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Martin  Joseph "Jasper" Manning

Apr 11, 1858  -  Oct  5, 1911



Manning - Massey

Averett - Johnson

&  Many More






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Martin or Marion Joseph "Jasper" Manning was my Great-Grandfather on my fathers side.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find his parents or their names.  As you can see, even his name is under suspicion.  I found the picture (above) in my grandmother's picture box, with the name "Jasper Manning" written on the back.  His grandchildren always thought his name was Marion Jasper Manning, but I've found his name listed as "Martin J.", "Jasper M.", and "Joseph" in the census records.  Joseph Manning was also listed on his marriage record.  His tombstone simply shows "M.J. Manning" so that was no help.  Even his date of birth is in question.  His tombstone shows April 11, 1854, but every census record shows 1857 or 1858.  I began my search through the past too late, leaving me with no one to talk to and very little to go on.  I believe they came from somewhere in Georgia or Alabama, so I'm not giving up.

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A special "Thank You" to Kevin Lee Averett for some wonderful information on the Averett family and Martey & Harold Massey for information on the Massey family. 

A very special "Thank You" to Penny Stafford for not only producing a wonderful book on the Rountree / Brown family, but for also creating the interest that led me to begin my search into genealogy.