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Welcome to My Family Tree!

I began building my Family Tree in 1972.  Of my four grandparents, three are French-Canadian (FC) and one is German.  Because of the availability of records in Quebec, Canada, I have been able to trace all of my FC ancestral lines back to the original immigrants to Quebec.  I have not been so fortunate with my German ancestral lines, as the Catholic Church records in the German parishes have not been well-preserved.  Consequently, my Family History is predominantly FC.

My Family Tree also includes lots of cousins.  After tracing all of my FC ancestors back to their first immigrants to Quebec, I decided to trace their posterity down through the generations.  This has greatly expanded my Family to over 62,000 individuals, making it an exceptional research tool to find your FC ancestors.

I am still actively working on this project, and hope to make an update to Marlene's Family at least monthly.  I've targeted the first Sunday of each month to make the updates.

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Marlene Newell Family Tree


Need help with your FC Family History?

If you are FC from my hometown of Damar, KS, or are related to me, I will be happy to help you build your Family Tree for your family lines that are not already included in my Family Tree. 

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