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Fountain Green Cemetery
Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, Illinois


Cemetery entrance at dawn - copyright Barb Shave
 Place your cursor over the image to see an aerial view, copyright Steve Beckwith.  


Listen to some of the old standard hymns while you visit.
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Whispering Hope   When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder   Medley


"The poetry of history lies in the miraculous fact that once on this earth, on this familiar spot of ground, walked other men and women as actual as we are today, thinking their own thoughts, swayed by their own passions, but now all gone, vanishing one after another, gone as utterly as we ourselves shall be gone like ghosts at cockcrow."

G. M. Trevelyan


Aldrich, George H. 1831-1913   not loaded
Aldrich, Mary (nee Goodale) 1834-1905   not loaded
Aldrich, Amanda 1866-1955   not loaded

Aldrich, Horace 1807-1885
Aldrich, Mary W. 1803-1887
Aldrich, Solomon 1840-1845
Aldrich, Horace J. 1847-1848
Aldrich, Joseph 1842-1851

Allton, Miles 1824-1901
Allton, Elizabeth Jane (nee Parker) 1828-1889

Allton, Walter S. 1818-1900
Allton, Elizabeth (nee Fancher) 1828-1869

Allton, William 1811-1884
Allton, Sarah M. (nee Meredith) 1822-1873
Allton, W. Benton 1845-1866
Allton, Mary Ann (nee Gibson) 1820-1843
Allton, Thomas H. B. 1841-1843
Meredith, Catherine 1783-1873

Alton, Charles Leonard 1851-1932
Alton, Margaret E. (nee Dorothy) 1855-1925
Alton, Inez M. 1891-1902

Alton, Mancel D. 1855-1927
Alton, Amelia A. (nee Weiser) 1858-1923
Alton, Hugh E. 1891-1955

Barr, Gabriel 1811-1877
Barr, Lilly Ann (nee Scott) 1818-1866
Barr, Sarah E. 1845-1871
Barr, James 1839-1865
Barr, Lilly H. 1855-1872

Beebe, Calvin 1840-1859

Beebe, Jabez Avery 1789-1871
Beebe, Sophia (nee Waite) 1793-1840
Beebe, Mansil D.

Berges, William H. 1870-1952
Berges, Verdelia J. (nee Duffy) 1873-1908

Brandon, James F. ca. 1838-1911
Brandon, Sarah J. (nee Marshall) 1842-1879

Brandon, Richard B. 1809-1854
Brandon, Magdalene M. (nee Favorite) ca. 1814-1891
Brandon, Eddie 1842-1846
Brandon, Richard B. 1843-1863
Brandon, Mary A. 1848-1854

Brandon, Richard B. 1875-1893

Bullock, Thomas A. 1834-1896
Bullock, Jenette I. (nee Robertson) 1837-1890
Bullock, Infant Son 1866-1866
Bullock, Luella 1863-1864
Bullock, Lillie B. 1871-1871
Bullock, Infant Son 1872-1872

Bullock, William 1807-1872
Bullock, Christina (nee McDougal) ca. 1810-1845

Bustard, Samuel 1849-1871

Callihan, Charley 1871-1876

Callihan, Mar___ Fianna 1840-1875
Callihan, Fianna E. 1875-1875

Callihan, Thomas 1780-1863
Callihan, Margaret 1788-1869

Callihan, William 1821-1907
Callihan, Angeline 1823-1857 (nee Lorance)
Callihan, John Henry 1851-1865
Callihan, Eliza Jane (nee Adkins) 1840-1862
Callihan, Ella 1860-1860
Callihan, William M. 1862-1862

Campbell, Charlie Beers 1856-1859   not loaded

Campbell, James 1805-1877
Campbell, John Orr 1833-1856
Campbell, Thomas Chalmers 1851-1856
Campbell, Ida Rebecca 1855-1857

Campbell, Margaret (nee Campbell) 1808-1881
  not loaded

Chamberlain, Margaret A. (nee Groat) 1832-1875

Conn, Samuel 1808-1887
Conn, Mariah 1809-1880
Conn, Rosina 1838-1857

Crump, Morris M. D. 1829-1881
Crump, Anna M. 1861-1866

Curry, Matthew 1782-1870   not loaded
Curry, Matthew 1817-1864   not loaded

Curry, Matthew ca. 1802-1876
Curry, Jane (nee Curry) ca. 1802-1891

Dale, Mary Ann Riley (nee Myres) 1825-1877

Day, Charlie 1858-1859   not loaded

Dorothy, Archibald 1851-1882
Dorothy, Sarah Matilda (nee Allton) 1851-1874
Dorothy, Nellie 1874

Dorothy, Gibson H. 1827-1901
Dorothy, Elizabeth P. (nee Wright) 1825-1880
Dorothy, Infant died July 27, 1847
Dorothy, George H. 1863-1864

Dorothy, Nathan W. 1830-1906
Dorothy, Mary J. (nee Wright) 1832-1882
Dorothy, Mary A. 1864

Dunn, Elsie (nee Kimbrough) 1882-1912
Dunn, Harley 1905-1923

Dunn, Joseph 1854-1930
Dunn, Amanda (nee Sibert) 1856-1918
Dunn, Margaret 1880-1901

Eddington, L. Joan 1931-1933

Edwards, William E. 1914-1917

Fabun, Watson ca. 1805-1879
Fabun, Cynthia ca. 1800-1851

Feikert, Dale William 1917-1974

Ferris, Jesse 1799-1875   not loaded
Beebe, Ruth 1796-1884   not loaded

Ferris, Leonard Thompson (M.D.) 1817-1900
Ferris, Hellen M. (nee Gilchrist) 1831-1912
Ferris, Fidelia Miriam 1851-1853   not loaded
Ferris, Delia 1858-1862   not loaded
Ferris, John M. 1865-1866   not loaded

Ferris, Stephen G. 1788-1876
Ferris, Eunice (nee Beebe) 1788-1860
Ferris, Dorothy L. 1825-1842     not loaded
Griffith, Fidelia (nee Ferris) 1829-1849     not loaded

Ford, Rosalind U. died Mar. 5, 1862     not loaded

Fordham, Katherine (nee Miller) 1838-1920

Fortney, David 1840-1893

Fortney, Samuel 1810-1859

Frank, John C., born 1838   not loaded
Frank, Mary (nee Metcalf)   not loaded
Frank, Charles Albert 1867-1905 (buried in Chicago)   not loaded
Giles, Grace L. (nee Frank) 1874-1910   not loaded

Freeman, Stephen P. 1790-1860   not loaded

Glass, George Washingon 1838-1863

Glass, John McGinley 1840-1860

Glass, Melinda (nee Dickey) 1833-1864
Glass, Lovina B. 1860-1862
Glass, Linda V. 1863-1863

Glass, Samuel 1805-1889
Glass, Rachel (nee Marshall) 1809-1878

Gordon, Mary Ann (nee Prior) 1842-1866   not loaded
Gordon, Lewelly F. 1862-1866   not loaded

Gordon, Robert R. 1847-1924
Gordon, Harriet (nee Baggley) 1851-1911

Harder, Charles 1830-1911
Harder, Jane Susan (nee Kingsley) 1835-1911

Harding, Sarah (nee Hickson) ca. 1863-1935

Harris, Ebenezer E. 1829-1912
Harris, Sarah E. (nee Harris) 1830-1913

Harris, Frances 1807-1853

Harris, Hattie L. (nee Harder) 1860-1929

Harris, Howard 1855-1945

Harris, James 1800-1889
Harris, Unity (nee Shepherdson) 1814-1884

King, Herbert L. 1864-1866   not loaded

Kingsley, Loren Samuel 1808-1890
Kingsley, Harriet E. (nee Snow) 1813-1899

Knott, Ann (nee Curry) 1811-1864

Latherow, Bertha 1870-1878   not loaded

Latherow, Edith Lenore 1895-1976

Latherow, Thomas J. 1861-1937
Latherow, Nellie G. (nee Williams) 1867-1909
Latherow, Paul Williams 1904-1904

Leach, David 1816-1892
Leach, Eliza (nee Sherwood) 1815-1879

Leach, Hettie 1851-1935

Leach, Jesse 1839-1901

Leach, Kendrick 1818-1893
Leach, Mary Jane (nee Read) 1828-1913
Leach, Lincoln 1858-1862
Leach, Lunie 1861-1864
Leach, W. W. Clark 1868-1878

Leach, Sarah E. 1846-1943

Leach, Silas R. 1855-1912

Leal, Clark

Lenix, William 1837-1907
Lenix, Mary E. (nee Barr) 1853-1931
Lenix, Edgar Scott 1873-1873

Long, Christopher, died 1859
Long, Susannah E. (nee Pentz) died 1858

Luce, Sally G. 1809-1858   not loaded

Marshall, Laura M. 1861-1879   not loaded

McClaughry, Matthew
McClaughry, Elizabeth (nee Campbell) 1811-1899

McConnell, Samuel Coyle 1862-1863

McCulloch, Ethel M. 1883-1884
McCulloch, Lina M. 1877-1879

McDaniel, E. F. 1851-1918   not loaded

McDonald, John B. 1821-1899
McDonald, Harriet (nee Talbot) 1825-1882

McGee, Florence 1883-1902

Meredith, Catherine 1783-1873

Mesick, Gertrude 1880-1957   not loaded

Mesick, Martin Francis 1861-1862   not loaded

Midcap, Mary Jane (nee Riggs) 1839-1860
Riley, Samantha A. (nee Midcap) 1857-1879

Miller, James 1846-1912
Miller, Anna E. (nee Kelley) 1854-1925
Miller, Maggie K. 1877-1880

Miller, Robert ca. 1843-1913

Miller, Thomas 1793-1876
Miller, Margaret (nee Meredith) 1817-1896

Mull, Henry ca. 1822-1883
Mull, Mary J. (nee Campbell) ca. 1821-1867

Mull, Sarah Ellen Van Winkle (nee Robinson) 1840-1904

Murtland, William Wallace 1874-1935

Probable, but unsubstantiated burials


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