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William T. Manry taken on 23rd Street, Snyder, Texas photo taken before 1906

William Manry owned and sold a lot of property in Scurry County. He also ran a General Store that was located on 23rd street in Snyder, Texas. The above photo was taken prior to 1906. There were over dozens of entries where he purchased, sold or leased out land in Snyder Area. The earliest date found was 1895, however this was the date the deed was filed and they may have been in the area longer. In Fact, there is a Subdivision called the W. T. Manry addition. W. T. Manry died in Scurry County of Brights Disease at the age of 47 years and was a Wealthy Man for his time. He has a very Large Head Stone in an iron fence area near the entrance of the Scurry County Cemetery. Buried in the same plots are an infant that died in 1901, his Wife Mary L. Manry {who died in Tarrant County and will was Probated in Tarrant County} and Louisa Jane Ligon, which is the mother of Mary L. Manry.

William T. Manry was the son of Richard Manry of Denton County Texas. His Will is on file at the Scurry County Courthouse to read his WILL click here.

There were several Children of Richard Manry that settled in Scurry County, Including William, James Riley, Mary Elizabeth Manry , Dora, Minnie and James Monroe. His widow Mary Jane RUE MANRY (link to widows pension application) also lived in Snyder, Texas moving after her husband's death from Denton County Texas. (Some other surnames connected to Scurry County include: DOYLE, RIGGS, LEE, TAYLOR, HALE, LIGON.)

To read land records on James Riley Manry click here

January 20, 2004

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