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Author - Marcia Farina

Jary White
Son of:
b: Dec 17, 1786 Wales
m: July 14, 1806 Massachusetts
d: Sep 08, 1844 Hancock Co, IL
burial: Fountain Green Cemetery,
Hancock Co, IL

Biographical Excerpts

There were three parcels of land purchased from the government by Jary White.  Based on a biography of Jary White, the son, we believe that the elder Jary purchased 40 acres, sufficient for his and Lucena's needs, and the son, Jary, a young, vigorous man with a growing family, purchased 160 acres.  Follow this link to view a representation of where their farms were located. Return to this page with your browser button.

Lucena Lawrence
Dau. of: Simon Lawrence
Sibbel Robbins
b: Apr 19, 1790 Littleton,
Middlesex Co, MA
m: July 14, 1806 Massachusetts
d: July 6, 1864 Hancock Co, IL
burial: Fountain Green Cemetery,
Hancock Co, IL


We do not know with certainty all of the children born to Jary and Lucena Lawrence White.

Census listings 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860

Lucena Lawrence White was the twin sister of Lucinda Lawrence Hadley.  A number of female Lawrence descendants have been named in honor of Lucena and Lucinda, and twins popped up with regularity through several generations.

Jary and Lucena's Children

Jary White
b: 1809 Mt. Holly, Rutland Co, VT
d: Oct 20, 1884 Hancock Co, IL
burial: Majorville Cemetery,
Hancock Co

Jary White home near Fountain Green
Shared by Roger Vanderveen

Unidentified Son White
b: between 1811-1815

Based on the 1830 Census, which shows a male child between the ages of 15 and 19.  The 1840 census does not account for this son.  He may have been deceased or, at age 25 to 29, he could easily have been in his own home.

Clark White
b: May 3, 1813 Allegany Co, NY
m: July 4, 1844 Hancock Co, IL
d: Dec 12, 1880 Hancock Co
burial: Fountain Green Cemetery

William Harrison White
b: Mar 9, 1817 Allegany Co, NY
d: Mar 08, 1894 Warsaw, Hancock Co, IL
burial: Oakland Cemetery, Warsaw


Lucinda White
b: abt 1819 New York
m: Dec 26, 1841 Hancock Co, IL
d: aft June 1, 1880


John Wesley White
b: Dec 26, 1821 Rushford,
Allegany Co, NY
m: Dec 1844 Hancock Co, IL
d: Sept 15, 1884 Maize,
Sedgwick Co, KS
burial: Colwick Cemetery, Sedgwick Co

MAY 4, 2008

Information has come to light that suggests John Wesley White was not a son of Jary and Lucena. Other data on the linked page for John is still valid, supported by various records and the research of E. Jean Burns.  The connection to Jary and Lucena is in question.

We would very much like to correspond with anyone connected to John Wesley White's family.


Rachael D. White
b: abt 1825 New York
m: May 01, 1844 Hancock Co, IL
d: Mar 23, 1900
burial: Fairview Cemetery,
Smith Co, KS

Spouse: John Foy
Son of: William Foy
Ruth Morrell/Morrill
b: abt 1820 New York
d: aft June 1, 1870

Marriage License
Census Listings 1850-1880

Jean Burns' research also made it possible to further trace Rachael White and John Foy.

The inscription on Rachael's tombstone reportedly includes the date of her death and age at death: 71 years.

Early White family census records (1830 and 1840) comprise a welcome example of listings that track closely with known children and their ages. Listings for Rachael from 1850 through 1880 are consistent in age progression.  All of the censuses suggest she was born about 1825.  Perhaps the age at death is 74 years, the 4 having weathered until it looks like a 1.

Thomas B. White
b: Apr 27, 1828 New York
m: Dec 23, 1852 Hancock Co, IL
d: May 16, 1863 Mississippi
burial: Vicksburg National Cemetery,
Section O, grave #4324

Spouse: Mary Austin
Dau. of: Francis B. & Eleanor Austin
b: July 2, 1836 New York
d: Mar 18, 1875 Illinois (probably)
burial: Webster Cem, Webster, Hancock Co, IL

Census Listing 1860

Letter written by Cyrus Geddes, another soldier of the 118th, September 1862.

Pension Applications 1862 and 1870

Lieutenant Thomas B. White of the 118th Illinois Infantry (which was en route to Vicksburg) was killed during the Battle of Champion Hill in Mississippi.  Almost surely buried near the site of the battle, he was later reinterred at Vicksburg National Cemetery after that cemetery was established in 1866.

In addition, both a government issued tombstone and a tombstone purchased by the family were erected for him at the Alton Cemetery in Fountain Green Township.

Thomas' estate was not settled for several years after his death.

Mary married Benjamin Bloyd on October 5, 1869, and they subsequently lived in Fountain Green Township.  The 1870 Census shows $4000 worth of real estate and $3500 personal estate belonging to Benjamin, as well as $4000 real estate tallied for Mary.  She is buried along with Benjamin and his first wife, Emeline Hobart, in the Webster Cemetery.  Mary's birthdate, left, is calculated from her tombstone inscription.

Paulina W. White
b: abt 1830 New York
m: Sep 17, 1857 Hancock Co, IL
d: aft June 1, 1900

Spouse: John Phillips
b: abt 1825 Massachusetts
d: btw 1880 and 1900,
Boone Co, IA (perhaps)

Marriage license
Census listings 1860-1880, 1900

Paulina and John had three sons:

- John W., born about 1858; married Harriet E. Wellen on September 25, 1879, in Boone County, Iowa

- William N., born about 1861; married Lydia ______ about 1881

- Thomas G., born about 1866


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