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On July 29, 1854, Joannes Franciscus Malliet (John Francis) arrived in New York on board the ship Catherina Augusta, coming from Antwerp in Belgium. He was with his wife Anna Catharina Horckmans and their three little boys Joannes Franciscus (John Francis), Joseph, and Guillaume Felix (William Felix). They had left their home in Oud-Heverlee, Belgium to start a new life in Wisconsin, USA.

The Malliet family has been living in Oud-Heverlee (now in Belgium) since the beginning of the 18th century (and possibly earlier), and Malliet is still one of the most diffused names in Oud-Heverlee. With John Francis, a Malliet branch was also started in the US.

The genealogical information presented on these web pages connects both branches of the family, showing their common ancestry. There is also some additional background information about relevant issues (not yet, but coming soon).

If you have questions or additional information, please contact
Kathy Fuhrman (USA)
Jef Malliet (Belgium)

Please consider that this is work in progress.

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Generation born ~ 1670-1700

Florus Vandennieuwenhuysen & Anna Magnes

Generation born ~ 1700-1735

Leopoldus Malliet & Anna Vandennieuwenhuysen

Jacobus Vanopdenbosch & Catharina Verhavert

Petrus Vanderheyden & Josina Rodda

Joannes Horckmans & Anna Maria Boon

Generation born ~ 1730-1765

Petrus Vanderheyden & Magdalena Malliet

Petrus Malliet & Elisabeth Vanopdenbosch

Egidius Malliet & Josina Vanderheyden

Jacobus Vangodtsenhoven & Elisabeth Dewever

Joannes Baptista Horckmans & Anna Maria Clabots / Anna Catharina Bauwens

Franciscus Van Esch & Joanna Maria Horckmans

Henricus Dino & Maria Catharina Horckmans

Guilielmus Horckmans & Maria Dino

Generation born ~ 1760-1800

Jean Baptiste Devroye & Anna Catharina Malliet

Joannes Baptista Malliet & Joanna Maria Vangodtsenhoven

Franciscus Malliet & Maria Elisabeth Vermeulen

Jean Baptiste Vangodtsenhoven & Anna Maria Malliet

Henricus Horckmans & Anna Maria Van Esch / Maria Elizabetha Cleremans

Guilielmus Horckmans & Joanna Maria Dino

Guilielmus Clabots & Petronilla Dino

Petrus Malliet & Joanna Maria Decaffmyer

Joannes Baptista Malliet & Anna Catharina Bisschop

Generation born ~ 1790-1830

Franciscus Balthazar Malliet & Maria Theresia Jochmans

Franciscus Malliet & Joanna Maria Vandezande

Petrus Josephus Vandezande & Maria Theresia Malliet

Joannes Franciscus Malliet & Maria Elisabetha Vandezande

Auguste Haesendonck / Antonius Van Mellaert & Maria Elisabeth Malliet

Henricus Vandezande & Antonetta Malliet

Joannes Franciscus Malliet & Anna Catharina Horckmans

Guillielmus Devan & Maria Carolina Malliet

Guillaume Clabots & Joanna Maria Malliet / Elisabeth Vandezande

Joannes Baptista Malliet & Maria Anna Tuyls

Petrus Debontridder & Maria Elisabetha Malliet

Philippe Malliet & Agathe Barbe Crabbé

Guillaume Malliet & Joanna Maria Devos

Generation born ~ 1825-1875

Petrus Goens & Maria Elisabeth Malliet

Josephus Hendrickx & Rosalie Malliet

Franciscus Felix Malliet & Anna Catherina Vanderheyden

Franciscus Julius Haesendonck & Maria Elisabeth Philomena Malliet

Felix Wouters & Pauline Malliet

Jules Joannes Baptista Malliet / Joannes Franciscus Denruyter & Philomena Maria Vandezande

Guilielmus Vanderheyden & Maria Justina Malliet

Franciscus Leopoldus Malliet & Maria Devan

Joannes Franciscus Malliet & Mary Elmira Hoover

Joseph Malliet & Anne Marie Hermans

Guillaume Felix Malliet & Melvina Bertrand

Julius Malliet & Justina Joanne Beaudoin

Generation born ~ 1865-1910

Franciscus Julien Malliet & Joanna Maria Goens

Josephus Malliet & Anna Maria Virginia Denruyter

Frank E. Baldwin & Linda Malliet

Louis Lorge & Charlotte Malliet

Anton Van Egeren & Mary C. Malliet

Henry B. Vanlanen & Pauline Malliet

Albert Frank Malliet & Elizabeth Jacobs

Herman Carlson & Clara Malvina Malliett

Frank Louis Malliett & Nellie May Kramer

William Blythe & Jessie L. Malliett

Irven William Malliett & Ida Zwickey

Benjamin Lawrence Malliett & Alma Stromberg

Arthur Gustav Keitel & Gracie Ethel Malliett

Clifford Alfonse Surprenant & Elizabeth M. Malliet

John Arthur Malliet & Mary Rosalie Klucheski

William Charles Lehman & Mary Ella Malliet

George Andrew Malliet & Esther Genevieve Surprenant

Charles W. Noe Lehman & Maude Agnes Malliet

Roy Julius Malliet & Lilian Rose Thompson

James W. Malliet & Esther Mc Clone