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Neal, William H ca. 1839-1862

Noble, Wayne 1942-1952   not loaded

Olander, Gracia F. (nee Latherow) 1893-1977

Parker, Elizabeth (nee Browning) 1794-1871

Parr, Fannie 1892-1909

Parsons, Abraham L. 1869-1939
Parsons, Lenora D. (nee Robinson) 1879-1956

Parsons, William 1825-1900
Parsons, Luther ca. 1871-1890

Pentz, John W. 1850-1855

Prentis, Daniel 1799-1882
Prentis, Nancy (nee Hughes) 1818-1892

Prentis, Jared 1802-1857
Prentis, Emeline (nee Clark) 1817-1837

Ramsey, Sarah C. 1859-1860     not loaded

Ramsey, William 1801-1862   not loaded

Riley, George W. ca. 1843-1869

Riley, John 1800-1870
Riley, Mary (nee Duffy) 1801-1860

Riley, Samantha A. (nee Midcap) 1857-1879

Riley, William ca. 1825-1866
Dale, Mary Ann Riley (nee Myres) 1825-1877

Robertson, Andrew 1854-1855

Robertson, Andrew 1807-1866

Ross: Son of J. S. & M. B. Ross 1858-1859

Ross, Zedekiah 1794-1870

Schwedes, Elizabeth Getz (nee Callihan) 1823-1870

Sharp, Thomas 1805-1865
Sharp, Margaret (nee Wack) 1807-1897
Sharp, George 1847-1858

Sibert, John 1817-1892
Sibert, Catherine (nee Kube) 1821-1886

Sibert, Sarah Ellen (nee Miller) 1840-1890

Sibert, William 1875-1876
Sibert, Infant Daughter 1878

Sutton, Douglas 1861-19__
Sutton, Lillie (nee Reed) 1859-1930

Swigart, Robert Horner died Jan. 15, 1864     not loaded

Switzer, James Richard 1933-1934

Thompson, John W. 1842-1855

Tippet, John W. 1857-1923
Tippet, Sarah Eugenie (nee Sibert) 1859-1940

Tyler, Adeline (nee Church) 1809-1855

Tyler, Amanda (nee Williams) 1845-1906
Tyler, Mary Adeline 1865-1866
Tyler, Lemuel Alvin 1872-1876

Tyler, Charles C. 1837-1917
Tyler, Olive R. J. (nee Webster) 1839-1907
Tyler, Clark L. 1875-1904 1864-1865
Tyler, Jessie 1864-1865
Tyler, Lottie 1878-1879
Unnamed Tyler Infant

Tyler, Stephen H. Jr. 1812-1855
Tyler, Francina R. (nee Ferris) 1818-1859

Tyler, Julia 1814-1866   not loaded

Tyler, Stephen H. Sr. 1786-1871     not loaded
Tyler, Hannah 1789-1874     not loaded

Walker, Grace 1880   not loaded

Walker, Rev. Thomas M. 1819-1888
Walker, Mary Ann (nee Montgomery) 1825-1909
Walker, William M. 1847-1870   not loaded
Walker, James M. 1854-1884   not loaded
Walker, Thomas M. 1866-1876   not loaded

Weiser, Solomon 1819-1900
Weiser, Mary A. (nee Miller) 1832-1911
Weiser, Jacob P. 1859-1892
Weiser, Emma J. 1852-1874
Weiser, Martha Ella 1874-1875

Westfall, James 1807-1858
Westfall, Malissa 1813-1842

Wheaton, Effie G. 1880-1888     not loaded

White, Clark 1813-1880
White, Lucy M. (nee Beebe) 1823-1914
White, Francina F. 1846-1847
White, Judge C. 1858-1858

White, Jary Sr. ca. 1784-1841
White, Lucena (nee Lawrence) 1790-1864

White, Jay Willard 1868-1925
White, May Belle (nee Colvin) 1866-1894

White, John Rev. 1792-1852

White, John W. S. 1821-1873
White, Lucy E. 1866-1872
White, Infant Son 1865

Williams, Anderson Duncan 1840-1929
Williams, Louisa (nee Bryant) 1844-1920
Williams, George Edwin 1873-1903
Williams, Mary E. 1879-1893
Williams, Edith G. 1887-1902

Wood, John W. 1840-1924   not loaded

Wright, Eliza Ann (nee Burnham) 1830-1866
Wright, James W. 1849-1851
Wright, Artie 1859

Wright, Basil ca.1808-1865
Wright, Nathan C. 1863-1864

Probable, but unsubtantiated burials


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