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Hoare Families of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and West Midlands

My research into the Hoare family has taken be back over the last seven years from Birmingham, where I was born to Northampton where my grandfather and greatgrandfather were born in the 1800's, back to Banbury and Tackley in the previous two centuries to Gloucester in the 15th and 16th century.
This has been a remarkable journey for me and I am sure has many more surprises in store. As I have accumulated a lot of information along the way, some not directly related to my Hoare family, I would like to share this information and would gladly add to this website any more information that you would like to send me if related to the Hoare family, even if not mine.

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The Hoare Family Crest

In the Visitation of the County of Gloucester by Robert Cooke Clarencieux, found in the Harleian Manuscript 1041, fo. 66; 1543, the arms are quartered with those of Clifford. Quarterly of sixteen. These arms are given as 4, Sable, a double-headed eagle displayed within a bordure engrailed argent, HOORE.
Henrey Clifford of Frampton = .....da. and heire to .....Hoore.

The name Hoare

This name has been spelt various ways from the earliest time - LE HORE or DE LA HORE to HORE, HOOR, HOORE, HOAR, HOARE, HORA, HORRE, HOREY, HORRIE, HORAM, WHOARE, WHORE, LE CHENU, CANUTUS.
The earliest meaning of the name has been associated with the Latin "Hora" a mark or a division of time, also the color white as in hoar-frost.

Genealogy and DNA

After taking yDNA test at 111 markers we have had some surprising results, with links to the surnames HORD, MUNROE, and MUNDAY of early Virginia (early 1600's to 1800's). Particularly John HORD of Shady Grove, Essex County, Virginia.

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The h600 project a surname study of Hore/Hoare/Hoore/Harr and variants utilising traditional methods of genealogy with DNA -

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