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You will notice that some of the links go to blank pages and some names have no links. This site is still being developed. Eventually information should be available for every name and every link, but I wanted to get some information out for your examination.

We've tried to make this information as accurate as possible. No one researching their ancestry can be absolutely certain of all the data they collect. I try to make sure that assumptions or speculation are not mistaken for verified fact. If you have supplemental information or corrections they will be included as soon as possible after receipt. In the meantime, enjoy your visit.                                                              


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     The Richard Major family was a well to do middle class family in Nineteenth  Century England. They and their relatives came to the midwest in the 1840's and 1850's seeking religious freedom. They were members of the newly formed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints under the leadership of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. William Warner Major, the eldest son, emigrated to Nauvoo Illinois in 1842 and later to Utah. William was especially active in the Church and was a good friend of Brigham Young.

      This web site is intended as a place where researchers of the Richard Major family and its descendants can collaborate, compare notes, share research, and help one another to learn more about our common ancestry.

       All those having any interest in the Richard Major Family or in its collateral descendants, are encouraged to contact me at the E-mail address below.

        Everyone doing so will be added to the research group mailing list and will receive all new information from that time on. You are encouraged to send material you think interesting and appropriate (gedcoms, family sheets, photos, documents, or anything else that can be scanned) and I will be happy to post it on the site. Send all material for posting to .

I hope everyone will enjoy what we all contribute.


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