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These are hand written legal documents found in and copied from books titled "Miscellaneous Records" at Broome County Clerks Office, of children "bound out" or adopted out in Broome County. I will be adding more names as I find them.


Francis Arnold
Born Apr. 4, 1895 bound out June 6, 1895 to Frank Burrell.

Edith Brooks
Age one year on May 5, 1889 bound out Feb. 2, 1889 to Dewitt Tiers.

Lillian M. Reed
Age 4 months on Aug. 6, 1888 bound out Aug. 9, 1888 to Andrew Reynolds.

Henrietta Batcher
Age 10 years on the 7th day of Dec. 1891 bound out July 5, 1892 to Alfred Baird.

Silas Baker
Age 2 weeks on Aug. 8, 1892 bound out Aug. 4, 1892 to Ryland Wilcox of Chenango County, NY.

Leona Mae Smith
Age 3 years, a colored child, bound out Aug. 8, 1892 to John Dorcey, colored.

James Cook
Age 11 years May 18th of last year bound out Feb. 10, 1883 to T.B.McHenry of Tioga County.

Lena Kesslar
Age 1 year the 25th of last May bound out Dec. 29, 1887 to Henry Wilson of Honesdale, Pa.

Ruby Cronk
Age one year on the 3rd day of last Oct. bound out Feb. 12, 1888 to William Kinch

Charles Murray
Age 9 years last Oct. 7th. bound out Aug. 7, 1884 to Mary Miller of Delaware County, NY.

Floyd Jillett
Age 1 year on Jan. 6, 1884 bound out May 17, 1884 to James Fessenden of Susquehanna , Pa. signed consent given by mother Anna Jillett.

Addie Snyder
Age 1 year on Apr. 4, 1884 bound out June 4, 1884 to Ezra Truman, signed consent given by mother Esther Synder.

Jane Frances Crandall
Born Aug. 1, 1880 in Lisle, NY, infant daughter of Henry Crandall and his wife Frances, now desceased, in the matter of adoption, bound out Aug. 22, 1885 to Henry Randall, signed consent given by Henry Crandall, father.

Nellie Herbert
Age 2 months on May 1, 1885 bound out May 6, 1885 to Elmira Wansor.

John O'Connell
Age 13 years on June 4, 1885 bound out June 10, 1885 to Phillip O'Conner of Chenango County.

Florence Winchell
Age 7 years on Sept. 26, 1887, male child, bound out Apr. 24, 1888 to DeForest Bliss, consent given by mother Katie Winchell.

Cland E. Jones
Age 1 year on June 2, 1888 bound out Nov. 24, 1888 to Charles Barrett, consent given by mother Belle Jones.

Frank Cramer
Born Aug. 15, 1888 bound out Dec. 24, 1888 to Ernest Orr.

Ellen Carpenter
Age 5 months on Mar. 21, 1890 bound out Apr. 12, 1890 to Leonard Randall of Wayne County, Pa.

Arthur Eggleston
Age 2 months on Feb. 13, 1890 bound out Apr. 12, 1890 to Anna Coit of South Otselic, Chenango County, NY.

Kittie Driscoll
Age 2 years bound out Nov. 21, 1890 to James Dunn.

George Pratt
Age 13 years on Sept. 20, 1890 bound out Nov. 26, 1890 to Elias Snedaker, signed consent given by David W. Pratt.

Elmer Hawkins
Age 9 years on Apr. 6, 1891 bound out May 9, 1891 to Leonard Slack, signed consent given by mother Ellen Hawkins.

Leah Lindsey
Age 9 years on Jan. 5, 1891 bound out Aug. 8, 1891 to Lina Coper, signed consent given by mother Alice Lindsey.

Joseph Kintner
Age 2 years on Aug. 5, 1891 bound out May 28, 1892 to Frank Hazard of Allegany County, NY.

Catherine Frawley
Age 6 years on July 24, 1894 bound out Sept. 7, 1894 to James and Margaret Frawley of Binghamton.

William Frawley
Age 8 years on May 30, 1894 bound out Sept. 7, 1894 to James and Margaret Frawley.

Phebe Louise Woodcock
Age 1 year on July 30, 1893 bound out May 8, 1894 to Charles Kronkite of Sanford.

Mary J. Jackson
Age 4 months on Jan. 6, 1894 bound out to George German.

Ando Scott Bancroft
Matter of Adoption, Apr. 26, 1894, to Clarissa Stow of Colesville, widow of Richard Stow, consent given by Addie Elizabeth Bancroft, widow of Ellsworth Bancroft, deceased.

Robie Howell
Age 9 months , no birth date given, bound out Mar. 3, 1894 to Elmer Brown of Tompkins Co., NY

Sarah Castland
Age 17 months on Feb. 17, 1894 bound out to John H. Becker, consent given by Mrs. Rose Castland.

Joseph Rickard
Age 1 year on Mar. 26, 1894 bound out Dec. 24, 1894 to Albert Leach of Binghamton.

Frank Padgett
Age 13 on Mar. 30, 1893 bound out Feb. 20, 1894 to Frank A. Couse.

Alice Hyson
Age 13 on July 30, 1893 bound out Nov. 15, 1893 to Durward Morton.

Florence Foot
Age 2 years on Apr. 10, 1894 bound out Dec. 8, 1893 to Henry L. Truax.

Anna Hobart
Age 2 years on Jan. 3, 1893 bound out Nov. 11, 1891 to Sarah Crawford.

John White
Age 4 weeks on Oct. 6, 1893 bound out Oct. 23, 1893 to Charles Shores of the town of Binghamton.

Lewis Kennedy
Age 1 month, birth date not given, bound out to Charles Benson of the City of Binghamton.

Lewis Merrill
Age 3 months, no birth date given, bound out July 1, 1893 to Elmer E. Jones

Schuyler Mosher
Age 1 year on Jan. 4, 1894 bound out Apr. 4, 1893 to Amanda Sweet of Tioga Co., NY, consent given by Anna Mosher.

Leon Westgate
Age 6 months on Nov. 10, 1892 bound out Nov. 9, 1892 to Mrs. William Harrison of the city of Binghamton.

Baby Matheson
Age 7 weeks, no birth date given, bound out Nov. 25, 1895 to Fred Wood of Broome Co.

Lena Remmington
Age 8 weeks, no brith date given, bound out Dec. 6, 1895 to Isaac Peck of the State of Penna., consent given by Clara E. Remmington.

Minnie A. Wilson
Age 7 years, brith date not given, bound out Nov.27, 1895 to Michael Walsh of Patterson, New Jersey.

Leatha May Seriber.
Age not given, birth date not given, bound out Aug. 20, 1895 to Lewis H. Burnside.

Harry Cline
Age 2 years on Feb. 16, 1895 bound out July 11, 1895 to C.B. Wadhams.

Owen Coon
Age 6 months on July 6, 1895 bound out July 1, 1895 to William Kantner, consent given by Alice J. Coon.

Eddie Ellis
Age 10 months, no birth date given, bound out Sept. 17, 1895 to B.G. Noyes, consent given by Verna L. Ellis.

Clara Bell
Age 2 months, no birth date given, bound out Feb. 7, 1896 to P.DePue of the State of Penna.

Clyde Gaffney
Age 3 years on Feb. 22, 1896 bound out Nov. 18, 1896 to Emily Stone, consent given by Mrs. Lizzie Gaffney.

Earl Hiser
Age 11 years, no birth date given, bound out Apr. 17, 1896 to Charles Cole.

Lulu Williams
Son of Lulu Williams of Delaware Co., NY, age 2 months, bound out July 9, 1897 to W.W. Way, consent given by Lulu Williams.

Charles Thornton
Age 6 months on July 21, 1897 bound out Aug. 11, 1897 to H.E. Jennings of Tompkins, Co., NY.

Carol Meredith Miller
Born Jan. 16, 1903 bound out Mar. 18, 1903 to Lysander Smith.

Lena Coss
Age 5 years on Apr, 15, 1893 bound out Jan. 20, 1894 to John Crouch of Union.

Ray Brown
Age 2 months on Mar. 12, 1903 bound out Mar. 13, 1903 to Charles Vincent.

Nora Elmira Benson
Adoption of Nora Elmira Benson age 3 months on July 24, 1878, illgitiment child of Alice Benson of the town of Chenango to William Barnes and wife on Aug. 22, 1878, consent given by Alice Benson, mother and Charles New, father.

Joanna M. Clark
Adoption of Joanna M. Clark age 5 months on Oct. 30, 1883, child of Bostwick Clark and Sarah Clark, his wife, now deceased, to Mary Galloway on June 2, 1884.

Harry George Kelly
Adoption of Harry George Kelly age 9 months on Aug. 20, 1875, son of John and Carol Maguson of Susquehanna County, Pa. to John Kelly of the town of Union in Broome County, NY Aug. 23, 1875.

Ella May O' Donnell
Born Feb. 14, 1876, illigitiment child of Samantha O'Donnell of Nicholson, Pa. adopted Apr. 3, 1877 to Watson Van Demark and wife Lucretia, consent given by mother.

Bryan Cook
Age one year and 10 months, child of Franklin Hotchkiss, deceased, and his wife Delia of the town of Chenango, bound out June 23, 1879 to Cyrus Cook of Binghamton.

Watson Henry Bull
Adoption of Watson Henry Bull of Binghamton, NY age 4 years on June 27, 1883, to Charles Henry Runyon Aug. 28, 1883.

Frederick Stevens
Age one year on June 15, 1883 bound out to Charles A. Sturdevant Mar. 22, 1884.

Anna Malady
Age one year on July 28, 1884 bound out Nov. 22, 1883 to Oliver P. Judd of Chemung County, NY, consent given by Rose Malady.

Charles Murray
In the matter of Adoption of Charles Murray age 9 years on Oct. 7, 1883 adopted on Aug. 22, 1884 to Mary Miller of Delaware County, NY.

Frank Judd
Age one year on Feb. 26, 1884 bound out Apr. 6, 1884 to James Fresseden of Susquehanna County, Pa.

Maud Benning
Age 3 years on Apr. 21, 1884 bound out Apr. 3, 1885 to Arvin Lewis of Chenango County, NY.

Jessie Dibble
Age 12 years on July 1, 1884 bound out Dec. 12, 1884 to Mary Springer.

Willy L. Ely
Age 8 years on May 28, 1886 bound out Nov. 15, 1886 to Edwin Fairbrother.

John Munson
Age 6 years on June 17, 1886 bound out Feb. 3, 1886 to Henry H, Smith.

Martha Clark
Age 9 months on Apr. 6, 1887 bound out Apr. 30, 1887 to Morgan O'Brien.

Henry Haynes
Age 5 weeks on Oct. 11, 1890 adopted Oct. 11, 1890 to Harrison Bennett and his wife Eunice of Cortland County, NY, consent given by mother May Haynes.

Walter Smith
Age 1 year on May 25, 1890 bound out Oct. 31, 1890 to Henry W. Smith.

Bessie Holmes
Of the Susquehanna Valley Orphan's Home, Binghamton, NY, age 11 years on Dec. 19, 1909 adopted May 18, 1890 to William H. and Elva Van Curren of the town of Paris, Oneida County, NY.

Margaret Mason
Age 4 years on May 10, 1911 bound out Oct. 11, 1911 to J.Lodell and Marion P. Mason.

Alma Huff
Age 15 years on Sept. 26, 1910 bound out Sept. 21, 1911 to Lucy Pickney.

Fred Pooler
Of the Susquehanna Valley Orphan's Home, Binghamton, NY age 10 years on May 11, 1911 adopted Feb. 19, 1912 to Rebecca Putnam.

Florence Weidman
Age 6 years on Jan. 12, 1912 bound out Feb. 23, 1912 to Fred and Anna Norton.

Kenneth Green
Of the Susquehanna Valley Orphan's Home, Binghamton, NY age 1 year on Oct. 21, 1911 adopted Apr. 29, 1912 to Orson A. and Lucinda Green.

Maxwell C. Green
Of the Susquehanna Valley Orphan's Home, Binghamton, NY age 3 years on Apr. 13, 1912 adopted Apr. 29, 1912 to Orson A. and Lucinda Green.

Gladys Hall
Of the Susquehanna Valley Orphan's Home, Binghamton, NY age 10 years on Oct. 14, 1914 adopted Oct. 30, 1914 to Thomas and Martha Thomas.

Cecil Miller
Age 3 years on July 17, 1907 bound out Oct. 2, 1907 to Earl and Margaret Warner.

Martin Novoesky
Age 18 months, birth date unkown, abandoned by mother Martha Ann Novoesky at age 6 months, bound out to Wendel and Catherine Zerkelback Jan. 14, 1908.

Irene Euperment
Age 6 years on Apr. 4, 1908 bound out Nov. 30, 1908 to William and Sarah Schnepper.

Jesse Winfield
Of St. Mary's Orphan's Home, age 6 months, bound out Oct. 29, 1909 to Charles E. and Catherine A. Merry.

Kenneth Hourihan
Born Nov. 13, 1912 bound out Feb. 19, 1916 to Leon and Eunice Coleman.

Margaret Hourihan
Age 5 years on Aug. 4, 1914 bound out June 18, 1915 to Aloysuis F. and Elizabeth I. Gallagher. Mother admitted to sanitarium for TB, father Michael Hourihan deserted family of Patrick age 12, John age 10, Johanna age 8 and Michael age 1 year.

Francis Humphrey
Of St. Mary's Orphan's Home, age 13 years on Mar. 5, 1917 bound out Dec. 4, 1917 to John J. and Kate A. Haley.

Mildred Sherman
Age 6 years Apr. 25, 1917, deserted by father Ert Sherman and mother Bertha Sherman, bound out Aug. 14, 1917 to Charles T. and Bertha Kingsman.

Allie Mosher
Age 2 years, male child, adopted July 16, 1884 to David L. Thorp of Colesville.