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Later Generations

From this point on, I will not try to document all lines of descent from Peter McDougall and Catherine Campbell. Instead, I will focus on the line that led to the author. Before I discuss the family of Peter B. McDougall, however, I will summarize what I know of his siblings. There is not much to tell; the information is sparse.

    • I don't know what became of Susan Ann, John L., or Edward F. McDougall, beyond the fact that they grew to adulthood.

    • William J. McDougall remained unmarried and moved to Madison County, Montana.

    • Marjory (McDougall) Bullard married, had two sons who died young, then had three girls who grew up and had families of their own. Her husband drowned only eight years into their marriage. She did not remarry.

    • Katherine (McDougall) Dennehy married and had a daughter and a son in Minnesota before moving to Spokane, Washington.

    • Donald Grant McDougall moved to Illinois. He was in Company D of the 4 th Illinois Infantry during the Spanish American War. In 1920, Grant and his wife Katherine were living in Quincey, Illinois.
      Grant McDougall Here is a photo of Grant McDougall.
      [Click to enlarge]
    • James Archibald “Archie” McDougall served in Company A of the 14 th Minnesota Infantry during the Spanish American War. He apparently did not marry and was still living in Cohasset, Minnesota in 1938.
      Archie McDougall Here is a photo of Archie McDougall.
      [Click to enlarge]

Peter B. McDougall (1851-1919)

Peter B. McDougall married Elizabeth Gilmer in 1881. Elizabeth (1860-1938) was the daughter of John Gilmer and Mary Roseann Hollister, who had recently moved their family to Royalton from the same part of Ontario that Peter B.'s parents had left 30 years earlier. John Gilmer's parents had brought him from Ireland as an infant; Mary Roseann Hollister's parents were descendants of British Loyalists who had moved to Canada from the United States after the Revolutionary War. Peter B. McDougall and Elizabeth Gilmer had seven children and 17 grandchildren:

1) Peter A. “Pidge” b. 1880 MN m. Mabel Erickson 2 children
2) John Donald “Johnny” b. 1884 MN
3) Carrie “Cad” b. 1885 MN m. Paul Ovrum
4) William “Billy” b. 1887 MN m. Olive Olson 1 child
      m. Mary Whitney 2 children
5) Fleda b. 1889 MN m. George A. Clark 4 children
6) Blaine b. 1891 MN m. Alura Milbery 2 children
7) Wallace b. 1893 MN m. Mayme McVeety 6 children

Peter B. & Lizzy Here is a photo of Peter B. and Lizzy.
[Click to enlarge]
Peter B McDougall Family Here is a photo of the entire Peter B McDougall Family. From left to right: Blaine, Fleda, Johnny, Wally, Lizzy, Cad, Peter B, Billy, and Pidge.
[Click to enlarge]

I will discuss each of their children briefly, with the exception of my grandfather Wallace, who I discuss in more detail in the following section.

    • Pidge was working at the Royalton Lumber Yard in 1910, but then apparently moved away. He was living in Bemidji in 1911, in Duluth with his wife Mabel and daughter Jean in 1920, and in Effie, Minnesota in 1938. Pidge and Mabel also had a child that died young. Jean married and moved to California. Pidge died in 1948 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
      Pidge McDougall Here is a photo of Pidge.
      [Click to enlarge]
    • Johnny worked at a bank in Bowlus and did not marry. He died in 1923 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
      Johnny McDougall Here is a photo of Johnny.
      [Click to enlarge]
    • Cad was a schoolteacher in Anoka, among other places. She married briefly, but had no children. Cad died in 1972 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
      Cad McDougall Here is a photo of Cad.
      [Click to enlarge]
    • Billy was a dentist and practiced in Minneapolis. His first marriage to Olive Olson produced two children, John Robert “Sandy” McDougall and another boy who died young. Sandy was a well-known newsman on Minneapolis radio and television. He had nine children by his first wife, six of whom grew to adulthood. Billy's second marriage to Mary Whitney produced two more children: Ruthie and Doug. Ruthie adopted two girls, but neither she nor Doug have any natural children. Billy McDougall died in 1949 and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery north of Minneapolis.
      Billy McDougall Here is a photo of Billy.
      [Click to enlarge]
    • Fleda married George Clark (1889-1969) in 1914 and moved to Cromwell, Minnesota. They had four sons—Donald, William, Thomas, and Robert—and nine grandchildren. Fleda died in 1971.
      Fleda McDougall Here is a photo of Fleda.
      [Click to enlarge]
    • Blaine took over the family farm when his father died in 1919. He and Alura (1897-1959) had two sons—Merle and Donald—and five grandchildren. Alura died in 1959 and Blaine died in 1966. Both are buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
      Blaine McDougall Here is a photo of Blaine.
      [Click to enlarge]

Wallace McDougall (1893-1969)

Wallace McDougall was the youngest son of Peter B. McDougall. In 1922, he married Mayme Lucinda McVeety, whose Scottish and Irish grandparents had similarly immigrated from Canada in the 1870's. Wally was a professional cook and baker. He was also a veteran of WW I and worked on the ALCAN Highway. Wally and Mayme lived in Royalton, Minnesota. They had six children—William Stuart, Nelson Blaine, Mary Roseann, John Donald, and twins Kathleen Careen and Kathryn Elizabeth—and 19 grandchildren. Wally died in 1969 and Mayme died in 1978. Both are buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery. The remainder of this section discusses their six children.
Wally McDougall Here is a photo of Wally.
[Click to enlarge]

William Stuart “Bill” McDougall

Bill McDougall married Marjorie Ann Hill in 1943. This was during World War II, while Bill was a pilot and flying instructor in the Army Air Corps. After the war, Bill and Margie settled in suburban Minneapolis, where Bill worked as a graphic artist. Bill and Margie had six children and later moved to Lakeland, Florida.

Bill contracted a disabling nerve condition that limited his mobility for the last 20 years of his life. Bill died in 1994 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
Bill McDougall Here is a photo of Bill with his two oldest children.
[Click to enlarge]

Nelson Blaine “Smokey” McDougall

Smokey married Ethel Voit in 1953. They had eight children, seven of whom grew to adulthood. Smokey and Ethel also had sixteen grandchildren.
Smokey McDougall. Here is a photo of Smokey as a teenager.
[Click to enlarge]

Smokey and Ethel raised their family in Royalton. For as long as I remember, Smokey worked for a boat-building company in Little Falls (Larson Boatworks, I believe). He was also an outdoor enthusiast, always hunting, fishing, or trapping. He died in 1988 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.

Mary Roseann (McDougall) Malmin

Roseann McDougall married Thelmer Malmin in 1950. At the time, Thelmer was a heavy equipment operator with a construction firm that was building a highway through central Minnesota. Thelmer and Roseann met when the construction crew took up temporary quarters in Royalton. For the next several years, they moved around the state from job to job in a 30-foot trailer home, and along the way, they had two of their five children.
Roseann McDougall Here is a photo of Roseann with her two oldest sons. (The author of this document is on the left.)
[Click to enlarge]

The family settled in Royalton in 1957 when their oldest son was about to start school. Thelmer continued to work construction projects in Minneapolis, so he was home only on weekends. While in Royalton, Thelmer and Roseann had three more children. In 1968, the family moved to Coon Rapids, which is a suburb of Minneapolis. Thelmer and Roseann had five children and seven grandchildren. Thelmer died in 1995 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.

John Donald McDougall

John McDougall married Marlys Kehun late in life and they had no children. As long as I remember, John worked seasonally on the ore boats that operate out of Duluth. Marlys was a schoolteacher. They lived in Rice, Minnesota, which is just south of Royalton. John died in 1994 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
John McDougall Here is a photo of John.
[Click to enlarge]

Kathleen Careen and Kathryn Elizabeth McDougall

Kathleen and Kathryn were twins born in 1937. Kathryn died the next day and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery. Kathleen survived but contracted cerebral palsy as an infant and lost much of the use of her legs. She spent most of her adult life in various nursing homes that could provide the assistance she needed. Kathleen died in 1997 and is buried in the Royalton Riverside Cemetery.
Kathleen McDougall Here is a photo of Kathleen.
[Click to enlarge]

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