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A photograph of George C. Tyler


Prominent Pioneers
By G. C. Tyler.
from The News of Fountain Green, March 17, 1926

In a record kept by C. C. Tyler (my Father) on pioneer days and the early pioneer settlers in Fountain Green township, we find that he knew most of the pioneers, including John Brewer, who came here in 1827.  In fact, he says he knew all the pioneer settlers that lived in Fountain Green township in 1852.

Steven G. Ferris had a tannery located on Section 20, now known as the Samuel Canfield farm, and later had a saw mill on the same farm.  The saw mill did an extensive business.  A letter written by Steven H. Tyler, Jr. in the winter of 1841 to Jacob [Jabez] A. Beebe, at Preston, New York, where Mr. Beebe had gone for a visit, says:

"Arris [Arius], (his son) has hauled to the mill fifty splendid logs.  Mr. John Rose and Mr. Stevenson has hauled about a hundred and others quite a number.  I suppose there are now over four hundred logs at the mill."  So, you see, they improved their time at the expense of the patent land.

Mr. Ferris sold his original farm of 110 acres to Matthew McClaughry in 1827 after a part of the town of Fountain Green had been laid out on it in 1835.  Later the farm was sold to C. C. Tyler and it is now known as the George Miller farm.  Mr. Ferris bought land of Jabez A. Beebe and built the house in which he died.

H. G., J. M., and Dr. Lenord T. Ferris were his sons.  His daughter, Francina married Steven H. Tyler, Jr.

H. G. went to California in the early fifties, returned and settled in Carthage.  J. M. also moved to Carthage.  Dr. Lenord T. Ferris remained in Fountain Green, and practised medicine for fifty years and died at his home in 1900.

Steven T. Ferris [sic] made his home with H. G. in Carthage during the latter years of his life and coming to Fountain Green on a visit in 1876 he was taken sick and died, and is buried in the cemetery in Foutain Green by the side of his wife who shared with him the hardships as well as the after success.

Jabez A. Beebe took a lively interest in the success of the town and was active in promoting it's welfare he served as Justice of the Peace, was well read, and when not a Justice of the Peace he practised law before a Justice Court.  He lived to an advanced age and is buried in the cemetery at Fountain Green.  The above mentioned men in this article were among the most prominent and early pioneer settlers of Fountain Green township.

The history of the settlement of one township is practically the history of all.  Very few are left of the early pioneer settlers of Fountain Green township and those who survive have seen an evolution, of not only manners and customs, but of everything that confronted them when first they reared their rude habitation in the wilderness.

The log cabin has given place to the modern dwelling house with all it's conveniences, the scythe and the cradle to the reaper and the mower.  The rude plow, with the wooden mouldboard, to the riding cultivator and breaking plow.  School houses and churches dot the land in every direction, but after all is said, to the pioneers belong the "need of praise and the crown of glory."  For it is those who come after that reap the benefit of pioneer labor.

Very truly,
Geo. C. Tyler.

This is a verbatim transcription except for bold and [bracketed] text and underlined names which provide links to other pages.

Regarding the statement "So, you see, they improved their time at the expense of the patent land", Mr. Tyler may have been referring to either the clearing of large amounts of virgin timber off of the owner's land, or the common practice of filching timber from land either still belonging to the government, or purchased or received (as bounty land for military service) but not yet occupied and therefore unprotected from predation by local residents.


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