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Page content last modified: May 19, 2007, replaced tombstone photograph, corrected Dora's middle initial and dates, added text.





A photo of the restored tombstone for Dora Savidge. For display on this website only. Click for more information.

The s. in 18 Ds. has been obscured by a mortar patch on the tombstone.

This tombstone provides a good example of the difficulty reading tombstones that have begun to deteriorate.  After restoration, Dora's middle initial and date of death are unmistakable.  To see the entries previously misinterpreted, place your cursor over the inscription text, above right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the files of Evelyn Savidge Dark, shared by Wilbur Martin Savidge: Evelyn, as a child, was in the original Savidge farmhouse before it was torn down, and said the stairs were very narrow and so steep that an adult had difficulty climbing to the upper bedroom where the children slept.  Little Dora died after falling down those stairs.

See: James Warren Savidge & Sarah E. Fletcher (parents)


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