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Scottish Time-line (19th Century)

1800William Chambers born - Publishers and Lord Provost of Edinburgh
1800Sir James Clark Ross born - Antarctic Explorer
1800James Braidwood born - Pioneering fire-fighter
1801Sir Ralph Abercromby died - General
1801Robert Dale Owen born - Social reformer and anti-slavery campainer
1801John Rennie died - Engineer, born in Phantassie, East Lothian
1801Alexander Shanks born - Inventor of the modern lawnmower, who lived in Arbroath
1802Darnaway Castle (Moray) built
1802David Octavius Hill born - Pioneer of Photography
1802Hugh Miller born - Born in Cromarty, Miller was a stone mason turned geologist, writer, journalist and religious reformer
1802Robert Chambers born - Publisher
1803David Bryce born - Architect
1803Thomas Guthrie born - Social reformer and founder of the Free Church
1803Joseph Mitchell born - Civil Engineer
1804Sir John Steell born - Sculptor
1804Admiral Adam Duncan (1st Viscount Camperdown) died - Naval commander
1805Lady Yester's Kirk (City of Edinburgh) built
1805Hutcheson's Hall (Glasgow City) built
1805Scone Palace (Perth and Kinross) built
1805Thomas Graham born - Chemist
1805John (Johnnie) Walker born - Whisky Blender
1806Bank of Scotland Head Office (or Bank House; City of Edinburgh) built
1806Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott (5th Duke of Buccleuch and 7th Duke of Queensberry) born - Noble and land-owner
1806David Dale died - Mill-owner and philanthropist
1806Mungo Park died - Explorer, born near Selkirk
1806Lady Flora Hastings born - Lady Flora was a daughter of Loudoun Castle, near Galston, East Ayrshire
1806John Campbell (5th Duke of Argyll) died - Soldier and politician
1806General James Grant died - Soldier and colonial governor
1807Nelson Monument (City of Edinburgh) built
1807Niel Gow died - Musician and composer
1807Thomas Duncan born - Painter
1807Alan Stevenson born - Light-house Engineer
1808General Sir James Hope Grant born - Soldier
1808James Nasmyth born - Engineer
1808John Scott Russell born - Engineer
1808Sir Peter Coats born - Industrialist
1808John Home died - Soldier, Playwright and Minister
1808Alexander Dalrymple died - Hydrographer
1809Thomas Coats born - Industrialist
1809William Ewart Gladstone born - British Prime Minister
1810William Douglas (4th Duke of Queensberry and 3rd Earl of March) died - Born in Peebles, William Douglas succeeded his father to the Earldom of March (1731) and his cousin to the Dukedom of Queensberry (1786)
1810Sir Hugh Allan born - Ship-owner
1810Charles Wilson born - Born in 1810, Charles Wilson was one of Glasgow's great 19th century architects
1811Andrew Meikle died - Agricultural Engineer
1811James Young (Paraffin Young) born - Chemical Engineer
1811James McCosh born - Philosopher
1811Lady Alicia Scott born - Composer
1811Sir James Young Simpson born - Obstetrician
1811Robert Mylne died - Architect
1811Henry Dundas (1st Viscount Melville) died - 'The Uncrowned King of Scotland'
1812Leith Customs House (City of Edinburgh) built
1812James Andrew Broun Ramsay (Marquis and 10th Earl of Dalhousie) born - Politician and stateman
1812Samuel Smiles born - Author and reformer
1812Thomas Alexander born - Military physician
1812John Broadwood died - Piano manufacturer
1813David Livingstone born - Explorer and medical missionary
1813Kirkpatrick Macmillan born - Inventor
1813James McGill died - Fur trader
1813Daniel MacMillan born - Publisher
1813John Rae born - Artic Explorer
1814Barry Mill (Angus) built
1814Andrew Barclay born - Engineer, born in Kilbirnie (North Ayrshire) and working in Kilmarnock (East Ayrshire) he became a leading builder of railway locomotives
1814John Stuart (1st Marquess and 4th Earl of Bute) died - Eldest son of John Stuart (1713 - 92) who became 1st Marquess in 1796
1815Glenfinnan Monument (Highland) built
1815David Stevenson born - Engineer son of Robert Stevenson (1772 - 1850), and uncle of author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94)
1815Sir John Alexander MacDonald born - First Prime Minister of Canada
1815John McDouall Stuart born - Explorer and Surveyor of Australia
1815Daniel Rutherford died - Scientist
1815Thomas Smith died - Engineer
1816Sir Daniel Wilson born - Archaeologist
1816William Nelson born - Publisher
1816Adam Ferguson died - Born in Logierait, Perthshire, he became Professor of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh
1817Dalmeny House (City of Edinburgh) built
1817St Andrew's Cathedral (Glasgow City) built
1817Alexander Monro (Secundus) died - Anatomist
1817Alexander 'Greek' Thomson born - Architect
1818St John's Church (City of Edinburgh) built
1818George Brown born - Politician and a founding father of Canada, born and educated in Edinburgh
1818Thomas Stevenson born - Engineer to the Board of Northern Lighthouses
1819The Mar and Kellie Mausoleum (Clackmannanshire) built
1819John Playfair died - Geologist, physicist and mathematician
1819James Watt died - Inventor and engineer
1819Allan Pinkerton born - Private detective
1819Archibald Skirving died - Artist
1819James Sandy died - Inventor of the invisible hinge
1820Sir Alexander Mackenzie died - Born in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis
1820Thomas Douglas (5th Earl of Selkirk) died - Philanthropist
1820William John Macquorn Rankine born - Engineer and physicist
1821Blairquhan Castle (South Ayrshire) built
1821Sir James Gowans born - Architect
1821John Ballantyne died - Printer and publisher, born in Kelso
1821John Hunter died - Governor of New South Wales (Australia) between 1795 and 1800
1821Thomas Morris (Old Tom) born - Golfer
1821Robert Adamson born - Photographer
1822The Music Hall (Aberdeen City) built
1822National Monument (City of Edinburgh) built
1822Caledonian Canal opened
1822Union Canal opened
1822Robert William Thomson born - Engineer and Inventor
1822Sir Thomas Bouch born - Engineer
1822Thomas Nelson born - Publisher
1822Thomas Coutts died - Banker
1822Francis Cadell born - Explorer
1822Alexander Mackenzie born - Canadian politician
1823Melville Monument (City of Edinburgh) built
1823Burns Monument (South Ayrshire) built
1823Sir Henry Raeburn died - An Edinburgh painter
1823George Douglas Campbell (8th Duke of Argyll) born - Politician
1824Abbotsford House (Scottish Borders) built
1824William Thomson (Lord Kelvin of Largs) born - Mathematician and Physicist
1824Lachlan MacQuarie died - Soldier, civil servant and Father of Australia
1824John Elder born - Marine engineer
1824Walter Chalmers Smith born - Poet and Free Church minister, born in Aberdeen
1825St Giles Church (Moray) built
1825Sir Donald Currie born - Shipping magnate and politician
1826Sir Henry Duncan Littlejohn born - Medical and health pioneer
1827James Augustus Grant born - Explorer and soldier
1827Joseph Lister (1st Baron Lister of Lyme Regis) born - Surgeon
1827Dr. William McEwan born - Brewer and Philanthropist
1827Sir Sandford Fleming born - Canadian railway engineer, born in Kirkcaldy
1827Sir Robert Abercromby died - Soldier
1827Hugh Clapperton died - Explorer, born in Annan (Dumfries and Galloway)
1827Christian Salvesen born - Shipowner
1827Robert Pollok died - Poet
1827Hugh Baird died - Civil engineer
1828Matthew Forster Heddle born - Mineralogist and Chemist
1828John Ainslie died - Surveyor and cartographer
1828Margaret Oliphant born - Prodigious author
1828Dugald Stewart died - Philosopher
1828Robert Blair died - Inventor and astronomer
1829Greenlaw Town Hall (or Greenlaw County Hall; Scottish Borders) built
1829William Burke died - Resurrectionist and Murderer
1830Burns Monument (City of Edinburgh) built
1830William Topaz McGonagall born - Poet
1830Sir Charles Wyville Thomson born - Oceanographer
1830Henry Bell died - Engineer
1831Bridge of Don opened
1831James Clerk Maxwell born - Mathematician and Physicist
1831William Symington died - Engineer
1831Peter Guthrie Tait born - Physicist
1831Hercules Linton born - The designer of the clipper ship Cutty Sark
1832Royal College of Surgeons (City of Edinburgh) built
1832The Conservatory (Midlothian) built
1832Dean Bridge opened
1832Sir Walter Scott died - Great Scottish patriot, writer and poet
1832John Paterson died - Architect
1832Sir John Leslie died - Physicist and inventor
1833James Ballantyne died - Printer and Publisher
1833George Clark born - Shoe maker, born in Kilmarnock
1834Sir Robert Rowand Anderson born - Architect
1834David Douglas died - Adventurous Botanist
1834Sir Robert Preston died - Merchant
1834Thomas Telford died - Engineer
1835St Mary's Episcopal Church (Midlothian) built
1835Sir Archibald Geikie born - Geologist, specialising in volcanic geology and microscopic examination of rocks
1835James Hogg (The Ettrick Shepherd) died - Author and Poet
1835William McTaggart born - Painter
1835Andrew Carnegie born - Iron and steel magnate and great philanthropist
1835Madeleine Smith born - Poisoner, who gave rise to a celebrated legal case
1835Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster died - Politician, lawyer and agricultural reformer
1836Marischal College (Aberdeen City) built
1836Sir William Fettes died - Merchant and philanthropist, who made his fortune from tea and wine
1836John McAdam died - Surveyor and builder of roads
1836Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman born - Politician and Prime Minister of Britain between 1906 and 1908
1837Dr. Joseph Bell born - Surgeon
1837Walter Geikie died - Artist
1838Thomas Blake Glover born - Merchant and reformer in Japan
1838Alexander Crum Brown born - Organic chemist, born in Edinburgh
1838Rev John Jamieson died - Lexicographer
1838John Muir born - Naturalist and conservationist, born in Dunbar
1839James Geikie born - Geologist, born in Edinburgh
1839William Murdock died - Engineer and inventor of gas lighting
1839Sir William Arrol born - Engineer
1839Lady Flora Hastings died - Lady Flora was a daughter of Loudoun Castle, near Galston, East Ayrshire
1839James Maitland (8th Earl of Lauderdale) died - Politician and economist
1839George William Campbell (6th Duke of Argyll) died - Son of John Campbell (1723 - 1806), the 5th Duke
1840Custom House (Glasgow City) built
1840Thomas Drummond died - Surveyor and Politician
1840John Boyd Dunlop born - Inventor, born in Dreghorn (North Ayrshire)
1840Alexander Nasmyth died - Painter
1840James Paterson died - Inventor
1840Rev. John Thomson died - Minister at Duddingston and artist
1840John Galt died - Novelist
1841Agnes Maclehose (Clarinda) died - The Clarinda with whom Robert Burns (1759-96) famously corresponded
1841Sir David Wilkie died - Painter
1841Thomas Bruce (7th Earl of Elgin and 11th Earl of Kincardine) died - Diplomat
1842Hamilton Mausoleum (South Lanarkshire) built
1842Sir James Dewar born - Inventor and pioneer of cryogenics
1842Sir James Ivory died - Mathematician
1843Charles Macintosh died - Industrial chemist and entrepreneur
1843Sir David Gill born - Astronomer
1843William Jardine died - Trader and entrepreneur
1843William Wallace died - Mathematician and inventor
1843James Scott Skinner born - Virtuoso fiddler and composer of fiddle music, born in Banchory, Aberdeenshire
1844St Joseph's Hospital (or Whitehill House; Midlothian) built
1844Skerryvore Lighthouse (or Skerry Vhor Lighthouse; Argyll and Bute) built
1844Thomas Henderson died - Astronomer
1844Sir John Sholto Douglas (8th Marquis of Queensberry and Viscount Drumlanrig) born - Douglas succeeded to the Queensberry title in 1858
1844Sir Patrick Manson born - Medical scientist
1844Sir Thomas Muir born - Mathematician
1845Princes Square (Glasgow City) built
1845William Robertson-Smith born - Scholar of Oriental and Biblical Studies
1845Alexander Shanks died - Inventor of the modern lawnmower, who lived in Arbroath
1845Robert Fleming born - Investment banker
1845Thomas Duncan died - Painter
1845John Douglas Sutherland Campbell (9th Duke of Argyll) born - Politician and statesman
1846Scott Monument (City of Edinburgh) built
1846Dr Henry Duncan died - Father of the Savings banks
1847The Dome (City of Edinburgh) built
1847Sir Robert McAlpine ("Concrete Bob") born - Known as "Concrete Bob", he was an entrepreneur who built up a large building and civil engineering firm
1847Robert Thom died - Engineer
1847Thomas Chalmers died - Founder of the Free Church
1847Archibald Philip Primrose (5th Earl of Rosebery) born - Politician and British Prime Minister
1847John Patrick Crichton-Stuart (3rd Marquess of Bute) born - Patron of the arts and philanthropist
1847Alexander Graham Bell born - Inventor and entrepreneur
1848Rev. Alexander Forsyth died - Inventor of the percussion cap
1848Mary Slessor born - An ordinary Dundee mill worker who became a notable missionary in West Africa
1848Arthur James Balfour (1st Earl Balfour) born - Politician, born on his family estates at Whittinghame, East Lothian, where he is also buried
1848John Crichton-Stuart (2nd Marquess of Bute) died - Entrepreneur
1848Robert Adamson died - Photographer
1849Great Eastern Hotel (Glasgow City) built
1849Alexander William George Duff (1st Duke of Fife) born - Politician, banker and landowner
1850New College (City of Edinburgh) built
1850George Goudie Chisholm born - Influential Geographer
1850Sir Thomas Lipton born - Grocer and entrepreneur
1850Robert Stevenson died - Engineer
1850Robert Louis Stevenson born - Author
1851Tommy Morris born - Golfer
1851Robert Saunders Dundas (2nd Viscount Melville) died - Politician, lawyer and First Lord of the Admiralty
1851George Chrystal born - Mathematician and academic
1851George Younger (1st Viscount Younger of Leckie) born - Politician and brewer
1852Captain Simon Fraser died - Fiddler, collector and composer of folk tunes
1852Sir William Ramsay born - Chemist
1853Allan Glen's School (Glasgow City) built
1853South Portland Street Suspension Bridge opened
1853James Chalmers died - Inventor
1853William Collins died - Publisher
1854Victoria Bridge (Stockwell Bridge) opened
1854Sir Dugald Clerk born - Engineer and inventor
1854Sir Patrick Geddes born - Regarded as the father of town planning
1854Sir William Alexander Smith born - Born in Thurso, Caithness
1854David Dunbar Buick born - Inventor and engineer
1854Henry Thomas Cockburn died - Barrister, judge, historian and conservationist
1854John Clunies Ross died - Seaman, explorer and adventurer
1854David Alan Stevenson born - Lighthouse engineer
1855Balmoral Castle (Aberdeenshire) built
1855James Gillespie Graham died - Architect
1855Charles Stevenson born - Lighthouse engineer
1856Caledonia Road Church (Glasgow City) built
1856St Andrew's Suspension Bridge opened
1856James Keir Hardie born - Radical Socialist
1856Hugh Miller died - Born in Cromarty, Miller was a stone mason turned geologist, writer, journalist and religious reformer
1856Sir John Ross died - Arctic explorer
1857Holmwood House (East Renfrewshire) built
1857Holy Trinity Church (South Lanarkshire) built
1857William Henry Playfair died - Architect
1857Daniel MacMillan died - Publisher
1857Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming born - Astronomer
1857James Duff (4th Earl of Fife) died - Soldier
1858Torosay Castle (Argyll and Bute) built
1858Reid Concert Hall (City of Edinburgh) built
1858Andrew Bonar-Law born - Politician and British Prime Minister
1858Henry Mavor born - Electrical Engineer
1858Joseph Thomson born - African explorer
1858Robert Brown died - Botanist
1858Lady Francis Balfour born - Suffragette and biographer
1858James Abercromby (1st Lord Dunfermline) died - Politician
1859St Vincent Street Church (Glasgow City) built
1859Sir Arthur Conan Doyle born - Author and Spiritualist
1859Kenneth Grahame born - Author, born in Edinburgh
1859John (Johnnie) Walker died - Whisky Blender
1859Alexander Monro (Tertius) died - Anatomist
1859Thomas De Quincey died - Author
1859Annie Shepherd Swan born - Novelist
1859James Guthrie born - Painter
1860Saddell (Argyll and Bute) built
1860James Braid died - Surgeon and pioneer in the field of hypnosis
1860James Andrew Broun Ramsay (Marquis and 10th Earl of Dalhousie) died - Politician and stateman
1860Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane died - Soldier and astronomer
1860Sir D'Arcy Thompson born - Renowned zoologist
1860George Hamilton-Gordon (4th Earl of Aberdeen) died - Politician and British Prime Minister
1860Thomas Cochrane (10th Earl of Dundonald) died - Naval commander
1860Sir James Matthew Barrie born - Author and playwright
1860John Adrian Louis Hope (7th Earl of Hopetoun and 1st Marquis of Linlithgow) born - Politician
c.1860William Hare died - Resurrectionist and Murderer
1861Field Marshal Douglas Haig (Earl Haig of Bemersyde) born - Field Marshal
1861Sir William Burrell born - An eccentric ship-owner and compulsive collector of art and antiques
1861Thomas Nelson died - Publisher
1861David Couper Thomson born - Publisher
1861William Lyon Mackenzie died - Politician and Radical
1861James Braidwood died - Pioneering fire-fighter
1861Robert Bald died - Surveyor and mining engineer
1862Dr. Robert Knox died - Anatomist
1862Sir James Clark Ross died - Antarctic Explorer
1862James Bowman Lindsay died - Born in Carmyllie, near Arbroath, Lindsay was a visionary and pioneer in the field of electricity
1862Andrew Fisher born - Politician and Australian Prime Minister
1863Charles Wilson died - Born in 1810, Charles Wilson was one of Glasgow's great 19th century architects
1864Elsie Inglis born - A leading surgeon and suffragette
1864Neil Munro (Hugh Foulis) born - Novelist and Journalist, born at Inveraray
1864James Pillans died - Educated at Edinburgh University, he took classes given by Dugald Stewart and Joseph Black
1864Sir Robert Lorimer born - An architect noted for his restoration of castles, and his promotion of the national domestic style
1865James Beaumont Neilson died - Invented the hot blast oven, which was a great advance in the iron industry
1865Alan Stevenson died - Light-house Engineer
1865James Miranda Barry died - Army surgeon and, somewhat surprisingly, a woman! Details of Barry's birth are unclear, but she entered the Medical School of Edinburgh University, graduating in 1812
1866James Ramsay MacDonald born - Politician and British Prime Minister
1866John McDouall Stuart died - Explorer and Surveyor of Australia
1866Robert Broom born - Palaeontologist
1867William Spiers Bruce born - Oceanographer and Polar Explorer
1867Percy Sinclair Pilcher born - Engineer and pioneer of unpowered flight
1868Sir David Brewster died - Physicist
1868Hamish MacCunn born - Composer
1868Charles Rennie Mackintosh born - Architect and Designer
1868Arthur Anderson died - Ship owner
1868James Connolly born - Irish nationalist and socialist
1868Henry Brougham (1st Baron Brougham and Vaux) died - Inventor, lawyer and politician
1869The St Andrew's Cathedral (Highland) built
1869Dalmoak Castle (West Dunbartonshire) built
1869Wallace Monument (Stirling) built
1869Thomas Graham died - Chemist
1869John Elder died - Marine engineer
1869John Wheatley born - Socialist Politician
1869Rev. Patrick Bell died - Invented the reaping machine which was a direct precursor of the modern combine harvester
1870David Octavius Hill died - Pioneer of Photography
1870Sir Harry Lauder born - Singer and Music Hall Entertainer
1870William Burn died - Architect, born in Edinburgh, and worked both in London and Edinburgh during his career
1870James Braid born - Golfer
1870Sir James Young Simpson died - Obstetrician
1870James Moffatt born - Ecclesiastical historian
1870James Syme died - Surgeon
1871Sir Roderick Impey Murchison died - Geologist and Geographer
1871Robert Chambers died - Publisher
1871Samuel John Peploe born - Impressionist painter, particularly noted for his still-life works
1872Greig Institute (Fife) built
1872Ca' D'Oro (Glasgow City) built
1872Mary Somerville died - Mathematician and scientist, born in Jedburgh, the daughter of a naval officer (Vice-Admiral Sir William Fairfax)
1872William John Macquorn Rankine died - Engineer and physicist
1873Town House (Aberdeen City) built
1873Charles Lawson died - Botanist and Traveller
1873David Livingstone died - Explorer and medical missionary
1873Robert William Thomson died - Engineer and Inventor
1873Thomas Guthrie died - Social reformer and founder of the Free Church
1873George Forrest born - Botanist
1874Sir William Fairbairn died - Engineer
1874Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston born - Academic and diplomat
1874John Duncan Fergusson born - Painter
1874Katherine Marjory Murray (Duchess of Atholl) born - Politician
1874William Alexander Agnew born - Mechanical engineer
1875General Sir James Hope Grant died - Soldier
1875John Buchan (1st Baron Tweedsmuir) born - Author, biographer and politician
1875Alexander 'Greek' Thomson died - Architect
1875Tommy Morris died - Golfer
1876David Bryce died - Architect
1876George Hay (8th Marquess of Tweeddale) died - Soldier
1876Sir Muirhead Bone born - Artist
1877Robert Dale Owen died - Social reformer and anti-slavery campainer
1877Anna Buchan (O. Douglas) born - Author
1878Alistair Forbes-Mackay born -
1878Kirkpatrick Macmillan died - Inventor
1879St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral (City of Edinburgh) built
1879James Clerk Maxwell died - Mathematician and Physicist
1879Francis Cadell died - Explorer
1879Eric Campbell born - Actor
1880Barlinnie Prison (or Bar-L; Glasgow City) built
1880George Brown died - Politician and a founding father of Canada, born and educated in Edinburgh
1880Donald Crisp born - Born in Aberfeldy, he emigrated to the U.S
1880John Boyd Orr (Lord Boyd Orr of Brechin) born - Nutritionist and Nobel Prize winner
1880Sir William Russell Flint born - Popular artist and illustrator
1880Francis George Scott born - Composer
1880Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes born - Social Reformer, author, suffragette and scientist
1881Sir Alexander Fleming born - Medical Scientist
1881Thomas Carlyle died - Writer and literary critic
1881Norman Ainsley born - Screen and stage actor
1881Thomas (Tom) Johnstone born - Politician
1881John Crichton-Stuart (4th Marquess of Bute) born - Conservationist of the built environment
1882Air Chief Marshall Hugh Dowding born - Air force commander
1882Sir Charles Wyville Thomson died - Oceanographer
1882Sir John Anderson (1st Viscount Waverley) born - Administrator and Politician
1882John Scott Russell died - Engineer
1882Mary Gordon (Mary Gilmour) born - Actress
1882Sir Hugh Allan died - Ship-owner
1883William Chambers died - Publishers and Lord Provost of Edinburgh
1883James Young (Paraffin Young) died - Chemical Engineer
1883Joseph Mitchell died - Civil Engineer
1883Sir Compton Mackenzie born - Author
1883Thomas Coats died - Industrialist
1883Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell born - Painter
1883Dr. Robert Moffat died - Missionary and explorer
1883Eric Temple Bell born - Mathematician and author
1884Covenanter's Monument (City of Edinburgh) built
1884Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott (5th Duke of Buccleuch and 7th Duke of Queensberry) died - Noble and land-owner
1884Allan Pinkerton died - Private detective
1884Lord Emmanuel (Manny) Shinwell born - Labour politician, born in London, but brought up in Glasgow
1884Peter Fraser born - New Zealand politician
1885Will Fyffe born - Comedian and singer
1885David Clyde born - Actor
1886The Athenaeum (Glasgow City) built
1886David Stevenson died - Engineer son of Robert Stevenson (1772 - 1850), and uncle of author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94)
1886Frank Lloyd born - Film director
1886Sir Arthur Witten Brown born - Aviation pioneer
1887Tay Railway Bridge opened
1887William Nelson died - Publisher
1887Thomas Stevenson died - Engineer to the Board of Northern Lighthouses
1887James (Jimmy) Finlayson born - Actor
1887Victor Alexander John Hope (8th Earl of Hopetoun and 2nd Marquis of Linlithgow) born - Viceroy of India
1888City Chambers (Glasgow City) built
1888John Logie Baird born - Engineer
1888Osborne Henry Mavor (James Bridie) born - Playwright and promoter of the arts
1889Templeton Business Centre (Glasgow City) built
1889John Charles Walsham Reith (Lord Reith or 1st Baron Reith of Stonehaven) born - Engineer and Broadcasting Pioneer
1889Hyman Levy born - Mathematician, philosopher and humanist
1890Edinburgh Central Library (City of Edinburgh) built
1890Manderston (Scottish Borders) built
1890Barony Church (Glasgow City) built
1890Forth Rail Bridge opened
1890Sir James Gowans died - Architect
1890James Nasmyth died - Engineer
1890Sir Thomas Bouch died - Engineer
1890Thomas Alexander died - Military physician
1890Sir Peter Coats died - Industrialist
1891Dalmarnock Bridge opened
1891Neil Gunn born - Novelist
1891Sir John Alexander MacDonald died - First Prime Minister of Canada
1891Sir John Steell died - Sculptor
1891Jack Buchanan born - Actor and Producer
1891D. Alan Stevenson born - Lighthouse engineer
1892James Augustus Grant died - Explorer and soldier
1892Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher Murray Grieve) born - Poet, nationalist and socialist
1892Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt born - Physicist, born in Brechin
1892Sir Daniel Wilson died - Archaeologist
1892Thomas Nelson died - Publisher
1892Andrew (Andy) Clyde born - Actor
1892Alexander Mackenzie died - Canadian politician
1893The Tenement House (Glasgow City) built
1893Carnegie Library (South Ayrshire) built
1893McLellan Arch (Glasgow City) built
1893John Rae died - Artic Explorer
1894Greenfield House (Clackmannanshire) built
1894William Robertson-Smith died - Scholar of Oriental and Biblical Studies
1894Joseph (Joe) Corrie born - Described by T.S
1894James McCosh died - Philosopher
1894Robert Louis Stevenson died - Author
1895Mar Lodge (Aberdeenshire) built
1895St Cuthbert's Church (or West Kirk; City of Edinburgh) built
1895Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane born - Air Chief Marshall of the Royal Air Force
1895Joseph Thomson died - African explorer
1895Thomas (Tommy) Armour born - Golfer
1896Morton Hall (East Ayrshire) built
1896Archibald Joseph Cronin born - Author
1897McEwan Hall (City of Edinburgh) built
1897Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow City) built
1897Findhorn Viaduct opened
1897Matthew Forster Heddle died - Mineralogist and Chemist
1897Margaret Oliphant died - Prodigious author
1897John Paton Laurie born - Actor
1897William Johnstone born - Painter
1898Clava Viaduct opened
1898John Grierson born - Director and film-maker who introduced the term 'documentary'
1898George Clark died - Shoe maker, born in Kilmarnock
1898Sir William George Gillies born - Artist
1898James Matheson died - Trader and entrepreneur
1898William Ewart Gladstone died - British Prime Minister
1899Eric Linklater born - Author
1899Percy Sinclair Pilcher died - Engineer and pioneer of unpowered flight

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