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These pages contain published material pertaining to Majorville Church or the neighborhood, genealogies of families who lived in the general area and/or were otherwise associated with Majorville, and other items of interest.  There was never a town named Majorville, despite published statements which leave that impression.  Localities in Hancock County were frequently designated by the names of churches or schools.


Majorville Sunday School Class, 1890s

Formation of the Majorville Cemetery Association
by E. W. Huston, circa 1927-1928

Land purchase and location, Majorville Cemetery
by A. R. Simmons, circa 1927-1928

Majorville Column, late October 1929

The Carthage Gazette, Majorville Column, April 14, 1933

Majorville 35th Anniversary Celebration - August 1936

Memories, by Helen Latherow Wright - July 1, 1938



Lawrence Bear

Pvt. Cleo Campbell

Charles T. Conn

Lovina Siepel Dunham

Kathryn Parker

Cpl. Irvin Pogue

John Franklin Rings

Pvt. Lester Shepler


Bear, David Vanbrugh 1869-1932 & Tanner, Patricia

Bear, Elva Florence 1883-1949 & Fuson, Alonzo A. 1883-1938

Bear, Kate L. 1874-1955 & Bear, Jennie R. 1880-1959

Bear, Lawrence P. 1872-1947 & Livermore, Evalyn 1875-1944

Callihan, Lutie E. 1881-1948 & Ewalt, James B. 1879-19--

Callihan, Clara Maud & Bowles, Clarence E.

Callihan, Chloe ca. 1893-19-- & Thomas, Winfred C. 1893-1971

Callihan, Simon Thomas 1847-1913 & Williams, Margaret A. 1851-1923

Callihan, Thomas Noble 1883-1939 & Diamond, Mary Emaline 1888-1953

Callahan, Susannah 1858-1928 & Walsmith, Edward 1858-1919

Campbell, Pvt. Cleo  (wounded in the Pacific)

Conn, Charles T. 1879-1955 & Campbell, Ida Mae 1879-1944

Conn, Harley Parker 1913-1953 & McGaughey, Lois 1919-2004

Dunham, Winset Abel 1859-1941 & Siepel, Lovina Frances 1860-1938

Ebert, Leah Bell 1867-1957 & Massingill, Larkin C. ca. 1865-1906

Frank, Francis M. ca. 1837-19-- & Savidge, Mary Ann ca. 1841-1924

Gosnell, Joshua E. 1863 or '64-1910 & Borum, Malinda A. ca. 1870-19--

Hartman, John Henry ca. 1852-1930 & Wilson, Lucy Jane 1859-1937

Mourning, Porter Earl 1885-19-- & Campbell, Alta J. 1882-1912

Parker, Pfc. Charles W. 1924-1945

Parker, Harley Levi 1887-1972 & Tippet, Ellen 1889-1976

Parker, Samuel ca.1846-1879

Pogue, Cpl. Irvin  (wounded on Luzon)

Renshaw, Martha Remembrance (nee Frank) ca. 1869-19--

Rings, John Franklin 1880-1952
Rings, Nellie (nee Peck) 1881-1936
Rings, Mattie Humphrey (nee Orth) 1886-1951

Scott, Velva May (nee Wise) 1887-1942 & Scott, William Harvey

Shepler, Pvts. Arthur, Harold and Lester  (military service)

Shepler, Pvt. Lester  (reported drowned in New Guinea)

Simmons, Sybil T. (nee Berry) 1827-1921


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