizabeth of Springfield, Otsego Co, NY m. Dr. G.A.Thayer of Binghamton Jan. 4, 1860
Marsh, Nancy of Elizabethport, NJ m. in Binghamton John H. Clamer of NY Sept. 5, 1866
Marshall, Laura R. of Binghamton m. Capt. Henry H. Davis 187th NY Vol. Mar. 27, 1863
Marshall, Julia m. Benjamin Cresson both of Windsor Nov. 24, 1863
Marshall, Mary E. of Binghamton m. Dr.E.N.Smith of of Susq. Depot, Pa. Mar. 18, 1873
Marstus, Ann of Binghamton m. in Windsor Ransom W. Welton Jul;y 21, 1867
Mather, Mary E. d/o Sylvester Mather m. in Binghamton F.B.Lathrop June 5, 1850
Martin, Alice A. m. Edward Perrault both of Binghamton Mar. 8, 1876
Martin, Alice E. d/o John Martin of Binghamton m. Isaac J.Kent of Milton, Pa. Feb. 11, 1875
Martin, Aris L. m. in Binghamton Morton M. May both of Newport, Herkimer Co., NY Oct. 5, 1870
Martin, Catherine m. Ammi Dimmick both of Binghamton Sept. 21, 1870
Martin, Cora Belle d/o F.W.Martin , Esq. m. in Binghamton Edmund J. Lawrence Oct. 15, 1874
Martin, Elvira d/o Dr. Samuel Martin m. in Colesville Sidney Sornborger of May 6, 1841
Martin, Harriet d/o Daniel Martin of Colesville m. Nelson Stow of Center Village Mar. 31, 1862
Martin, Jane of Harpersville m. William O. Bancroft June 24, 1857
Martin, Lucy M. d/o F.W.Martin, Esq. of Binghamton m. Henry J. Rodman Nov. 1, 1877
Martin, Mary m. Marcus Blakeslee both of Colesville Mar. 30, 1852
Martin, Mary of Harpersville m. Timothy G. Negus of Ophir, Nevada Jan 4., 1866
Marvin, Cornelia F. d/o Maj. D. Marvin of Wilton, Conn. m. William S. Harris of Binghamton Oct. 27, 1870
Mason, Emma Louise m. Edward Nelson Abbott Dec. 23, 1879
Mason, Lucy A.m. E.F.Benjamin both of Binghamton Jan. 28, 1872
Mason, Lydia m. Birdsall Lewis both of Binghamton June 26, 1862
Mather, Caroline W. d/o Richard Mather of Binghamton m. Earnest Smith of NY Apr. 18, 1866
Mather, Elizabeth Waite d/o Richard Mather m. James H. DePue both of Binghamton Apr. 14, 1852
Mathews, Eliza E. of Binghamton m. A.D.Rockwell Mar. 19, 1879
Matthews, Emma of Candor, NY m. Benjamin J. Wells of Binghamton no date (pub:Apr. 8, 1868)
Mathews, Jennie C. d/o E.F.Mathews m.Edward M. Cafferty both of Binghamton June 20, 1872
Mattison, Alice m. Barton A. Barnes both of Binghamton Oct. 29, 1871
Mattison, Mary E. d/o Warren Mattison m. Samuel J. Harrington both of UnionJuly 1, 1866
May, Lillie B. of Fairport m. W.H.Sparrow of Lisle July 28, 1866
Mayhew, Anna m. Lorin S. Harding both of Binghamton Dec. 14, 1879
Mayhew, Mattie m. in Center Village Henry English both of Port Crane Mar. 7, 1875
Mayo, Anna of Windsor m. James M. Williams of West Troy, NY Apr. 10, 1864
Mayo, Florilla A. of Oquaga Harpersville Leroy Doolittle of Windsor Apr. 30, 1865
Mayo, Harriet of Windsor m. in Binghamton Warren Mayo of Colesville Oct. 17, 1857
Maxim, Mrs. Emaline m. William C. Young both of Binghamton June 23, 1851
McArdle, Harriet m. in Binghamton James M. Ryley both of Susq., Pa.Nov. 18, 1863
McBride, Amanda of Elmira, NY Binghamton H.L.Gano of Havana Feb. 28, 1856
McCall, Hellen m. in Lisle Dr. William J. Norton Aug. 30, 1866
McCannon, Julia of Oakland, Pa. m. in Kirkwood Francis Henry Decker Sept. 21, 1872
McCard, Annie Ettie of Binghamton m. George A. Marclay of West Richmondville Mar. 14, 1877
McCard, Lilla m. Thomas Rittenhouse both of Binghamton Nov. 2, 1874
McComb, Hattie m. Chauncey L. Rumbill both of Binghamton Apr. 24, 1872
McCullough, Helen m. Watson E. Beach both of Cocheton, NY Oct. 14, 1880
McDonald, Alta of Greene,NY m. in Fenton Charles A. Sweet of Willet, NY Sept. 23, 1876
McGill, Mary Jane of Union m. Frank Maples of Maine Jan. 27, 1876
McGregor, Elizabeth Binghamton Moses Mitchell both of Milburn Jan. 18, 1856
McGregor, Janet d/o John McGregor late of Scotland m. in Binghamton Malcomb McFarland
McHenry, Hattie E. of Benton, Pa. m. J. Worile Hoyt of Dec. 31, 1879
McKean, Annie of Waterloo, NY m. Henry J. Manier of Binghamton Nov. 14, 1867
McKean, Caroline d/o Capt. William McKean, US Navy, m. William N. Wilson Jan. 3, 1856
McKean, Elizabeth of Vestal d/o Capt. William McKean m. Joseph Ely of Binghamton June 18, 1856
McKean, Mary M. of Vestal m. David P. Jackson of Binghamton Nov. 9, 1863
McKean, Rose d/o the late Col.William McKean, USN, m. Cyrus Hotchkiss both of Binghamton Apr. 24, 1872
M'Kinney, Lucy C. d/o John M'Kinney of Great Bend, Pa m. James White of Conklin Dec.16, 1846
M'Kinney, Olive S. d/o John M'Kinney of Great Bend, Pa. m. George W. Dyer of Corning, NY Jan. 1, 1846
McKune, Esther of Harmony, Pa. m. in Binghamton Horton Wheat of Catlin, Chemung Co, NY Feb. 18, 1846
McCollister, E. m. in Binghamton A.C.Stephens Apr. 2, 1866
McMoran, Fannie m. David McCard both of Binghamton no date (pub: July 26, 1876)
McIntyre, Allie m. in Union Charles Crocker Feb. 16, 1876
McIntyre, Ida E. m. Dan P. Barnes both of Maine, NY Mar. 5, 1874
McNamara, of Binghamton m. C.H.Fredrick of Omaha, Neb. Feb. 24, 1873
McNary, Emily of Oak Hill m. James Clark of Binghamton May 10, 1856
Mead, Addie d/o Col. John Mead of Conklin m. Elias Harris of Addison, NY July 22, 1856
Meachum, Harriet m. E.S.Treadwell both of Binghamton Nov. 11, 1852
Mead, Linda M. of Conklin m. Alanson Harris of Smithport, Pa. July 5, 1858
Meeker, Alice m. John Stearn both of Binghamton Dec. 31, 1874
Meeker, Julia L. m. Newton M. Hulbert both of Binghamton Feb. 14, 1871
Mellen, Sarah A. of Rockton, Ill. m there M.T.Morgan of Binghamton May 20, 1856
Mepbury, Betsey of New Berlin, NY m. Franklin Curtis of Norwich May. 13, 1857
Merch, Hannah of Trumansburg, NY m. Nathaniel Pratt of Binghamton Oct. 5, 1828
Merchant, Lucia A. of Guilford, NY m. Lt. George Baldwin Feb. 22, 1865
Merchant, Lucy D. m. in Binghamton Stephen Temple Nov. 4, 1832
Merchant, Espy Ann of Colesville m. Sophronius Barnett of Greene, NY Dec. 4, 1862
Merchant, Hattie B. of Greene, NY m. Charles D. Church of Henderson, NC Apr. 24, 1872
Merchant, May E. d/o the late N.R.Merchant m. in Guilford, NY Capt. Frank Burrows of Mannington, Va. Oct. 13, 1870
Merrell, Delphine Binghamton J.W.D.F.Moon both of Coventry, NY Jan. 1, 1877
Merrick, Allie M. d/o H.C.Merrick, Esq. m. in Binghamton George R. Wilcox Oct. 15, 1879
Merrill, Amelia of Binghamton m. Lewis S. Abbott Oct. 14, 1847
Merritt, Catherine m. Erwin E. Lawton both of Nineveh Aug. 28, 1862
Merritt, Libbie m. David Winn both of Fenton Oct. 11, 1871
Merritt, Margaret Ann of Colesville m. James K. Abbott Sept. 8, 1841
Merrill, Rebecca B. m. Alonzo Bell both of Ripbottom, Pa. Jan. 23, 1856
Merrill, Sarah E. m. Goerge R. Rexford both of Binghamton Mar. 30, 1837
Merrils, Christina E. m. Warren B. Parsons both of Harpersville Mar. 12, 1862
Mersereau, Corlenia V. of Vestal m. Joseph E. Rhoades of Thompson, Conn. Jan. 11, 1868
Mersereau, Caroline M. of Union m. J.E.Ferry of Oneida, NY May 13, 1858
Mersereau, Elizabeth m. David Mersereau both of Union July 12, 1831
Mersereau, Eva of Union m. Calvin Cranska of Binghamton June 4, 1874
Mersereau, Harriet A. of Union m. George W. Anderson Sept. 4, 1850
Mersereau, Julia m. Charles L. Freeland both of Binghamton Nov. 25, 1874
Mersereau, Lockie LaGrange d/o Maj. Mersereau of Union m. John T. Robinson of Binghamton Jan. 6, 1854
Mersereau, Maria d/o Cornelius Mersereau of Vestal m. Edward Richards of Ithaca, NY Feb.22, 1847
Mersereau, Mary R. d/o Maj. D. Mersereau of Union m. Albert T. Harvey of Bingham, Pa. Nov. 26, 1853
Mersereau, Olive of Union m. Samuel Smith of Lansingville June 25, 1842
Mersereau, Rachel m. Samuel Robbins both of Union July 2, 1830
Mersereau, Sarah Christopher m. D.Mersereau both of Union Oct. 20, 1845
Mersereau, Susan Owego, NY Darwin R. Ross both of Vestal Nov. 27, 1860
Mesick, Luella formerly of Binghamton m. John F. Moore of Santa Barbara, Calif. June 18, 1877
Middaugh, Allie S. of Lawrenceville, Pa. m. Dr.S.W.Badger June 30, 1875
Middaugh, Mary E. m. David Thurston both of Kirkwood Oct. 26, 1867
Middlebrook, Gertrude d/o the late Col. George Middlebrook of Wilton, Conn. m. Dr. J.E.Turner of Binghamton Oct. 11, 1862
Miles, Phebe m. Hiram C. Bradley both of Binghamton Apr. 16, 1854
Millen, Louisa m. in Center Lisle Oscar C. Landers Apr. 23, 1871
Millen, Sophia of Union m. John L. Brown of Great Bend, Pa. Apr. 14, 1860
Miller, Aletta m. Edward C. Brigham both of Binghamton Mar. 30, 1870
Miller, Algia m. Martin Thompson both of Colesville Nov. 15, 1876
Miller, Catharine M. m. Oliver C. Brown both of Union Dec. 28, 1851
Miller, Lydia d/o C.B. Miller m. John H. Thomas both of Chenango Forks Mar. 4, 1852
Miller, Ellen d/o James H. Miller of Fenton m. Prof. John Starr of NYC Dec. 11, 1867
Miller, Elizabeth of Worcester, NY m. Willaim B. Vail of Kirkwood Oct. 10, 1877
Miller, Evoline m. William A. Hauver both of Chenango Aug. 4, 1841
Miller, Ida m. Edward Nabinger both of Binghamton Dec. 25, 1879
Miller, Jennie of Binghamton m. Eugene Rhoades of East Union Aug. 16, 1876
Miller, Laura m. George Ring both of Chenango Aug. 14, 1864
Miller, Mary m. Isaac Rhoades both of Binghamton Dec. 12, 1863
Miller, Mary of Union m. John Brown, Jr. Mar. 23, 1851
Miller, Mary F. of Greene, NY m. William H. Spindley of Chenango Forks no date (pub:Jan. 4, 1871)
Miller, M.J. of Binghamton m. Morris Tyler, ex- Lieut-Gov of Conn.Aug. 5, 1874
Milliman, Louisa H. of Binghamton m. John Kenyon of Clay, NY Feb. 25, 1864
Mills, Addie m. in Castle Creek Anthony North Oct. 17, 1871
Mills, Lizzie S. of Guilford, NY m. Stephen Barber of Binghamton Mar. 21, 1872
Mills, Lucy A. m. Samuel B.Eaton both of Castle Creek June 17, 1871
Mills, Mary T. neice of Rev. Edward Taylor m. in NYC Henry H. Beniker both of NY no date (pub:May 15, 1872)
Minckler, Hattie B. of Brackneyville, Pa. m. in Binghamton Lewis Chamberlain of Choconut, Pa. Aug. 2, 1866
Mickler, Maria E. of Binghamton m. J.W.Stratton of Stratton's Falls, NY Sept. 27, 1858
Miner, Addie L. m. in Binghamton William H. Scovill May 13, 1873
Miner, Sarah L. of Binghamton m. Cornelius Barber of NYC May 4, 1872
Minor, Jennie E. of Coventry, NY m. J.H.Barnes of Binghamton Feb. 10, 1864
Minor, Pamela Maria m. William Wining both of Union Nov. 4, 1850
Mints, Alice of Herrick, Pa. m. Samuel S. Brown of Wyalusing, Pa. May 5, 1880
Mitchell, Mrs. Amelia E. of Binghamton m. Albert Dutcher of Montrose, Pa. Oct. 22, 1870
Mitchell, Emma J. m. James E. Collins both of Binghamton Dec. 18, 1872
Mitchell, Jane A. of Lisle m. Joseph Shaw of Chenango Oct. 19, 1847
Mitchell, Mary E. of Triangle m. David Brown of Barker Dec. 1, 1862
Monnell, Mary A. m. Charles Brant both of Great Bend, Pa. Jan. 1, 1873
Mitchell, Myra of Binghamton m. John Starbird of Paston, Wayne County, pa. Dec. 25, 1866
Mitchell, Nancy A. d/o John Mitchell of Lisle m. Finla Gorr of Cameron, NY Nov. 20, 1851
Mitchell, Olive m. Anderson Gray both of Binghamton June 20, 1877
Mix, Addie of Chenango m. in Binghamton Frank B. Kinyon of Greene, NY Nov. 24, 1875
Mix, Emily of New Haven m. Stephen Mix of Lisle Dec. 7, 1853
Mix, Miss Frank of Chenango m. Martin D. Smith of New Milford, Pa. Feb. 16, 1871
Mix, Sarah A. d/o George Mix m. in Barker H.A.Thurston Sept. 28, 1867
Moat, Eva S. m. Lewis C. Stannard both of Windsor Dec. 25, 1872
Moeller, Charlotte F. d/o Capt. B.J.Moeller of the US Navy, m. in Binghamton Charles E. Mason of Deposit Oct. 20, 1870
Monell, Sarah m. in Great Bend, Pa. Thomas Wright Jan. 1, 1874
Monroe, Ruthania m. in Manningvile, NY Charles Boyle both of Nanticoke Apr. 26, 1857
Montgomery, Harriet m. in Chenango Calvin M. Osborn both of Factoryville, Pa. Apr. 28, 1851
Montros, Alice m. in Port Crane Charles A. Rittenburg both of Fenton Apr. 8, 1869
Moon, Julia Ann of Binghamton m. James Brooks of Marathon, NY Sept. 24, 1873
Moore, Mrs. Carrie of Kirkwood m. in Flemingville, NY George Pease of Binghamton Dec. 23, 1876
Moore, Emeline m. Solomon Orcutt both of Binghamton Mar. 22, 1831
Moore, Harriet m. Cornelius Dewitt both of Binghamton Oct. 21, 1844
Moore, Harriet m. in Windsor Oliver Wilcox Nov. 7, 1836
Moore,, S. Jane d/o John m. Lewis Beard both of Binghamton Apr. 13, 1865
Moore, Louisa d/o John C. Moore m. Ralph S. Darrow both of Binghamton Sept. 30, 1864
Moore, Mary H. of Tunkhannoc, Pa. Binghamton Birman Gardner of Factoryville, Pa. no date (pub:Mar. 23, 1853)
Moore, Sarah Ann m. Benjamin DeVoe both of Binghamton Jan. 30, 1861
Moores, Lucy J. of Maine m. Marshall Delano Jan. 6, 1852
Moorers, Lydia A. d/o of Michijah Moorers m. Lewis B.Hine both of Maine May 30, 1850
Moore, Lydia m. in Hempstead, LI William H. Heart July 24, 1815
Moore, Sarah D. d/o William Moore of Kirkwood m. in Binghamton Capt. Edwin Evans Dec. 21, 1865
Morehouse, Lina of Binghamton m. C.C.Merritt of Greenville, Mich. Sept. 2, 1863
Mores, Eva C. of Starruca, Pa. m. William Eaton of Carbondale, Pa. Apr. 29, 1854
Morey, Clara of Newark, NY m. Charles Newton of Maine Feb. 11, 1874
Morey, Diantha m. Anson Standley both of Binghamton June 26, 1862
Morgan, Helen A. d/o Maj. Augustus Morgan of Binghamton m. Timothy McNamara of NY June 15, 1858
Morgan, Jane E. Lisle George L. Pollard both of Nanticoke May 25, 1858
Morgan, Jeanette d/o Tracy Morgan m.Wallce B. Hallock both of Binghamton June 17, 1862
Morgan, Julia A. Lisle Noah Pollard both of Nanticoke May 9, 1858
Morgan, Kate S. d/o Maj. Chanucey Morgan m. Samuel Clark of Richmond, Va. Apr. 28, 1852
Morgan, Mrs.Lucinda widow of Capt. William Morgan m. in Batavia, NY George W. Harris Nov. 30, 1830
Morgan, Mary Clarke d/o Albert C. Morgan of Binghamton Omaha, Neb. N.J. Burham Oct. 5, 1875
Morgan, Mary E. d/o Capt. David Morgan of Brooklyn, Pa. m. A.J.Geritison of the "Montrose Democrat" newspaper Dec. 31, 57
Morgan, Mercy E. of Nanticoke m. Nathan B. Pettett of Spencer, Mass. Nov. 5, 1857
Morgan, Nancy K. d/o Capt. David Morgan of Brooklyn, Pa. m. Moses LaGrange of Vestal Feb. 10, 1841
Morgan, Sarah A.m. in Binghamton David L. Brownson Sept. 21, 1864
Morran, Emma R. formerly of Ohio Muscatine, Ohio S.R.Sanson of Windsor Oct. 7, 1868
Morris, Ada d/o O.W. m. J.Hinds Congdon both of NYC Jan. 12, 1859
Morris, Clara E. d/o William Morris m. Theodore F. Mead both of Binghamton Apr. 18, 1865
Morris , Elizabeth Ann d/o Lewis Lee Morris of Butternuts, NY m. John A. Collier of Binghamton Aug. 20, 1834
Morris, Fannie M. d/o Rev. Henry Morris of Binghamton m. Eugene Kinney Aug. 20, 1879
Morris, Jane Elizabeth d/o Jacob Morris m. in Butternuts, NY William A, Morris Sept. 18, 1849
Morris, Mrs. Josie of Binghamton m. Howard Dodge of Scranton, Pa. Oct. 24, 1874
Morris, Lucy John R. VanName both of Binghamton Oct. 29, 1856
Morris, Mary Cox d/o Lewis Lee Morris of Butternuts, NY m. Benjamin B. Morris of of Oakland County, Mich. Aug. 15, 1836
Morris, Maria d/o Col. Morris of Binghamton m. Edward W. Thomas of Buffalo, NY Jan. 5, 1854
Morris, Nancy d/o James Morris of Walton, NY m. Robert R. Donnell Jan. 1, 1852
Morrison, Electa m. in Lanesboro, Pa. Simon B. Edwards both of Windsor Mar. 19, 1873
Morse, Frances m. Samuel Hardy, Jr. both of Binghamton Mar. 5, 1839
Mosgrove, Mary H.d/o James Mosgrove of Kittaming, Pa.m. Chaplain Robert Hudson, USN, Apr. 30, 1877
Moses, Etta of m. Martin G. Lee both of Brackneyville, Pa. Dec. 16, 1875
Moses, Mary E. m. in Binghamton Aaron R.Lee both of Hawleyton Dec. 21, 1876
Mosher, Cornelia H. of Silver Lake, Pa. m. Merritt F.Lillie Oct. 2, 1872
Mosher, Cornelia of Hawleyton m. John H. Shufelt of Conklin Nov. 23, 1867
Mosher, Eliza of Binghamton m. Caleb S. Gage of Silver Lake, Pa. Apr. 2, 1874
Moulter, DeEtta M. d/o Mr. M. Moulter m. James A. Jackson both of Binghamton July 13, 1865
Moulter, Elizabeth d/o Michael Moulter of Binghamton m. J.Bailey .Richardson of Lowell, Mass. no date (pub:Nov. 10, 1858)
Mowers, Judith m. John Maybee both of Danby, Tompkins Co., NYApr. 9, 1852
Mudge, Priscilla of Coventry, NY Harpersville Wilson Wedge of Bainbridge, NY Dec. 4, 1850
Mulbee, Mary m. in Windsor Samuel English May 2, 1850
Mullins, Kate Alfred Wadsworth Sept. 26, 1880 (no location given)
Munder, Caroline B. of Newark, NJ m. William F. Young of Binghamton May 4, 1851
Munier, Amelia Rosalia of Binghamton m. Harman Blue of Addison, NY Jan. 18, 1863
Munsell, Adeline m. George Newell both of Binghamton Apr. 2, 1831
Munsell, Mary Charlotte d/o George Munsell of Binghamton m. H.M.Myer of Towonda, Pa. June 11, 1850
Munson, Clara E. d/o Daniel Munson of Binghamton m. E.F.Smith of Syracuse, NY Feb. 13, 1877
Munson, Mary E. of Windsor m. William H. Reynolds of Oakland, Pa. Jan. 25, 1873
Munson, Phebe Ann m. in Binghamton Franklin Fletcher both of Great Bend, Pa. Nov. 20, 1856
Murdock, Kate Parker d/o Carey Murdock of Binghamton m. James Clinton Spencer of Chicago, Ill. Oct. 24, 1860
Murphy, Eliza m. Warren T. Mead both of Binghamton Dec. 24, 1877
Murphy, Margaret m. in Windsor Norman C. Norton both of Susq., Pa. Apr. 3, 1854
Murray, Mary Joseph I. Short both of Binghamton Jan. 14, 1856
Myer, M. Alzara d/o Jacob Myer m. in Tunkhannack, Pa. Joseph Lyman Jan. 3, 1854
Myrick, Nettie E. of Binghamton m. William S. Rowland of Albany, NY Oct. 30, 1870


Neal, Hellen Ann of Coeymans, NY m.Charles Lockwood of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1856
Neal, Mary E. m. Henry S. Harpur both of Chenango July 3, 1853
Nearing, Minnie E. m. Fred C. Bean both of Maine, NY Sept. 30, 1880
Negus, Alice d/o A.P. Negus of Binghamton m. Charles M. Castaline Dec. 24, 1880
Nelson, Jocenith A. of Vestal m. Preston K. Albright June 10, 1874
Nevins, Mary E. m. John H. Courrier both of Binghamton Dec. 27, 1855
Newberry, Mina Ann of Kirkwood m. in Lanesboro, Pa. Martin L. Harding of New Milford, Pa. Apr. 19, 1857
Newcomb, Mary Jane m. in Binghamton Egbert Denton Jan. 5, 1854
Newell, Delle D. of Mattewan, Mich. m. Alonzo Graves of Barker Dec. 25, 1872
Newell, Eupemia of Union m. James S. LaGrange of Vestal Jan. 9, 1873
Newell, Harriet of Binghamton m. William F. Lyon mercahnt of Greene, NY Sept. 1, 1846
Newland, Georgiana m. in Bainbridge, NY J.W.Davenport both of Windsor Aug. 27, 1870
Newman, Adelia of Great Bend, Pa. m. Isaac Hasbrook of Shawangunk, NY Sept. 30, 1847
Newman, Carrie H. of Unadilla, NY m. B.G.Cloud of Evansville, Indianna Feb. 3, 1873
Newman, Hannah E. of Barker m. Stephen N. Stone of Whitney Point Sept. 5, 1871
Newton, Amanda of Suffield, Conn. m. James H. Parsons of Binghamton June 13, 1841
Newton, Cora m. Charles LaDue both of Binghamton Oct. 20, 1880
Newton, Mary m. John Masten both of Binghamton May 29, 1880
Newton, Melissa of Binghamton m. James Tyler of Conklin Feb. 24, 1869
Newton, Rhoda of Conklin m. Henry Allard Nov. 30, 1837
Niblette, Libbie of Hudson City, NJ m. William E. Knox of Center Village Jan. 13, 1869
Nicholas, Emma D. m. S.W.Stoughtonburg both of Kirkwood June 10, 1863
Nichols, Mrs. Adelia m. in Windsor Giles Orcutt Mar. 9, 1837
Nichols, Fannie M. m. in Binghamton Fred S. LeBarron both of Union Mar. 10, 1800
Nichols, Martha m. in Conklin Theron Hoadley both of West Windsor Nov. 18, 1867
Nichols, Mary A. m. Rev. C.R.Hart both of West Daby, NY Oct. 22, 1876
Nichols, Mrs. Mary H. of New Milford, Pa. m. Daniel Hubbard of Cameron, NY Aug. 19, 1858
Nichols, Rebecca of Willet, NY m. in Binghamton Charles G. Maybury of Cincinnatus, NY Sept. 5, 1853
Nichols, Sarah of Windsor m. Roderick White of Olean, NY Sept. 26, 1841
Nickerson, Aledia A. m. Benjamin Sherwood both of Binghamton Sept. 1, 1859
Nickerson, Marion F. of Binghamton m. Charles Canoll of Elmira, NY Mar. 12, 1862
Nimmons, Mary Jane d/o Burwell m. Orville Johnson both of Binghamton Nov. 20, 1844
Nitche, Rosa m. William Day both of Conklin Mar. 29, 1876
Noble, Mary E. of Windsor m. in Binghamton J.B.Darling of Susq., Pa. May 2, 1853
Noble, Sarah M. m. in Binghamton John E.H.Patten Nov. 28, 1851
Nolan, Marianna G. of NY m. P.S.Toohey of Binghamton no date (pub:Dec. 5, 1877)
Norton, Kate A. m. O.D.Wilks both of Lanesboro, Pa. Jan. 1, 1862
Norton, Minerva m. in Castle Creek Zeras B. Hamilton both of German , Chenango Co, NY June 14, 1851
Northrup, Carrie of Millville m. in Lisle George W. Lewis June 18, 1873
Northrup, Helen M. of Lisle m. Alonzo Collins of Whitney Point June 9, 1858
Northrup, Mrs. Jennie A. m. in Binghamton D.K. Brainard May 22, 1862
Northrup, Maggie d/o the late Milford Northrup m. Charles Howland of Springport June 15, 1869
Northrup, Mrs. Mary J. m. Darwin A. Robinson both of Binghamton Apr. 9, 1867
Northrup, Mollie of Binghamton m. Charles B. Perkins of Newburryport, Mass. Sept. 10, 1873
Norton, Eulalia m. George W. Carroll both of Chenango July 1, 1870
Norton, Sarah L. of Binghamton m. Charles N. Abbott May 7, 1842
Nowlan, Cornelia of Binghamton m. Dwight French of Lisle Feb. 26, 1863
Nyman, Ella J. of Maine m. Edward Herrick of Candor, NY oCT. 26, 1876


Oaks, Mrs. Ellen m. Stewart Allen both of Binghamton Nov. 13, 1872
O'Brien, Ettie of Sanford m. Lewis Chapman of Deposit Apr. 26, 1870
O'Brien, Margaret of Elmira, NY m. James Pembrobe of Binghamton June 24, 1850
O'Brien, Mary of Great Bend, Pa m. Alonzo Arnold Nov.. 29, 1862
Odle, Hannah m. John La Barren both of Union Nov. 14, 1833
Ogden, Carrie L. d/o H.B.Ogden m. Walter P. Pratt both of Binghamton June 17, 1874
Ogden, Delaphine of Owego m. Austin J. Temple of Mass. Jan. 1, 1863
Ogden, Harriet d/o F.W. Pratt late of Chicago m. in Binghamton George R. Jenkins of Chicago Nov. 14, 1872
Ogden, Helen W. m. in Greene, NY Luther Crocker both of Binghamton Aug. 18, 1851
Ogden, Mary A. of Binghamton m. Manton E. Anderson Oct. 23, 1872
Ogden, Mary E. of Bingahmton m. Reed B.Brockway of Chicago, Ill. Mar. 18, 1880
Ogden, Rhoda m. David C. Case both of Binghamton Aug. 23, 1815
Olmstead, Carrie A. of Apalachin, NY m. W.T.Ward of NY July 27, 1859
Olmstead, Frances E. of Owego m. in Binghamton Jesse H. Murdock of Vestal Oct. 4, 1870
Olmstead, Mrs. M.C. of Nichols, NY m. George W. Leach of Talsmanville, Pa. Nov. 4, 1874
Orcutt, Mrs. Caroline Harrison m. in Rochester, NY Dr.Elihue Ely of Binghamton Oct. 20, 1842
Orcutt, Josephine of Binghamton m. Solomon Aldrich May 31, 1762
Orcutt, Julia C. of Binghamton m. Alonzo D. Peeler of Syracuse, NY May 25, 1856
Orcutt, Mary of Binghamton m. J.H.Ogden of Great Bend, Pa. Feb. 8, 1866
Osborn, Betsey of Chenango m. in Great Bend, Pa. Russell Robinson of Union Feb. 24, 1846
Osborn, Esther m. Charles B. Kirby both of Binghamton Oct. 20, 1868
Osborn, Hannah of Walton, NY m. Charles A. Cook of Whitney Point Feb. 3, 1871
Osborn, Julia S. of Colesville d/o Joseph m. Morris S. Barteau of Windsor Dec. 3, 1847
Osborn, Mary E. m. Mason Brown both of Binghamton Dec. 30, 1874
Osencup, Josephine of Vestal m. Fredric M. Keeney of Shelby, Iowa Dec. 25, 1872
Osinger, Emogene of Vestal center m. Anson D. Garey of Rush, Pa. May 28, 1873
Osterhout, Mary m. Jacob S. Eaton both of Castle Creek Oct. 4, 1871
Ostrander, P.M. of Millburn m. A.B.More of Kirkwood Sept. 17, 1862
Ostrander, Mary C. of Binghamton m. Thomas Stewart of Galesburg, Ill. Sept. 18, 1867
Overhiser, Ida adopted dau of Hon. H.B.Overhiser of Elwood, NJ formerly Binghamton m. Albert W. Irving Nov. 29, 1870
Owen, Libbie of Conklin m. Henry Ackert May 4, 1861
Owens, Katie m. Alva Rounds both of Binghamton Sept. 14, 1874


Packer, Elizabeth of Coventry, NY m. Silas B. Tyler of Union Feb. 18, 1846
Paddleford, Rhoda m. Riley L. Pratt both of Fenton July 2, 1973
Paddock, M. Ella m. Henry A. Carr both of Binghamton Sept. 24, 1879
Paddock, Emma C. of Binghamton m. in wego, NY Albert N.Spaulding of Mass. Sept. 29, 1859
Paddock, M. Jennie d/o Rev. Paddock of Oxford, NY m. Charles G. Hart of Deposit Jan. 21, 1851
Paddock, Rhoda of Binghamton m. Benjamin Soule of North Norwich, NY May 10, 1835
Padgett, Ella E. of Union m. James A. McCard of Binghamton no date (pub:Apr. 22, 1874
Page, Angie of North Fenton m. Henry Kales of Binghamton Mar. 25, 1868
Page, Florence E. of Triangle m. Donald D. MacLauren of Hamilton June 26, 1877
Page, Harriet E. m. William H. Crandall both of Greene, NY Mar. 17, 1841
Page, Rowana d/o Jared Page m. Calvin Russell of Greene, NY Dec. 22, 1831
Page, Maria C. of Unadilla, NY m. James Brown of Cincinnati, Ohio Nov. 24, 1830
Page, Mrs. T.J.of Rutland, VT. m. Hamilton Wescott of Binghamton (pub:July 8, 1863)
Paintin, M. m. G. Hillers both of Binghamton Mar. 15, 1852
Parmelee, M.E. m. of Warren Co, Missouri m. in St. Louis J.W.Weed of Binghamton Nov. 1, 1859
Palmer, Augusta C. d/o Ira Palmer of Greene, NY m. Lewis E. St. John of Binghamton Oct. 3, 1865
Palmer, Dena G. m. in Binghamton Francis G. Fuller of Barker Jan. 8, 1873
Palmer, Jennie of Binghamton m. Winfield S. Potter of Hastings, Oswego Co, NY Feb. 5, 1874
Palmer, Julia F. of Chenango m. Mansir Kattel of Cohoes, NY June 9, 1875
Palmer, Elizabeth B. of Virgil, NY m. in Binghamton David G. Conger of Marathon, NY Dec. 25, 1860
Palmer, Mrs. Dourlaski A. m. Gilbert H. Newman both of Kattelville Apr. 12, 1873
Palmer, Florence of Chenango m. in Kattelville Robert E. McRafferty of Brooklyn, NY June 3, 1868
Palmer, Mary Ann m. in Binghamton Jesse Carman Aug. 14, 1828
Palmer, Mary E. of Chenango Forks m. James F. Carl of Binghamton Oct. 7, 1858
Palmer, Mercy Ann of Conklin m. Oliver J, Howard of Susqu. Co., Pa. Nov. 17, 1850
Palmitier, Adelaide m. Ezra B.Harwood both of Port Crane Aug. 13, 1862
Palmitier, Mrs. Ellen of Cortland, NY m. Lucius Stowell of Barker Nov. 21, 1871
Pannah, Mary L. m. Joseph Twitchell both of Windsor Jan. 29, 1865
Pardee, Clara C. m. Charles H. Wanson both of Windsor Sept. 2, 1876
Pardee, Eliza Ann of Union m. William Munsob of Binghamton July 1, 1876
Park, Bathsheba of Binghamton m. Archibald Allerton of NYC Aug. 29, 1833
Park, Elizabeth d/o Rufus Park of Chenango, dec'd., m. Henry T. Whitney of Triangle Feb. 14, 1850
Park, Ellen A. m. Edmund W. Barlow June 8, 1870
Parker, Anna Marie d/o John Parker of Vienna m. in Vienna, Oneida County, NY Dr. Nathan S. Davis of Binghamton Mar. 5, 1838
Parker, Frances A. of Binghamton m. John T. Boyd of Franklin Forks, Pa. Jan. 9, 1872
Parker, Lydia A. m. in Binghamton Edward Shurfelt both of Bridgewater, Pa. Oct. 31,1856
Parker, Mary d/o the late Phillip Parker of Albany, NY m. Hiram Birdsall of Binghamton Aug. 8, 1838
Parkes, Jennie of Binghamton m. Reilly Heath of Windsor Dec. 9, 1864
Parks, Almira R. of Binghamton m. Alexander McCaslin of Owego, NY May 29, 1873
Parks, Mary H. m. George Canoll both of Binghamton Oct. 14, 1857
Parkes, Matilda d/o Edwin Parkes of Binghamton m. William H. Tallmadge of Charleston, NY July 17, 1859
Parks, Ziller A. of Binghamton m. Belus H. Foot of Montrose, Pa. July 3, 1850
Parmelee, Allie m. Frank Beacher both of Binghamton Oct. 16, 1880
Parce, Sarah Elizabeth of Union m. W.A.Cook of Dimick, Pa. Feb. 22, 1871
Parminter, Mollie m. Samuel Miller both of Long Eddy, NY Feb. 1, 1871
Parsons, Elizabeth m. James Brown both of Barker Jan. 15, 1868
Parsons, Celia O. m. in Chenango Corydon Clark June 15, 1876
Parsons, Emma J. M. m. Charles M. Bradley both of Binghamton Jan. 20, 1853
Parsons, Jane Ann m. John J.Miller both of Binghamton Aug. 6, 1835
Parsons, Jane L. of Ledgaret Parsons m. Ambrose Spencer of Binghamton Oct. 30, 1845Parsons, Julia S. d/o James H. Parsons of Binghamton m. Henry P. Clark Sept. 11, 1866
Parsons, Nettie of Chenango Forks m. Lewis P. Northrup of of Whitney Point Oct. 24, 1860
Partridge, Ann S. of Binghamton m. Edwin Norris of , merchant of NY, Aug. 15, 1852
Partridge, Sarah M. d/o the late William Partridge m. J.Hilton Jones both of Binghamton Nov. 5, 1871
Patch, Ida of Cobleskill, NY m. John H. Wright of Oneida, NY Oct. 28, 1880
Patchen, Lugenia of Binghamton m. John Chidester of the 2nd Light Artillary Ill., Apr. 30, 1864
Patra, Sarah J. (colored) of Binghamton m. S. Archer Apr. 1, 1863
Patra, Hannah m. Andrew J. Beebe both of Binghamton Apr. 30, 1873
Patterson, Ann m. J.W.Overhiser both of Binghamton Mar. 19, 1842
Patterson, Harriet d/o William Patterson m. in Binghamton Philo Kent Apr. 10, 1875
Patterson, Olive of Ithaca, NY m. in Owego Phillip Snyder of Binghamton no date (pub:Aug. 22, 1855
Payne, Amy of Binghamton m. Rev. George A. Place of Chenango Forks July 5, 1876
Payne, Hellen F. of Chenango m. Frederick F. Twining of Maine Oct. 24, 1855
Payne, Mattie m. V.W.Carver both of Binghamton Mar. 12, 1874
Peabody, S.H. of Newport, New Hampshire m. in Vestal at the home of Dr. Peabody , Alonzo Phelps , Principal of Binghamton Academy Apr. 7, 1852
Pearsall, Cornelia of Apalachin, NY m. John S. King of Brookville, Pa. Oct. 7, 1858
Pesrsall, Sarah of Afton, NY m. G.H.Suttle of Colesville no date (pub:Jan. 6, 1875)
Peck, Alice K. m. William D. Lord both of Lisle June 1, 1869
Pease, Cordelia d/o Deacon Erastus Pease of Auburn, NY m. James Brown of Windsor Oct. 8, 1844
Peck, Anna M. of Triangle m. Ammi Doubleday of Binghamton Dec. 23, 1862
Peck, Hattie of Binghamton m. Spencer McAllister of Calif. Jan. 15, 1873
Peck, Julia Maria of Binghamton m. Charles W. Hazen of Susq. Co., Pa. May 11, 1854
Peckham, Mary m. Charles S. Rosencrance both of Binghamton Oct. 7, 1866
Peer, Emma K. of Binghamton m. Lewis K. Bone of NYC Sept. 5, 1876
Pendell, Maria of Nanticoke m. A.R.Adams July 5, 1871
Pendelton, Esther A. of Smithville, NY m. in Norwich, NY George Buckley of Coventry, NY Oct. 4, 1849
Pendell, Henrietta A. of Lisle m. in Hawleyton Frank E. Howard of Maine Sept. 14, 1877
Perfect, Mary A. m. in Binghamton Watrous B. Tanner both of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. July 3, 1875
Perham, Phila M. of Wilton, Maine m. in Binghamton Marshall Nelson of Rockton, Ill. Mar. 10, 1862
Perkins, Betsey B. of Windsor m. Garret L. Doolittle of Colesville Sept. 9, 1846
Perkins, Laura Ella d/o Allen Perkins of Binghamton m. Dwight M. Foster of Scranton, Pa. May 24, 1870
Perkins, Mary of Cooperstown, NY m. J.R.Waterhouse of Binghamton Dec. 25, 1851
Perkins, Mary E. . m. J.V.B.Metgar both of Binghamton Apr. 18, 1866
Perkins, Mary Jane d/o Paul Perkins m. Dea. James A. New all of Binghamton May 8, 1860
Perkins, Nancy m. Benjamin Fennell both of Conklin Mar. 27, 1846
Per Lee, Elsie d/o Abraham Per Lee of North Norwich, NY m. Samuel Jarvis of Cincinnati, Ohio Jan. 9, 1853
Per Lee, Ruth H. d/o Walter Per Lee of Plymouth, NY m. C.H.Crosby merchant of Binghamton July 15, 1845
Per Lee, Samantha d/o Abraham Per Lee of North Norwich, NY m. Charles Hartwell of Plymouth, NY Jan. 9, 1853
Perry, Annie m. Theodore T. Mersereau both of Binghamton June 7, 1870
Perry, Chloe M. of Centre, Oneida Co, NY m. in Syracuse, NY m. James Bogart of Syracuse Feb. 14, 1856
Perry, Jane of Kattllville m. Nicholas F. Beck of Oak Hill Mar. 28, 1852
Persley, Dora E. m. in Chenango Forks J.Lyon Congdon both of Binghamton Mar. 8, 1880
Peters, Frances C. m. in Binghamton Jesse C. Burrows both of Tompkins, Co NY Oct. 2,. 1871
Peters, Mrs. Harriet of Union Center m. Benjamin Tracy of Apalachin, NY Nov. 16, 1872
Peters, Rachel d/o of the late John Peters m. H.S.Jarvis both of Deposit Dec. 2, 1849
Peterson, Mary J. of Binghamton d/o Samuel m. G.M.Bartow of Varick, NY Mar. 27, 1851
Pettigrove, Margarie S. d/o John Pettigrove of Tioga, NY m. Robert G. Crans of Athens, Pa. Jan. 16, 1850
Pettit, Fedelia of Vestal m. Abraham DuBois Oct. 3, 1844
Phelps, Mrs. Emily of Binghamton m. Earnest F. Towner of Vestal Center July 9, 1874
Phillips, Helen of Riverside m. Aldebert Hoadley of Windsor July 9, 1876
Phillips, Levantia S. of Binghamton m. James Dobbin of Jackson, Pa. Aug. 29, 1849
Phillips, Mrs. Salomi of Windsor m. Robert Everitt July 30, 1853
Phinney, Emma m. Lewis Mcillian both of New Milford, Pa. Oct. 20, 1870
Phinney, Mary J. of New Milford, Pa. m. George W. Williams of Binghamton Mar. 5, 1873
Phipps, Lucina m. Jesse Brooks both of Maine May 1, 1873
Picket, Sarah Pamelia of Rush, Pa. m. Samuel Castle of Binghamton Jan,. 23m 1845
Pierce, Abby of Binghamton m. Jerod M. Root Nov. 16, 1846
Pierce, Anna L. of Center Lisle m.Willard Farnsworth of Springfield, Pa. Feb. 24, 1852
Pierce, Clarissa Emma m. Charles Oliver Huntley both of Binghamton Oct. 15, 1872
Pierce, Emily E. d/o Capt. Marinus Pierce m. Henry L. Dimmick both of Binghamton Nov. 8, 1853
Pierce, Mrs. Jennie of Binghamton m. William Aspey Sept. 23, 1866
Pierce, Libbie d/o William Pierce of Windsor m. Milton J. Herrick Jan. 28, 1875
Pierce, Libbie d/o Elkanah Pierce of Owen Hill in Lisle m. Walter Lamb of Lisle Oct. 20, 1870
Pierce, Mary E. d/o Marimus Pierce P. m. W.S.Griswold both of Binghamton Nov. 7, 1849
Pierce, Mary E. of Binghamton m. Isaac L. Kress of Yates Co., NY Dec. 9, 1850
Pierce, Sarah d/o Marimus Pierce m. Henry M. Collier both of Binghamton Aug. 21, 1838
Piercy, Ida d/o L.W. Piercy of Binghamton m. Harding S. Horton of Newark City, NJ Oct. 20, 1875
Piercy, Mary N. d/o L.W.Piercy of Binghamton m. Lucius S. Blanchard of Oswego Jan. 29, 1873
Pieronnet, Caroline m. in Binghamton Henry W. Cox Mar. 4, 1841
Pierson, Jennie E. of Binghamton m. Walter Green of Syracuse, NY Jan. 16, 1871
Pierson, Mahala B. of Franklin, Pa. m. John F.Deans of Binghamton July 2, 1870
Pierson, Sarah E. of Union m. Brooks Andrus Nov. 20, 1855
Pike, Frankie m. Roman DeBelle both of Colesville no date (pub:Feb. 25, 1880)
Pinney, Mrs. Julittte R. of Newark Valley, NY m. in Starucca, Pa. Dea. James Fuller of Colesville Dec. 31, 1874
Pitcher , Kate m. Levi S. Hulsander both of Maine Feb. 10, 1869
Pitkin, Eunice m. J.V.Carman both of Maine Dec. 134, 1871
Pixley, Jane E. of Utica, NY m. George T. Ray of Binghamton Feb. 5, 1833
Plant, Mrs. Ann Dodge-Foster-Brown-Plant m. Chauncey Lee both of Killawog , the brides 4th husband, June 23, 1870
Platt, Laura A. m. in Binghamton Joshua Horton both of Vestal Mar. 28, 1850
Platt, Stella A. d/o William Platt of Owego m. J.K.Rugg of Binghamton aPR. 228, 1839
Pomeroy, Jane R. of Binghamton m. G.W.Squires of Richmond, Va. Sept. 30, 1851
Pope, Susie m. O.W.Chapman both of Binghamton June 17, 1862
Port, Delphine m. W.A.Miller both of Chenango July 31, 1866
Port, Mary Ann of Binghamton m. John Carle of Colesville Sept. 21, 1843
Porter, Olive A. of Fenton m. Charles . OsterhoutDec. 6, 1876
Port, Sarah Jennie m. Elmer H. Lee both of Chenango Jan. 11,1871
Porter, Lucy P. m. in Coventry, NY O.W.Hatch Apr. 22, 1847
Porter, Julia m. in Binghamton A.Green both of Owego, NY Dec. 5, 1855
Post, Ann Lyell d/o the late John J. Post of NY m. William E. Whiting June 4, 1832
Post, Fannie M. m. d/o D.Post of Montrose, Pa. m. Dr. Thomas Jackson of Binghamton June 13, 1830
Post, Nannie L. d/o William M. Post of Susq., Pa. m. D.W.Mabee of Binghamton May 8, 1872
Potter, Abba of Dushore, Pa. M.A.Rogers of Forksville, Pa. June 7, 1857
Potter, Carrie J. Binghamton Marcy Tingley both of Harford, Pa. Apr. 23, 1874
Potter, Susan of Union m. Moses Gaige of Binghamton Oct. 13, 1853
Poyas, Harriet Smith d/o the late Henry Poyas of Charlestown, SC m. in Charlestown Charles Foster of Binghamton Feb. 14, 1841
Pratt, Adda L. d/o H.K.Pratt m. H.W.Miner both of Binghamton Oct. 30, 1860
Pratt, Ellen E.F. m. J.N.Russ both of Afton, NY Nocv. 24, 1874
Pratt, Frances I. m. Charles H. Smith both of Binghamton June 16, 1863
Pratt, Sarah d/o Hallus E. Pratt m. Asa R. Twedy both of Binghamton June 5, 1866
Pratt, Julia K.d/o Dea. A.W.Pratt of Binghamton m. Benjamin F.H. Lynn of Erie City, Pa. July 10, 1861
Pratt, Katie J. m. in Sidney Plaine, NY Bert R. Hurlburt both of Harpersville June 25, 1877
Pratt, Mary E. of Binghamton m. Julius W. Lilly formerly of Castle Creek June 14, 1866
Pratt, Sarah H. d/o Hamden K. Pratt of Binghamton m. William H. Wiggins of NYC Jan. 31, 1860
Prentice, Anna of Fenton m. Alonzo E. Kattel of Kattelville Nov. 9, 1871
Prentice, Etta A. of Binghamton m. William M. Griffin of Vestal Dec. 9, 18786
Prentice, Eunice m. Stephen L. Guion both of Binghamton Nov. 14, 1853
Prentice, Libbie m. R.T.Smith both of Fenton Mar. 4, 1877
Prentiss, Miss Frank E. m. in Binghamton W.H.Niles both of Hornellsville, NY Oct. 2, 1876
Preston, Charlotte Cornelia m. William O. Merriman both of Homer, NY Mar. 11, 1857
Preston, Harriet Sabina of Homer, NY m. Lyman P. Ames Mar. 11, 1857
Price, Amy A. of Vestal Center m. Scovel J. Upham of Georgetown , NY Dec. 22, 1870
Price, Hannah m. in Vestal Charles Russell Dec. 16, 1875
Price, Hattie of Binghamton m. G.S.Graves of Chenango Co., NY no date (pub:Mar. 14, 1877)
Price, Garfelia of Binghamton m. Henry J. Van Tuyl of Homer, NY Sept. 15, 1873
Price, Nellie of Binghamton m. William Houghton of Bainbridge, NY Sept. 15, 1877
Pride, Mary of Apalachin, NY m. William C. Armstrong Feb. 23, 1868
Prittengill, Eliza of New Lisbon, Otsego Co, NY m. DeLauzon DeForest of Edmunston, Otsego Co, NY Apr. 20, 1836
Pugsley, Mary J. d/o D.C.Pugsley m. M.M. Van Benschoten both of Binghamton Nov. 23, 1865
Pugsley, Sarah of Binghamton m. Israel White of Cincinnatus, NYSept. 23, 1861
Pulz, Charlotte R. m. Richard C. Beebe both of Windsor Jan. 1, 1850
Pumpelly, Antoinette d/o William Pumpelly, Pres. of the Owego Bank m. Jeremiah Loder of NY son of Bernjamin Loder, Pres. of NY & Erie Railroad Jan. 28, 1852
Pumpelly, Frances E. d/o Charles Pumpelly of Owego m. Joseph S. Bosworth Sept. 17, 1833
Pumpelly, Harriet A. d/o the late Charles Pumpelly of Owego, NY m. Theodore Frelinghuysen of New Brunswick, NJ Oct. 15, 1857
Pumpelly, Stella A. d/o Charles Pumpelly m. John M. Parker both of Owego Mar. 1, 1854
Purdy, Janette d/o William Purdy of Lanesboro, Pa. m. Allen P. Hanson of Cleveland, Ohio Jan. 11, 1854
Purdy, Josie M. m. W. Gus Chittenden both of Binghamton Oct. 13, 1870
Purdy, Nettie of Greene, NY m. William R.Shipman of Barker Feb. 2, 1869
Putnam, Louisa of Milbury, Mass m. Luther Jennison of Union Mar. 3, 1846


Quick, C.D. of New Milford, Pa. m. William P. Bailey of Brooklyn, Pa. June 5, 1862
Quinlan, Harriet E. of Gibson, Pa. m. in Great Bend, Pa. Leveret Tiel of Oakland, Pa. Aug. 31, 1861
Quinliven, Ellen C. m. Nicholas Major both of Binghamtom June 14, 1863
Quinn, Jane F. of Clinton, NY m. Sidney H. Barteau of Broome County July 17, 1850
Quinn, Mary B. m. Judson B. Underill (Underhill?) both of Center Village Aug. 8, 1862


Quick, C.D. of New Milford, Pa. m. William P. Bailey of Brooklyn, Pa. June 5, 1862
Quinlan, Harriet E. of Gibson, Pa. m. in Great Bend, Pa. Leveret Tiel of Oakland, Pa. Aug. 31, 1861
Quinliven, Ellen C. m. Nicholas Major both of Binghamtom June 14, 1863
Quinn, Jane F. of Clinton, NY m. Sidney H. Barteau of Broome County July 17, 1850
Quinn, Mary B. m. Judson B. Underill (Underhill?) both of Center Village Aug. 8, 1862


Race, Ella L. of Binghamton m. R.L.Armstrong, Jr. May 19, 1875
Randall, Betsey D. of Port Crane m. in Binghamton Philander Bixby of Greene, NY Jan. 2, 1858
Randall, Lura m. in Binghamton Joseph Leech of Pitcher, Chenango Co., NY Feb. 21, 1833
Randall, Loretta m. Hiram Bunzy both of Fenton Dec. 31, 1876
Randall, Nancy of Vestal m. Serymour L. Searl of Earlville, Madison County, NY July 6, 1871
Randall, Sally of Binghamton m. Jacob Ives of Conklin no date (pub:Mar. 17, 1875)
Ranney, Ellen D. of Augusta, Oneida County, NY m. Newton M. Hulburt Feb. 3, 1853
Ransom, Esther C.of Nichols, NY m. Amos Patterson of Binghamton Dec. 18, 1844
Rapelye, Debbie B. of Afton, NY m. Stephen B. Drass of Binghamton Oct. 3, 1871
Rathborn, Mary d/o L.B.Rathborn, Esq. of Greene, NY m. Charles L. Green of Binghamton Sept. 8, 1875
Ray, Francelia of Kirkwood m. Artimus Bakeman of Onondaga, NY Aug. 31, 1860
Raylea, Linda of Hooper m. George G. Ryder of Southeast, NY Dec. 19, 1872
Raymond, Lucie E. of Franklin, NY m. in Cologne, Germany George P. Bristol of Clinton, NY July 17, 1880
Raynolds, (Reynolds?) , Julia A. of Glen Aubrey m. Alfred White of Lansinburgh May 16, 1858.
Raynor, Mary S. of Carbondale, Pa. m. John M. Smith formerly of Binghamton Sept. 15, 1836
Raynsford, Hannah d/o Joshua W. Raynsford m. in Montrose, Pa. Christopher L. Ward Sept. 6, 1831
Read, Isadore M. of Smithville Flats, NY m. in Fenton Eugene L. Cone of Greene, NY Oct. 20, 1874
Read, LeFey m. Charles M. Durkee both of Binghamton July 21, 1880
Reardon, Josie C. m. in Binghamton George C. Martin July 6, 1880
Redfield, Betty m. H.N. Watrous both of Milburn Mar. 18, 1868
Redfield, Mrs. Mary C. of Delhi, NY m. Pitson J. Abbott June 7, 1866
Reid, Eloise of Binghamton m. in St. Louis, Mich. Rev. George Buffington of Covington, Kentucky Dec.. 21, 1871
Reid, Louisa M. m. Jesse D. Minkler both of Binghamton July 15, 1863
Reed, Louisa J. of Binghamton m. U.G. Schoomaker of Kingston, NY June 28, 1866
Reilly, Mary A. of Owego, NY m. Dennis Dowling of Binghamton Dec. 26, 1853
Reins, Fanny of NY m. Alonzo Edson Barnby of Ithaca May 5, 1832
Remmole, Caroline of Binghamton m. Charles Troffard Mar. 23, 1842
Rennie, Belle m. George Howe both of Binghamton June 19, 1864
Rennie, Mrs. Julia m. Samuel J. Stevenson both of Binghamton June 18, 1870
Rennie, Maggie A. of Binghamton m. Charles F. Colgrove of Utica, NY Mar. 27, 1869
Rennie, Mary m. Albert Lockwood both of Binghamton Sept. 20, 1866
Rennie, May E. of Binghamton m. in Cortland, NY Alfred F. Thrasher of Watertown, NY July 17, 1876
Rennie, Mrs. Sarah Ann of Binghamton m. Thomas H. Daniels of Bristol, England June 3, 1875
Resucker, Ida of Oxford, NJ m. Frank E.Valley of Binghamton July 4, 1870
Reynolds, Angelina M. m. Osborn Bump both of Colesville Feb. 19, 1851
Reynolds, Eliza of Barker m. John Smith of Marathon, NY Sept. 11, 1861
Reynolds, Mrs. Nellie formerly of Hornesville, NY m. Oliver A. Morris of Binghamton Apr. 3, 1870
Reynolds, Mrs.R.J.of Binghamton m. Oliver P. Hadsel of Nicholson, Pa. Sept. 30, 1879
Rexford, Anna M. of Binghamton m. in Deposit Henry Clay Clapp of Deposit, NY Apr. 10, 1854
Rexford, Eliza M. of Windsor m. Norman B. Smith of Colesville Feb. 18, 1829
Rhodes, Amanda of Maine m. Jabez Newell of Union July 4, 1874
Rhymes, Eliza m. in Greenland, "somewhere down East" Thomas Laighton no date (pub:Aug. 18, 1831)
Rice, Betsey A. of Binghamton m. William R. Malkin of Kirkwood Nov. 18, 1862
Rice, Mrs. Celia M. of Ararat, Pa. Moses Caswell of Afton, NY May 24, 1872
Rich, Libbie I. m. William L. Griswold Apr. 23, 1873
Richards, Emma A. d/o Charles Richards of Harpersville m. Robert G.Harper Wash., D.C. Nov. 5, 1879
Richards, Emma A. m. Patterson A. Merrill both of Binghamton Sept. 25, 1862
Richards, Helen d/o the late Jesse Richards m. in East Union John H. Sayer Apr. 3, 1867 Richards, Olive C. of Binghamton m.Thomas Howard of Chicago, Ill. Feb. 7, 1865
Rider, Almira m. William Butler both of Binghamton Apr. 8, 1850
Rigby, Olive A. of Nanticoke m. G.A.Clark of Newark June 11, 1846
Riley, Flora of Glen Aubrey m. Ambrose Sweet of Whitney Point Mar. 23, 1875
Riley, Mariam (as spelled) m. Charles A. Sly both of Glen Aubrey Sept. 30, 1874
Riley, Niegie m. Egbert Weed both of Windsor feb. 9, 1868
Ridley, Endora F. m. W.A. Strong both of Binghamton Oct. 10, 1872
Ring, Josephine m. John E. Lloyd both of Binghamton Apr. 8, 1862
Ring, Julia d/o J.N.Ring m. William O. Lincoln both of Maine May 6, 1868
Roach, Eva A. m. in Port Crane Louis A.Harding both of West Colesville Feb. 10, 1875
Robbins, Elizabeth of Maine m. Samuel D. Brooks of Chenango Jan. 6, 1868
Robbins, Lydia m. Dr J.S. Whitney both of Union Oct. 29, 1856
Robbins, Rosie m. Chrictian M. Schultz both of Binghamton May 14, 1867
Robinson, Mrs. Angeline m. Hiram Weed both of West Windsor Mar. 1, 1846
Robinson, Augusta Root of Binghamton m. Mason W. Mather of Owego Dec. 30, 1857
Robinson, Carrie A. of Chenango m. Jabez J. Lewis of Union Jan. 1, 1871
Robinson, Eliza Conger d/o James W. Robinson of Grove Lawn, Sing Sing m. Samuel Richard Smith of Georgia and late of Hyde Park, NY Sept. 20, 1844
Robinson, Elizabeth m. in Binghamton Hezekiah Whittlesey May 26, 1833
Robinson, Florence Ada d/o Gen. Henry Robinson m. in Binghamton Eliphalet Nott Gilbesby June 20, 1868
Robinson, Mrs. Mary L. of Montrose, Pa. m. George E. Isbell of Binghamton Oct. 22, 1862
Robinson, Orphia of Windsor m. Martin Bound of Conklin Oct. 26, 1845
Robinson, Ursala of Binghamton m. James W. Vail of Pennington, NJ Sept. 14, 1870
Roberts, Celinda L. of Binghamton m. Elias Ketchum of Bridgewater, Pa. July 20, 1861
Roberts, Sarah E. of Harpersville m. Alvin W. Alvord Aug.2, 1850
Roberts, Sophronia of Owego m. Theron Towner of Goshen, Conn. no date (pub:Feb. 6, 1816)
Robie, Ellen C. d/o Col. Jacob C. Robie of Binghamton m. Henry A. Gough of Ithaca, NY Dec. 27, 1855
Robie, Emaline R. of Otisco, NY m. Elmer Brigham of Binghamton May 22, 1833
Rockenstyre, Lucia of Binghamton m. David B. Baker of Sullivan Co., NY May 9, 1867
Rodican, Mary m. John Toole both of Binghamton May 18, 1841
Rodman, Fannie H. m. Edward S. Harding both of Binghamton Mar. 15, 1877
Roe, Mary A. m. John Lamore both of Blossburg, Pa. Nov. 29, 1875
Roe, Sarah Jane of Conklin m. Walter S. Bostworth of Binghamton Dec. 28, 1871
Rogers, Alice d/o S.W.Rogers of Binghamton m. Charles Horton of Winous, Minn. Dec. 7, 1864
Rogers, Mrs. Clara S. of Chenango Forks m. A.V.Sanford of Binghamton Oct. 29, 1873
Rogers, Hannah T. m. in Union Nelson Cady both of Maine Aug. 30, 1846
Rogers, Lida H. of Phila., Pa. m. in Binghamton H.C.Kool of Syracuse, NY Apr. 13, 1859
Rogers, Louisa m. Benjamin W. Lawrence both of Conklin Nov. 20, 1850
Rogers, Lucy K. of Triangle m. Dr. Oliver J. Stiles of Barker Apr. 6, 1837
Rogers, Mary of Union m. Josiah Smith of Binghamton May 5, 1832
Rogers, Olive m. Oscar Warren both of Silver Lake, Pa. Mar. 12, 1877
Rogers, Sarah m. Julius P. Morgan both of Binghamton Sept. 1, 1852
Rogers, Mrs. Sarah Ann d/o Joseph and Eliza Rogers m. in New York William Weed no date (pub:Apr. 5, 1832)
Rollo, Lucy A. m. Henry Woodruff both of Cortland, NY Oct. 10, 1849
Ronk, Caroline T. m. Franklin Morse both of Binghamton Mar. 25, 1850
Ronk, Maggie m. in Brookvale, NY James B. Drake both formerly of Port Crane and now of Tompkins, Delaware County, NY Oct. 14, 1876
Ronk, Mrs. Mary of Colesville m. in North Fenton Lyman Strickland no date (pub:Aug. 13, 1873)
Ronk, Sarah L.B. d/o John Ronk of Binghamton m. Dan T. Ecerts of Mendota, Ill. Dec. 12, 1855
Rood, Ella R. of Lenoxvile, Pa. m. Hadley B. Larrabee of Randolph Center June 30, 1875
Rood, Ellie d/o Mrs. Hartwell m. in Binghamton Franklin W. Dean Oct. 13, 1874
Rood, Mrs. Georgie of Center Lisle m. Milton Coy of Lisle Oct. 4, 1870
Rood, Sarah A. m. in Osborn Hollow James E. Wooster both of Binghamton July 7, 1867
Ronney, Jennie m. Thomas McDonough both of Binghamton Aug. 27, 1879
Roose, Anthie of Port Dickinson m. in Windsor Charles Smith of Kirkwood Oct. 11, 1874
Roosa, Mrs. M.M. of Great Bend, Pa. m. in Conklin John Cruser of Kirkwood Aug. 18, 1866 Root, Adaline L. of Smithville, NY m. William Bailey of Smithville Nov. 21, 1860
Rose, Ann d/o Robert H. Rose of Silver Lake, Pa. m. William Main of Binghamton Nov. 28, 1838
Rose, Caroline d/o the late Robert H. Rose of Silver Lake, Pa. m. Rev. Francis D. Ladd of Farmington, Maine June 16, 1846
Rose, Emma m. Oscar B. Darrow both of Binghamton Nov. 20, 1868
Rose, Emma Lee of Fambault, Minn. d/o the late P. Rose of Columbus, Ohio m. Nelson A. St. John of Binghamton Nov. 3, 1870
Rose, H.Kate of Windsor m. Daniel Jones of Kirkwood Aug. 30, 1863
Rose, Mary of Binghamton m. Townsend Smith of Conklin Oct. 5, 1850
Roseboom, Sarah d/o A. Roseboom m. in Cherry Valley, NY Richard Ely of Binghamton Sept. 12, 1849
Rosencrants, Maria m. Jacob C. Hull both of Binghamton no date (pub:Mar. 8, 1838)
Ross, Ann Eliza d/o Noah Ross of NY m. Henry A. Morgan formerly of Binghamton May 18, 1846
Ross, Caroline H. d/o the late Templin Ross of Wash., DC m. in Athens, Pa. Phineas B. Tompkins of Binghamton Mar. 26, 1850
Ross, Louisa R. d/o R.K.Armory of Kirkwood m. Stephen A. Sherman of Binghamton Dec. 28, 1865
Ross, Margaret Ann of Binghamton m. John Warner of Newark Dec. 18, 1858
Rounds, Angie of Canisto, NY m. I.S. Webster of Cuba, NY Sept. 15, 1868
Rounds, Harriet M. of Vestal m. A.J.Leighton of New Brunswick, NJ Dec. 20, 1855
Rowe, Caroline Amelia m. in Colesville John Whitman June 18, 1844
Rowe, Hannah M. of Stroudsburg, Pa. m. in Whitney Point Charles C. Dibble of Meshoppen, Pa. 4, 1874
Rozell, Caroline of Union m. in Binghamton Addison Burr of Chenango Dec. 1, 1861
Ruggles, Adelia of Windsor m. in Montrose, Pa. C. Matcain of Scranron, Pa. Apr. 6, 1857
Ruggles, Elizabeth d/o Timothy Ruggles m. Edward Harper both of Harpersville June 10, 1852
Ruggles, Rowena d/o Timothy Ruggles m. Leverett Barnes s/o German Barnes all of Harpersville, NY June 10, 1852
Rulifson, Mary of Binghamton m. Lewis Wilbur of Conklin Oct. 15, 1874
Rumsay, Mrs. S. of Victory, NY m. Dr. D.A. Taylor of Hartford, NY Jan. 13, 1850
Runyon, Sarah Etta of Binghamton m. A.S.Baldwin of Montrose June 4, 1871
Rush, Catherine formerly of Binghamton m. in Clinton, NY P.D.O'Brein of Clinton no date (pub:May 6, 1868)
Rush, Elnora D. m. George Walter both of Binghamton Oct. 6, 1880
Russel, Aurelia of East aine m. Joseph B. Johnson of Chenango Sept. 29, 1874
Russel, Louisa m. Russel Chauncey both of Maine Oct. 11, 1865
Russell, Betsey, of Windsor m. Samuel R. Meredith of Carbondale, Pa. June 25, 1845
Russell, Lillie G. m. Abe L. Bevier both of Binghamton Nov. 1, 1879
Russell, Mary Augusta m. Harvey Stanton Fancher both of Vestal July 2, 1876
Russey, Caroline of Kamona, NY m. John J. Laman of Toledo, Ohio Apr. 9, 1856
Rutherford, Delphine of Conklin m. in Binghamton Y.Belcher of Union July 4, 1871
Ryan, Catherine m. Augustus Matthewson both of Upper Lisle July 28, 1871
Ryan, Kattie m. Alonzo Carpenter both of Binghamton Oct. 25, 1880


Sackett, Julia m. William Sleet Hill both of Binghamton Jan. 14, 1854
Sage, Chloe of Windsor m. Dr. Griswold of Huntington, Pa. Feb. 4, 1813
St. John, Halmina d/o Lewis St. John m. Locy Halstead both of Binghamton Apr. 25, 1837
St. John, Julia M. d/o Vincent St. John m. in Binghamton David E. Cronin of NY Mar. 29, 1870
St. John, Libbie d/o Charles St. John of Port Jervis, NJ m. Alonzo Striker of Binghamton June 25, 1868
Sales, Angie of Allentown, Pa. m. Inman Johnson of Binghamton Oct. 17, 1872
Salisbury, Celista m. William Foster both of Hornesville, NY Oct. 20, 1870
Salisbury, Mary Ette m. in East Greene, NY William Henry Spencer both of Coventry, NY Apr. 5, 1859
Sampson, Margaret of Harmony, Pa. m. Charles Coesson of Hancock, NY Oct. 22, 1859
Sanders, Catherine M. of Binghamton m. William H. Hall of Elmira, NY Dec. 25, 1870
Sanders, Sarah A. of Conklin m. Levi Tracey of Binghamton June 21, 1851
Sanford, Emma H. m. in Windsor Luther M. Smith Jan. 6, 1854
Sargent, Nellie of Kirkwood m. James H. Amory Feb. 5, 1865
Saunders, Ella m. O.L. Severson both of Dunmore, Pa. May 25, 1873
Sawtell, Catherine m. Jesse Orcutt both of Binghamton Sept. 16, 1832
Sawtelle, Mary E. Charles H. Kilmer both of Binghamton June 18, 1867
Scales, Jennie m. Capt. James M. Watrous both of Binghamton Mar. 23, 1865
Schemerhorn, Mary M. m. Martin Van B. Wright both of Union Mar. 10, 1868
Schoolcraft, Almira m. in Binghamton D.Saddlemire both of Newark Dec. 14, 1861
Schoolcraft, Frances D. m. in Binghamton John D. Schoolcraft both of Newark Valley, NY June 15, 1877
Schoonhoven , Minerva m. William Griggs both of Binghamton Aug. 5, 1813
Schriver, Amelia of Binghamton m. in Conklin James Cargill of Jackson, Pa. July 2, 1862
Scofield, Leretto M. m. in Binghamton Charles Collins, Jr. Nov. 30, 1845
Scofield, Sophronia S. m. in Binghamton Leverette Jeffers Jan. 25, 1843
Scoomaker, (as spelled) Hannah Jane of Great Bend, Pa. m. Lorin Sparks of Windsor, Oct. 5, 1862
Scott, Catherine of Binghamton m. John Johnston of Oxford, NY Feb.. 1, 1832
Scott, Primrose m. in Newark, NJ Thomas Johnson both of Binghamton Oct. 9, 1836
Scott, Sally Ann m. in Windsor George Beckwith Apr. 3, 1851
Scott, Sally of Prospect m. Carver Hotchkiss of Windsor Oct. 11, 1830
Scott, Ellen m. Oliver D. Beebe both of Windsor Jan. 1, 1850
Scotten, Sarah of Great Bend, Pa. m. William Wallin of Gilbertsville, Otsego County, NY Apr. 1, 1848
Scudder, Alice M. m. Judson S. Goodnough both of Binghamton May 31, 1871
Scudder, Frances of Colesville m. in Kirkwood Charles P. Goss of Susq. Co., Pa. July 7, 1862
Searles, Jane of Binghamton m. Edward Bali of Binghamton Jan. 3, 1864
Seaverson, Eunice of Binghamton m. Marvin Tarbox of Sanford Feb. 15, 1868
Seeley, Ida M. of Elmira m. Charles W. Davis of Whitney Point no date (pub:Oct. 17, 1877
Selden, Anna L. of Williamstown, NY m. William Van Wagoner of Oxford, NY Jan. 21, 1875
Seper, Elizabeth M. d/o Samuel Seper of Binghamton m. Oscar F. Nichols of Chemung Jan. 1, 1867
Severson, Betsey m. in Binghamton John C. Moore May 15, 1833
Severson, Cara M. of Binghamton m. in Apalachin, NY Adolphus Camp of Campville Sept. 30, 1867
Severson, Celina M. d/o Rev. G.A.Severson m. Judson T. Blakeslee both of Harpersville Sept. 19, 1860
Severson, Nancy M. of Kirkwood m. Harrison H. Carroll of Colesville Sept. 24, 1863
Service, Alice D. of Bingahtom m. L.D.Bingham of Scranton, Pa. Jan. 2, 1866
Service, Jennie of Milburn m. Joseph W. Williams of Binghamton Nov. 25, 1868
Seward, Mary S. m. in Susq. Depot, Pa. George B. Van Steenburg Sept. 14, 1875
Seward, Patience Amelia m. Alvin Rush How both of Sanford May 11, 1870
Seymour, Angeline of Vestal m. in Vienna George Berryman of Cayuaga, NY Sept. 30, 1849
Seymour, Annie R. m. D.W.Lowell both of Binghamton Apr. 25, 1861
Seymour, Augusta d/o John B. Seymour m. in Whitney Point Charles M. Cook May 22, 1866
Seymour, Eliza M. of Whitney Point m. Junius Ten Eyck of Pontiac, Mich. Jan. 11, 1858
Seymour, Hanah d/o Daniel Seymour of Union m. in Choconut, Pa. Buel Scoville Sept. 3, 1815
Seymour, Lavernia d/o William Seymour of Binghamton m. Hiram Whiting of Elmira, NY Dec. 30, 1844
Seymour, Nancy of Vestal m. Albert Hooper of Binghamton June 13, 1852
Seymour, Nellie m. Judson Blizzard both of Binghamton Dec. 5, 1870
Sexsmith, Mary Ann of Sanford m. in Bainbridge, NY Albert Stone of Harpersville Oct. 20, 1847
Shafer, Amelia C. of Bridgewater, Pa. m. E.B.Chase of of Montrose, Pa. Oct. 20, 1852
Shafer, Jane m. John D. Warner both of Binghamton Sept. 3, 1877
Shaffer, Eliff A. of Pepacton, delaware County, NY m. Henry C. Wood of Elmira, NY Oct. 7, 1873
Shapley, Caroline A. m. Charles Jacob Croissant Dec. 25, 1865
Shappee, Harriet O. m. William Cone both of Binghamton Mar. 17, 1869
Sharls, Nancy M. of Nineveh m. in Binghamton Henry Grover of Dunkirk June 23, 1851
Sharp, Maria of Newark Valley m. Arthur J. Bush of Maine June 13, 1880
Sharp, Sarah E. of Ketchumville m. Ellsworth J. Angell Jan. 7, 1872
Shaw, Alice R. m. in Vestal Watson Masten both of Union June 21, 1874
Shaw, Hannah M. of Binghamton m. Barzillai Bray of Conklin June 12, 1833
Shaw, Louisa of Sanford m. Melcanthon F. Rozelle of Union Jan. 17, 1867
Shea, Maggie F. m. Abram W. Carl both of Binghamton June 2, 1862
Sheak, Elizabeth of Binghamton m. E.R. Warriner of Hancock, NY Dec. 9, 1876
Sheak, Estella F. of Binghamton m. Prof.M.Julius Keeler of Lockport, NY July 12, 1876
Shear, Mary J. m. Oscar A. Stoutenburg Oct. 7, 1866
Shear, Phebe M. m. in Binghamton Myron Springer both of Kirkwood Mar. 15, 1876
Sheedy, Mary C. of inghamton m. Edgar R. Morey of Windsor Sept. 20, 1879
Sheldon, Frances C. d/o Calvin Sheldon of McClure Settlement m. E.N. Smith of Lanesboro, Pa. Nov. 3, 1852
Sheldon, Mary E. d/o H.A. Sheldon of Binghamton m. John S. Spencer of NY Feb. 10, 1869
Sheldon, Sarah m. W.A.Loveland both of Albion, NY Mar. 13, 1861
Shepard, Delia m. Virgil W. Ford both of Binghamton Aug. 22, 1876
Shepard, Fannie Grace d/o Rev. D.A.Shepard of Waverly, NY m. Henry H. Doubleday of Binghamton May 1, 1858
Shepard, Miss of Vestal m. David L. Maxfield of Whitney Point Jan. 20, 1880
Shepard, Sarah A.of Conklin m. Jarvis Cortright of Union Feb. 4, 1869
Shepardson, Sally of Port Crane m. in Binghamton Leroy Collins of Kirkwood May 12, 1861
Sherer, Olive T. of Dimock, Susq. Co, Pa. m. Franklin J. Smith of Binghamton Feb. 13, 1862
Sheridan, Nellie A. m. in Nineveh by Rev. I.G.Ogden to W.H.Ogden both of New York City July 21, 1880
Sherman, Rachel of Virgil, Cortland County, NY m. John Sprague of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1832
Sherwood, Cordelia of Binghamton m. Ransom Williams of Wellsboro, Pa. Apr. 8, 1861
Sherwood, Jennette A. m. in Binghamton David Chapman both of Buckingham, Pa. June 7, 1860
Sherwood, P. of Kirkwood m. in Binghamton Chester Garnsey of Schoharie Co, NY Jan. 6, 1863
Sherwood, Phebe A. of Conklin m. Charles W. Dyer of Windsor Mar. 25, 1850
Sholes, Sara of Greene, NY m. recently to Stephen Linn of Port Crane no date (pub: Mar. 17, 1875)
Shove, Miss Frankie m. A.B. Stilson both of Binghamton no date (pub:Nov. 2, 1870)
Shute, Mary A.C. of Binghamton m. John Van Housen of Albany, NY June 8, 1870
Shrimpton, Sarah m. in Binghamton William Dodson both of Susq., Pa. Dec. 24, 1860
Sickler, Maria m. William H. Skinner both of Owego, NY Sept. 10, 1849
Silter, Permelia A. d/o Dea. William Silterof Guilford, NY m. F.S. Van Burgen of Binghamton Oct. 2, 1842
Simmons, Emma m. John S. Bonham both of Binghamton Dec. 24, 1876
Simmons, Sarah J. of Binghamton m. Henry Aker Aug. 21, 1879
Simpson, Adell m. Elias Baty both of Vestal Sept. 24, 1871
Sines, Mary E. of Triangle m. Alonzo Pease of Whitney Point Feb. 6, 1861
Sinott, Ellen Teresa m. Pierre W. Cunningham both of Binghamton no date (pub:June 11, 1877)
Siple, Lana A. m. in Binghamton S.S.Horton Nov. 9, 1859
Sisson, Lucy A. of Union m. Wallace Jump Sept. 28, 1851
Sisson, Mary E. dd/o B.F. Sisson m. James K. Welden both of Binghamton Oct. 9, 1872
Sitzer, Lucina of Binghamton m. Philo D. Carl of Tioga, Pa. Dec. 25, 1866
Siver, Eva A. of Glen Castle m. Samuel Martin of Albany, NY Dec. 28, 1873
Siver, Jennie E. m. in Castle Creek David H. Oakley both of Chenango July 29, 1856
Slater, Mrs. Affie of Triangle m. A.Edson Blair of Castle Creek Mar. 3, 1873
Sleight, Mary . of Binghamton m. Gilbert Ingraham of Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, NY May19, 1851
Sliter, Lucia A. m. Frank B. Whitaker both of Deposit Mar. 26, 1874
Slosson, Aurelia of Union m. Issac Curtiss of Stockbridge,Mass. Feb. 10, 1813
Slosson, Eunice S. m. Charles Van Name Jan. 1, 1856
Slosson, Julia A. m. David Crocker both of Fenton Feb. 6, 1868
Slosson, Mary E. of Binghamton m. Frederick Niles of Virginia City, Montanan Territory Dec. 13, 1865
Slosson, Sally m. Otis Lincoln both of erkshire Jan. 7, 1813
Sly, Betsey M. m. Nelson E. Darrow both of Binghamton Nov. 10, 1872
Smith, Ada of Windsor m. in Pittston, Pa. Prof. A.W.Cooper of Susq., Pa. July 10, 1873
Smith, A.E. of Binghamton m. William H. Ives of Lawsville Center, Pa. Feb. 20, 1877
Smith, Ada B. d/o F.B. Smith m. J.C. Wakely both of Union Aug. 7, 1871
Smith, Anna Marie d/o Clark B. Smith m. in Norwich, NY George Dwyer of Binghamrton July 8, 1858
Smith, Almira H. of Oxford, NY M. LaFayette Briggs, printer at Deposit, Delaware Co., NY Jan. 11, 1856
Smith, Caroline d/o Junius J. Smith of Chenango m. Isaac D. Hawkes of Charlemont, Franklin Co., Mass Apr. 29, 1856
Smith, Mrs. Catherine d/o Gen. Harper m. John Dusenbury , merchant of Delaware County Feb. 18, 1813
Smith, Chloe d/o the late Elijah Smith of Windsor m. David R. Weeks of Masnonville, NY Jan. 1, 1850
Smith, Chloe L. m. in Windsor Joel Weeks Mar. 4, 1852
Smith, Cora T. of West Winfield, NY m. Eugene A. Stilson of Binghamton no date (pub:Oct. 1, 1879)
Smith, Eleanor m. George Collier both of Conklin Dec. 22, 1855
Smith, Ellen E. m. F.N.Chase both of Binghamton May 14, 1867
Smith, Elizabeth M. m. Alfred L. Brown both of Windsor Mar. 8, 1838
Smith, De Etta d/o L.B.Smith m. Joseph H. Chittenden both of Binghamton Oct. 26, 1865
Smith, Emily E. d/o Eliphalet J. Smith of Binghamton m. Sether J. Hall Nov. 2, 1859
Smith, Emma L. of Whitney Point m. Albert E. King Dec. 29, 1875
Smith, Frances M. d/o Col. John H. Smith m. Charles Davis both of Binghamton Dec. 24, 1855
Smith, Grace of Chenango Forks m. Dewitt C. Moore of Whitney Point Jan. 29, 1879
Smith, Harriet E. m. James Bigler both of Binghamton Dec. 29, 1841
Smith, Harriet of Adam's Settlement m. George Bowker (paper also has Bouker) of Hyde's Settlement Dec. 25, 1860
Smith, Harriet of Clinton, NY m. George D. Marsh of Binghamton Apr. 26, 1842
Smith, Helen M. m. John Whitbeck both of Binghamton May 7, 1861
Smith, Jennie of Windsor m. Ely Ransom Hall of Bridgeport, Conn. July 22, 1875
Smith, Jennie , neice of William S. Smith of Front St. m. George F.O'Neil June 24, 1874
Smith, Josie A. d/o Robert Smith m. Israel Deyo July 20, 1880
Smith, Josie M. of Flushing, LI m. Dr. Thomas G. Hull of NYC Nov. 28, 1876
Smith, Julia Francis of McDonough, NY m. in Binghamton Sanford Worden Greene of Greman, NY Nov. 14, 1870
Smith, Kate Ellen d/o Thomas Clark Smith of Dingle, Ireland m. there, Edward Eckerley Oct. 29, 1859
Smith, Miss L.S. m. in Lanesboro, Pa. M.E.Johnson both of Norwich, NY Dec. 5, 1873
Smith, Mrs. Maggie D. of Binghamton m. William W. Sterling of Susq. Depot, Pa. July 25, 1872
Smith, Maria m. Martin S. Cook both of Binghamton Dec. 31, 1843
Smith, Maria m. Hector Kneeland both of Binghamton Aug. 9, 1831
Smith, Martha d/o John Smith m. Samuel Thomas both of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1853
Smith, Mary E. of Chenango Forks m. Newel M. Slauson of Fenton July 22, 1870
Smith, Mary of Afton, NY m. George Stever of Binghamton Feb. 2, 1873
Smith, Nancy m. in Bainbridge, NY Rufus Clemens Apr. 4, 1842
Smith, Nettie R. d/o Hon. S.E.Smith of Otego, NY m. Charles H. Niven of Nineveh Nov. 26, 1872
Smith, Nettie L. m. Nathaniel Love Dec. 25, 1880
Smith, Orcelia d/o Nathaniel Smith m. Jefferson Brown both of Nineveh Oct. 8, 1872
Smith, Polly M. of Binghamton m. Howard Darber of Chenango June 10, 1858
Smith, Sallie M. d/o A.B.Smith m. Rev. William H. Sawtell both of Nineveh Dec. 11, 1866
Smith, Sarah J. m. Caleb Niles both of Binghamton Oct. 28, 1871
Smith, Sarah . m. George J. Manning both of Lisle Oct.1, 1855
Smith, Viola of Heppner, Oregon m. Dr. R.E.Swinburne of Binghamton May 16, 1879
Smith, Wealthea Ann m. in Castle Creek William Everts Oct. 18, 1846
Smithall, Miss Lou S. of Binghamton m. F.G.Bishop, Esq. Jan. 21, 1874
Smithen, Margaret m. Albert Michelbach both of Binghamton Jan. 26, 1856
Snedaker, Ida of Gordonville, NY m. in Binghamton George Finn of Riverside Oct. 22, 1876
Sneden, Mary A. of Kattelville m. Isaac Carman of Binghamton June 26, 1877
Snow, Eva m. in Great Bend, Pa. Albert D. King boith of Loderville, Pa. 21, 1854
Sornborger, Modana of Colesville m. George Dunavan of Cooperstown Jan. 15, 1873
Soule, Rebecca Eliza of Mt. Pleasant, Canada m. in Corbettsville Charles Watrous of Scranton, Pa. May 16, 1871
Sparks, Charity m. Chauncey Davis both of Conklin Nov. 19, 1837
Sparkes, Mary d/o Rev. S. Sparkes of Binghamton m. Rev. Henry Wheeler of the "Wyoming Conference" Apr. 13, 1858
Spencer, Laura Catherine d/o John C. Spencer m. in Canandaigua, NY George W. Clinton May 15, 1832
Spencer, Amanda m. Root French both of Binghamton May 16, 1830
Spencer, Laura A. of Union Center m. John D'Arcy of Silver Mountain, Calif. June 10, 1880
Spendley, Melinda A. of Chenango Forks m. Addison W. Walker of Fenton Dec. 31, 1871
Sprague, Ida of Binghamton m. Clarence P.Moore of Moravia, NY Mar. 19, 1879
Springsteen, Roxy m. in Hazardville Luther Lovejoy both of Windsor Nov. 29, 1868
Squires, Caroline L. d/o Henry Squires of Conklin m. P.T.B. Emmons Apr. 10, 1851
Squires, Charlotte of Binghamton m. Elijah Freeman of Amenia, NY Mar. 4, 1839
Squires, Jennette d/o Henry Squires of Kirkwood m. Theodore H. Emmons Sept. 4, 1855
Southard, Cynthia m. J.N.Brown both of Conklin Nov. 27, 1858
Spaulding, Mary A. m. Herbert Bogart both of Binghamton Dec. 29, 1866
Spencer, Carrie L. d/o Asa Spencer m. H.H. Tyler both of Binghamton Feb. 15, 1869
Spoor, Mary E. of Windsor m. Ashman A. Andrus Sept. 25, 1870
Sprague, Eva of Binghamton m. L. William Brown of Moravia, NY Oct. 27, 1860
Sprague, Lucy A. of Chenango m. F.M.Amsbry Apr. 29, 1864
Sprague, Lydia m. Asher King both of Binghamton June 2, 1832
Squires, Addie M. of Binghamton m. A.H.Bixby of Webster, Mass. Oct. 18, 1877
Squires, Ann m. Denison Nash both of Port Dickinson June 1, 1871
Squires, Frances A. d/o Harry Squires of Kirkwood m. George H. Cooke of Binghamton
Squires, Ruth of Marathon, NY m. Lyman Adams Sept. 15, 1853
Squires, Sarah of Kirkwood m. F.M.Bostwick of Union Feb. 13, 1867
Staats, Ellen m. in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. John H. Cross both of Binghamton Jan. 26, 1864
Statts, Nancy of Chenango m. George Holmsby Sept. 24, 1852
Stagg, Cornelia d/oJ.H. Stagg of Stratford, Conn. m. P.L. Tucker May 16, 1861
Stanard, Polly m. in Colesville George Williams Oct. 27, 1842
Stanbro, Sabrina L. m. James P. Wilcox both of Smyrna, NY Oct. 21, 1862
Standley, Rosa m. in Binghamton Terry Springer both of Kirkwood Feb. 15, 1874
Stanford, Emma F. of Lawsville Center, Pa. m. John H. Caniff of Colesville Dec. 25, 1879
Stanford, Hanna E. m. in Brackney, Pa. Willmirt D. Wandell both of Liberty, Pa. Dec. 26, 1875
Stark, Kate of ittston, Pa. m. D.M.Worden of the Chenango Valley Savings Bank Sept. 9, 1873
Stark, Lottie m. in Binghamton Oliver A. Morris both of Jan. 28, 1879
Stark, Olive m. F.T.Newell both of Binghamton Apr. 13, 1880
Starkweather, Janette m. Orville A. Watrous both of Binghamton Apr. 26, 1857
Steed, Sarah m. in Chenango Forks Michael Martin Jan. 28, 1880
Stephens, Addie of Spencer, NY m. Marcena Gleason of Center Lisle an. 29, 1871
Stephens, Polly M. m. Samuel Stonard both of Windsor Dec. 29, 1837
Stevens, Carrie m. Wellington Hammond both of Binghamton June 26, 1880
Stevens, Ella M. of Scranton, Pa. m. in Binghamton Stephen K. Stone of Binghamton June 22, 1871
Stevens, Jane A. m. in Coventry, NY John D. Keyes both of Windsor Apr. 30, 1846
Stevens, Josephine L. m. John Green both of Fenton Mar. 29, 1876
Stevens, Lurinda M. of Windsor m. Martin M. Dewey formerly of Castle Creek Mar. 17, 1861
Stevens, Lydia E. m. Charles Lester both of Binghamton Nov. 10, 1875
Stevens, Mary Z. m. in Colesville James C. Blanchard Aug. 6, 1863
Stevenson, Mariah of Vestal m. William S.Storms of Big Flats, NY Jan. 1, 1850
Stevenson, Mary C. of Vestal m. Edward H. Gibbs of Union Mar. 2, 1853
Stewart, Angeline m. Benjamin Buck both of Union Mar. 17, 1850
Stewart, Mary A. m. John Higgins both of Binghamton June 10, 1880
Stiles, Emaline m. in Binghamton David Kelley both of Vestal Apr. 20, 1859
Stilson, Phidelia m. John Chase both of Windsor Oct. 13, 1872
Stillson, Frankie E. m. in Binghamton Dr. O.H.Young Sept. 5, 1874
Stilwell, Mrs. Almira J. m. in Colesville Hiram Watrous Mar. 1, 1846
Stilwell, Lizzie J. m. Rollo E. Smith both of Binghamton Dec. 9, 1873
Stilwell, Maria Louise of Binghamton m. William H. Schenck of Albany, NY Oct. 19, 1870
Stilwell, Sarah A. of Windsor m. Edward Gurnsey of Colesville Nov. 2, 1853
Stimson, Frances M. d/o Rev. S.M.Stimson of Terre Haute, Ind. George M. Haberly Oct. 15, 1867
Stimpson, Sarah Ann m. Robert Hatfield both of Union Oct. 29, 1845
Stockholm, Henrietta of Franklin, Pa. m. Nathan C. Jones Middletown, Pa. Dec. 21, 1871
Stocking, Ella D. m. Cyrus Brownell both of Binghamton Sept. 2, 1860
Stockwell, Mary A. of Little Meadows, Pa. m. Levi M. Gaige Binghamton Mar. 18, 1867
Stoddard, Mary J. d/o H.B.Stoddard m. John C. Lewis both of Glen Aubrey Jan. 25, 1860
Stoddard, Polly Ann m. Samuel Up De Grove both of Union Aug. 19, 1830
Stone, Cynthia V. of Greene, NY m. Merritt C. Akin Jan. 17, 1877
Stone, Delia m. in Binghamton Leonard A. Sprague May 5, 1852
Stone, Emogene of Conklin m. in Binghamton William D. Howard of Brackneyville, Pa. Dec. 21, 1876
Stone, Eliza of Smyrna, NY m. Isaac M. Wilbur Sept. 2, 1849
Stone, Sarah E. of Forest Lake, Pa. m. Charles C.Wells of Vestal Center Feb. 28, 1877
Stone, Eva J. m. Edward J. Gillet both of Binghamton July 26, 1868
Stone, Lucina m. in Chenango Charles Toole Jan. 23, 1854
Stone, Madaline m. Cornelius Vandervort both of Binghamton Nov. 2, 1870
Stoppard, Mary W. m. Charles Stewart both of Binghamton Jan. 8, 1857
Stoppard, Sarah A. m. John R. Matthews both of Binghamton May 4, 1858
Storer, Elizabeth m. Luvius Warner both of Colesville Jan. 1, 1873
Stotts, Rhoda Ann m. in Binghamton Ambrose Sweet Feb. 9, 1848
Stoutenburg, Barbarette m. Joseph P. Holmes both of Chenango Oct. 4, 1855
Stoughenburg, Hannah C. m. John O'Hara both of Binghamton Mar. 15, 1854
Stow, Elizabeth m. in Chenango E.F.Mathews Oct. 11, 1842
Stow, Hannah of Bainbridge, NY m. Isaiah S. Mathews of Binghamton Jan. 13, 1853
Stow, Lucy m. Frank S. Smith both of Windsor Oct. 3, 1861
Stowell, Catherine E. d/o Alexander Stowell m. Henry L. Niles both of Union Jan. 29, 1845
Stratton, Lette of Cortland, NY m. Sylvester J. Child of Clyde, NY Jan. 5, 1860
Stratton, Patience m.George W. Hoyt both of Vestal May 28, 1871
Stringham, Betsey M. of Colesville m. Clark Beere of Windsor Oct. 10, 1855
Stringham, Noami of Colesville m. Edward J, Darrow of Great Bend, Pa. Sept. 28, 1850
Stone, Jane E. m. George C. Buckingham both of Binghamton Mar. 2, 1853
Stowers, Kate d/o U.M.Stowers m. Austin M. Decker both of Scranton, Pa.Sept. 22, 1864
Strong, A.C. of Bellville, NJ m. William S. Benedict July 19, 1860
Strong, Ernestine of Binghamton m. Edwin R. Alberti Oct. 5, 1841
Strong, Maggie A. of West Chenango m. Philo B. North Dec. 31, 1874
Stryker, ella d/o dewitt C. Stryker m. in Binghamton Daniel M. Denison of Columbus, Ga. Sept. 13, 1859
Stuart, Mary Elizabeth m. Daniel Stevens both of Binghamton Oct. 12, 1851
Sudas, Lottie of Binghamton m. John H. Germond of Kirkwood Aug. 23, 1862
Sullivan, C.E. of Victor, NY m. M.F. Tate of Binghamton Apr. 16, 1871
Sullivan, Esther C. of Binghamton m. William F. Belcher of Boston, Mass. July 18, 1865
Summerton, Mrs. Katherine of Great Bend, Pa. m. in Windsor Francis A. Gray of Fon Du Lac, Wisc. Mar. 21, 1872
Swartworth, P. Augusta m. in Port Dickinson Henry D. DeVoe both of Union Nov. 27, 1866
Sweet, Kate of Binghamton m. Wiliam T. Cooke of Owego, NY Jan. 3, 1871
Sweet, Mrs. Polly age 70 years of Binghamton m. in Colesville John Saddler age 84 years of Colesville Aug. 1, 1846
Sweeting, Mrs. Carrie m. Rufus Meade both of Binghamton June 24, 1871
Sweetland, Ann A.of Dryden, NY m. George L. Truesdell of Calif. July 25, 1855
Sweezy, Charity m. in Windsor Henry Taylor May 2, 1843
Swift, Sarah of Binghamton m. Richard Lent of Rome, Pa. Feb. 4, 1841


Taft, Mrs. Sophia of Barker m. in Whitney Point Orrin B. Edmister of Lisle Dec. 19, 1877
Tallman, Miss C.L of Coventry, NY m. J.P.Ogdens of Windsor no date (pub:Dec. 7, 1842)
Talmadge, Mary of Warren, Bradford County, Pa. m. B.K.Hawlery of Towanda, Pa. Jan. 15, 1846
Talmadge, Phebe m. in Binghamton John Shaw both of Fenton May 6, 1876
Tamkins, Jane m. Samuel S. Vosbury both of Conklin Oct. 23, 1867
Tamkins, Melissa m.John McGraw both of Binghamton Sept. 20, 1871
Tanner, Mrs. Anna m. in Binghamton James Elliott Jan. 6, 1876
Taylor, Mrs. Amelia of Nicholson, Pa. m. in Hazardville Leonard B. Cole of East Guilford, NY Dec. 25, 1877
Taylor, Emarilla R. d/o Jacob Taylor of Lanesboro, Pa. m. Harmon K. Newell Jan. 1, 1854
Taylor, Francella A. of Rome, Bradford County, Pa. m. Frank Oliver of Catskill, NY Sept. 1, 1875
Taylor, Harriet M. of Westport, Conn m. William S. Lawyer of Binghamton Oct. 10, 1861
Taylor, Hellen A. of Binghamton m. Edwin L. Brown of of Pittsburgh, Pa. Apr.20, 1865
Taylor, Louisa m. Abraham Post both of Union Jan. 12, 1843
Taylor, Mary C. of Englewood, NJ m. John R. Tracy of Brooklyn, NY May 25, 1870
Taylor, Phebe m. Stephen Stoddard both of Union May 6, 1830
Taylor, Polly of Union m. Reuben S. Close of Binghamton Feb. 4, 1816
Taylor, Samantha m. in Castle Creek Henry E. Eaton both of Chenango Oct. 4, 1871
Temple, Emily d/o Capt. James Temple m. Sampson Merchant both of Binghamton Sept. 16, 1832
Tenney, Debbie A. m. Edwin F. Lockwood both of Binghamton Apr. 21, 1874
Tenney, Almone of Conklin m. Dubois B. Rumsey of Chester, Orange County, NY Oct. 16, 1867
Terboss, Lavina of Great Bend, Pa. m. Charles A. Hathaway of Tioga, Pa. Sept. 23, 1863
Terrell, Miriam M. of Sanford m. Charles N. Parsons of Binghamton Nov. 17, 1852
Terwilliger, Cornelia of Chenango Forks m. Benjamin Shove of New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY Apr. 27, 1854
Terwilliger, Marie of Greene, NY m. Hamilton Allerton of Barker Apr. 10, 1854
Terwilliger, Mary of Barker m. in Binghamton Simon Johnson Oct. 12, 1851
Terwilliger, Rachel of Binghamton m. Rev. Lewis Alexander Oct. 18, 1876
Tewksbury, Cora of Windsor m. Lewis H. Townsend of Susq. Depot, Pa. Jan. 15, 1873
Tewksbury, Rosa D. m. Herbert J. Brown both of Kirkwood Dec. 28, 1872
Thiner, Mrs. Lydia of Susq. Depot, Pa. m.Francis W. Jackson of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1860
Thomas, Julia O. m. in Chenango Larry Booth Feb. 27, 1866
Thomas, Lizzie Jane m. Alonzo E. Harding Feb. 20, 1867
Thomas, Maria L. d/o William Thomas m. in Binghamton Charles H. Chapman Nov. 27, 1836
Thomas, Mary E. m. Norman S. Rogers both of Chenango Forks Aug. 31, 1852
Thomas, Mary V. of Chenango m. Philander Cutler of Binghamton Nov. 8, 1866
Thomas , Sarah M. of Chenango m. George W. Dunn of Wash., DC Nov. 15, 1870
Tompkins, Emma of Jermyn, Pa. m. in Binghamton Ira Goodrich of Scranton, Pa. Sept.16, 1880
Thompson, Addie M. d/o J.S.Thompson of Camptown, Pa. m. J.M.Reed of Binghamton May 14, 1865
Thompson, Caroline O.of Windsor m. Peter S. Jones of Conklin Apr. 21, 1845
Thompson, Fannie Jane of Union m. in Binghamton James H./ Potter of Owego, NY Aug. 12, 1860
Thompson, Lillie of Binghamton m. P.B.Stevens of Lisbon, New Hampshire Jan. 27, 1870
Thompson, Mary Angeline d/o J.G.Thompson of Brookville m. John N. Garrison of Binghamton July 7, 1859
Thompson, Mary J. of Virginia m. Alfred P. Rider of Kirkwood Oct..19, 1875
Thompson, Mary S. m. in Windsor David Scott Dec. 5, 1844
Thompson, O. Celannie d/o C.W.Carder m. W.H.Pratt both of Binghamton Apr. 6, 1871
Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth of Brackneyville, Pa. m. Morgan Drake of Hawleyton Mar. 22, 1877
Thompson, Sarah m. in Windsor Lewis Colwell both of Conklin June 22, 1851
Thompson, Sarah C. m. Neil Patterson both of Conklin Mar. 24, 1875
Thompson, Sarah Jane m. Reynolds Barnum both of Binghamton Aug. 19, 1862
Thorne Alice E. m.Henry Rowe both of Colesville Mar. 28, 1877
Thornton, Ella of Smithville Flats, NY m. in Lanesboro, Pa. William Wells of Upper Lisle Aug. 3, 1871
Throop, Abiss Amelia m. Orson Putnam both of Colesville Sept. 6, 1866
Thurston, Cornelia d/o the late Luther Thurston m. in Conklin Gilbert Piersall Dec. 18, 1833
Ticknor, Hattie of Whitney Point m. Thomas Meachum of Willet, NY no date (pub:Jan. 23, 1861)
Tibbitts, Addie J. m. James Terwilliger both of Binghamton Oct. 13, 1875
Tiffany, Arminda m. Sanford Spearbeck both of Windsor Sept. 29, 1868
Tiffany, Ella L. d/o William Tiffany of Harford, Pa. m. Judson M. Spaulding June 6, 1868
Tiffany, Sarah J. m. William W. Mattice both of Windsor Apr. 18, 1869
Tillson, Aville M.m. in Whitney Point Chauncey L.R.Graham May 17, 1870
Tillson, Emily A. of Triangle m. in Whitney Point Theodore Winton of Wankeshu, Wisc. Nov. 19, 1855
Thurber, Sarah J. d/o U. Whittenhall of Greene, NY m. John G. Brown of Utica, NY May 26, 1857
Tilberry, Frances E. m Richard Tilberry both of Union June 27, 1854
Tilbury, Alice C. of Vestal m. James Q. Davies of Binghamton Sept. 7, 1861
Tilbury, Catherine A. Samuel F. Newcomb both of Vestal Mar. 9, 1862
Tinkham, Lydia m. in Canandaigua, NY Leander S. Ford both of Batavia, NY Sept. 22, 1852
Tompkins, Ellen F. m. Albert Reynolds both of Nanticoke Sept. 25, 1877
Tompkins, Marie L. m. John Rankin of New York City Feb. 3, 1864
Tompkins, Sarah E. d/o Gilbert m. William Barrett of Binghamton Oct. 14, 1851
Tompkins, Sarah d/o the late Isaac Tompkins m. Jaconb Morris both of Binghamton Serpt. 7, 1842
Tompkins, Sarah d/o James Tompkins of Kirkwood m. Uri D. Pratt of Binghamton Sept. 17, 1860
Torey, Abigail P. m. Edgar C. Kattel both of Binghamton Apr. 24, 1845
Totten, Desa Ann m. James De LaFayette Harvey both of Binghamton Feb. 20, 1845
Towner,Emma of Elmira and neice of Ausburn Birdsall of Binghamton m. Freeman Cornish, lawyer at Lyona, Iowa Feb. 3, 1858
Tozer, Sarah A. d/o J.F. Tozer, Esq. m. Joseph Blain both of Binghamton Nov. 3, 1870
Tracy, Allie F. m. in Binghamton William H. Moore Apr. 7, 1870
Tracy, Betsey of Butternuts, Otsego County, NY m. Stephen Lee of Binghamton Aug. 13, 1815
Tracy, Elizabeth of Lisle m. in Binghamton Samuel Wagner of Union Aug. 26, 1830
Tracy, Mary D. d/o Otis J. Tracy m. William W. Packer both of Oxford, NY Sept. 16, 1849
Tracy, Susan H. d/o Uri Tracy of Oxford, NY m. John H. Morris of Norwich, NY Sept. 16, 1849
Trapp, Sarah C, of Dryden, NY m. in Binghamton George W. Nye of Virgil, NY Feb. 22, 1868
Traver, Mary A. of Afton, NY m. in Harpersville Josiah Stevens of Colesville Derc. 23, 1874
Traverse, Jane m. in Binghamton B.T.Kingsbury both of Hancock, NY May 18, 1854
Travis, Catherine D. of Tompkins, NY m. in Binghamton Orrin L. Burleigh of Scott, Wayne Co, Pa. July 3, 1857
Treadwell, Ella m. Lorie D. Wood both of Binghamton Oct. 1, 1874
Treadwell, Mary L. of Chenango m. Frank P. Shaffer of Maine Dec. 12, 1877
Treadwell, Vernie E. m. Harlan P. Flint both of Binghamton Feb. 18, 1879
Tripp, Althea Emily m. Leonard Johnson both of Maine Apr. 10, 1850
Troop, Emaline m. in Colesville Nelson B. Manville Apr. 8, 1852
Trowbridge, Mrs. Laura of Conklin m. Oliver Trowbridge of Great Bend, Pa. Mar. 22, 1848
Trowbridge, Orpha m. in Great Bend, Pa. Marvin Warner both of Binghamton no date (pub:Feb. 6, 1816)
Trowbridge, Roxy Ann m. in Conklin Harry Langley both of Great Bend, Pa. Feb. 20, 1834
Truesdale, Catherine A. m. in Union Nelson Higbee both of Owego Sept. 26, 1849
Truesdale, Catherine M. of Owego m. John Fosburyn of Vestal Dec. 19, 1863
Truesdell, Almira of Vestal m. James Tupper of Rush, Pa. Sept. 4, 1844
Tucker, Cynthia m. Simeon Huntley both of Binghamton Sept. 1, 1850
Tucker, E.Jennie d/o G.F.Tucker of Binghamton m. in North Brookfield, Mass. Thomas E. Hall Oct. 6, 1868
Tucker, Emma m. Madison W. Fletcher both of Binghamton Aug. 22, 1874
Tucker, Hattie E. m. James M. Ingalls both of Maine Nov. 17, 1880
Tulley, Frances A. d/o Daniel Tulley m. Henry P. Crary both of Binghamton Sept. 25, 1850
Tulley, Sophia C. of Binghamton m. Abel L. Webster of Montrose, Pa. Sept. 12, 1849
Tupper, Caroline of Rush, Pa. m. Dimock Truesdell of Vestal Sept. 4, 1844
Tupper, Catherine A. m. in Binghamton Samuel W. Rogers Jan. 27, 1841
Tupper, Maria d/o David Tupper m. Abiel C. Canole Apr. 20, 1834
Turner, Caroline d/o Capt. A.Turner of Silver Lake, Pa. m. W.B.Thomas of the Wyoming Conference Oct. 25, 1853
Turner, Myrauda (as spelled) of Preston, NY m. Dr. John Hall, Jr. of Lisle Jan. 23, 1831
Turner, Mrs. Lydia H. m. Albert Hanes both of Binghamton Aug. 31, 1872
Turner, Sarah of Otego, NY m. W.Barnes in Sidney, NY June 13, 1850
Turpin, Elizabeth m. John R. Moore both of Windsor July 22, 1841
Tuthill, Eliza I. of Grand Rapids, Wisc. m. Jesse Cole of Chenango July 2, 1861
Tuthill, Mary of Danby, NY m. Abram Lane of of Caroline, NY Mar. 22, 1854
Tutthill, M.S. of Albany, NY m. Charles W. Wentz of Havana, NY Nov. 5, 1847
Tuttle, Aletta C. formerly of Sherburn, NY m. Byron Marks of Binghamton Aug. 16, 1877
Tuttle, Jennie of Franklin, NY m. M.A.Robinson of Fenton Oct. 2, 1875
Tuttle, Ribie L. m. Alonzo Whitney both of Susq., Pa. Feb. 9, 1858
Tweedy, Mary F. d/o John H. Tweedy of Binghamton Frank Martin of Buffalo, NY Oct. 5, 1864
Twining, Rebecca M. of East Smithfield, Pa. m. in Binghamton Alonzo P.Jones of Towonda, Pa. July 31, 1875
Twitchler, Olinda S. m. in Windsor John W. Hoadley Nov. 26, 1861
Tyler, Alice E. of Fenton m. Thaddeus A. Taylor of Smithville, NY Nov. 29, 1876
Tyler, Elizabeth of Lisle m. Albert Baldwin June 2, 1861
Tyler, Emma Jane d/o C.Tyler m. Samuel J. Purdy both of Binghamton Sept. 1, 1852
Tyler, Eunice of Coventry, NY m. J. Burton Fisher of Oshkosh, Wisc., formerly of Binghamton Sept. 16, 1873
Tyler, Fanny E. of Union m. Eugene M. Andrews Nov. 19, 1873
Tyler, Laura A. of Chenango m. in Castle Creek Charles H. Davis of Lisle Mar. 4, 1861
Tyler, Mary E. of Buffalo, NY m. William W. Palmer of Chenango Dec. 19, 1859
Tyler, Miss m. in Dimock, Pa. O.G.Hempstead Sept. 30, 1845
Tyler, Nellie d/o the late Samuel Tyler of Williamstown m. Chauncey J. Durffee of Binghamton June 2, 1874
Tyler, Sarah Owego A.E.Crocker both of Union Jan. 24, 1865
Tyner, Elizabeth m. Charles Campbell Oct. 26, 1849
Tyrrell, Mrs. Elzia S. m. in Colesville Frederick W, Martin July 2, 1851
Tyrrell, Harriet E. d/o Harmon Tyrrell of Colesville m. A.S.Vosbury Oct. 29, 1846


Uldrich, Martha M. m. in Binghamton Joseph C. Ormsbee both of Susquehanna, Pa. Apr. 22, 1859
Ulshoffer, Hellen V. of Binghamton m. I.N.Howell of the "Dickinson Guards" Nov. 24, 1861
Underhill, Angeline d/o Charles Underhill m. in Fair Port, Chemung County, NY E.S.Hart, merchant of Binghamton, Dec. 5, 1837
Underhill, Mary A. of Chenango Forks m. Sidney A. Delmarter of Greene, NY Nov. 29, 1866 (newspaper says Underill)
Undewood, Betsey of Sanford m. John E. Barriger of Windsor Aug. 25, 1850


Vail, A.J. of Great Bend, Pa. m. Clark C. Lambert of Binghamton Sept. 6, 1864
Vail, Mrs. Abby of Columbus, Pa. m. C.N.Fancher of Binghamton Oct. 10, 1865
Vail, Rose D. m. Evan O. Casterton both of Kirkwood Feb. 18, 1873
Van Amsburg, Mary S. of Port Crane m. E. Springer of of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1863
Van Benschoten, Mary d/o T.H.Van Benschoten of Union Norwich, NY Elisha S. French of Binghamton Sept. 3, 1850
Van Benschoten, Phebe d/o T.H.Van Benschoten of Union m. in Norwich, NY James Thurston of Owego, NY Sept. 3, 1850
Van Benschoten, Sarah A. of Owego m. E.R.Jones of Binghamton June 30, 1859
Van Case, Carrie m. in Binghamton James Brown Nov. 3, 1875
Van Curen, Sarah of Kattelville m. in Binghamton Fred A. Cowles of Canandaiga, NY Oct, 16, 1876
Van DeBogart, Ann m. Samuel T. Canole both of Binghamton Dec. 6, 1849
Vanderhill, Lizzie of Binghamton m. Albert J. Davidson of Chicago, Ill. Mar. 29, 1867
Van Kuren, Jennie N. m. in Chemung, NY M.C.Wright Oct. 20, 1874
Van Loan, Libbie L. m. George Ferous both of Brookdale, Pa. Dec. 24, 1871
Van Name, Mrs. Almira m. in Binghamton Jesse Orcutt Feb. 18, 1844
Van Name, Anne m. Arthur Gray both of Binghamton Dec. 24, 1815
Van Name, Catherine of Binghamton m. Frederick Hotchkiss of Windsor May 29, 1839
Van Name, Eliza m. D.S.Roe both of Binghamton Sept. 5, 1865
Van Name, Mary m. Joseph M. Page both of Binghamton Nov. 12, 1861
Van Name, Mrs. Polly of Binghamton m. in Union George Harper of Windsor Jan. 7, 1832
Vanauken, Ella of Rush, Pa. m. Edgar L. Greene of Forest Lake, Pa. Aug. 25, 1871
Van Tuyl, Lottie A. of Maine, NY m. Noah H. Baker Nov. 14, 1877
Van Valkenburg, Mary Frances m. George Edward Palmer both of Binghamton Sept. 16, 1867
Van Wagoner, Eliza C. d/o William Van Wagoner m. F.S.Neally of Bath, NY June 30, 1859
Van Wagoner, Phebe m. T.D.Gurnsey both of Binghamton Dec. 13, 1853
Van Wagner, Eliza C. m. Albert M. Shear both of Kirkwood Jan. 1, 1877
Van Woert, Rhody F. m. in Oneonta, NY John W. Holiday both of Binghamton Aug. 18, 1872
Van Wormer, Margaret C. of Conklin m. Charles B. Reed of Bethany, Pa. ay 20, 1856
Van Wormer, Miss V. m. in Conklin C.Lawrence Dec. 10, 1874
Verdon, Almira A. of Fort Plain, NY m. E.J.Halstead of Binghamton Sept. 19, 1852
Vosburgh, Mary of Windsor m. Charles Frear of Binghamton Mar. 2,1869
Vosbury, Amelia of Windsor m. Harvey Way of Binghamton May 15, 1844
Vosbury, Ella J. m. Alonzo J. Riley June 21, 1870
Vosbury, Ida d/o Prof. D.C.Vosbury m. G.W.Freeman both of Binghamton Apr. 4, 1861
Vosbury, Josephine m. John Tamkins both of Conklin Sept. 25, 1864
Vosbury, Millie of Nineveh m.Hugh C. McMasters of Afton, NY Aug. 17, 1870
Vose, Julia A. of Meheopany m. Jacob Frutckey of Bradford County, Pa. Aug. 22, 1855
Vossler, Anna of Rochester, NY m. in Binghamton Herny J. Heiss Sept. 16, 1879


Wakeman, Lucy d/o Stephen Wakeman m. Hiram D. Peabody both of Vestal Oct. 31, 1877
Waldon, Emma of Warrenham, Pa. m. Mahlon Barker of Madison, Wisc. Apr. 7, 1856
Wales, Mary of McDonough, NY m. E.C.Merrill of North Norwich, NY Oct. 5, 1862
Walker, Clarissa of Chenango Forks m. Charles Hopkins of Binghamton Sept. 19, 1850
Walker, Laura W. d/o the late Harvey Walker of Mashpang, Conn. m. J.D.Sessions of Binghamton Jan. 1, 1863
Walker, Lizzie M. of Owego m. Albert J. Scofield of Allegany, NY Apr. 30, 1856
Walker, Nellie V. m. William A. McCleelan both of Binghamton Feb. 1, 1876
Wallen, Emma C. of Binghamton m. Lt. E.R. Robinson , USMC, Sept. 16, 1868
Wallen, Josie m. N.M. Wallen both of Binghamton Mar. 13, 1873
Wallen, Mary E. of Binghamton m. Thea. T. Amory of Mich. Dec. 24, 1868
Wallen, Sara M. of Binghamton m. William A. Bay of Albany, NY July 16, 1869
Walter, Rosanna of Nanticoke m. John L. Smith of Sept. 10, 1857
Ward, Isabella m. George E. Sprague both of Kirkwood Apr. 10, 1869
Ward, Lorinda m. Luther Mow both of Kirkwood Apr. 10, 1869
Ward, Maria of Silver Lake, Pa. m. M.J.Sullivan of Liberty, Pa. May 6, 1850
Ward, Sally Ann d/o William Ward m. in New Milford, Pa. Capt. Harry Leach June 8, 1831
Ward, Sarah C. d/o Austin Ward of Holland Patent, NY m. William L. Ford of Deposit June 23, 1859
Wardell, Rebecca m. Almon Crocker both of Binghamton Sept. 16, 1841
Wardell, Sophia of East Union m. Frank N. Warner of Wavaerly, NY Oct. 22, 1873
Warful, Mary Luther H. Kane both of Binghamton Feb. 24, 1834
Warner, Ella J. m. Oscar Nimmons both of Chenango Sept. 18, 1870
Warner, Mary of Conklin m. in Kirkwood Walter Service of Maine Oct. 2, 1859
Warner, Mary E. m. William E. Bogart both of Binghamton July 10, 1875
Warner, Susie d/o E.W. Warner, Esq. of Owego m. Rev. Charles P. Coit of Binghamton Jan. 21, 1874
Warrick, Etta E. of Union Center m. in Maine Adelbert Clark of Vestal Center Dec. 15, 1872
Washburne, Hester m. in Lanesboro, Pa. Willard Estabrooks both of Jackson, Pa. Aug. 12, 1871
Washbon, Anne C. d/o J.G.Washbon of Morris, NY m. Charles E. Lee of Binghamton May 17, 1871
Wasson, Frances J. m. in Colesville Jonathan F. Dunning Feb. 13, 1851
Waterman, Mary E. of Binghamton m. Chester Lusk of Union Oct. 15, 1815
Waterman, Permelia of Binghamton m. George H. Smith of Tioga County, NY May 16, 1853
Waterman, Rhoda Elizabeth d/o Thomas Waterman m. in Binghamton James W.White Sept. 29, 1834
Waterhouse, Caroline Josephine m. Gordon L. Frost of Great Bend, Pa. Mar. 13, 1858
Waterhouse, Elizabeth L. of Binghamton m. Francis N. Bowker of Maine Feb. 14, 1869
Waterhouse, Mrs. Esther of Conklin m. Rev. C.R.Dingman of Liberty, Pa. Oct. 28, 1871
Waterhouse, Margaret S. m. Peter Simmons both of Binghamton Feb. 6, 1853
Waterhouse, Sarah R. m. Charles R. Vliet (as spelled) both of Binghamton Jan. 3, 1853
Watkins, Angeline of Oneonta, NY m. Charles G. Williams of Harford, Pa. Sept. 13, 1855
Watkins, Josephine L. m. in Binghamton Isaac Runyon both of Montrose, Pa. May 12, 1860
Watrow, Susan E. of Colesville m. Timothy G. Negus of Binghamton May 21, 1842 ( penciled in is Watrous)
Watrous, Ada C. m. Henry W. Lynch both of Windsor Sept. 26, 1868
Watrous, Amanda A. m. in Colesville Franklin Foot Mar. 1, 1843
Watrous, Amanda M. in Colesville Franklin Doolittle Mar. 1, 1843
Watrous, Emma C. d/o John C. Watrous of Windsor m. Frank S. Smith of Oil City, Pa. Sept. 26, 1861
Watrous, Frances M. of Windsor m. John R. Comfort of Harmony, Pa. Sept. 25, 1866
Watrous, Hattie of Kirkwood m. Stephen D. Olmstead of Wilton, Conn. Mar. 7, 1869
Watrous, Louisa m. Miles G. Smith both of Conklin July 15, 1858
Watrous, M.J. of Colesville m. in Page Brook George Roberts Mar. 22, 1860
Watrous, Margaret E. d/o James Watrous of Conklin m. Nelson Coleville (Scoville?) of McDonough, NY May 25, 1853
Watrous, Nellie M. m. in Conklin Burtis J. Bayless Dec. 28, 1871
Watrous, Nettie m. Myron S. Garrett both of Windsor Mar. 3, 1875
Watson, Louisa m. William Stevens Oct. 24, 1841
Watson, Mrs. Mary J. of Binghamton m. Hiram Noble of Port Crane Nov. 28, 1874
Watson, Rebecca m. L.A.Galpin both of Binghamton Oct. 19, 1876
Wattles, Cynthia of Binghamton m. M.H.Marsh of Elmira, NY Apr. 14, 1858
Wattles, Kate M. of Sidney Center, NY m. Eugene H. Hanford of Deposit, NY Aug. 5, 1880
Way, Eliza m. Andrew J. Crandall Mar.11, 1851
Way, Frances d/o Albert Way m. O.N.Swift both of Binghamton Sept. 16, 1861
Way, Mrs. Sarah m. Jacob Myers both of Binghamton Aug. 31, 1876
Wayman, Amanda m. Henry L. Tuttle both of Fenton Aug. 15, 1874
Wheaton, Mary C. d/o John Wheaton of Killawog m. Albert E. Colwell of Junction, Hanover Co, Va. Dec. 24, 1873
Webb, Elizabeth m. S.D.Newman July 13, 1843
Weatherbie, Mrs. Sarah of Deposit, NY m. Francis M. Van Orsdale of Jefferson, Mich. Sept. 21, 1877
Weaver, Eliza R. of Chenango m. Sheridan Layton of Maine Sept. 24, 1852
Webb, Huldah m. James Layton both of Union May 6, 1843
Webb, Maria m. John Ford both of Lanesboro, Pa. Mar. 17, 1848
Webb, Mary Ann m. John M. Kelly both of Binghamton Aug. 20, 1852
Webster, Minnie m. in Binghamton Charles Salmon Case Oct. 6, 1875
Webster, Parmela of Franklin, Pa. m. Charles R. Andrews of Conn. Jan. 3, 1853
Webster, Miss S.J. of Silver Lake, Pa. m. D.W.Orcutt of Solon, NY Sept. 26, 1862
Wedge, Harriet N. m. in Colesville Ansel M. Thurber May 6, 1846
Weed, Donna Marie d/o Sameul Weed m. H.Clay Preston both of Binghamton Nov. 6, 1855
Weed, Eva W. m. Byron C. Barnum both of Colesville Mar. 9, 1876
Weed, Hannah M. of West Windsor m. Theodore Sherwood of Conklin Aug. 29, 1852
Weed, Harriet T. d/o Stephen Weed m. William Boyd both of Binghamton May 23, 1841
Weed, Julia Ann d/o Stephen Weed m. Charles W. Sanford both of Binghamton May 14, 1833
Weeks, Cornelia of Windsor m. Francis C. Heath of Dixon, Lee County, Ill. Oct. 4, 1852
Weeks, Elizabeth m. George E. Rittenhouse both of Windsor Nov. 2, 1874
Welch, Sarah m. in Binghamton Salmon Lewis both of Chenango Forks no date (pub:Nov. 23, 1853)
Wells, Ella Stephen S. Newton both of Binghamton June 7, 1870
Wells, Gertrude m. Nelson Bowker both of Binghamton Nov. 5, 1843
Wells, Hattie F. m. J.Hamilton Blades both of Binghamton July 2, 1871
Wells, Margaret of Binghamton m. Abraham Q. Miller of New York Jan. 17, 1853
Wentz, Adelaide Augusta d/o William W. Wentz of Binghamton m. George Allen Price Feb. 15, 1865
Wentz, Delilah d/o William Wentz of Binghamton m. S.T.Holmes of Morrisville, Madison County, NY Feb. 28, 1838
Wentz, Elvira m. James Stone both of Binghamton Aug. 28, 1837
Wentz, Miss Frankie G. of Binghamton m. Nathaniel M. Winfield of Aurelius, Mich. July 23, 1872
Wentz, Julia m. Jared C.M.Purple both of Binghamton Feb. 28, 1853
Wentz, Margaret E. of Binghamton m. in Vallonia Springs Fredric L.Hiller of England July 24, 1850
Wentz, Mary A. of Corbetsville m. Cornelius I. Gardner of Binghamton Dec. 25, 1871
Wentz, Mary Rose d/o William Wentz of Binghamton m. in Earlville, NY Edwin Starr Dec. 29, 1847
Wentz, Myra I. of Binghamton m. William H.Price of Brooklyn Sept. 16, 1873
Wentz, S.A. of Binghamton m. George Congdon of New York Feb. 5, 1844
Wentz, Samantha J. m. in Binghamton Daniel B. Smith Dec. 9,. 1851
West, Anna S. m. David McComb both of Binghamton Sept. 24, 1873
West, Emma m. Merton Holcomb both of Osborn Hollow June 25, 1872
West< Harriet A. of Little Meadows, Pa. m. James H. Armstrong Mar. 14, 1854
West, Laura A. m. Jerry C. Broat both of West Windsor Dec. 24, 1876
West, Maggie J. of Binghamton m. Julius Walter of Brooklyn, NY May 6, 1880West, Mary Ann of New York m. George J. Simson (as spelled) of Ovid, NY Sept. 20, 1871
West, Polly of Binghamton m. William R. Parker of Union Mar. 6, 1831
Weston, Ann of Brooklyn, Pa. m. J. Harrison Bagley of Conklin Sept. 26, 1847
Whaley, Lavina of Fairfield, Conn. m. Benjamin Jones of Binghamton Jan. 2, 1843
Wheat, Elizabeth of Binghamton Hawleyton Mark S. Quick of New Milford, Pa. Mar. 19, 1857
Wheaton, Mary A. d/o the late Eber Wheaton m. in New York City Robert H. Pratt formerly of Binghamton May 7, 1859
Wheeler, Celia of Elmira, NY m. D.W.Saxton of St. Catherine's, C.W. Nov. 19, 1856
Wheeler, Fanny M. of Corbetsvile m. George L.Osborn Apr. 23, 1870
Wheeler, Miss Frank m. in Great Bend, Pa. Abner Comstock both of Windsor Dec. 30, 1858
Wheeler Lilla S. of Maine m. A.E.Guiles of Brookdale, Pa. Dec. 31, 1876
Wheeler, Lucinda m. William Minor both of Union Sept.30, 1845
Wheeler, Mary A. of Lisle m. James Hakes of Rochester, NY Apr. 20, 1869
Whipple, Elvira S. of Greene, NY m. H.D.Reed of Smithville Flats, NY Dec. 31, 1865
Whipple, Sarah of Conklin m. James Lester of Duanesburg Jan. 6, 1842
Whitaker, Miss B. m. in Binghamton A. Kingsbury both of Hancock, NY May 18, 1854
Whitcomb, Elmira E. d/o John Whitcomb of Hancock, NY m. Alvin McCune of Scranton, Pa. Mar. 10, 1856
Whitcomb, Mrs. Victor of Candish, Vermont m. C.H.Norton of of Columbus, Ohio June 25, 1874
White, Amanda m. at the Susquehanna Seminary Erastus Wright both of Barker Jan. 4, 1859
White, Emma of Barker m. James Lee of Chenango June 4, 1867
White, Jennie C. d/o James W. White, Justice of Supreme Court of NY m. in New York City Don Bernardino De Bal of Santiago, Granada May 14, 1862
White, Josephine Richard Lester both of Binghamton Mar. 20, 1867
White, Mary R. of Conklin m. Park Chamberlin of Binghamton Mar. 20, 1844
White, Rachel m. in Apalachin, NY Edwin T. Moore both of Nichols Jan. 30, 1869
Whitendale, Mary m. Frederick G. Inderlied both of Brackney, Pa. May 17, 1876
Whiting, Angelica L. m. George G. Van Winkle both of Kirkwood Dec. 24, 1873
Whiting, Catherine d/o Mason Whiting m. Uriah M.Storers, merchant, July 7, 1835
Whiting, Eliza N. d/o Mason Whiting formerly of Binghamton m. John L. Boorum (as spelled) both of Brooklyn Apr. 4, 1860
Whiting, Frances d/o Mason Whitning m. Henry Mather both of Binghamton Sept. 12, 1831
Whitman, Hannah of Osborn Hollow m. Emerson Osborn of West Colesville Dec. 24, 1863
Whitman, Sarah of Sullivan, Pa. m. in Lisle Jesse T. Howe of Corning, NY Jan. 1, 1858
Whitman, Sarah of Norwich, NY m. in Binghamton Vincent Sly of Southport, NY Oct. 30, 1860
Whitmore, Jennie M.m. Schuyler Holland both of Binghamton Feb. 24, 1861
Whitmore, Laura m. G.F.Swigert both of Binghamton no date (pub:Jan. 7, 1874)
Whitmore, Mary C. m. Amos L. Carb both of Binghamton Sept. 26, 1871
Whitney, Alice B. m. William V. Pierce both of Binghamton Sept. 29, 1873
Whitney, Ellen of Sanford m. A.J.Butts of Deposit July 29, 1850
Whitney, Fannie C. m. in New York City James T. Smith both of Binghamton Nov. 27, 1867
Whitney , Julia d/o Hon. Vincent of Binghamton m. Lewis L. Eaton of Buffalo, NY Feb. 12, 1851
Whitney, Lucy d/o Hon. Vincent Whitney of Binghamton m. Henry C. Bryant of Buffalo, NY Feb. 12, 1851
Whitney, Mary Adeline d/o of Virgil Whitney m. Rodney A. Ford both of Binghamton Apr. 10, 1844
Whitney, Mary d/o Prof. Charles Whitney m. in the Adirondacks, NY H.W.Lawrence July 26, 1874
Whitney, Mary m. in Whitney Point Orange A. Seymour Oct. 25, 1843
Whitney, Mrs. Myra Clark d/o the late Daniel Clark m. in New Orleans Maj. Gen.E.P.Gaines Apr. 17, 1839
Whitney, Pamela W. m. Charles D. Rogers both of Binghamton Feb. 14, 1865
Whitney, Pamela d/o Joshua Whitney m. Thomas G. Waterman both of Bianghamton Aug. 22, 1813
Whitney, Pamela d/o Franklin Whitney m. in Syracuse, NY Virgil Whitney, Jr. both of Binghamton June 8, 1857
Whitney, Rhoda d/o Mrs. Glen Gaines m. Dr. R.S.Strothers of Kentucky May 4, 1856
Whitney, Sophia d/o George Whitney of Chenango m. Dr. Thomas Webb of Binghamton Jan. 8, 1857
Whitney, Zara d/o Joshua Whitney m. in Richfield Springs, NY Oct. 17, 1855 (no grooms name)
Whittlemore, Anna M. m. George J. Castle , Jr. both of Binghamton Sept. 23, 1880
Whittlemore, Emma of East Maine m. Egbert Pitkin of Union Mar. 25, 1880
Whittlemore, Laurie A. d/o Orrin Whittlemore m. William Cafferty , the 2nd, Oct. 3, 1872
Wickham, Amanda of Binghamton m. Enoch Hutton of Baltimore, Md. Aug.10, 1852
Wier, Electa L. of Binghamton m. O.C. Hubbard of Albany, NY Feb. 7, 1872
Wilbur, Alice of Conklin m. Charles Stone of Binghamton Aug. 18, 1875
Wilbur, Amanda m. Ralph McCloud both of Binghamton May 16. 1864
Wilbur, Anna of Liberty, Pa. m. John Lounsbury of Binghamton Sept. 21, 1877
Wilbur, Catherine d/o Hiram Wilbur m. John Landon both of Vestal Jan. 1, 1853
Wilbur, Emily J. m. Charles H. Meade both of Binghamton Feb. 21, 1867
Wilbur, Georgie A. of Liberty, Pa. m. Charles Meaker of Silver Lake, Pa. Nov. 17, 1864
Wilbur, Joanna E. of Silver Lake, Pa. m. J.A.Knapp of Liberty, Pa. Nov. 17, 1864
Wilbur, Sarah J. of Hawleyton m. Oliver H. Millham of Binghamton Aug. 8, 1866
Wilcox, Elizabeth H.of Elmira m. Joel Fuller of Binghamton Sept. 20, 1853
Wilcox, Emogene of Milford m. Walter R. Place of Maine Aug. 12, 1874
Wilcox, Jennie L. of Binghamton m. Peter H. Johnston of Oneonta, NY June 27, 1871
Wilcox, Julia of Port Crane m. E.W.Doolittle of Binghamton no date (pub:Oct. 23, 1872)
Wilcox, Lucy Etta of Colesville m. Charles Pease of Speedville, NY Nov. 19, 1850
Wilcox, Rebecca of Colesville m. Charles A. Clark of Windsor July 22, 1841
Wilcox, Rosetta E. of Center Lisle m. A. Lyman Carter of Pitcher, NY Dec. 25, 1870
Wilcox, Sarah A. m. James Woodward both of Windsor Jan. 1, 1873
Wilcox, Sarah m. in Binghamton Jeffers Houghton both of Greene, NY Nov. 17, 1852
Wilder, Jane E. d/o J.Wilder of Wolcott m. Elisha L. Leavenworth of Binghamton Mar. 13, 1843
Wilder, Sarah M. m. in Windsor Simon D. Champlin both of Colesville July 10, 1850
Wildey, Lizzie R. of Kirkwood m. Alfred Allen Dec. 10, 1865
Wildley, Sarah M. m. Aaron Van Wormer both of Conklin Sept. 8, 1853
Wilkinson,, Mrs. Victoria E. of Binghamton and from Castleton, Ireland m. G.Gillette Saxton Jan. 21, 1875
Willard, Annie H. of Greene, NY m. George Connely of of Edenville, Pa. May 25, 1876
Williams, Beulah of Colesville m. William Wentz of Binghamton Nov. 12, 1837
Williams, Catherine Minerva d/o Stephen Williams of Newark, Tioga Co, NY Nov. 20, 1833
Williams, Ella E. m. Darwin W. Watson both of Binghamton Jan. 30, 1873
Williams, Emily A. m. James A. Marble both of West Colesville Oct.. 25, 1877
Williams, Emily M. m. Charles W. Carleton no date (pub:Mar.16, 1870)
Williams, Estella E. m. Arthur Gray both of Binghamton May 12, 1870
Williams, Josephine E. of Binghamton m. in Harmony, Pa. George W. Shay of Colesville Feb. 27, 1872
Williams, Margaret C. d/o A. Williams, Esq. of Binghamton m. S.T. Corby of Carbondale, Pa. Oct. 16, 1877
Williams, Mary E. of Candor, NY m. Dwight I. Bloodgood of Owego June 14, 1859
Williams, Mary m. Marshal Smith both of Kirkwood Oct. 28, 1868
Williams, Mary m. George Washington both of Binghamton May 28, 1875
Williamson, Althea m. Edwin Congdon both of Binghamton Jan. 16, 1845
Williamson, Emilie A. d/o Hiram Williamson formerly of New York City m. John Clark of Binghamton June 13, 1864
Williamson, Emaline m. Peter V. Waldorf both of Binghamton Dec. 20, 1856
Williamson, L. Jane m. in Binghamton Jeremiah Holt both of Page Brook Apr. 6, 1854
Willis, Ann Eliza m. George M. Keeler both of Union Mar. 23, 1850
Willis, Millie C. of Union m. Joseph M. Denison of Binghamton Mar. 25, 1874
Willman, Frances m. in Windsor Frederick Pickering both of Great Bend, Pa. July 12, 1850
Wilson, Emma E. of Middletown, NY d/o J.B.Wilson, Esq. m. in Windsor John L.Ingraham of Vestal Apr. 17, 1867
Wilson Jenett m. in Binghamton Luther Seyerance (as spelled) Dec. 1, 1845
Wilson, Lucy A. m. Albert H. Seely both of Auburn, NY Apr. 29, 1860
Wilson, Margaret of Binghamton m. Harrison Vanscoy of Addison, Steuben County, NY Dec. 27, 1852
Wilmarth, Alice S. m. Charles Brainard both of Binghamton May 14, 1877
Wilmont, Alma L. m. P.O.Butts both of Windsor Oct. 20, 1853
Wilmont, Rhoda d/o Capt. Abijah Wilmont m. Harmon Garnsey both of Windsor Sept. 16, 1841
Wilson, Ada of Binghamton m. William M. Van Cott of New Milford, Pa. Oct. 6, 1870
Wilson, Eliza m. Albert Ransom both of Chenango Nov. 23, 1866
Wilson, Eugenia m. Andrew J. Holland both of Binghamton Nov. 13, 1872
Wilson, Josephine of Maine m. Lewis Pangborn of North Fenton Nov. 29, 1874
Wilson, Julia m. L.M. Blanding both of Binghamton July 23, 1879
Wilson, Mattie M. m. Dr. William S. Beebe both of Ann Arbor, Mich.Mar. 28, 1867
Wilson, Mary E. m. in Nanticoke Eli R. Cornell both of Owego, NY Jan. 4, 1853
Wilson, Miss of Osborn Hollow m. Sylvester Snow Mar. 10, 1874
Winans, Rettie of Corbettsville m. in Montrose, Pa. S.L.Snedaker of Binghamton May 14, 1868
Winchester, Bela of Oxford, NY m. Augustus Carman of Fenton Apr. 2, 1876
Winfield, Miss Frankie G. of Binghamton m. Joseph Seibell of Cincinnati, Ohio Apr. 12, 1880
Winfield, Lida m. William Palmer both of Binghamton June 4, 1843
Winn, Nancy Maria m. Edwin D. Hunt both of Port Crane Mar. 7, 1866
Winston, Lucy of Greene, NY m. Wesley Merrill of Colesville Feb. 29, 1872
Wintaumute, Nancy E. m. David Ferris both of Mehopany, Pa. Oct. 4, 1855
Wintworth, (Wentworth?) Frances m. Samuel Butterfield both of Union Aug. 19, 1830
Wiswell, Mary M. M. Lorenzo Thurston Sept. 30, 1849
Wittenberg, Bertha of Montrose, Pa. m. L. Holsimer of New York City May 23, 1858
Wolcott, Amelia M. of Mott's Corners , Tompkins County, NY m. D.F.Osborn also of Mott's Corners Feb. 10, 1872
Wolcott, Miss m. in Lisle one day last week Chauncey Whiting . (pub:Jan. 2, 1861)
Wood, Emma R. of Berkshire m. Sameul N. Allen of Center Lisle Aug. 3, 1856
Wood, Julia d/o A.R.Wood of Binghamton m. Byron M. Drake of Geneva, NY Apr. 25, 1870
Wood, Julia A. of Binghamton m. George H. Severson of Kirkwood Aug. 19, 1871
Wood, Lydia Ann of Castle Creek m. Nathaniel Carpenter of East Douglas, Mass. June 17, 1852
Wood, Mary Jane m. Oliver P. Harding both of Binghamton Dec. 23, 1855
Wood, Phebe C. m. Martin L. Willcox ( as spelled) both of Kirkwood Feb. 11, 1868
Wood, Rosalinda d/o the late John Wood of Boston, Mass. m. in Binghamton Sidney Mayhew of Montgomery, Ala. Dec. 7, 1837
Woodcock, Julia E. of Union m. George A. Plain of Binghamton Sept. 27, 1876
Woodford, Annie L. of Cobleskill, NY m. in Binghamton Millard Sharp Sharon Feb. 5, 1872
Woolford, Libbie of Cobleskill, NY m. Albert Runyon of Binghamton July 3, 1873
Woolley, Mary Elizabeth m. Horace B. Darbow both of Binghamton Mar. 16, 1868
Woodruff, Laura A. of Windsor m. in Binghamton Manford A. Weed of Kirkwood Dec. 28, 1876
Worden, Georgina m. in Lanesboro, Pa. Theodore Perry both of Jackson, Pa. Mar. 12, 1873
Worden, Hortense M. m. in Binghamton George B. Knight Sept. 14, 1871
Worrick, Rebecca of Allegany Co. m. Morgan J. Adams Aug. 24, 1853
Woodruff, Lucy A. of Binghamton Andrew A. Freeman of Ouquaga, (as spelled) NY Mar. 7, 1872
Wooster, Edith of Windsor m. Asa Crandall of Conklin Oct. 9, 1877
Wooster, Lucinda A. of Windsor m. Warren Doolittle of Colesville Dec. 24, 1850
Woughter, Eliza of Owego, NY m. Peter Harvey of Binghamton May 23, 1847
Wright, Alice E. m. D. Albert Way both of Binghamton no date (pub:Aug. 31, 1864
Wright, Charlotte m. in Binghamton Stephen H. Cooper both of Union May 24, 1851
Wright, Dora m. in Binghamton Birney Reynolds Feb. 1, 1872
Wright, Martha E. d/o Crafts Wright of Cincinnati, Ohio m. Col. Robert H. Morris of Chicago, Ill. Mar. 29, 1853
Wright, Martha Louisa m. William Price both of Binghamton Apr. 17, 1850
Wright, Mary J. of Chenago Forks m. Henry J. Lewis of New Milford, Pa. Oct. 27, 1874
Wright, Mary M. m. Frank Taylor both of Binghamton June 4, 1877
Wright, Mattie of Campville, NY m. James Leonard of Newburgh, NY Dec. 24, 1873
Wright, Sarah Ann of Vestal m. Daniel Houk of Owego Dec. 13, 1860
Writtenburg, Mary m Samuel Wright both of Binghamton Mar. 26, 1844
Wyman, Sarah A. m. Theodore W. Page both of Windsor Feb. 18, 1865
Wynans, Emory A. m. in Corbettsville Henry W. Ives May 22, 1873


Yates, Charlotte of Milwaukee m. William H. Seymour of Binghamton Dec. 31, 1860
Yonts, Charlotte M. of Milwaukee, Wisc. m. Watertown, Wisc. Dr. H.S.West of Binghamton Sept. 19, 1858
Yontz, Julia , teacher in Chemung, NY Owego, NY Lyman Covell, Jr. , agent NY & Erie RR, Jan. 16, 1853
Youmans, Eliza of Windsor m. H.S.Griswold of Binghamton Dec. 15, 1842
Young, Mrs. Catherine of Union m. Hugh Murray of Binghamton Oct. 13, 1853
Young, Hannah of Castle Creek m. Enoch Barnum of Maine, NY July 31, 1862
Young, Laura of Binghamton m. John A. Roberts of Litchfield, Mich. Aug. 20, 1867
Young, Lydia P. m. David H. Kipp both of Binghamton May, 31, 1871


Zane, Ann E. m. in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Hallam Eldridge Dec. 2, 1851