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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix I - The Coats of Arms

Regarding the armorial shields listed in this appendix, these are arms that had ancient and tribal
          significance, as opposed to arms that were later assumed by an individual as a part, for instance, of a
          nonhereditary British knighthood. The symbols used are often highly significant within the
          tribal-dynastic sphere, in a uniquely Gaelic way. Some common abbreviations are: ar. = argent, az. =
          azure, betw. = between, gu. = gules, quart. = quarterly, sa. = sable, 1 & 4 = first and fourth, and 2 & 3
          = second and third. Sources are listed in the bibliography.

          Abernethy Or, a lion rampant gu. surmounted of a ribbon sa.
          Arthur Ou. a chevron between three rests (or Clarions) or.
          Barrett Barry of ten per pale ar. and gu. counterchanged.
          Barry Ar. three bars gemels gules.
          Bisset Az. a bend ar.
          Blake Ar. a fret gu.
          Brodie Ar. a chevron gu. between three mullets az.
          Browne Or an eagle displayed with two heads sa.
          Buchan Ar. three lions’ heads erased sa.
          Buchanan Or, a lion rampant sa., armed and langued gu. within a double tressure flory-counter-flory of
          the second.
          Burke Or a cross gu., in the dexter canton a lion rampant sa.
          Butler Quart.: 1 & 4, Or a chief indented az., 2 & 3, Gu. 3 covered cups or.
          Butter Ar. a cross sa. between four human hearts proper (Gormack).
          Callendar Sa. a bend between six billets or.
          Cameron Gu., three bars or.
          Campbell Quart., I & 4, Gyrony of eight, or and sa., 2, Ar. a lymphad, sails furled sa., 3, or, a fess
          chequy azure and ar. (Glenorchy branch).
          Campbell Gyrony of eight, ermine and gu. (Loudoun branch).
          Campbell Quart., I, or, a hart’s head cabossed sa., attired gu., 2, Gyrony of eight, or & sa., 3, at. a
          galley, 4, per fess az. & gu. a cross or. (Cawdor).
          Campbell Quart., 1 & 4, Gyrony of eight, or & sa.; 2 & 3, Ar., a galley, sails furled sa., flag & pennons
          gu. (Lochow).
          Chisholm Gu., a boar’s head, couped or.
          Colquhoun Ar., a saltire engrailed sa.
Condon Ar. a lion rampant gu. langued and armed az.
          Creagh Ar. a chevron gu. between three laurel branches vert, on a chief az. as many bezants.
          Cumming Az. three garbs or.
          Cusack Per pale or and az., a fess counterchanged.
          Dalton Az. a lion rampant guardant ar. charged on the shoulder with a crescent sa. between five
          fleurs-de-lis or.
          Darcy Az. semee of crosses crosslet and three cinquefoils ar. Dardes, Darditz Ermine a fess sa.
          Davidson Quart., 1 & 4, Ar., on a fess az., between a dexter hand couped accompanied by two
          pheons in chief and a pheon in base, gu., a buck lodged or, 2 & 3, Az., a wolf’s head erased or, armed
          and langued gu.
          de Courcy Ar. three eagles displayed gu. ducally crowned or.
          Dillon Ar., a lion passant between three crescents gu.
          Drummond Or, three bars wavy gu.
          Dunbar Cu. a lion rampant ar. within a bordure of the second charged with eight roses of the first.
          Dundas Ar. a lion rampant gu.
          Dune Az. a chevron between three crescents ar.
          Erskine Azure a bend between six cross crosslets fitchee (mar).
          Fagan Per chevron gu. and ermine, in chief three covered cups or.
          Farquharson Quart., 1 & 4, Or, a lion rampant gu., armed and langued az., 2 & 3, Ar., a fir tree
          growing our of Mount in base fructed proper, on a chief gu., the Royal standard of Scotland is displayed
          bendwise on a canton of the field, a hand issuing from the sinister side holding a dagger also proper,
          point downwards.
          Ferguson Az., a round buckle ar. traversed by a baton of the second tipped sa., be. tween three
          boars’ heads erased or, langued gu.
          Fitzgerald Ar. a saltire gu.
          Fitzgibbon Ermine a saltire gu., on a chief ar., three annulets of the second.
          Fitzpatrick Sa., a saltire ar., on a chief az. three fleur-de-lis or.
          Fleming Vair a chief chequy or and gu.
          Forbes Az., three bears’ heads couped ar., muzzled gu.
          Fothringham Ermine, three bars gu.
          Fox Ar. a lion rampant and in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist gu.
          Fraser Quart., 1 & 4, Az., three fraises ar., 2 & 3, Ar., three antique crowns gu.
          French Ermine a chevron sa.
          Galbraith Cu. three bears’ heads erased ar. muzzled az.
          Gordon Quart., 1, Az., three boats’ heads couped or, 2, Or, three lions’ heads erased gu., 3, Or, three
          crescents within a double tressure flory-counter-flory gu., 4, Az., three fraises at.
          Graham Quart., 1 & 4, Or, on a chief sa. three escallops of the first. 2 & 3, Or, fess chequy azure and
          argent, in a chief a chevron gu. (Menteith).
          Graham Quart., 1 & 4, Or, on a chief sa. three escallops of the first. 2 & 3, Ar., three roses gu.
          (Montrose branch).
          Grant Cu., three Eastern or antique crowns or.
          Gunn Ar. a galley of three masts, her sails furled and oars in action sable flags gu. within a bordure
          az. on a chief of the third a bear’s head of the first, muzzled of the second between two mullets of the
          Hackett Az. three hake fishes haurient in fess at., on a chief of the second three shamrocks proper.
          Haldane Quart., 1 & 4, at. a saltire engrailed sa., 2, LENNOX; 3, MENTEITH.

Hamilton Quart., 1 & 4, gu. three cinquefoils pierced ermine, 2 & 3, Ar., a ship with sails furled and
          oars sa.
          Hay Ar., three escutcheons, gu.
          Innes Ar., three stars az.
          Jordan Ar. a fess sa., in base a lion passant of the last.
          Joyce Ar. an eagle with two heads displayed gu., over all a fess ermine.
          Kavanagh Ar. a lion passant gu., in base two crescents of the last.
          Keating Ar. a saltire gu. between four nettle leaves vert.
          Keith Ar. on a chief gu. three palets or.
          Kinnaird Gu. a saltire between four crescents or.
          Kinsella Ar. a fess gu. between in chief two garbs of the last and in base a lion passant sa.
          Lacy Or a lion rampant purpure.
          Lamont Az., a lion rampant ar.
          Lennox Ar. a saltire gu. between four roses of the last, barbed vert.
          Leslie Quart., 1 & 4, Ar. on a bend az. three buckles or, 2 & 3, Or, a lion rampant gu. debruised with a
          ribbon sa.
          Lindsay Quart., 1 & 4, Cu., a fess chequy ar. and az., 2 & 3, Or, a lion rampant gu. debruised with a
          ribbon sa.
          Livingston ar. three cinquefoils (or gullyflowers) gu. within a double tresure flory counterflory vert
          Livingston Ar. on a bend between three gullyflowers gu. an anchor of the first, a double tressure flory
          counterflory vert (Kinnaird).
          Logie Ar. two chevronells sa. between three roses gu.
          Lynch Az. a chevron between three trefoils slipt or.
          Lyon Ar. a lion rampant az. armed and langued, within a double tressure flory counterflory gu.
          MacAlister Or, an eagle displayed gu., armed sa.; on its breast a galley, sails furled, oars in action of
          the last, all within a bordure of the third charged with three crosscrosslets fitchy ar.
          MacArthur Az., a cross moline ar. between three antique or Eastern crowns Or. MacAulay Cu., two
          arrows in saltire ar. surmounted by a fess chequy of the first and second, between three buckles or,
          within a bordure indented or.
          MacAuliffe Ar. three mermaids with combs and mirrors in fess az. between as many mullets of the
          MacAwley Ar. a lion rampant gu. armed and langued az. in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist
          of the second.
          MacRain Quart., 1, Or, a lion rampant gu., 2, Ar., a dexture hand couped in pale gu., 3, Ar., a sword
          in pale proper, 4, A lymphad az. sails furled proper, oars in saltire gu. and flagged of the last.
          MacBrady Sa., in the sinister base a dexter hand couped at the wrist proper pointing with index finger
          to the sun in splendour in dexter chief or.
          MacCabe Vert a fess wavy between three salmon naiant argent.
          MacCann Az. fretty or, on a fess argent a boar passant gu.
          MacCaron Ar. a lion rampant and in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist gu.
          MacCartan Vert a lion rampant or, on a chief ar. a crescent between two dexter hands couped at the
          wrist gu.
          MacCarthy Ar. A stag trippant gu. attired and unguled or.
          MacClancy Ar. two lions passant guardant in pale gu.
          MacCoghlan Ar. three lions passant guardant gu. crowned or.
          MacColgan Az. a lion rampant or between three pheons points down ar.

MacConsidine Per pale sa. and gu., three lions passant guardant in pale per pale or and ar., armed
          MacCorquodale Ar. a demi-stag gu. naissant Out of a fesse tortile of the second and first.
          MacCostello Or three fusils az.
          MacCotter Az. three evetts in pale proper.
          MacCurtin Vert in front of a lance in pale or a stag trippant ar. attired or between three crosses
          crosslet or, two and one, and as many trefoils slipt ar. one and two.
          MacDermot Ar. on a chevron gu. between three boats' heads erased az. tusked and bristled or as
          many cross crosslets of the last.
          MacDonald Quart., 1, Ar., a lion rampant gu., armed or, 2, Or, a dexter hand couped fesswise,
          holding a cross crosslet fitchy gu., 3, Or, a lymphad or galley, oars in saltire sa., and in base a salmon
          naiant proper, in sea vert., 4, Ar., an oak tree surmounted by an eagle displayed or (Clanranald).
          MacDonald Or, an eagle displayed gu. surmounted of a galley sails furled and oars in action sa.
          (Macdonald of Macdonald).
          MacDonald Quart., 1, Ar., a lion rampant gu., 2, Or, a hand in armour holding a cross crosslet fitchy
          gu., 3, Ar., a row galley (or lymphad), the sails furled sa., 4, Vert, a salmon naiant in fess proper
          MacDonell Or, an eagle displayed gu., surmounted by a galley (biorlin) sa., sails furled, in dexter chief
          a hand couped of the second; sinister a cross crosslet fitchy of the third (Glengarry branch).
          MacDonell Or, a lion rampant gu., a canton, ar., charged with a dexter hand couped fessways proper
          holding a cross crosslet fitchy of the second (Keppoch branch).
          MacDonlevy Ar. on a mount in base proper a lion gu. and a buck of the second ram-pant combatant
          supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist of the third.
          MacDonnell Az. an ancient galley sails set and flags flying ar. between in chief a cross calvary in
          three grieces or, between in the dexter an increscent of the second and in the sinister a dexter hand
          couped at the wrist appaumee proper and in base a salmon naiant of the second (Clare).
          MacDonnell Quart., 1, Or a lion rampant gu., 2, Or, a dexter arm issuant from the sinister fess point
          out of a cloud proper, in the hand a cross crosslet fitchee erect az., 3, Ar. a lymphad sails furled sa.,
          4, Per fess az. and vert a dolphin naiant proper (of the Glens).
          MacDonogh Per chevron invected or and vert, in chief two lions passant guardant gu. in base a boar
          passant ar. armed and bristled of the first langued of the third.
          MacDougal Quart., 1 and 4, Az., a lion rampant at., 2 & 3, Or, a lymphad (or galley) sa., with a
          beacon on the topmast proper.
          MacDuff Or, a lion rampant gu.
          MacEachern A shield gyronny of eight or and sa. suspended from the mast of a lym-phad sa.
          MacEnery Ar. an eagle displayed vert.
          MacEvoy Per fess az. and per pale or and ermine a fess gu. issuant therefrom a demi-lion ar., in the
          dexter base a dexter hand couped at the wrist of the fourth.
          MacFarlane Ar., a saltire waved and cantoned with four roses gu. MacFie Per fess nebully az., and
          or, in chief a two-handed sword ar. hilted and porn-melled of the second, & in base a lymphad sa.,
          under sail of the third.
          MacGarry, Garrighy Ar. a lion rampant between four trefoils slipt vert, in chief a lizard passant vert.
          MacGenis Vert a lion rampant or, on a chief at. a dexter hand erect couped at the wrist gu.
MacGeoghegan Ar. a lion rampant between three dexter hands couped at the wrist gu.
          MacGeraghty Ar. on a mount vert an oak tree proper, in chief two falcons volant gu. MacGilfoyle Az.
          two bars ar.
          MacGillivray Quart., 1, Or, a cat-a-mountain sejant guardant proper, his dexter fore-paw on the ground
          his sinister fore-paw in a guardant posture & his tail reflexed under his sinister paw, 2, Ar. a dexter
          hand couped at the wrist apaumy gu., 3, Az., a salmon naiant Ar., 4, Or, a galley sailing sinister-wise
          Az., its oars in saltire & flagged gu.
          MacGillycuddy Gu. a wyvern or.
          MacGorman Az. a lion passant between three swords erect ar.
          MacGovern Az. a lion passant or, in chief three crescents of the last.
          MacGrath Quart., 1, Ar. three lions passant gu., 2, Or, a dexter hand lying fessways cauped at the
          wrist proper holding a cross formee fitchee az., 3, Gu. a dexter hand lying fessways couped at the
          wrist proper holding a battle-axe or, 4, Ar. an antelope trippant sa. attired ar.
          MacGregor Ar., an oak tree eradicated in bent sinister proper, surmounted by a sword az., hilted and
          potnmelled or, in bend supporting on its point, in the dexter canton, an antique crown gu.
          MacHugh Ar. a saltire vert between a dexter hand couped at the wrist in chief gu., two trefoils slipt of
          the second in fess and a boat with oars proper in base (Galway).
          MacHugh Vert a lion rampant or, in chief a fleur-de-lis between two annulets ar. (Munster).
          Macian Or, a galley, sails furled, oars in action sa., between, in fess, dexter, an eagle displayed gu.,
          and sinister, a buckle of the last (Ardmamurchan).
          Maclnerney Ar. three lions passant in pale gu. armed and langued az (Clare).
          Maclnnes Quart., 1, Az. a castle of two towers or windows and port gu.; 2 & 3, Or on a sea in base
          undy az. at. a lymphad vert flag and five visible oars gu., 4, gyronny of eight sa. and or; over all a cross
          vert charged with a mill-rhind between four pheons ar. accompanied by two cross crosslets in the
          flanks and as many cross crosslets fitche, all of the last, in chief and base of the said cross.
          Maclntyre Quart., I and 4, Or, an eagle displayed gu. armed and langued sa., 2, ar. a galley, her sails
          furled sa. flags gu.; 3, at. a sinister hand couped fess-ways, gu. holding a cross crosslet fitche
          Maclvor Quart., 1st, gyronny of eight or and sa.; 2nd, at. a dexter hand couped fesseways, grasping a
          dagger in pale gu.; 3rd, at. a galley, her sails furled and oars in action sa.; 4th, quart. or and gu. a bend
          MacKay Az., on a chevron between three bears' heads couped at. and muzzled gu., a roebuck's head
          erased, between two hands holding daggers, all proper.
          MacKenna, Kenny Vert a fess ar. between three lions' heads affrontee or.
          MacKenzie Az., a stag's head cabossed or.
          MacKeogh Ar. a lion rampant gu., in the dexter chief a dexter hand couped at the wrist and in the
          sinister a crescent both of the second (Connacht).
          MacKeown Ar. two lions rampant combatant sa. supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist gu., in
          chief four mullets of eight points gu., in base waves of the sea therein a salmon naiant all proper.
          MicKinnon 1, Vert, a boar's head erased at., holding in its mouth the shankbone of adeer proper, 2,
          Az., a castle triple-towered and embattled at., masoned sa., windows and portcullis gu., 3, Or. a
          lymphad, sails furled, the oars saltitewise sa., flags flying gu., 4, Ar., a dexter hand couped fess-wise,
          holding a cross crosslet fitchy sa.
          MacKintosh Quart., 1, Or, a lion rampant gu., 2, Argent, a dexter hand couped fesswise, grasping a man's heart proper, 3, Az., a boar's head couped or, 4, Or, a lymphad az., oars
          erect in saltite gu.
          MacLachlan Quart., 1, Or, a lion rampant gu., 2, Ar., a dexter hand couped in fess, holding a crosslet
          patte in pale gu., 3, Or, a galley, oars in saltire sa. in a sea proper, 4, Ar., in base in the sea undy, vert
          a salmon naiant proper.
          MacLame Quart., 1, Ar., a lion rampant gu., 2, Az., a tower ar., 3, Or, a dexter hand couped in fess
          gu., holding a cross crosslet fitchy az., 4, Or, a lymphad proper, in base vert a salmon naiant proper.
          MacLaren, Laurin Or two chevronnells gu., a lymphad sails furled sa. in base.
          MacLean Quart., 1, Ar., a rock gu., 2, Ar., a dexter hand couped fesswise gu., holding a ctosslet
          fitchy in pale az., 3, Or, a lymphad, oars in saltire, sails furled sa., flagged gu., 4, Ar., a salmon naiant
          proper, and in chief two eagles' heads erased respectant gu.
          MacLeish Or two chevtons gu. a canton sa.
          MacLeod Quart., 1 & 4, Az., a castle triple-towered and embattled ar., masoned sa., windows and
          porch gu., 2 & 3, gu., three legs armed, conjoined, and flexed at the knees ar. (Harris branch).
          MacLeod Or, a burning mountain proper, in the dexter and sinister chief points two crosses patte
          fitchy gu. (Lewis branch).
          MacLoughlin Per fess az. and gu., in chief a lion rampant or between two swords erect ar. pommels
          and hilts or, in base three crescents ar. (TirconnelD.
          MacLoughlin Per fess, the chief two coats, 1, Ar. three dexter hands couped at the wrist gu., 2, Ar. a
          lion rampant gu. armed and langued az., the base wavy az. and ar. a salmon naiant proper (Meath).
          MacLysaght Ar. three spears erect in fess gu., on a chief az. a lion passant guardant or.
          MacMahon Ar. an ostrich sa. holding in the beak a horse shoe or (Oriel).
          MacMahon Ar. three lions passant reguardant in pale gu. armed and langued az. (Thomond).
          MacManus Vert a griffin sergreant or, in chief three crescents at.
          MacMillan Or, a lion rampant sa., in chief three mullets azure.
          MacNab Sa., on a chevron at., three crescents vert, in base an open boat with oars at., sailing in a
          sea proper.
          MacNally Gu. an arm in armour proper garnished or and embowed couped at the shoulder holding in
          the hand a battle-axe of the second between six martlets ar. three and three palewise, in the centre
          chief point an ancient Irish crown or.
          MacNamara Gu. a lion rampant at., in chief two spearheads or.
          MacNaughton Quart., 1 & 4, Ar., a hand fesswise proper, holding a cross crosslet fitchy az., 2 & 3,
          Ar., a castle embattled gu.
          MacNeil Quart., I, Vert, a lion rampant or, 2, At., in base the sea, with a castle is-suant therefrom
          proper, 3, Or, a lymphad, sails furled sa., 4, Or, a dexter hand palewise couped gu., within an one of
          nine fetterlocks (Barra).
          MacNeil Quart., 1 & 4, Az., a lion rampant, armed and langued gules, 2, Ar., a sinister hand couped
          fessways in chief gu., in base wavy, az., a salmon naiant ar., 3, Or, a galley, oars in saltite gu., on a
          chief gu., three mullets or (Gigha).
          MacPherson Party per fess or and az., a lymphad of the first flagged gu. sails furled, oats in action
          proper, in the dexter chief point a dexter hand couped fesswise grasp. ing a dagger erect palewise gu.,
          and in the sinister a cross crosslet fltche gu.
          MacQuarrie Quart., 1 & 4, vent three towers embattled in chief an., 2 & 3, ar. 3 ar three cross crosslet
          MacQueen Ar. three wolves' heads couped sa.
          MacQuillan Cu. a wolf rampant at., a chief or.
MacRae Ar., a fess az., between three mullets in chief and a lion rampant in base gu.
          MacRannall Vert a lion rampant between three escallops or.
          MacShanly Az., a lion passant or, in chief three estoiles of the last.
          MacSheehy Quart., 1, Az. a lion passant guardant at., 2, Ar. three lizards vert, 3, Az. three pole-axes
          in fess or, 4, Ar., a ship with three masts sa.
          MacSweeney Or on a fess vert between three boats passant sa. a lizard argent.
          MacTernan, Tiernan Ermine two lions passant gu.
          Maguire Vert a white horse fully caparisoned thereon a knight in complete armour on his helmet a
          plume of ostrich feathers his right hand brandishing a sword all proper.
          Malcolm Ar. on a saltire az. between four stags’ heads erased gu., five mullets or.
          Martin Az. a cross calvary on three grieces ar., the dexter arm terminating in a sun in splendour or,
          the sinister in a decrescent at.
          Matheson Gyronny of eight sable and gules, a lion rampant or, armed & langued az.
          Mentieth Or, a bend chequy az. and sa. (Stewart branch).
          Menaies Ar., a chief gu.
          Moncreiffe Ar. a lion rampant gu. a chief ermine.
          Moray Quart., 1 & 4, az. three stars at. within a double tressure fllory counter-flory or; 2 & 3, or, two
          chevronells gu., for STRATHEARN.
          Morris Or a fess dancettee, in base a lion rampant sa.
          Morrison Per bend sinister Gules and Ar., a demi-lion rampant issuant Or, armed and langued Az.,
          holding in his paws a battle-axe, the shaft curved, of the Third, axe-head of the Fourth in chief, in base,
          issuing from the sea undy, Vert and Or, a tower sa., windows and port Or, over all a bend sinister
          embattled Az., charged with an open crown Or, jewelled gu., between two fleurs-de-lys Argent.
          Munro Or, an eagle’s head erased gules.
          Murray Az., three mullets at., within a double tressure flory.
          Nagle Ermine on a fess az. three lozenges or.
          Napier Ar. a saltire engrailed between four roses gu. barbed vert.
          Nugent Ermine two bars gu.
          O’Aherne Vert, three herons at.
          O’Beirne Ar. an orange tree eradicated and fructed proper, in base a lizard vert, in the dexter base
          point a saltire couped gu. on a chief az. the sun in his splendour or and a crescent of the first.
          O’Boylan Ar. an eagle displayed sa. armed or.
          O’Boyle Or an oaktree eradicated vert.
          O’Branagan Per pale gu. and at. a sinister hand erased at the wrist between three crosses moline
          O’Brcnnan Ar. a lion rampant az., in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist apaumee gu.
          O’Brennan Gu. two lions rampant combatant supporting a garb all or, in chief three swords two in
          saltire points upwards and one in fess point to the dexter, pommels and hilts of the second (Ossory).
          O’Brien Gu., three lions passant guardant in pale per pale or and at.
          O’Byrne Gu. a chevron between three dexter hand couped at the wrist ar.
          O’Cahan Az. on a fess per pale gu. and at. between in chief out of the horns of a crescent, a dexter
          hand couped at the wrist and apaumee, surmounted by an estoile between on the dexter a horse
          counter-saliant, and on the sinister a lion rampant each also surmounted by an estoile, and in base a
          salmon naiant all at. on the dexter side three lizards passant bend sinisterways gu. and on the dexter an oak tree eradicated vert, over all an
          escutcheon ar. charged wtth a cross calvary on three grieces proper.
          O’CahilI Ar. a whale spouting in the sea proper.
          O’Callaghan Ar. in base a mount vert on the dexter side a hurst of oak trees issuant therefrom a wolf
          passant towards the sinister all proper.
          O'Carroll Sa, two lions rampant combatant or armed and langoed gu. supporting a sword point
          upwards proper pommel aml hilt or.
          O’Carry Az. a lion passant guardant or.
          O’Casey Ar. a chevron between three eagles heads erased gu.
          O’Cassidy Per chevron ar. and gu., in chief two lions rampant and in base a boar passant both
          O'Cleary Or three nettle leaves vert.
          O’Coffey Vert a fess ermine between three Irish cups or.
          O'Concannon Ar. on a mount in base proper an oak tree vert, perched on the top thereof a falcon
          proper, two cross crosslets fitchy in fess az.
          O’Connell Per fess ar. and vert a stag trippant proper between three trefoils slipped ounterchanged.
          O’Connor Vert a lion rampant double queued and crowned or (Kerry).
          O’Connor Ar. on a mount in base an oak tree all proper (Keenaght).
          O’Connor Vert a stag trippant or (Corcomroe).
          O’Connor Per pale vert and ar., in the dexter a lion rampant to the sinister or, in the sinister on a
          mount in base vert an oak tree proper (Sligo).
          O’Connor Ar, on a mount in base vert an oak tree acorned proper (Faly).
          O’Connor Erm. an oak tree eradicated and acorned proper (Roe).
          O’Connor Ar. an oak tree vert (Don).
          O’Conrahy Quart., 1, Vert three goats passant ar., 2, Ar. a lion rampant go., 3, Gu. three escallops
          ar., 4, Vert a cock statant proper.
          O’Cornyn Per fess ar. and ermine a fess gu. in chief a demi lion rampant sa.
          O’Corrigan or a chevron between two trefoils slipt in chief and in base a lizard passant vert.
          O’Crean, Creghan Ar. a wolf rampant sa. between three human hearts gu.
          O’Crowley Ar. a boar passant az. between three crosses crosslet gu.
          O’Cullane Ar. two lions rampant combatant proper.
          O’Cullen Gu. on a chevron between three dexter hands erect couped at the wrist ar. a garb of the first
          between two trefoils slipt vert.
          O’Cullinan Ar. a stag springing gu. attired and unguled vert, in base a dexter hand appaumee couped
          at the wrist proper.
          O’Daly Per fess ar. and or a lion rampant per fess sa. and gu., in chief two dexter hands couped at the
          wrist of the last.
          O'Davoren Ar. a sword erect in pale distilling drops of blood proper pommel and hilt or.
          O’Dea Ar, a dexter hand lying fessways couped at the wrist cuffed indented az. holding a sword in
          paIe all proper, in chief two snakes embowed vert.
          O’Dempsey Gu. a lion rampant ar., armed and langued az. between two swords points upwards of the
          second pommels and hilts or one in bend dexter the other in bend sinister.
          O'Dinneen, Denning Az. two swords in saltire points upwards ar. pommels and hilts or four roses or.
          O’Doherty Ar. a stag springing gu. on a chief vert three mullets of the first.
          O’Donegan Ar. three ermine spots in pale sa. between four lions rampant, those in dexter chief and
          sinister base gu., and those in sinister chief and dexter base of the second.
          O’Donnell Or issuing from the sinister side of the shield an arm fessways vested az. cuffed ar. holding
          in the hand proper a passion cross gu.
          O’Donnellan Ar. an oak tree eradicated proper, on the sinister side a slave sa. chained to the stem
          O'Donnelly Ar. two lions rampant combatant supporting a dexter hand cooped at the wrist apaumee
          gu., in base the sea therein a salmon naiant proper.
          O’Donoghue Vert two foxes rampant combatant ar., on a chief of the last an eagle volant sa.
          O’Donovan Ar. issuing from the sinister side of the shield a cubit dexter arm vested gu. cuffed of the
          first the hand grasping a scian in pale the blade entwined with a serpent all proper.
          O’Doran per pale sa. and ar. a boar passant counterchanged, on a chief az. three mullets of the
          O’Dowd Vert a saltire or, in chief two swords in saltire points upwards the dexter surmounted of the
          sinister ar. pommels and hilt or.
          O’Dowling Ar. a holly tree eradicated proper, on a chief az., a lion passant between two trefoils slipt
          O’Doyle Ar. three bucks' heads erased gu. attired or, within a border compony or and az.
          O’Driscoll Ar. an ancient galley sails furled sa.
          O’Duany, Duvany Ermine a fox passant sa., in chief two crescents of the last.
          O’Dugenan Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree, the stem entwined with two serpents interwoven
          and erect respecting each other all proper.
          O’Dunne Az. an eagle displayed or.
          O’Dwyer Ar. a lion rampant gu. between three ermine spots.
          O’Fahy Az. a hand cooped at the wrist fessways in chief proper holding a sword paleways argent
          pommel and hilt or point downwards pierced through a boar’s head erased of the last.
          O’Fallon Gu. a greyhound rampant ar. holding between the forepaws a tilting speat point to the dexter
          O’Farrell Vert a lion rampant or.
          O’Finnegan Gu. two lions rampant combatant ar. supporting a sword in pale blade wavy point
          upwards proper.
          O’Flaherty Ar. two lions rampant combatant supporting a dexter hand cooped at the wrist all gu., in
          base a boat with eight oars sa.
          O'Flanagan Ar. out of a mount in base vert an oak tree proper, a border of the second (Roscommon).
          O’Flynn Az, a wolf passant ar., in chief three bezants.
          O’Fogarty Az. two lions rampant combatant supporting a garb all or, in dexter base a crescent ar., in
          sinister base a harp of the second stringed of the third.
          O’Friel Gu. in dexter fess a garb or, in sinister fess a dexter hand cooped at the wrist fessways proper
          grasping a cross calvary on three grieces ar., in chief three mullets of the second.
          O’Gallagher Ar. a lion rampant sa. treading on a Serpent in fess proper between eight trefoils vert.
          O’Galvin, Gallivan Gu. three salmon haurient ar.
          O’Gara Ar. three lions rampant az., on a chief gu. a demi-lion rampant or.
          O’Gormley Or, three martlets gu., two and one.
          O’Grady Per pale gu. and sa. three lions passant per pale ar. and or.
          O’Griffey Sa. a griffin segreant or, langued and armed gu.

O’Hagan Quart., ar. and az., in 1, a shoe proper, on a canton per chevron gu. and ermine three
          covered cups or, in 2, a flag of the first charged with a dexter hand of fourth, 3, a lion rampant of the
          sixth, and 4, a fish naiant proper.
          O’Halloran Cu. a horse passant ar. saddled and bridled proper, on a chief of the second three martlets
          O’Hanlon Vert. on a mount in base proper a boar passant ermine.
          O’Hanly Vert a boar passant ar. armed hoofed and bristled or, between two arrows barways of the
          second headed of the third, that in chief pointing to the dexter and that in base to the Sinister.
          O’Hanraghty Az. a griffin passant wings elevated or.
          O’Hanrahan Gu. a lizard passant in fess or, in chief a trefoil slipped between two holly leaves ar. in
          base a garb of the second.
          O’Hara Vert on a pale radiant or a lion rampart sa.
          O’Hart Cu. a lion passant guardant or, in base a human heart ar.
          O’Hartagan Az. a lion rampant or holding in each forepaw a dagger ar. pommels and hilts of the
          O’Hea Ar. a dexter arm lying fessways couped below the elbow vested gu. turned up of the first
          grasping in the hand a sword in pale entwined with a serpent descending all proper.
          O’Heffernan Per fess vert and gu., on a fess or a lion passant guardant az., in chief three crescents
          O’Hegarty Ar. an oaktree eradicated proper, on a chief gu. three birds of the first beaked and legged
          O’Hennessy Cu. a boar passant proper (Clare-Cork).
          O’Hennessy Vert a stag trippant ar. between six arrows, two, two, and two saltire. ways or (Offaly).
          O’Heyne Per pale indented or and gu. two lions rampant combatant counter-changed.
          O’Hickey Az. a lion passant guardant or, on a chief ermine a bend sa.
          O’Higgin, Higgins Ar. guttee de poix on a fess sa. three towers of the first.
          O’Horan Vert three lions rampant two and one or.
          O’Houlihan Az. a tower or supported by two lions rampant argent, in base two crescents of the last,
          on a chief of the third three annulets gules.
          O’Kearney Ar. three lions rampant gu., on a chief az. between two pheons of the first a gauntletted
          hand fessways or holding a dagger erect proper pommel and hilt or.
          O’Keeffe Vert a lion rampant or, in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist erect and apaumee of
          the last.
          O’Keevan Vert a saltire or, between in chief and in base a lizard passant of the last, and in fess two
          daggers erect ar. pommels and hilts gold.
          O’Kelly Az. a tower triple-towered supported by two lions rampant ar., as many chains descending
          from the battlements between the lion’s legs or.
          O’Kennedy Sa. three helmets in profile proper.
          O’Kiernan Vert on a chevron ar. three leopards’ faces gu.
          O’Kinneally Cu. a stag statant ar.
          O’Laylor Or a lion rampant guardant gu.
          O’Lanigan Az. on a paler ar. between two lions rampant regarding each other or, each between three
          fleurs-de-lis, two and one, of the second, three trefoils in pale vert.
          O’Leary Ar. a lion passant in base gu., in chief a ship of three masts sa. sails set proper from the
          stern the flag of St. Ceorge flotant
          O’Lee Ar. an oak tree eradicated proper on a fess wavy az. a fox’s head erased of the first between two fish naiant or.
          O’Lonergan Ar. on a chevron az. three estoiles or, in chief two arrows in saltire points downwards gu.
          O'Loughlin Gu. a man in complete armour facing the sinister shooting an arrow from a bow all proper.
          O’Lynch Ar. a cross sa. between four lions rampant gu. armed and langued az.
          O’Lynn Quart., ar. and gu. four dexter hands couped at the wrist counterchanged (branch of O’Lynn).
          O’Lynn Per fess ar. and gu. a sword in pale between two dexter hands couped at the wrist, one in
          chief the other in base counterchanged (branch).
          O’Madden Sa. a falcon volant seizing a mallard ar.
          O’Maher Az. two lions rampant combatant or, supporting a sword ar. pommel and hilt of the second,
          in base two crescents of the third.
          O’Mahony Quart., 1 & 4, Or a lion rampant az., 2, per pale ar. and gu. a lion rampant counterchanged,
          3, Ar. a chevron gu. between three snakes tongued proper.
          O’Malley Or a boar passant gu.
          O’Malone Vert a lion rampant or between three mullets ar.
          O'Mannin Gu. three crescents at. a border ermaine (or ar.).
          O’Meara Gu. three lions passant guardant in pale per pale or and ar., a border az. charged with eight
          escallops ar.
          O’Meehan Gu. on a chevron at. three bucks’ heads erased of the field attired or, in base a demi-lion
          rampant ar.
          O’Moledy Vert a lion rampant double queued and crowned or, between three close helmets in profile
          O’Molloy Ar. a lion rampant sa. between three trefoils slipt gu.
          O’Molony Az., on the dexter side a quiver of three arrows, on the Sinister a bow erect all or.
          O’Monahan Az. a chevron between three mullets or.
          O’Mooney Ar. a holly tree eradicated vert thereon a lizard passant or, a border cornpony counter
          compony of the first and second.
          O’Morchoe Ar. an apple tree eradicated fructed proper, on a chief vert a lion passant or.
          O’More Vert a lion rampant or, in chief three mullets of the last.
          O’Moriarty Ar. an eagle displayed sa.
          O’Moroney Az. a chevron or between three boats’ heads couped at. langued gu.
          O’Mulconry Az. a ancient book open indexed edged or, a chief embattled of the last.
          O’Mullally, Lally Ar. three eagles displayed gu. two and one each holding in the beak a sprig of laurel
          proper between as many crescents, one and two, az.
          O’Mullen Ar. a dexter hand couped at the wrist in fess gu. holding a dagger in pale proper between
          three crescents gu.
          O’Mulroony Ar. a dexter hand couped at the wrist and erect gu. a border az. charged in the dexter
          chief with an open book proper.
          O’Mulryan Gu. three griffins’ heads erased ar.
          O’Mulvihil Pet fess at. and gu., in chief two lions rampant combatant az. supporting a dexter hand
          couped at the wrist gu. and in base a salmon naiant proper, in base an Irish harp or stringed ar.
          between two battle-axes proper.
          O’Murphy Quart., ar. and gu., on a fess sa. between four lions rampant counterchanged three garbs
          O’Naghten Quart., 1 & 4, Cu. three falcons close proper, 2 & 3, Vett three swords at. pommels and
          hilts or, one in pale point downwards the others in saltire points upwards.
          O’Neill Ar. two lions rampant combatant gu. supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist of the last,
          in chief three estoiles of the second, in base waves of the sea therein naiant a salmon all proper.
          O’Neill Per fess wavy the chief ar. the base representing waves of the sea, in chief a dexter hand
          couped at the wrist gu. in base a salmon naiant proper (Claneboy).
          O’Nolan, Knowlan Ar. on a cross gu. a lion passant between four martlets of the first, in each quarter
          a sword erect of the second.
          O’Phelan Ar. four lozenges in bend conjoined az. between two cotises of the last, on a chief gu. three
          fieur-de-Iis of the first.
          O’Quigley Cu. an one ar., over all a bend erminois.
          O’Quin Vent a pegasus passant wings elevated ar., a chief or (branch of O’Farrell).
          O’Quin Cu. a hand couped below the wrist grasping a sword all proper between in chief two crescents
          ar. and in base as many serpents erect and respecting each other tails nowed or (Glare).
          O’Quinlan Per pale ermine and or two lions rampant combatant between in chief a mullet surmounted
          of a crescent and in base a dexter hand couped at the wrist and erect all gu.
          O’Regan Or a chevron ermine between three dolphins az.
          O’Reilly Vert two lions rampant combatant or supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist erect and
          apaumee bloody proper.
          O’Riordan Quart., 1 & 4, Cu. out of clouds in the sinister side a dexter arm fessways proper holding a
          dagger in pale ar. pommel and hilt or, 2 & 3, Ar., a lion rampant gu. against a tree in the dexter couped
          O’Rourke Or two lions passant in pale sa.
          O’Scanlan Per fess indented ar. and az. three lions rampant counterchanged.
          O’Shaughnessy Vert a tower triple towered an. supported by two lions rampant combatant or.
          O’Shea Per bend indented az. and or two fleur-de-lis counterchanged.
          O’Sheehan Az. on a mount in base vent a dove ar. holding in the beak an olive branch proper.
          O’Shiel Ar. a lion rampant between two dexter hands couped at the wrist erect apaumee in chief and a
          mullet in base all gu.
          O’Sheridan Or a lion rampant between three trefoils vert.
          O’Sullivan Per fess, the base per pale, in chief or a dexter hand couped at the wrist gu. grasping a
          sword erect blade entwined with a serpent proper between two lions rampant respecting each other of
          the second, on the dexter base vert a stag trippant or, on the sinister base per pale ar. and sa. a boar
          passant counterchanged (main branch).
          O’Sullivan Per pale ar. and sa., a fess between in chief a boar passant and in base another counter
          passant all counterchanged armed hoofed and bristled or (Beare branch).
          O’Toole Cu. a lion passant ar.
          Ogilvy Ar., a lion passant guardant gu., crowned with an imperial crown, and collared with an open
          crown or.
          Power Ar. a chief indented sa.
          Prendergast Vair on a chief or, three oak leaves vent.
          Purcell 0r a saltire between four boars’ heads couped sa.
          Ramsay Ar. an eagle displayed sa. beaked and membered gu.
          Rattray Az. three cross cnosslets fitchee or.
          Reid Ar. an eagle displayed sa. beaked and membeted or, charged on the breast with an escutcheon of the last (Colliston, Fife).
          Reid Quart., 1 & 4, ar. an eagle displayed gu. beaked and armed az., 2 & 3, gu. a dagger erect in pale
          proper between three wolves’ heads erased ar. (Strathloch).
          Rice Quart., 1 & 4, per pale indented at. and gu., 2 and 3, az. a lion rampant or.
          Robertson Gu., three wolves’ heads erased arr., armed and langued az.
          Roche Gu. three roaches naiant in pale ar.
          Ross Cu., three lions rampant, two and one ar.
          Rothe Or, on a mount in base proper a stag trippant ar. attired gu. in front of an oak tree vert.
          Ruthven Ar. three pallets gu.
          Sarsfield Per pale ar. and gu. a fleur-de-lis counterchanged.
          Savage Ar. six lions rampant sa. langued gu.
          Scrymgeour Cu. a lion rampant or, armed and langued az. holding in the dexter paw a scymitar ar.
          Sinclair Quart., 1, Az., a ship at anchor within a double tressure flory-counter-flory, her oars erect in
          saltire or, 2 & 3, Or, a lion rampant gu., 4, Az., a ship under sail or, over all a cross engrailed,
          quartered, dividing the four quarters ar. and sa.
          Skene Cu., three sgians (or daggers) palewise in fess ar., hilted and pommelled or, surmounted of as
          many wolves’ heads or.
          Spalding Ar. a two-handed sword in pale az.
          Spens Or, a lion rampant gu. surmounted of a bend sa. charged with three lozenges ar.
          Strathearn Cu. two chevrotiells or.
          Steuart Or, a lion rampant gu. between three mullets az. over all a fess chequy at. and of the third
          (Dalguise, Atholl—Royal).
          Steuart Quart., 1 & 4, Or, a lion rampant within a double tressure flory-counter-flory gu., 2 & 3, Or, a
          fess chequy az and ar. all within a bordure engrailed of the first (Ballechin, Atholl — Royal).
          Stewart Quart., 1 & 4, Or, a fess chequy az. and ar., 2 &3, Ar., a galley, sails trussed up, flags, gu.,
          and oars in action (Appin).
          Stewart Quart. I & 4, Or, a fess chequy az. and at., 2 & 3, At., a lymphad, oars in action sa.
          (Crandtully, Atholl).
          Stewart Quart., 1 & 4, Or, a lion rampant gu., armed and langued az., within a double tressure
          flory-counter-flory gu., 2, Or, a fess chequy az. and at., in chief a mullet gu., 3, Ar. a saltire gu.
          cantoned with four roses of the last, all within a bordure engrailed compony az. and at. (Ardvotlich,
          Stewart Quart., I & 4, or, a fess chequy az. and at. surmounted by a lion rampant gu., 2 & 3, az. three
          garbs or (Carth, Atholl—Royal).
          Stirling Ar. on a bend sa. three buckles or (Keir).
          Stuart Or, a fess chequy az. and at. within a double tressure floty-countet-flory gu. (Marquis of
          Sutherland Cu., three mullets or, within a tressure flory-countet-flory of the first.
          Taaffe Cu. a cross at. ftetty az.
          Teeling Quart. per fesse indented or and gu.
          Tobin Az. three oak leaves at.
          Tyrie Sa. on a chevron at. a lion rampant az. between two totteaux.
          Urquhart Or, three boat’s heads erased gu., armed proper and langued azure.
          Wall, Faltagh Az. a lion rampant between three crosses ctosslet or.
          Walsh Ar. a chevron gu. between three broad arrow heads points upwards sa.

Appendix II - A List of Surnames

There are over a thousand families listed here. The names are in their Anglicized form, that is, the most
          generally representative forms in English. Several categories of names appear, including names of the
          families covered in Part II, by ethnic group; important variant forms of names found in Part II; and
          names of families which are direct branches of one of the families dealt with in Part II, as opposed to
          more distantly related tribal branches. Included in this latter category are blood-related septs of the
          Scottish clans. (Scottish clan septs can be of two kinds; firstly there are the male-line branches, the
          identifiable of which are covered here, but then secondly there were those not related in the male line,
          yet who nonetheless followed the chief of the clan, adhering to him for protection. This reflects Scottish
          clanship’s slightly different development in this regard, as discussed in Part I.)

          Finally, it should be noted that in some cases more than one distinct sept bore the same name in
          English or Gaelic or both, and when one or more of such families are dealt with while others of the
          same name are not, confusion may arise. To avoid confusion, those not dealt with are listed here but
          marked "IVL" (indeterminate, various localities), which generally indicates that these families simply
          did not fall within the main Gaelic tribal sphere, either because they resided outside the Gaelic area, or
          else because they did not form a cohesive group with the level of real political significance common to
          the tribal and clan families listed in Part II, hence their exclusion from further consideration. They are
          included to show, for instance, that all O’Neills are not necessarily of the great Ulster clan, or O’Neill
          might be the name of a minor family or of some other clan, or even of a family with no historical or tribal
          significance. In this way I have cross-referenced family names throughout the Gaelic area, so that
          accuracy might be maintained.

          For the genealogist, connection with a particular family bearing such an often-used name must be
          made on a territorial basis (e.g., if your Maclnerney great-grandmother was from County Clare, then
          that shows her to be Dalcassian, and not of the famous Roscommon family of hereditary abbots or erenaghs).
If a family is only known to originate in a metropolitan area such as Dublin, or Cork City,
          then a family tradition must be extant to determine the origin of the family (unless a family connection
          to the city is very old). The same is true if the families in question lived in areas adjacent to each other,
          though this is relatively rare for families of the same name. For the most part the genealogist’s track is
          straightforward when logic and some sense of history are employed. For Scottish families, holding a
          sept-name is often a better indication of actual descent than holding the clan chief’s name itself,
          unless a knowledge of one’s exact connection to the chiefly line is known (see remarks in Part I,
          Chapter 1). This again reflects the particular differences of Scottish clanship. In addition, many
          Scottish families also appear in Ulster after the sixteenth century, as a result of large-scale
          immigration. The genealogist will find this cross-referenced appendix invaluable, and a further look to
          the bibliography is also advised, especially where doubt may exist. Also, when using this, name-forms
          should be searched with and without the prefixes "0" and "Mac."
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Abbot MacNab
Abbot IVL- Ireland
Abernethy MacDuff
Alexander MacAlister
Alexander IVL-South Scotland
Anderson Ross
Anderson IVL-South Scotland
Ardencaple Gaels MacAulay
Arthur (Limerick) Vikings
Arthur IVL-South Scotland
Bain MacKay
Balquhidder Cruithne
Barrett Normans
Barron Fitzgerald
Barron IVL-Mayo, Angus
Barry Normans
Bartholomew MacFarlane
Bartholomew IVL-South Scotland
Baxter MacMillan
Baxter IVL-South Scotland
Bell MacMillan
Bell IVL-South Scotland
Bisset Normans
Black Lamont
Black MacGregor
Black IVL
Blake IVL-Mayo, Fermanagh
Blake Normans Tribes of Galway
Bohannon IVL - Clare
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Bohannon Buchanan
Bolan, Boland IVL - Mayo, SLigo, Clare
Bolan, Boland Gaels O'Beolain (Drumcliffe)
Bolan, Boland Gaels O'Brolan
Bowie MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Boyle IVL - South Scotland
Brady O'Grady
Brady IVL - Leinster
Brallaghan O'Brollaghan
Brandon Normans Fitzmaurice (Kerry)
Brandon IVL
Brien IVL
Brieve Morrison
Brodie Cruithne
Brodie (Argyle) O'Brollaghan
Brolochan (Argyle) O'Brollaghan
Brown Lamont
Brown IVL - South Scotland
Browne IVL - Ireland
Browne Normans Tribes of Galway
Bruce Normans
Buchan Cruithne
Buchanan Gaels
Burke, Bourke Normans
Burness, Burnes, Burns Campbell
Burness, Burnes, Burns IVL - South Scotland
Burns O'Beirne
Burns O'Bryne
Burns IVL - Ireland (not Ulster)
Butler Normans
Butter, Buttar Normans
Byrne IVL
Caddell Campbell
Caddell Blake
Cairney Gaels O'Beolain
Calder Campbell
Callaghan IVL - Oriel
Callendar, Callander Normans
Cameron Erainn
Campbell Errainn
Carney (Rare) Fox
Carney (Rare) O'Neill (Ulster)
Carney O'Kearney (Mayo, Tipperary)
Carron IVL - Ulster
Carry IVL - Ulster, Galway
Carthy MacCarthy
Carthy O'Carry
Carthy IVL - Connacht
Cattanach MacPherson
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Cavan O'Keevan
Cawley MacAwley (Fermanagh)
Chalmers Cameron
Cheyne, Chesney IVL - Ulster
Cheyne IVL - Northern Scotland
Chisholm Normans
Clarke O'Cleary
Clarke O'Hara
Clarke IVL
Cleary O'Hara
Coffey IVL - Connacht, Kerry, Tipperary
Cogley O'Quigley
Collier, Colyear Robertson
Collier, Colyer IVL - Ireland
Collins O'Cullane
Collins IVL - Ireland
Colquhoun Normans
Colson MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Comrie MacGregor
Condon IVL
Condon Normans
Conlon, Connellan O'Quinlan
Conlon, Connellan IVL - North Connacht
Conn MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Conn IVL - South Scotland
Conry O'Mulconry
Conry IVL - Galway
Cowan MacKeown
Cowan IVL - Ireland, S. Scotland
Cowhey IVL - Connacht
Cowhey, Cowhig O'Coffey
Creagh Erainn
Creagh IVL - Munster
Crean, Crehan, Creghan IVL - Leinster, Galway, South Ireland
Creghan, Crehan O'Crean
Crehan IVL - Ulster
Crerar MacKintosh
Cullen MacQuillan
Cullen O'Cullane
Cullen Gaels O'Cullinan
Cullen IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
Cumming IVL - Ireland
Cumming, Comyn, Cummin Normans
Cunnagher Joyce
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Currie MacPherson
Currie O'Daly
Currie IVL - Scotland
Cusack IVL
Cusack Normans
Dallas, Doles MacPherson
Dalton Normans
Darcy IVL - Connacht
Darcy Normans
Darditz, Dardes Normans
Davidson Erainn
Davis O'Morchoe
Davis IVL - Ireland
Daw O'Dea
Deane Tribes of Galway
Deane IVL - Donegal, Tipperary
de Courcy Normans
Deignan, Dignam O'Duigenan
Dewar MacNab
Dewar Menzies
Dillon IVL
Dillon Normans
Dinnes Innes
Dochart MacGregor
Donachie Robertson
Donaldson, Donald MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Donleavy Buchanan
Donnelson, Donillson MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Doody O'Dowd
Dougherty O'Doherty
Douglas Normans
Dove, Dow Buchanan
Downing O'Dinneen
Downing IVL - Cork, Kerry, Limerick
Doyle (Roscommon) MacDougal
Doyne O'Dunne
Drummond Cruithne
Drummond IVL - Ireland
Duff IVL - Ireland, Scotland
Dunbar Gaels
Duncan IVL - Ireland
Duncan, Duncanson Robertson
Dundas Gaels
Dunning O'Dinneen
Dunning IVL - Britain
Durie Cruithne
Dyce Skene
Elder MacPherson
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Elder IVL - S.Scotland, Ireland
Enrick, Eanrig Gunn
Erskine Cruithne
Fagan O'Hagan
Fagan IVL - Ireland
Fagan Normans
Faltagh, Wall Norman
Fant Tribes of Galway
Farquharson Erainn
Fergus IVL - Ireland
Fergusson, Fergus Erainn
Fergusson, Fergus IVL - Northeast & South Scotland, Ireland
Fernon O'Heffernan
Ferries Fergusson (Ulster)
Ferris Fergusson (Buchan)
Ferris O'Moriarty
Ferris IVL - Scotland, Kerry
Finlay, Finlayson Farquharson
Fitzgerald Normans
Fitzgibbon Normans
Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald
Fitzmaurice Prendegast
Fitzpatrick Erainn
Fleming IVL
Fleming Normans
Fletcher MacGregor
Fletcher IVL - Ireland
Forbes Cruithne
Fotheringham Fothringham
Fothringham Normans
Fox Gaels
Fox IVL - Cork, Sligo, Limerick
Fraser IVL - Ireland
Fraser Normans
French Normans Tribes of Galway
Frissell, Frizell Fraser
Frissell, Frizell IVL - Munster
Gaffney (S W Ulster) MacCaron
Gaffney IVL
Galbraith Laigin
Gallie O'Galvin
Gallie IVL - South Scotland
Gallivan O'Galvin
Ganley, Gantley MacShanly
Garrahy MacGarry
Garrahy MacGeraghty
Gaunson Gunn
Gawley (Connacht) MacAwley (Fermanagh)
Geary O'Gara
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Georgeson Gunn
Gilbert IVL - Leinster
Gilbert, Gilbertson Buchanan
Gilbride MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Gilbride IVL - West Ulster
Gilchrist MacLachlan
Gilchrist Ogilvy
Gilchrist IVL - North Connacht, Longford
Gilfillan McNab
Gilfillan IVL - Ireland
Gillan, Gillon MacLean
Gillanders Ross
Gillanders IVL - North Ireland
Gillespie, Gillies MacPherson
Gillespie, Gillies IVL - S. Scotland, Ireland
Gilmore Morrison
Gilmore IVL - Ulster
Gilzean MacLean
Ginnaw, Ginnane MacKenna
Glaughlin MacLoughlin (Ulster)
Glencairnie Cruithne
Gloughlin MacLoughlin (Dublin)
Gordon IVL - Ireland
Gordon Normans
Gorman O'Gormley
Graham Normans
Graham O'Gormley
Graham IVL - East Connacht
Grannell (Wexford) MacRannall
Grant Normans
Gray O'Rourke
Gregor MacGregor
Gregory MacGregor
Grierson MacGregor
Griffin O'Griffey
Griffin IVL - Connacht, Offaly
Grimes O'Gormley
Grimes IVL - Connacht, South Ireland
Growney MacCaron
Gucklan IVL - Ulster
Gucklan Hackett
Guinness MacGenis
Gunn IVL - Ulster
Gunn Vikings
Hackett IVL - Ulster
Hackett Normans
Haldane, Halden IVL - South Scotland
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Haldane, Hadden Normans
Hamilton Normans
Handrahan O'Hanrahan
Hanratty O'Hanraghty
Hare MacGarry
Hare IVL - Ireland
Haren, Harhan O'Hanrahan
Haren, Harhan IVL - Clare, Connacht, Oriel
Hart IVL - Ulster, South Scotland
Hay O'Hea
Hay IVL - Ireland
Hay Normans
Hearne O'Aherne
Heas O'Hea
Henchy O'Hennessy
Henderson Gunn
Henderson MacKeown
Henderson IVL - West Scotland
Henry MacNaughton
Henry IVL - South Scotland
Hewison MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Hiffernan, Hernon O'Heffernan
Holland O'Houlihan
Horan, Haughran O'Hanrahan
Hylan O'Phelan
Hynes O'Heyne
Inches Robertson
Innes MacInnes
Innes IVL - Ireland
Innes Normans
Innie Innes
Isles MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Jameson Gunn
Jameson IVL - West Scotland
Jennings Normans Burke
Johnson Gunn
Johnson Maclan (Glencoe)
Johnson Maclan (Ardnamurchan)
Johnson Gaels O'Neill (Ulster)
Jordan IVL - Ireland
Jordan Normans
Joy Joyce
Joy IVL - Ireland
Joyce Normans Tribes of Galway
Kane O'Cahan
Kavanagh Laigin
Kay Davidson
Kealaghan IVL - Oriel
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Keane O'Cahan
Keane IVL - Galway, South Ireland
Kearns O'Kieran
Keating IVL - Limerick, Ulster
Keating Normans
Keavan IVL - Cork
Kee IVL - West Ulster
Keevane O'Keevan
Keevane IVL - Cork
Kegly O'Quigley
Kehoe MacKeogh (Leinster)
Keith Normans
Kelly IVL - Scotland
Kennagh MacKenna
Kennealy O'Kinneally
Kennedy IVL - South Scotland
Kennelly O'Kinneally
Kennelly IVL - West Cork
Kennethson, Kenneth MacKenzie
Kenny MacKenna
Kenny IVL - Ireland
Kerin O'Kieran
Kermode IVL - Munster
Kermode Gaels MacDermot
Kevane O'Keevan
Kevane IVL - Cork
Kevans O'Keevan
Kilpatrick Fitzpatrick
Kilpatrick IVL - South Scotland
Kindellan O'Quinlan
King MacGregor
King IVL - Ireland
King IVL - Ireland, Aberdeen
Kintry MacEnery
Kinnaird Normans
Kinsella Laigin
Kirkpatrick Fitzpatrick
Kirkpatrick IVL - South Scotland
Kirwan Tribes of Galway
Knowlan O'Nolan
Lachlan, Lauchlan MacLachlan
Lacy IVL - Wexford
Lacy Normans
Lally O'Mullally
Lambie Lamont
Lambie IVL - Angus
Lamondson Lamont
Lamont, Lammon Gaels
Lanigan, Lenigan O'Flanagan (Offely)
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Landers Lamont
Larnach MacLaren
Leash Lacy
Leckie Gaels
Lee IVL - Ireland
Lennox Gaels
Lenny, Lennie Buchanan
Leslie IVL - Ireland
Leslie Normans
Lindsay IVL - Ireland
Lindsay Normans
Linklater Sinclair
Livingston Normans
Livingstone Gaels
Logie Cruithne
Londrigan O'Lonergan
Lorrigan O'Lonergan
Love MacKinnon
Love IVL - Ireland
Lucas, Luke Lamont
Lucas, Luke IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
Lynch Normans Tribes of Galway
Lyon IVL - South Scotland
MacAdam MacGregor
MacAdam IVL
MacAdam Normans Barry
MacAfee MacFie
MacAlarry O'Harra
MacAldonich Buchanan
MacAlduie Lamont
MacAleevy MacDonlevy
MacAlister Laigin MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacAllan MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacAllan MacFarlane
MacAllan MacKay
MacAllan IVL - South Scotland
MacAlpin MacGregor
MacAndeoir MacNab
MacAndrew Ross
MacAndrew Normans Barrett
MacAngus MacInnes
MacAnully, Knally MacNally
MacArthur Laigin
MacAskill MacLeod
MacAulay MacLeod (Lewis)
MacAulay, MacAwlay Gaels
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacAuliffe MacCarthy
MacAuse MacFarlane
MacAuslan Buchanan
MacAwley, MacAuley Maguire
MacAwley, MacAuley Gaels
MacAy Davidson
MacBain Erainn
MacBarron Gaels O'Neill (Ulster)
MacBarron Fraser
MacBaxter MacMillan
MacBean MacBain
MacBeath MacBain
MacBeath IVL - Islay & Mull, Scotland
MacBeolain Ross
MacBrady Laigin
MacBrannan O'Brannan
MacBride MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacBride IVL - West Ulster
MacBrieve Morrison
MacBrolachan O'Brollaghan
MacBurie O'Daly
MacCabe MacLeod
MacCahan IVL - Clare
MacCainsh, MacCansh MacInnes
MacCall, MacColl MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacCallum MacLeod
MacCann IVL - Ireland (Rare)
MacCann Laigin
MacCara MacGregor
MacCarney Gaels O'Neill (Ulster)
MacCaron Gaels
MacCarra MacGregor
MacCarron IVL - Donegal
MacCartan Cruithne
MacCarthy Gaels
MacCarthy IVL- Donegal
MacCheyne, MacChesney MacShane
MacClancy IVL - Clare
MacClancy O'Rourke
MacCleary O'Hara
MacCleish IVL - South Scotland
MacClery IVL - Scotland
MacClymont Lamont
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacCoghlan Laigin
MacColgan IVL - Derry
MacColgan Laigin
MacColl MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacCombie MacKintosh
MacConachie MacGregor
MacConachie Robertson
MacConachie IVL - Ireland
MacConn IVL - Ulster
MacConnach MacKenzie
MacConnall, MacConnell MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacConnochy Campbell
MacConsidine O'Brien
MacCorquodale MacLeod (Lewis)
MacCorquodale Vikings
MacCostello Normans
MacCotter Vikings
MacCoul MacDougall
MacCowan Colquhoun
MacCoy IVL - Ulster, Tipperary
MacCracken MacNaughton
MacCraith MacRae
MacCrays MacGrath
MacCreath, MacCrie MacRae
MacCreath, MacCrie IVL - South Scotland
MacCulreavy O'Rourke
MacCunn MacQueen
MacCurtin Erainn
MacDaid O'Doherty
MacDaniell MacDonald
MacDavid Davidson
MacDavid MacDermot
MacDavie Normans Burke
MacDermid Campbell
MacDermid MacDermott
MacDermid IVL - Ireland
MacDermot Gaels
MacDermott Campbell
MacDermott IVL - Ireland
MacDiarmid Campbell
MacDonachie Robertson
MacDonald Laigin
MacDonell MacDonald
MacDonlevy Erainn
MacDonnell MacDonald
MacDonnell O'Brien
MacDonnell IVL - Fermanagh
Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacDonagh, MacDonough MacDermot
MacDonagh, MacDonough Gaels O'Flaherty
MacDonagh, MacDonough Gaels MacCarthy
MacDougal Laigin
MacDowel MacDougal
MacDowell IVL - South Scotland
MacDuff Gaels
MacDuffie MacFie
MacEachan MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacEachern MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacEarachar Farquharson
MacEchern IVL - Cavan
MacEnery Erainn
MacEvoy IVL - Ireland
MacEvoy Laigin
MacEwen MacLachlan
MacEwen IVL - South Scotland
MacFarlane Gaels
MacFarlane IVL - Ireland
MacFarquhar Farquharson
MacFergus Fergusson
MacFie Erainn
MacGarry, Garrihy O'Flaherty
MacGeachie MacDonald (Clan Ranald)
MacGeever (Donegal) MacIvor
MacGenis, MacGuines Cruithne
MacGeoghegan Gaels
MacGeraghty, Gerty Gaels
MacGhie, MacGhee MacKay
MacGibbon Normans Burke
MacGibbon Normans FitzGibbon
MacGilchrist MacLachlan
MacGilchrist Ogilvy
MacGilfoyle Erainn
MacGilligowie Lamont
MacGillivour MacGillivray
MacGillivray Erainn
MacGillonie Erainn Cameron
MacGillycuddy O'Sullivan Mor
MacGilpatrick Fitzpatrick
MacGilvernock Graham
MacGiver Maguire
MacGivern O'Neill (Ulster)
MacGlashan Stewart
MacGlashan IVL - West Ulster
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacGlasrich Campbell
MacGloughlin MacLoughlin
MacGloughlin IVL - Meath
MacGorman Erainn
MacGorry MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacGovern, Magauran Gaels
MacGowan, Gowan, Gow IVL - Ireland
MacGowan, Gow MacPherson
MacGowan, Goun MacDonald
MacGowran MacGovern
MacGrath MacRae (East Ulster)
MacGrath Erainn
MacGrath IVL - Donegal
MacGreal MacNeil
MacGregor Erainn
MacGreusich Buchanan
McGrory MacLaren
MacGuffie MacFie
MacGuire Maguire
MacGuire, MacGauran MacQuarrie
MacGuirk, MacGurk O'Neill (Ulster)
MacHackett Hackett
MacHaffie, MacHaffy MacFie
MacHardy Erskine
MacHay Davidson
MacHendry MacNaughton
MacHenry MacEnery
MacHenry IVL - Ireland
MacHugh O'Flaherty
MacHugh O'Quin
MacHutcheon, MacHugh MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacIan Gunn
MacIan MacDonald (Ardnamurchan)
MacIan MacDonald (Glen Coe)
MacIldowie Cameron
MacIIduy MacGregor
MacIlduy IVL - Hebrides
MacIlvernoch Graham
MacIlvride MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacIlwhom Lamont
MacIlwraith MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacIlwraith IVL - Ireland
MacIndeoir Buchanan
MacIndeor Menzies

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacInerney Erainn
MacInerney, Nerney O'Brannan (Roscommon)
MacInnes Innes
MacInnes MacGenis
MacInnes Erainn
MacIntaylor Cameron
MacIntosh MacKintosh
MacIntyre Laigin
MacIver Campbell
MacIver Robertson
MacIvor Campbell
MacKay Gaels
MacKeamish Gunn
MacKean, MacKain Maclan (Ardnarmurchan)
MacKearney Gaels O'Neill (Ulster)
MacKechnie MacDonald (Clanranald)
MacKee (Ulster) MacKay
MacKendrick MacNaughton
MacKenna Gaels
MacKenzie Cruithne
MacKeogh IVL - Tipperary
MacKeogh Laigin
MacKeogh Laigin O'Kelly
MacKeown IVL - South Scotland
MacKeown IVL - Sligo, Leitrim
MacKeon Normans
MacKerra, MacKersey Fergusson
MacKichan MacDougall
MacKie IVL - South Scotland
MacKiernan Gaels O'Connor
MacKiernan O'Rourke
MacKernan Maguire
MacKimmie, Kimm Fraser
MacKinlay Buchanan
MacKinlay Farquharson
MacKinnell MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacKinney MacKenzie
MacKinney MacKinnon
MacKinning, MacKinven MacKinnon
MacKinnon Erainn
MacKinny MacKenna
MacKinny MacKinnon
MacKintosh Errainn
MacKnight MacNaughton
MacKnight IVL - Ireland
MacLandrish Ross
MacLachlan Gaels
MacLaghlan MacLachlan
MacLaine MacLean
MacLamond Lamont

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacLaren, MacLaurin Cruithne
MacLaughlan (Ulster) Gaels
MacLean Erainn
MacLeay Gaels
MacLeay IVL - Sutherland
MacLee O'Lee
MacLee IVL - Ireland
MacLeish Cruithne
MacLeister MacGregor
MacLeod Vikings
MacLise IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
MacLoughlin (Ulster) Gaels
MacLoughlin Gaels
MacLucas Lamont
MacLucas, MacLugash MacDougall
MacLure MacLeod
MacLure IVL - Galloway
MacLysaght O'Brien
MacMahon O'Brien
MacMahon Laigin
MacMakan Matheson
MacManus Gaels O'Connor
MacManus Laigin Maguire
MacMartin, Martin Erainn Cameron
MacMartin IVL - South Scotland
MacMaster MacKiernan, (O'Rourke)
MacMaurice Buchanan
MacMillan Cruithne
MacMoriarty IVL - Roscommon
MacMorran MacKinnon
MacMorris Fitzgerald
MacMorris Prendegast
MacMorris IVL
MacMurchie, Murchison MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacMurchie, Murchison IVL - Scotland
MacMurdoch MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacMurdoch MacPherson
MacMurphy MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacMurphy IVL - Ulster
MacMurray IVL - Donegal
MacMurray, Moray Murray
MacMurrich IVL - Scotland
MacMurrich MacPherson
MacNab Erainn
MacNair MacFarlane
MacNair MacNaughton

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacNally Erainn
MacNally, Nally IVL - Connacht
MacNemara Erainn
MacNaughton Eriann
MacNee MacGregor
MacNee IVL - Ireland
MacNeil, MacNeill Gaels
MacNichol Campbell
MacNichol IVL - Tyrone
MacNiven MacNaughton
MacNully O'Lynn
MacNulty MacDunlevy
MacNuyer Buchanan
MacOmie MacKintosh
MacOran Campbell
MacPatrick MacLaren
MacPatrick, Patrick Lamont
MacPeter MacGregor
MacPetrie MacGregor
MacPhail MacKay
MacPhail MacPherson
MacPhee MacFie
MacPherson Erainn
MacPhilbin Burke
MacQuarrie Erainn
MacQueen Gaels
MacQuillan Normans
MacQuire MacQuarrie
MacQuistan MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacQuoid IVL - Ireland
MacQuoid, MacQuey MacKay
MacRae Cruithne
MacRaith, MacReach MacDonald
MacRannall Erainn
MacRedmond Burke
MacRitchie MacKintosh
MacRob Gunn
MacRobert, MacRobbie Robertson
MacRory MacLaren
MacRory IVL - Ulster
MacRory, MacRorie MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacRury, MacRuer MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacShane Gaels O'Neill (Ulster)

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
MacShanly Gaels
MacSheehy MacDonald
MacShemis Fraser
MacSorley Laigin MacDonald (Islay)
MacSorley Erainn Cameron
MacSorley Gaels Lamont
MacSweeney MacQueen
MacSwyde, MacSwen MacQueen
MacTaggart Ross
MacTary Innes
MacTavish Campbell
MacTear, MacTier MacIntyre
MacTernan, Ternan O'Rourke
MacThomas MacKintosh
MacTimin Normans Barrett
MacTire, MacTier MacIntyre
MacTire, MacTyre Ross
MacTournor Lamont
MacVurrich MacPherson
MacVurrich IVL - Scotland
MacVurrich O'Daly
MacWalter Burke
MacWalter MacFarlane
MacWattie Buchanan
MacWhannell MacDonald (Clan Donald)
MacWilliam MacQuillan
MacWilliam IVL - Scotland
MacWilliam MacLeod (Harris)
Madigan O'Madden
Magauran MacGovern
Maguire Laigin
Mahaffy MacFie
Mahon IVL - Ireland
Malcolm MacLeod
Malcolm IVL - Ireland
Malcolmson MacLeod
Malloch MacGregor
Mallon, Mallin O'Mellan
Manning IVL - Cork, Dublin
Manning O'Mannin
Mannion O'Mannin
Mansfield MacQuillan
Manson Gunn
Mara O'Meara
Marnoch Innes

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Martin IVL - Ireland, Hebrides
Martin Normans Tribes of Galway
Martin O'Neill (Ulster)
Masterson, MacMaster IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
Matheson Cruithne
Mathison IVL - South Scotland
Mavor Innes
Mawhannon Buchanan
Meikleham Lamont
Melville IVL - Ulster
Melville, Mulville O'Mulvihil
Mentieth Graham
Mentieth Stewart
Menzies Normans
Middleton Innes
Middleton IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
Molloy IVL - Ireland
Moncreiffe Gaels
Monk O'Monahan
Monk IVL - Hebrides
More IVL - Munster, Connacht
Moroney O'Mulroony
Morris IVL - Ireland
Morris, Morrissey Normans Tribes of Galway
Morris Fitzmaurice (Mayo)
Morris Fitzmaurice (Kerry)
Morrison MacLeod
Morrison IVL - Ireland, Harris, South Scotland
Mullen IVL
Munro, Monroe O'Cahan
Munroe, Monroe O'Mellan
Munroe, Monroe IVL - Mayo
Murchison, MacMurchie Buchanan
Murchison, MacMurchie MacDonald (Clan Donald)
Murphy Kinsella
Murphy O'Morchoe
Murphy IVL - Ireland
Murray Normans
Murray IVL - Ireland
Nagle, Nangle MacCostello
Neilson MacKay
Neilson IVL - South Scotland
Nerney MacInerney
Nicholson Cruithne
Nicholson IVL - South Scotland

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Nolan O'Houlihan
Nolan IVL - Fermanagh, Kerry
Norman MacLeod
Norman IVL - Meath
Nugent IVL - Meath, Cavan
Nugent Normans
O'Aherne Erainn
O'Beirne Gaels
O'Beirne IVL - Mayo
O'Beolain, O'Bolan Gaels
O'Boylan Laigin
O'Boyle Gaels
O'Branigan, Brangan Gaels
O'Brennan, Brennan Laigin
O'Brennan Erainn
O'Brennan Gaels
O'Brennan IVL - Galway, Kerry
O'Brennigan O'Branagan
O'Brien Erainn
O'Brien IVL - Connacht, Leinster
O'Brolachain (Argyle) O'Brollaghan
O'Brolan Gaels
O'Brollaghan Gaels
O'Byrne O'Beirne
O'Bryne Laigin
O'Cahan Gaels
O'Caherney Fox
O'Cahill Erainn
O'Cahill IVL - Galway, Kerry
O'Callaghan Gaels
O'Callaghan IVL - Mayo
O'Cannon, O'Canannain Gaels O'Donnell
O'Cannon IVL - Galway
O'Carroll IVL - Ireland
O'Carroll Laigin
O'Carroll MacBrady
O'Carry Gaels
O'Casey IVL - Limerick, Cork
O'Casey Laigin
O'Cassidy Laigin
O'Cleary Gaels
O'Coffey Erainn
O'Coghlan IVL - Cork
O'Colgan MacColgan
O'Colgan IVL - Derry
O'Conacannon Laigin
O'Connell Erainn
O'Connell IVL - Gallway, Derry
O'Connor Erainn
O'Connor Gaels

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
O'Connor IVL - Oirghialla
O'Connor Laigin
O'Corahy MacCoghlan
O'Cornyn Erainn
O'Corrigan Laigin
O'Crean Gaels
O'Crowley MacDermot
O'Cullane Erainn
O'Cullen Laigin
O'Cullinan, Cullen Gaels
O'Cullinan IVL - Cork
O'Cullinane IVL - Cork
O'Daly Gaels
O'Davoren Erainn
O'Dea Erainn
O'Dempsey Laigin
O'Devany IVL - West Ulster
O'Dinneen, Denning Erainn
O'Doherty Gaels
O'Donegan IVL - Tipperary
O'Donnell Gaels
O'Donnell IVL - West Munster, Galway
O'Donnellan IVL - Tyrone, Offaly
O'Donnellan Laigin
O'Donnelly Gaels
O'Donnelly IVL - Galway, Cork
O'Donoghue Gaels
O'Donohoe IVL - Galway, Cavan
O'Donovan Erainn
O'Donovan IVL - Cork, Tipperary
O'Doran Cruithne
O'Dowd Gaels
O'Dowd IVL - Derry
O'Dowling Cruithne
O'Dowling IVL - Cork, Leinster
O'Doyle Vikings
O'Driscoll Erainn
O'Duany, Devany O'Gara
O'Duggan IVL - Cork
O'Duigenan, Deignan Gaels
O'Dunne Laigin
O'Durack Erainn
O'Dwyer Erainn
O'Fahy Laigin
O'Fallon IVL - Offaly
O'Fallon Laigin
O'Farrell Erainn
O'Finnegan Gaels

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
O'Finnegan IVL - Cavan
O'Flaherty Gaels
O'Flanagan Gaels
O'Flanagan Laigin O'Boylan
O'Flanagan Laigin O'Carroll
O'Flynn Erainn
O'Flyn IVL - Galway, Cork
O'Fogarty Erainn
O'Friel Gaels
O'Gallagher Gaels
O'Galvin Erainn
O'Gara Laigin
O'Garriga MacGarry
O'Gormley Gaels
O'Gormley IVL - Connacht
O'Grady Erainn
O'Grady IVL - Connacht
O'Griffey Erainn
O'Hagan Gaels
O'Hagan IVL - South Ulster
O'Halloran IVL - Clare
O'Halloran Vikings
O'Hanlon Laigin
O'Hanley Laigin
O'Hanraghty Laigin
O'Hanrahan Erainn
O'Hara Laigin
O'Hart Gaels
O'Hartagan Erainn
O'Hea Erainn
O'Heffernan Erainn
O'Hegarty Gaels
O'Hegarty IVL - Tipperary
O'Hennessy Erainn
O'Hennessy Laigin
O'Heyne Gaels
O'Hickey Erainn
O'Higgin, Higgins Gaels
O'Hoey IVL - Meath
O'Hoey MacDonlevy
O'Holohan Laigin O'Hennessy
O'Horan Laigin
O'Houlihan Gaels
O'Kearney Fox
O'Kearney Gaels
O'Keeffe Gaels
O'Keevan Gaels
O'Kelly IVL - Ireland
O'Kelly Laigin
O'Kennedy Erainn
O'Kennedy IVL - Galway

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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
O'Kiernan Laigin
O'Kinneally Erainn
O'Lalor, Lawlor Cruithne
O'Leary Erainn
O'Lee Gaels
O'Lonergan Erainn
O'Loughlin MacLoughlin (Ulster)
O'Loughlin Erainn
O'Lynch Cruithne
O'Lynch IV - Donegal, Connacht, Munster
O'Lynn Laigin
O'Madden Laigin
O'Maher O'Carroll
O'Mahony Gaels
O'Malley Erainn
O'Malone Gaels
O'Mannin Cruithne
O'Meara Erainn
O'Meehan IVL - Louth, Clare, Galway
O'Meehan MacCarthy
O'Mellan O'Neill (Ulster)
O'Moledy O'Farrell
O'Molloy Gaels
O'Molloy Gaels O'Connor
O'Molony Erainn
O'Monahan Laigin
O'Mooney Laigin O'Connor
O'Morchoe Laigin
O'More Cruithne
O'Moriarty O'Donoghue
O'Moroney Erainn
O'Mulconry Gaels O'Connor
O'Mulderry O'Donnell
Muldrew, Muldragh O'Mulderry
O'Mullally Laigin
O'Mullen O'Concannon
O'Mullen IVL - Ulster
O'Mulroony Laigin
O'Mulryan Laigin
O'Mulvihil Gaels O'Connor
O'Murphy Kinsella
O'Naghten, Naughton Laigin
O'Naghten, Naughton IVL - Clare
O'Neill Gaels
O'Neill IVL - South Ireland
O'Nihill Erainn
O'Nolan O'More
O'Phelan Erainn
O'Quigley Gaels
O'Quin O'Farrell

Page 192
Page 194
[Page 193]
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
O'Quin Erainn
O'Quin IVL - Ulster
O'Quinlan Gaels
O'Rahilly Gaels O'Neill (Ulster)
O'Regan Gaels
O'Regan OVL - Limerick, Cork
O'Reilly Gaels
O'Riordan O'Carroll
O'Rourke Gaels
O'Scanlan Gaels
O'Scanlan IVL - Sligo
O'Shanahan Erainn
O'Shaughnessy Gaels
O'Shea Erainn
O'Sheehan Laigin
O'Sheridan Gaels
O'Shiel, O'Sheill Gaels
O'Sullivan Gaels
O'Sweeney MacSweeny
O'Toole IVL - Ulster
O'Toole Laigin
O'Tracy MacGorman
O'Tracy IVL - Galway
Ogilvy Cruithne
Oliphant Normans
Oynie Innes
Parlane MacFarlane
Patrick IVL - Ulster, South Scotland
Paul MacKay
Paul MacPherson
Polson Ross
Power Normans
Prendergast, Pendergast Normans
Purcell Normans
Quillen O'Cullane
Quillen O'Cullen
Quillen IVL - Ireland
Quinlivan O'Quinlan
Ramsay Normans
Rattray Cruithne
Reardon O'Carroll
Redmond Burke
Redmond IVL - Ireland
Reid IVL - South Scotland, Ireland
Reid Ramsay
Reidford, Redford Innes
Revie MacDonald
Reynolds MacRannall
Reynolds IVL

Page 193
Page 195
[Page 194]
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Rice IVL - Louth
Rice Normans
Risk Buchanan
Ritchie MacKintosh
Ritchie MacPherson
Ritchie IVL - South Scotland
Robertson Gaels
Robison, Robson Gunn
Roche IVL - Ireland
Roche Normans
Ronaldson, Ronald MacDonald
Rorison MacDonald
Rose O'Cahan
Rose IVL - Limerick
Ross Gaels
Ross IVL - South Scotland
Rothe, Ruth Normans
Ruskin Buchanan
Ruthven Vikings
Ryan O'Mulryan
Ryan IVL - Leinster, Roscommon
Sage Savage
Sanderson MacDonald (Glengarry)
Sarsfield Normans
Savage Normans
Savage IVL - South Scotland
Savage IVL - Cork, Kerry
Scrymgeour MacDuff
Shane O'Farrell
Shaw MacKintosh
Shearhoon Prendergast
Shields, Sheilds O'Shiel
Shinnock, Shinnach Gaels Fox
Shinnock, Shinnach IVL - Sligo, Cork
Shoye Joyce
Simpson Fraser
Sinclair Normans
Sinclair IVL - Argyle, Perthshire
Skerret Tribes of Galway
Spalding Normans
Spens, Spence MacDuff
Spittal Buchanan
Steuart, Stuart Stewart
Stewart Normans
Stirling Normans
Strathearn Cruithne
Sutherland Normans
Swanson Gunn
Taaffe Normans
Taggart IVL - Ulster

Page 194
Page 196
[Page 195]
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
Appendix II - A List of Surnames

Families Ethnic Group Branch of
Taggart MacTaggart
Taylor Cameron
Taylor IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
Taylor, MacIntaylor Cameron
Teeling Normans
Thomason MacFarlane
Thompson, Tawesson Campbell
Tiernan IVL - Mayo, Roscommon, Westmeath
Tobin Normans
Tonnochy Robertson
Tosh, Tossack MacKintosh
Toward, Towart Lamont
Turner Lamont
Turner IVL - South Scotland
Tyre MacIntyre
Tyrie Cuithne
Ultagh MacDonlevy
Urquhart Forbes
Waldron MacCostello
Waldron IVL - Meath
Wall, Faltagh Normans
Walsh IVL - Ireland
Walsh Normans
Weir MacFarlane
Weir MacNaughton
Weir IVL - Ireland
Wemyss, Weems MacDuff
Whelan O'Phelan
Whelan IVL - Ulster
White Lamont
White MacGregor
White IVL
Wier Buchanan
Wier IVL - North Ireland
Williamson MacKay
Williamson IVL - South Scotland, Angus
Wilson Innes
Wilson IVL - South Scotland
Wilson, Williamson Gunn
Wright MacIntyre
Wright IVL - Ireland, South Scotland
Yule, Yuill Buchanan
Yule, Yuill IVL - Angus, Aberdeen
Yunie Innes

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[Page 196]


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