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August 22, 1813 - February 11, 1898
(nee BUDD)

April 20, 1818 - February 18, 1893


A photograph of the west face of the Savidge-Budd tombstone. For display on this website only. Click for more information. A photograph of the side of the Savidge-Budd tombstone bearing Remembrance's inscription. For display on this website only. Click for more information.


A close up of the inscription for Remembrance. For display on this website only. Click for more information.
The errors found on old tombstones are interesting.  One wonders if this mistake was on the part of the person who ordered the stone, or by the person who carved the name Remernbrance.

From family records shared by Carmilee Larson:

George Savidge was the son of Thomas Savidge (born March 17, 1777, died 1856) and Anna Loveridge (born October 26, 1782, in New Jersey).

Remembrance Budd Savidge was the daughter of Dr. John Budd (1785-1872), of Pennsylvania and Mary Adams (born May 6, 1791, died 1868).


20th Century History of Delaware County, Ohio and Representative Citizens
by James R. Lytle, 1908, page 457

".....John, or Dr. John Budd, the cognomen by which he was known, purchased from his father for $250, 100 acres of land situated north of the village of Buddtown, as it is called, where he settled and lived until his death in 1872.  Soon after his father settled in Harlem [township], [Dr. John Budd] married Mary Adams, sister of Elijah and John Adams.  They had several children.  He was a botanical physician.  While he never went to college, he had practical common sense, and never undertook to do in his profession anything beyond his skill.  He was amiable, kind-hearted and a good citizen."

From Portrait and Biographical Record of Hancock,
McDonough, and Henderson Counties, Illinois, 1894

Excerpted from a biography of James W. Savidge, pp. 502-503

".....George Savidge, was a native of Muskingum County, Ohio, his birth occurring near Zanesville, August 22, 1813.  His parents were Thomas and Annie (Laverige) Savidge, and their family numbered thirteen children, six sons and seven daughters.  Their son George was reared upon the old homestead farm, and on attaining his majority began life for himself.  In his youth he learned the cooper's trade, which he followed to some extent.  The year 1853 witnessed his arrival in Illinois. He located in Mercer County, but after a short time came to Hancock County, settling upon a farm in Hancock Township, which he still makes his home.  He purchased eighty acres of good land and has made it a rich and valuable tract.  In politics, he is a supporter of the Republican party and is one of the enterprising and highly-respected citizens of the community.  On the 29th of August, 1839*, he wedded Miss Remembrance Budd, and unto them were born seven children, three yet living. The wife and mother, however, passed away in 1893....."

*On Wednesday August 28, 1889, The Carthage Republican included a news item about George and Remembrance's 50th wedding anniversary.  The dateline on the item was August 26, the author was "County Jake" (Dr. William Booz).  "Jake" wrote that the previous Thursday, August 22, 1889, was the Savidges' anniversary date.

An outline map of Ohio illustrating the locations of Muskingum, Licking and Delaware Counties.The map at right illustrates the locations of Muskingum (M), Licking (L) and Delaware (D) Counties in Ohio.  In the 1830 Federal Census of Ohio, the Thomas Savidge family was counted in Falls Township, Muskingum County.  The John Budd household was counted that year in Harlem Township, in the extreme southeast corner of Delaware County.

In the 1840 Federal Census, the household of Thomas Savidge was listed in Harlem Township.  George and Remembrance, married for less than a year, were listed on the the next line.  When their marriage had been announced in a Delaware County newspaper, they were said to have been married "In Harlem by H. Scovell, Esq., Mr. George Savage to Miss Remembrance Budd, daughter of Dr. Budd of this place."

In 1850 George and Remembrance were in Genoa Township, the first township to the west of Harlem Township.  Thomas and Anna Savidge had moved to Licking County.

According to James Warren Savidge's biography, George and Remembrance next moved to Mercer County, Illinois, and soon thereafter to Hancock County, where they would settle, farm, raise their family and end their days.  From the date on Mahala Savidge's tombstone at Majorville Cemetery, we can surmise that the move from Mercer to Hancock occurred no later than early 1857.

Sometime between 1850 and 1860 several of George's nephews and a niece, children of his sister, Sarah Savidge Gosnell, also came to Illinois from Delaware County, Ohio.  Evidence in hand suggests that these young people arrived late in the decade.  One nephew, James Gosnell, and his family were residing near George and Remembrance in Hancock Township in 1860.
See: Joshua S. Gosnell & Sarah Frances Day.


The Republican
Carthage, Illinois - February 22, 1893
(excerpted from Whitelocks' Joetta column)

This community was shocked last Saturday to hear of the death of Mrs. Remembrence Savidge, wife of George Savidge.  She took her bed Wednesday afternoon, and after an illness of three days, she passed away on Saturday, about noon.  Many friends sympathize with the bereaved family.

George survived Remembrance by just one week shy of five years.  They were both interred at Majorville Cemetery, to lie at rest near the three children they had buried.  Most available resources suggest that the five eldest Savidge children were born in Delaware County, Ohio, the two youngest in Hancock County, Illinois.

George and Remembrance's children were:

i. Mary Ann Savidge, born May 18, 1841, died February 1, 1924, probably in or near Cherokee, Sheridan Township, Crawford County, Kansas.
ii. John W. Savidge, born in 1843, died in 1864 in Georgia. Originally buried at Allatoona, his remains were later moved to Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.  Two commemorative markers were placed for him at Majorville Cemetery.
iii. Spencer D. Savidge, born in April of 1846, died March 5, 1865.  Until the restoration of markers at Majorville, we had no proof of Spencer's burial location.  Family documentation reports a birth date of April 23, 1846.  (Using a standard method of calculation and the age at death inscribed on his tombstone, his birth date was about April 15, 1846.)
iv. Lenora Eliza Savidge, born January 5, 1851, died August 25, 1927, in Hancock Township, Hancock County.  Burial at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Colchester, McDonough County.
v. James Warren Savidge, born February 21, 1853, died August 7, 1936, at Macomb, McDonough County.  Burial at Majorville Cemetery.
vi. Mahala Savidge, born August 18, 1856, died March 14, 1857, buried at Majorville Cemetery.
vii. Asa Savidge, born August 11, 1858, died July 25, 1859, buried at Majorville Cemetery.

1830 Ohio Census, Muskingum County, Falls Township, page 190

Household of Thomas Savage
Males 0 thru 4 - 1
Males 5 thru 9 - 1
Males 10 thru 14 - 1
Males 15 thru 19 - 2
Males 50 thru 59 - 1
Females 5 thru 9 - 1
Females 10 thru 14 - 2
Females 40 thru 49 - 1
Total - 10

1830 Ohio Census, Delaware County, Harlem Township, page 74, line 12

Household of John Budd
Males 0 thru 4 - 2
Males 10 thru 14 - 3
Males 15 thru 19 - 1
Males 40 thru 49 - 1
Females 10 thru 14 - 1
Females 15 thru 19 - 1
Females 40 thru 49 - 1
Total - 10

1840 Ohio Census, Delaware County, Harlem Township, page 142, line #15
[immediately following the household of Thomas Savage]

Household of George Savage
Males 20 through 29 - 1
Females 20 through 29 - 1
Total - 2
Persons employed in agriculture - 1

1850 Ohio Census, Delaware County, Genoa Township, page 124A
enumerated July 9, 1850, dwelling #427

George Savage, 36, male, farmer, value of real estate 12, born OH
Remembrance, 31, female, born OH
Mary Ann, 9, female, born OH, attended school within the year
John, 7, male, born OH
Spencer, 4, male, born OH

1860 Illinois Census, Hancock County, Hancock Township, page 727
enumerated July 24, 1860, dwelling #3296

George Savage, 47, male, farmer, value of real estate 3000, value of personal estate 2000,
born OH
Rememberance Savage, 43, female, born OH
Mary A, 19, female, born OH, attended school within the year
John, 17, male, day laborer, born OH, attended school within the year
Spencer, 14, male, born OH, attended school within the year
Warren, 7, male, born OH, attended school within the year
Eliza, 9, female, born OH, attended school within the year


1870 Illinois Census, Hancock County, Hancock Township, page 151A
enumerated June 13, 1870, dwelling #10

Savidge, George, 56, male, white, farmer, value of real estate 5000, value of personal estate 4000, born OH, male, citizen of the U.S. aged 21 or more
[continued on next page]
Savidge, [no given name entered], 52, female, white, keeping house, born OH
Warren, 17, male, white, born OH, [father foreign born - stroked but perhaps zeroed out], attended school within the year
Eliza, 19, female, white, born OH, attended school within the year


1880 Illinois Census, Hancock County, Hancock Township, page 125D
enumerated June 10, 1880, dwelling #74

Savage, George, white, male, 66, married, farmer, born OH, both parents born NJ
Remembrance, white, female, 62, wife, married, keeping house, born OH, both parents born PA
James W, white, male, 27, son, married, farmer, born OH, both parents born OH
Sarah E, white, female, 24, daughter-in-law, married, keeping house, born KY, both parents
born KY
Willard J, white, male, 3, son, single, born IL, father born OH, mother born KY


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