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© Catherine L. Gowdy
November 2001-2011

The Crose family genealogy was written, researched and contributed by Cathy Gowdy.


Christopher Crose, the patriarch of the Crose family, 1784-1857 and his wife Sabra Miller Crose 1784-1866.  Photos submitted by Cathy Gowdy.

Christopher Crose was born March 15, 1784 (1783 according to his tombstone) in Belvidere, Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. A “Record of the Fanckboner, Crose, Hayden and Hubbard Families” written in June, 1891 by William Fanckboner is the source of Christopher’s birthdate; it is also the source of the birthdates of Sabra Miller and of their children together.

The first public record I have for Christopher Crose was the occasion of his witnessing the will of John Van Buskirk Sr. in 1801; this man was his neighbor and died in 1807.  This John Van Buskirk was the grandfather of the girl who much later married Christopher’s son, Jesse M. Crose.

Christopher Crose and Sabra Miller married in Sussex Co., New Jersey on February 3, 1805 - “Stauphel Crose to Savary Miller”. The marriage is recorded in Book 1, page 22 of Sussex County records.  Stauphel is a common nickname for Christophel, German for Christopher.  Sabra was born in Westfield, New Jersey on April 24, 1784.

According to History of Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1880, Christopher was a carpenter by trade. This may account for the small acreage which he purchased.

On February 17, 1807, Christopher purchased thirteen acres, nine perches of land located in Oxford Township from John and Catherine Shaver for $130.56. His neighbors were John Van Buskirk Sr., John Smith and John Clark.

On March 26, 1829 Christopher bought seven acres of land in Oxford Township from Abram and Elizabeth Larrew. Adjoining land belonged to John Linn Sr., John Linn Jr., Carman Wilson, Daniel Hixon and William Smith.

Other neighbors living in close proximity to Christopher and Sabra were surnamed Paul, Green and Rope.  These names appear as middle names given to the Crose children, so they were apparently quite close friends, if not related by blood or marriage.

The family was recorded on the 1830 Warren County, NJ census in Oxford Township:

 Christopher Croze
 2 m 40-50  1 f 40-50
 1 m 15-20  2 f 15-20
 1 m 5-10  1 f 5-10
 1 m 0-5
One daughter had married prior to the taking of this census. Sons, John and William, were no longer at home.

In September 1835, Christopher and Sabra sold their two parcels of land to John Crose for $750.  This transaction was recorded in Warren County, NJ records (Warren County was formed in 1824 from Sussex County) on October 12, 1835 in Book 6, page 65. It was at this time that they removed to Michigan.

In 1840, Christopher and Sabra were living in Prairie Ronde Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan between two of their sons-in-law, John K. Wooley and William Fanckboner:

 Christopher Crouse
 1 m 60-70  1 f 50-60
 1 f 20-30
 1 f under 5
It is likely that two of the unmarried Crose girls were recorded in William Fanckboner’s home next door. The youngster was probably a granddaughter.

They were again recorded in Prairie Ronde Township on Aug. 8, 1850, this time living next door to their son, George, and son-in-law, James Gingles:

 Christopher Crose, 67, NJ
 Sabry, 66, NJ
 Catherine, 13, Mich.
 William, 10, Mich.
Catherine and William probably are grandchildren, but I have not deter-mined the identity of their parents. I have wondered if they are children of William Crose, and he died later than reported in the History of Kalamazoo Co. He is the only son of Christopher and Sabra who was married early enough to be the father of children this age. It may be that Catherine is the child under 5 reported in 1840.

Christopher Crose died on October 16, 1857 in Kalamazoo County and is buried in the Harrison Cemetery in Prairie Ronde Township. He is described as an “industrious man, a kind father, and a good neighbor” in the History.

Sabra is found living in 1860 with her son, Jesse. She died on May 1, 1866 and is also buried in Harrison Cemetery.

Children of Christopher Crose and Sabra Miller:

(I.1) William Crose was born Dec. 20, 1805 near Belvidere in Sussex Co., NJ. He is said to have gone to Ohio for a while with his brother, Jesse, and to Oakland County, Michigan to visit friends and relatives (History of Kalamazoo County, Michigan, p. 445). He returned to New Jersey and on September 26, 1835 he married Sally Ann Cole (Warren Co., NJ Marriage Papers: LDS film #1294806).  He is reported to have died in 1836/1837 in New Jersey (History of Kalamazoo Co., MI). An exact death date has not been determined, but if William and Catherine above mentioned are his children, he must have died a few years later.

(I.2) Elizabeth Crose was born June 14, 1807 near Belvidere, Sussex Co., NJ. She and William “Fankboner” were married on July 12, 1828 by G. R. King, JP. Both are identified as being of Oxford (Vol. 1, Warren Co. NJ Marriages).
They appear on the 1830 Warren County, NJ census; living with them is their first child, a son under 5 years of age. I have not attempted to identify the others in their home.

 William “Fangboner”
 1 m 30-40
 1 m 20-30  1 f 20-30
 2 m 15-20  1 f 10-15
 1 m 0-5
William and Elizabeth followed the rest of the family and trekked to Kalamazoo Co., Michigan (in 1837 according to the History of Kalamazoo County) where they appear on the 1840 census living next door to Christopher Crose in Prairie Ronde Township:
 1 m 30-40  1 f 30-40
 1 f 20-30
 1 f 15-20
 1 m 10-15
 2 m 5-10  1 f 5-10
 1 m 0-5  1 f 0-5
The Fanckboner’s are a bit of a challenge to find in 1850, but they are there and the entry makes me chuckle every time I read it:
   Frank Bones, 47, NJ
   Elizabeth, 43, NJ
   George, 21, NJ
   John, 20, NJ
   Abram, 18, NJ
   Sally A., 15, NJ
   Matilda, 18, NJ
   William, 9, Mich.
The family appears on later censuses until their deaths, Elizabeth on Aug. 15, 1888 and William on April 12, 1881.  Both are buried in Schoolcraft Village Cemetery.

 Children of William and Elizabeth Crose Fanckboner:

(I.2.1) George Crose Fanckboner, born June 11, 1829 in Warren Co., NJ.

John Crose Fanckboner, son of William and Elizabeth Crose Fanckboner.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
 (I.2.2) John Crose Fanckboner, born August 5, 1830, Warren Co., NJ.

 (I.2.3) Abram Fanckboner, born August 11, 1832, Warren Co., NJ.

 (I.2.4) Sarah Ann Fanckboner, born January 11, 1835, Warren Co., NJ.

 (I.2.5) Ann Matilda Fanckboner, born September 18, 1836, Warren Co., NJ.

 (I.2.6) William Fanckboner Jr., born September 6, 1840 Prairie Ronde, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan.

 (I.2.7) Mary Elizabeth Fanckboner, born Prairie Ronde, June 23, 1854.

The dates and places of birth just given are from the 1891 “Record” written by William Fanckboner (Jr.) and mentioned at the beginning of this article. More information about these children is available but is not included here since they are not Harrison descendants.

(I.3) John Crose was born in Sussex County, NJ on March 11, 1809. He purchased the land, which had belonged to his parents when they went to Michigan, and then on May 14, 1836, less than a year later; he sold that land to William C. Morris for $650. This deed was recorded the same day (Warren Co., NJ Deed Book A, pages 481-183).  He went to Kalamazoo Co., Michigan in 1837 with the Fanckboner’s and other members of the Crose family. On June 10, 1841 he married Almira Harrison in Kalamazoo County and they settled in Prairie Ronde Township and raised a family there. Almira was born January 25, 1825 in Ohio, the daughter of Bazel Harrison and his wife, Martha Stillwell. John and Almira Crose can be found on the censuses up to the time of their deaths. John died on 11 April 1883 and is buried in Harrison Cemetery.  Almira was living in the village of Schoolcraft in 1894; with her on that census was her 10-year-old granddaughter, Maud Pursel. Almira died at the home of her son, William Crose, on April 24, 1900; the funeral was at his house and she was buried in the Harrison Cemetery (obituary, Schoolcraft Express, April 27, 1900). For purposes of brevity, only the 1860 census is given here:

#491-191 taken June 30, Prairie Ronde Twp., Kalamazoo Co., MI
  John Crose, 51, NJ
  Almira, 35, Ohio
  George, 17, Mich.
  William, 14, Mich.
  Dayton, 12, Mich.
  Jesse, 9, Mich.
Children of John Crose and Almira Harrison:
 (I.3.1) George G. Crose was born Nov. 10, 1843 in Prairie Ronde, Michigan, and died Aug. 24, 1913 in Kalamazoo County; he is buried in Harrison Cemetery.  He married Ann E. Williams.  They were recorded on the 1870 census in Prairie Ronde.  Ann died on Feb. 3, 1875 and is buried in Harrison Cemetery.  George married second Elizabeth Maria Merrifield, daughter of Stafford and Almira (Watts) Merrifield of Quebec; she died Aug. 30, 1918. In June, 1900 they were living in Chicago, Illinois on South Walnut Street.  On that census, Lizzie’s birth is given as April 1853 in Canada, where both her parents were born.  She and George state that they have been married for 20 years. Their child, Grant, returns age 9, born in South Dakota. By 1910, George and Lizzie had returned to Kalamazoo Co., Michigan where they appeared on the census in Prairie Ronde Township.
Children of George G. and Ann Crose:
(I.3.1.1) Grace Crose was born Feb. 14, 1869 Prairie Ronde, married Parker C. Pursel in Schoolcraft on Dec. 27, 1888.  Grace died of typhoid fever on June 7, 1908, and is buried in Harrison Cemetery. As of the 1900 Schoolcraft census, they had had no children.

(I.3.1.2) Alma Crose was born in April 1871 in Prairie Ronde; she became the wife of Freeland Gill. In 1900 they were living in the village of Schoolcraft; they had been married for 8 years and there were no children born to them at that time.  By 1910 they had moved to St. Joseph County, Michigan where Freeland was a grain dealer. In the home was a daughter, Marjorie A. Gill, age 4.

(I.3.1.3) Henry Boyd Crose was born November 13, 1873 in Prairie Ronde (Kalamazoo County Births, Book 1, page 277); he died in 1948 in Chicago, Illinois and is buried in Harrison Cemetery.  His second wife was Caroline Marshall (in the 1910 census they both stated that they had been married for 1 year, it was his second and her first marriage). According to one of my correspondents, Roeberta Shingledecker, Henry Boyd Crose had two sons, Gordon and Galen which matches the 1910 census.  Roeberta said that Gordon was living in Ft. Myers, Florida in 1961.  His two sons were:

(I. Galen George Crose was born on 8 May 1900 (WW I draft registration).

(I. Gordon Boyd Crose  was born December 27, 1901 and died December, 1981 according to the Social Security Index; his last residence was Florida and his SS# was issued in Illinois. The Florida Death Index lists Gordon Boyd Crose, born Dec. 27, 1901 and died St. Lucie, Florida Dec. 18, 1981. An obituary appeared in the Fort Pierce News Tribune, December 19, 1981:

"Gordon Boyd Crose, 79, 1517 Indiana Ave., died Friday at Lawnwood Medical Center.  A native of Chicago, Mr. Crose had moved here in 1942.

He was a member of the Loyal Order of the Moose, #248, Stephen N. Gladwin Post #40 of the American Legion, and had served in the U.S. Navy during World War I and World War II.

Private funeral services will be held at Yates Funeral Home."

Son of George G. and Elizabeth Maria Merrifield Crose:
(I.3.1.4) Grant Crose was born April 25, 1891 and died July 8, 1900. His obituary was printed in the Schoolcraft Express on July 13, 1900:
“Grant Crose, little nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Crose of Chicago, was brought here by his parents, mother, father & brother Boyd Crose. Mr. Crose and family with his two daughters, Mrs. F. L. Gill and Mrs. P. C. Pursel of this place, were on a pleasure trip through the west and were at Pleasant Lake, Montana. Grant was only sick a few hours.”  Burial was in Harrison Cemetery.

(I.3.2) William Crose was born Nov. 16, 1845 in Prairie Ronde, Michigan and died Dec. 21, 1905 in Kalamazoo County, Mich.; he is buried in Harrison Cemetery. He married Mary Elizabeth Wood on Feb. 11, 1866. “Lizzie” died August 11, 1910, burial in Harrison Cemetery. Her obituary states that she was survived by a son, John Crose (Schoolcraft Express, 18 Aug. 1910).

In 1880, William and Elizabeth were living in Prairie Ronde with their son, John, age 10 years;  William was farming.  By the taking  of the 1894 state census, William and Elizabeth were still living in Prairie Ronde with only boarders living in their home.  About 1885 William quit farming and joined the hardware firm of P. C. Pursel & Co.; he continued in that occupation, showing on the 1894 census as a hardware merchant.  In 1900, William and Elizabeth were living in Schoolcraft Village, Kalamazoo County, Michigan; Elizabeth returns born in February 1845 in New York.  With them was Nellie Purcel, identified as a grand niece. Nellie's birth is recorded as April 1890 in Michigan.  In 1910, Elizabeth was living alone in Schoolcraft.

( John Crose was born February 5, 1870 and died in September, 1956; burial was in Mountain Home Cemetery. On October 21, 1896 he married May Faxon at Kalamazoo; she was born August 2, 1875 in  Kalamazoo, the daughter of Sidney and Mary (Walter) Faxon. May died July 9, 1959 and was buried in Mountain Home Cemetery. John was a county court stenographer. They were living in the City of Kalamazoo in 1900; with them was their daughter, Helen Fletcher Crose, and May's parents, as well as three boarders.
( Helen Fletcher Crose was born in Kalamazoo on September 16,1897. On December 25, 1916 she married E. J. Evans who was born September 8, 1896 and died in 1963; he was buried in Mt. Everest Cemetery.  According to the records of Roeberta Shingledecker, Helen and E. J. had a son named Jay Evans who married and had children, Leigh Scott Evans and Thomas J. Evans.

( Elizabeth Crose was born in Kalamazoo on July 11, 1901; she married Rudel Miller on October 16, 1924. Rudel was born July 12, 1900 in Kalamazoo, the son of Charles S. and Helen  (Wilcox) Miller. Roeberta Shingledecker wrote me that they were both graduates of Western Michigan in 1924 where he excelled in athletics and was voted into Western's athletic Hall of Fame in 1974. Rudel owned and operated the Miller & Boerman Sporting Goods store.

( John Crose Miller  was born September 18, 1925 in Johnson City, N.Y. and in 1976 was living in Berwyn, PA. He married Carleen Jeanette Loff on January 7, 1952 in Marshall, MI. She was a native of Battle Creek. Their two children were Karen and David Miller.  John Crose Miller studied Railroad Industrial Engineering at the University of Michigan (per: Roeberta Shingledecker’s  records).  He died on 25 April 2004 (obituary from the Kalamazoo Gazette).

( Gene Faxon Miller was born in Kalamazoo on April 9, 1932. He married and was living in Kalamazoo in 1976. Children: Kevin, Craig, Steven and Daniel Miller.

( Marcia Whitney Miller was born September 14, 1936 in Kalamazoo. She married in 1958 and had children: George Shellington Lockwood, Andrew Whitney Lockwood,  Catherine Anne Lockwood, and Susan Elizabeth Lockwood.

( Mary Constance Crose was born June 2, 1913 in Kalamazoo. She attended Kalamazoo College and Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She married three times: John Thomas Manwaring (died October 1952) in 1936, William De Haan (died February 7, 1960) on December 2, 1952, and Richard Dana Cutting (died July 24, 1969) on July 14, 1961. No children.

(I.3.3) Dayton Marshall Crose was born Aug. 28, 1847 in Prairie Ronde, and died in Kalamazoo County in 1927. He married Ida May Brown in Kalamazoo on Jan. 12, 1867; witnesses to the marriage were her parents. Ida May died Dec. 11, 1924 in Kalamazoo County and is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery with her husband. In 1880, Dayton M. and Ida Crose and their children, Minnie and Alberto, were living in Prairie Ronde. The family resided in Schoolcraft Village in 1900 and 1910.  At the time of Ida’s death at Kalamazoo State Hospital, they were living in Three Rivers; she was survived by her husband, sons Marshall and Berto, and eight grandchildren (per her obituary).
The children of Dayton M. and Ida M. Crose:

Minnie Belle Crose, at age 16 in about 1883.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
Jesse William Pursel and his son Dayton F. and daughter Maud E., photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.
(I.3.3.1) Minnie Belle Crose was born in Kalamazoo County on June 26, 1867 (per birth certificate) and died there on Sept. 10, 1891 (Bk. 2, p. 115). She is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery.  She married Jesse William Pursel on Aug. 21, 1883.  Their three children were:

Maud Elizabeth Pursel at age 19 in about 1903.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.

(I. Maud Elizabeth Pursel was born March 28, 1884 in Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, and died November 6, 1974 in Menlo Park, San Mateo County, California; burial was in Cypress Lawn Mausoleum, Colma, California. Maud married Peter Cumming Greig on April 6, 1904 in Los Angeles, CA. and they had one child together, a daughter.  Peter and Maud lived for many years in Chicago, Illinois where Peter worked for Armour’s.
(I. Mary Edwards Greig was born in Los Angeles, CA on March 31, 1912.  She became the wife of James Allen Gowdy on May 12, 1937 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana. Her second husband was Verne Alexander McDermont. Mary died  April 11, 1988 in San Jose, CA and is buried in Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma near to her parents and one son. James Gowdy died July 5, 1965 in Palo Alto, CA and was buried July 8th in Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CA.  Three children were born to Jim and Mary Gowdy.
 (I. Greig Allen Gowdy, San Francisco attorney, was born in Oak Park,  Cook County, Illinois on April 12, 1938, and died July 20, 1993 in Mill Valley, Marin County, California. His wife was Catherine Yvonne Lutes. Three children were born to them.

 (I. Gayle Ann Gowdy was born in Oak Park, Illinois on October 5, 1942; she married John Peace Hamer on December 28, 1963 and they have two children.

 (I. Grant Albert Gowdy, born in Palo Alto, CA on Sept. 17, 1948, died December 23, 1981, and is buried in Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma. He married Barbara J. Thompson on June 20, 1970 and they had two sons.

(I. Dayton Fornwald Pursel, born Nov. 15, 1886 in Prairie Ronde, died Nov. 15, 1953 and is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery. In 1900, Dayton Pursel was living in his grandfather Crose’s home in Schoolcraft. When he was 21 years old he married Goldie Skinner who was then 17. By 1930 they were living in Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan and they had adopted a boy who appears on the census as their son.

(I. Preston Joseph Pursel was born July 10, 1915 and died October 14, 1972 in Kalamazoo County; he is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. He married and had two sons, Douglas and Dennis Pursel.

(I. Nellie Clark Pursel, born 1888, died May 5,1906 and buried Schoolcraft Cemetery.

(I.3.3.2) Alberto Crose was born in Prairie Ronde, MI on Aug. 20, 1869. In 1900 Berto was recorded on the census in Juneau, Alaska where he was in the restaurant business. His wife, Mary who was born in Iowa, and an adopted daughter, Bessie, who appears to be the daughter of Mary, and 5 lodgers were in the home. Berto had gone to Alaska in November 1898, his post office at home being Colorado City, Colorado. By 1910, Berto was living in Seattle, Washington. He and his second wife, Jennie, who he married about 1907, had a son, Berto E., who was born in Washington in 1908. Shortly thereafter Berto moved to California where he located in Yolo County, and then in Los Angeles where he was recorded on the 1920 census; he states that he was a widower and with him were two sons, Berto Jr. and Dayton. In 1930 Alberto and his son Berto appear there on the CA census in Long Beach. Berto’s occupation is given as restaurant keeper and Berto E.’s is given as restaurant man. Berto M. Crose died in Los Angeles, California on Dec. 21, 1931; buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

(I. Bessie Crose (adopted) was born in 1899 in Iowa.

(I. Berto E. Crose was born in Washington on April 17, 1908 and died in Los Angeles County, CA on March 16, 1971. The California Death Index incorrectly gives his place of birth as California.

(I. Dayton M. Crose  was born November 24, 1910 in Broderick, Yolo County, California, the son of Alberto and Jennie Soeder Crose, according to his obituary. He died in Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co., Michigan on December 22, 1984. His obituary appeared Monday, Dec. 24, 1984 in The Commercial News on page 11; following is a quote from that obituary:

"His early life was spent in the California area. He served in the Pacific during World War II in the U.S. Navy. He continued to serve in the Navy, retiring in 1963. In 1938 he was married to Barbara Campbell. Mr. Crose was employed at Wells Mfg. Company for several years. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2303 of Three Rivers. Surviving is one brother, Berto E. Crose of California and several cousins. His wife and one daughter preceded him in death."

(I. Deborah Marie Crose “infant daughter of Dayton and Barbara Campbell Crose, 231 Fourth St., died at the Bronson hospital, at 12:30 Wednesday morning. She was born Tuesday at the Three Rivers hospital. Surviving besides the parents are several uncles, aunts and cousins. Friends may call at the Austin Funeral Home until 10:15 Friday morning when the baby will be taken to Riverside cemetery for services…”  (Three Rivers Commercial, page 3, Thursday, Jan. 13, 1949).

(I.3.3.3) Marshall Crose was born July 7, 1880 in Prairie Ronde, Kalamazoo County, MI; he died at home in Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co., Michigan on April 28, 1937 and is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery. Marshall’s obituary appeared in the Schoolcraft Express on May 6, 1937. His wife, Marion M. Holford, born March 22, 1881, died July 20, 1972, is also buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery. Her obituary appeared in the Three Rivers Commercial on Friday, July 21, 1972, page 9. It states that she was born in Iona Co., MI on March 22, 1881, a daughter of Jerrymier and Olive (Reynolds) Holford. Marion and Marshall were married in 1900. In 1910 they were living in Three Rivers where Marshall was employed in the manufacturing of furniture. They had a son Burdette B, age 8, and a daughter, Bernette B., age 5, living with them. The 1930 census records the family in Three Rivers at which time Marshall was a master mechanic in a paper mill. At home were his wife, Marion M., son Sybert N., age 13, and Doris J., age 6, an adopted daughter.

(I. Burdette B. Crose (Berto) was born February 14, 1902 and died July 24, 1964; he is buried in Riverside Cemetery, St. Joseph Co., Michigan. His tombstone displays the emblem of the Three River Fire Department. Berto B. was recorded on the 1930 census in Three Rivers with his wife Mildred M., and children Patricia C., Darrel G., and Dolores J.; at that time Berto was employed as a millwright in a paper mill. Berto married Mildred Heslet, the daughter of Roy and Nora. Mildred was born in Three Rivers on March 20, 1905 and died there February 15, 1972; her second husband was Orville Henschel. Mildred’s obituary was published in the Kalamazoo Gazette on Wednesday, February 16, 1972. It mentions two more children, Sybert and Corwin Crose.
(I. Patricia C. Crose was born December 8, 1924 in Three Rivers and died on 21 September 2003 in Berrien Springs, Berrien County, Michigan. On April 1, 1944 Patrica married Jack W. Colvin  in Greenville, South Carolina.  He was born on April 17, 1921 and died on January 2, 2004 in Berrien Springs, Berrien County, Michigan. They had four children.

(I. Darrell G. Crose was born December 9, 1926 in Three Rivers and died January 18, 2003 in his home in Paw Paw. MI. His obituary was published in the Kalamazoo Gazette. He married Clara E. Slote on August 25, 1951. They had a son and a daughter.

(I. Deloris J. Crose was born August 20, 1929 in Three Rivers.  She married William Birkhold on June 20, 1947 in Goshen, Indiana (per obituary) and they had three children. Deloris died December 29, 1992 in Ann Arbor and William died October 23, 2000. Both obituaries were published in the Sturgis Daily Journal.

(I. Sybert Crose of Three Rivers is mentioned as a brother in Darrell G. Crose’s obituary. According to the records of Roeberta Shingledecker, Sybert was born January 5, 1931 in Three Rivers, and married Charlotte Merchant June 7, 1952 in La Grange, Indiana. They had four children.

(I. Corwin Crose of Three Rivers is also mentioned as a brother of Darrell’s in his obituary. He was born July 18, 1932 (per Mrs. Shingledecker) and married Marguerite Zombik on May 8, 1953. They had two children. Corwin married second Courtney Lynn Smith and two children were born to them.

(I. Bernette B. Crose was born in 1905 and married Charles Kenyon Nichols. Their children were Jon, Charles Marshall and Frank Nichols.

(I. Sybert Neil Crose  was born May 10, 1916 in Three Rivers and died there May 8, 1997. On November 16, 1940 he married Frances Evans, born June 19, 1917 and died June 9, 1990. His obituary states that he served in the Army during WWII, was employed by Eddy Paper Co. and Fairbanks Morse Co. as a young man and then owned and operated Crose Woodworking. He was a volunteer in the fire department for 20 years and then accepted the position of fire chief in 1957; he retired in 1985. Both he and his wife are buried in Riverside Cemetery. They had two daughters.

(I. Doris J. Crose, an adopted daughter, was born August 18, 1923. She married Bob Rhineholt, Charles H. Reed, and Gerald Gilchrist. She and Gerald adopted a son.

(I.3.4) Elizabeth Crose was born in 1849 and may or may NOT be a daughter of John and Almira. She was not included in the family on the 1850 or 1860 censuses; she is with them in 1870, age 21 years. More research needed.

(I.3.5) Jesse Miller Crose was born March 5, 1851 in Prairie Ronde, and died in Kalamazoo County on March 25, 1922; he is buried in Harrison Cemetery. He and his wife, Mary Myers, were living in Prairie Ronde in 1894 and were recorded on that census with their children: Lloyd, Hattie and Clifford. The family was still living in Prairie Ronde in 1900; in the home were Clifford, Jessie M., Clare R. Crose and Mary’s father, Henry B. Myers. By 1910, Jesse and Mary were living alone. He was still farming. Mary died May 19, 1913, and in 1920 Jesse M. was living in the home of his daughter, Hattie. Mary Myers had first married William J. Predmore who died a few months later leaving her with a child, William J. Predmore. Mary married Jesse M. Crose on March 18, 1873.
(I.3.5.1) Lloyd D. Crose, was born in November 1874 and died February 12, 1935; he is buried in Harrison Cemetery with his wife, Fanny Fern Watson, born October 25, 1873, and died September 23, 1922. Lloyd and Fern married August 7, 1898 in her home in Leesburg, Michigan. In 1900 Lloyd was farming in Schoolcraft. Their son Watson had just been born and is shown as 5 months old on the census. The family moved to Edon in Williams Co., Ohio where they appear on the 1910 census; Lloyd was working as a tinner in a hardware store. Shortly thereafter the family returned to Kalamazoo.
(I. Watson John Crose was born December 1, 1899 and died May 17, 1973. He married Anna Cleaver on November 23, 1925; she was born in Indiana, the daughter of John and Marvella (Craig) Cleaver.  In 1930 the family was living in Kalamazoo where John was employed in the paper industry; there were three children born to them at that time.
(I. Wilma E. Crose was born 1927 Michigan. She married Ralph Ringler December 17, 1942 and had four children.

(I. Donald M. Crose was born 1928, Michigan. He married Robbie June Amason and had four children.

(I. Doris Jean Crose was born 1929, Michigan. She married Richard Brown June 16, 1951 and had three children.

(I. Shirley Crose, born March 6, 1936, married Don Baker and Ernest Airhart and had three children (per Prairie Pioneer).

(I. Evelyn Crose married Earl Cramer and had three children  (per Prairie Pioneer).

(I. Mary Crose was born August 30, 1905 in Montpelier, Ohio and died October 7, 1997. She lived in Kalamazoo and did not marry. Mary wrote a book, Prairie Pioneer, copyrighted in 1994; the following biography was copied from that book:

"She attended Kalamazoo Public Schools and Western Michigan University, where she earned a BA degree. After completing four years of college, she continued to take undergraduate courses, one of which stimulated her to tutor children with disabilities in the basic school subjects.  She tutored full time for ten years, mostly under the supervision of the Kalamazoo Child Guidance Center. In 1950 a need arose in the Kalamazoo Public Schools for a resource room involving visually impaired students.  Miss Crose was asked to pursue training in this field of education.  She spent nine months preparing for this pioneer work at Perkins Institute for the visually impaired located at Watertown, Massachusetts, which offered a course that was affiliated with Harvard University.  Miss Crose completed this training and stayed in the east for a summer session at the Boston Nursery Training School. During the spring vacation she attended a conference in New York, which was offered to teachers engaged in dealing with visually impaired babies and young children. She began her work at the Parkwood Upjohn School in September of 1952 and continued in this capacity until June of 1964 when the Kalamazoo Public Schools decided to build the John F. Kennedy Center for the Mentally Impaired.  Again, she was asked to pioneer in this new endeavor.  Six years later she retired. In addition to teaching, Miss Crose became a "mother" to several homeless children.  She was a Red Cross Volunteer for 30 years, serving as a teacher-sponsor for 15 years and at Friendship Village another 15.  She taught both Sunday School and Junior Church for many years as well. In September of 1976 she moved into Friendship Village where she is still actively involved."

(I. Stillborn son October 14, 1913 Michigan.

(I. Stillborn son March 3, 1916 Michigan.

(I.3.5.2) Hattie B. Crose was born September 19, 1876 and married Raymond J. Kline on Feb. 27, 1895 in Schoolcraft; she died August 10, 1936, and is buried in Harrison Cemetery. In 1900 and 1910 Ray was farming in Prairie Ronde Township. He was born July 30, 1871 in Michigan, the son of William A. and Martha Kline.

(I. Ernest R. Kline was born January 26, 1903 in Three Rivers. He married Mary Lindenthal on December 25, 1929. A graduate of Kalamazoo College and Brown University, he taught at the University of Connecticut, retiring in 1971. They had four sons.
(I. Kenneth Ernest Kline was born December 12, 1932 in Connecticut and died October 26, 2000; last residence was Storrs Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut. He was a graduate of the University of Connecticut.

(I. David Crose Kline was born in 1937 in Connecticut and served in the Navy as a JAG Officer. He is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Michigan.

(I. Robert Frank Kline was in 1939 in Willimantic, Connecticut. He is a graduate of Brown and Rutgers universities.

(I. Peter R. Kline was born in 1946 and is a graduate of Kalamazoo College (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

(I.3.5.3) Clifford Crose was born in Kalamazoo Co., Michigan October 2, 1880. On February 26, 1908 he married Deda Lorena Galbreath, born March 15, 1892, the daughter of William and Margaret. She died March 21, 1912 and is buried in Harrison Cemetery; Clifford died December 18, 1947 in Three Rivers and is buried in Vicksburg (records of Roeberta Shingledecker). In 1910 they were living in Schoolcraft Township where he was farming. Clifford remarried and was living with his wife Maude L. Crose in the home of her father and mother, Lewis C. and Harriet E. Roff, in Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County, MI in 1930. Also in the home in 1930 was Clifford and Deda’s son, Frederick W. Crose. In 1930 Clifford was the proprietor of a grocery store.

(I. Frederick Walter Crose, born July 8, 1909, died October 18, 1960; buried Harrison Cemetery. He married Helen Klunica, daughter of John and Katherine, on September 19, 1936 in Kalamazoo. Helen was born April 23, 1915 and died March 14, 2003 in Portage. Her obituary was published in the Kalamazoo Gazette on March 16, 2003 and it says she was survived by a daughter, Diane Reverski, four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
(I.3.5.4) Jessie M. Crose was born February 24, 1882 and died May 9, 1961 in St. Joseph Co., Michigan. She married Murray A. Grosskunze on December 6, 1904 in Three Rivers (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).
(I. C. Elwyn Grosskunze was born October 6, 1905; he married Irene Jurhs, daughter of Fred and Minnie, on December 8, 1926 in Three Rivers. C. E. died December 29, 1993 and Irene died September 1982, both in Three Rivers (per SSDI).
(I. Richard Elwyn Grosskunze was born January 5, 1933, Three Rivers and died November 15, 1990 (per SSDI). He married Marilyn Spence March 21, 1954, and they had four children.

(I.3.5.5) Clare Rebecca Crose was born in Prairie Ronde on August 19, 1886 and died September 11, 1968; buried Schoolcraft. She married Clarence Guilford August 19, 1905 in Prairie Ronde.

(I. Arden C. Guilford was born May 13, 1906 and died February 11, 1989; his last residence was North Liberty, Johnson Co., Iowa (SSDI). He married Retha Routsong, daughter of Charles and Hazel, in La Grange County, Indiana, on September 22, 1936. Retha died October 3, 1991 (SSDI). Three children.

Jesse M. Crose, son of Christopher Crose and Sabra Miller.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
(I.4) Jesse M. Crose was born November 20, 1810 near Belvidere, Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. He learned the trade of carpenter and joiner (History of Kalamazoo Co., Mich., p. 456) in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, which he practiced in Norwalk, Ohio for a few months. He traveled to Prairie Ronde in 1835 and purchased land, and farmed. Jesse married Mariann Van Buskirk on Jan. 24, 1839 in Kalamazoo County (per certified copy of marriage certificate); he was 28 and she was 15. They can be found on the 1850 census with several members of her family, as well as their daughter, Mary E. Mariann died December 26, 1852 and is buried in Harrison Cemetery. I have the Bible for this family, which provides dates of birth, death and marriage. Two children were born to this marriage:

Mary Elizabeth Crose, daughter of Jesse M. Crose and Mariann Van Buskirk.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
(I.4.1) Mary Elizabeth Crose, born on April 6, 1840 in Kalamazoo County, Michigan became the wife of Peter Fornwald Pursel.  They married on February 20, 1861 in Prairie Ronde. Mary Elizabeth and Peter F. Pursel had one child together before her death on Sept. 12, 1865. She is buried in the Harrison Cemetery.  Peter remarried and had three more children by his second wife, Sarah Bernard Wright Fox. This family can be found living in Schoolcraft on the 1870 census.
(I.4.1.1) Jesse William Pursel, born March 7, 1862. He married Minnie Belle Crose on Aug. 21, 1883, daughter of Dayton Marshall Crose and Ida May Brown. [See (I.3.3.1) above.]

(I.4.2) Mariann was born on April 7, 1842 and died December 26, 1842 (Bible record). She is buried in Harrison Cemetery where I am told her tombstone gives Sept. 6 as her day of death.

In June, 1853 Jesse remarried to Mary H. Writer (also spelled Riter). She was born in Vermont on March 11, 1827, daughter of Philip and Mary (Hastings) Writer, and died August 22, 1903 in Kalamazoo (obituary); buried Schoolcraft
Cemetery. Jesse M. Crose died June 3, 1883. He is also buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery, as are all their children together.

Ella (Crose) Rice, daughter of Jesse M. and Mary H. (Writer) Predmore Crose, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

 (I.4.3) Eleanor (Ellen) Crose was born in 1854 and died January 8, 1944 in St. Joseph County, MI; buried Schoolcraft Cemetery. She married Eugene Rice December 24, 1873. According to a newspaper article, three of the guests at the wedding – Wilbur Crose, Bela Crose, and Mrs. George Burgess – also attended the Golden Wedding Anniversary party fifty years later. Eugene Rice was born in New York January 30, 1848 and died November 19, 1933.
(I.4.3.1) LaVerne Rice, born July 29, 1878, died July 26, 1963. He married Theresa O’Neil, daughter of M. J. O’Neil, on September 30, 1905; in 1910 they were living in Marcellus, Cass County, Michigan where LaVerne was working as a bartender. Theresa died January 28, 1917 and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. On February 27, 1922 he married Grace Richardson who died in 1945 and is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery. LaVerne’s third wife was Vera (Mrs. Charles) Crawford, daughter of Augustus E. and Myrtle Reed; they married December 6, 1948.
(I. Michael J. Rice was born September 29, 1906 in Schoolcraft. He drowned in Gull Lake when 14 years old and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

(I. Eugene Rice was born January 3, 1908 and died in October 1978 in Brooklyn, Jackson Co., MI (SSDI). He married Pearl Louise Parnoude, born March 19, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois.

(I. Eugene H. Rice was born October 16, 1927 and died August 31, 1988 in Brooklyn, MI (SSDI). He married Donna Jean Howard.
(I. Sandra Lee Rice, born July 19, 1948, married Leslie M. Hubbard. Two children.

(I. Edward L. Rice was born January 14, 1930 and died May 27, 1992 in Canon City, Fremont Co., Colorado (SSDI).

(I. Ronald L. Rice was born March 18, 1933 in Richland, Michigan. He died August 23, 2002 in Benson, Cochise Co., Arizona (SSDI).

Wave Rice, daughter of Eugene and Ella (Crose) Rice, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I.4.3.2) Wave Z. Rice, born March 11, 1885, married Leon Holmes, son of Russell and Agnes, on June 4, 1913. He was born April 20, 1889 and died March 1, 1955; buried Schoolcraft.  Leon was farming in Prairie Ronde Township at the time of the 1930 census.
(I. Wayne R. Holmes was born October 18, 1914 and married Marion Aldrich on June 6, 1936. They had two children.
(I. Leonard Wayne Holmes, born March 11, 1937, married DeMaris Schug June 30, 1956 in Schoolcraft. Two children.

(I. Doris Elaine Holmes, born January 11, 1939 in Schoolcraft, married there Gordon Miller on October 8, 1960. Four children.

(I.4.3.3) Freeland Gill Rice was born in Schoolcraft on October 12, 1888. He died January 1961 and is buried in Schoolcraft. He married Eva May Hill, daughter of Frank and Rozella Hill, in Prairie Ronde on March 3, 1909. Eva was born May 24, 1890 and died December 31, 1933. In 1930 the family was living on Lincoln Street in Schoolcraft where Freeland gave his occupation as teamster. Daughter Ruby and her baby, Shirley, were in the home.
(I. Ruby Rice was born August 25, 1910 in Schoolcraft, and died in March 1978 (per SSDI; last benefit was sent to Munising, Alger Co., MI). She married Reed Brown.
(I. Shirley M. Brown was born May 4, 1928.

(I. Marian Rice was born July 8, 1912 in Schoolcraft; she married Leland Turner Jan. 27, 1932. Four children.

(I. Molly Jean Turner was born July 4, 1932 in Schoolcraft and married Robert Coombs on July 11, 1950.

(I. Louis George Turner was born January 3, 1934. He married Cleo Reynolds in 1951.

(I. Nancy Lee Turner was born November 20, 1937. Did not marry.

(I. Norman Leland Turner, born November 20, 1937, married Jean Marie Bodine on December 12, 1959.

(I. Lorraine E. Rice was born March 28, 1915 and died October 4, 1972 in Phoenix, Arizona. He married Evelyn Westfall June 3, 1935 in South Bend, Ind.

(I. Harry Crose Rice was born September 19, 1916 and married Margaret Aldrich June 1, 1935 in Elkhart, Indiana (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).
They had three children: Betsy, Harry James, and Roger Lee Rice.

(I. Frances Rice was born January 23, 1919 and died June 4, 1927; hit by a car and buried in Schoolcraft (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

(I. Gerald T. Rice was born May 7, 1922 Schoolcraft and died May 4,1977; buried Schoolcraft. He married Audrey Allene Copenhaver March 6, 1942. Five children.

(I. Freeland Gill Rice Jr. was born May 26, 1925 Schoolcraft. He married Winifred Lewis August 29, 1948 and had several children (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

(I. Richard Rice was born August 17,1928 in Schoolcraft. He married Florence Noag and had 8 children (records of Roeberta Shingledecker). He died August 19, 1995 (SSDI).

(I. Dale Rice, born November 17, 1932, married Betty Mohney (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

 (I.4.4) Wilbur J. Crose was born on Jan. 3, 1856.  He married Mary Loraine Rawson, daughter of Elias and Nancy J. Rawson, on February 13, 1877. He was farming in Schoolcraft township in 1887-88, opened a grocery store, and moved to Allegan County where he opened a drug store.  In 1900 he was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a conductor on a streetcar. Living in the home on Galena Street were his wife, and daughters, Pearl and Avon, and a lodger William Eshenburg. In 1910 he was still living in Milwaukee, working as a salesman in the retail butter and egg business.  His mother-in-law, Nancy H. Rawson, was living in the home.  Mary died in Vicksburg, Michigan on 11 Nov 1930 and Wilbur died in 1941; they are both buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery.

(I.4.4.1) Pearl C. Crose was born in 1878 and died in 1970; buried Schoolcraft. She was working as a seamstress in 1900. She married Guy W. Kleckner in about 1904. In 1910 they were living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at which time Guy was a salesman (retail) of butter and eggs. Three children were in the home.  Guy died in 1966 and Pearl died four years later in 1970, they are both buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery.

Guy and Pearl (Crose) Kleckner and George and Avon (Crose) Wilson, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I. Leah A. Kleckner was born about 1905 in Michigan (age 5 on the 1910 census). She married George Foe (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

(I. Isabella Claire Kleckner was born May 12, 1906 in Schoolcraft. She married and had children (per Roeberta Shingledecker).

(I. Wilbur Crose Kleckner was born December 22, 1908 in Michigan and died in Kalamazoo July 16, 1974 (SSDI). He married Elaine Niemi and had two children (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

Leah Crose, daughter of Wilbur Crose, phto contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I.4.4.2) Leah Bell Crose was born on 27 August in Schoolcraft Township (Kalamazoo Births, Book 3, page 27) 1882 and died in 1900, she is buried on the family plot in Schoolcraft Cemetery.

Avon Crose, daughter of Wilbur Crose, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I.4.4.3) Avon Crose was born January 1884 according to the 1900 census; she gave her occupation as artistic painter. She died December 29, 1908 and is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery; she married Harry D. Martin (records of Roeberta Shingledecker and data read from her marker in Schoolcraft Cemetery).

James Crose, son of Jesse M. Crose.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
 (I.4.5) James Crose was born April 9, 1858 in Kalamazoo Co., Mich. He died January 7, 1914 in Kalamazoo and is buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery. He married Nellie McCall September 29, 1879; she died in Schoolcraft August 31, 1881; buried Schoolcraft. James married second to Minnie Cady in 1888. Roeberta Shingledecker reports two children.

Nellie Crose, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I.4.5.1) Nellie Crose was born August 17, 1881 and was raised by her grandmother, Mrs. James McCall of Kalamazoo. In 1905 Nellie married Orvis McArthur. She died September 28, 1914. Three children were born to them: Beatrice, Kenneth, and Glenadine McArthur.

(I.4.5.2) Coy E. Crose.

 (I.4.6) Edgar Crose was born on May 27, 1860 and died Feb. 27, 1864. Buried Schoolcraft.

 (I.4.7) Christopher Crose was born on Feb. 6, 1863 and died Feb. 28, 1864. Buried Schoolcraft.

Bela H. Crose, son of Jesse M. Crose.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
(I.4.8) Bela H. Crose was born Feb. 9, 1865.  He died August 20, 1944 in Kalamazoo County; burial in Schoolcraft Cemetery. On January 1, 1889 he married Emma B. Hughes. She was born in Portage Township on February 14, 1866, the daughter of Louisa and Jessie Hughes. Emma died December 25, 1937 in Grand Rapids. Bela lived on the old Crose farm in Prairie Ronde where he was farming in 1900 and 1910.

Cleland Crose, son of Bela Crose, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I.4.8.1) Cleland J. Crose was born December 6, 1889 (per R. Shingledecker; December 1890 according to the 1900 census; 1890 per the 1910 census). He was working on his father’s farm in 1910. He died June 2, 1916 and is buried in Schoolcraft.

(I.4.8.2) Mildred Louise Crose was born May 30, 1896 in Prairie Ronde. She married Hale E. Herrington June 23, 1921. Roeberta Shingledecker records the following children.

(I. Barbara L. Herrington, born June 3, 1923 Grand Rapids, died 1975 in Herndon, VA; buried Woodlawn. She married William J. Pond, and second to Paul Comulada. Two children.

(I. Marilyn Herrington was born January 23, 1930 in Grand Rapids. She married Jack Davis in 1952 and had three sons.

(I.4.8.3) Gladys M. Crose was born July 23, 1897 in Prairie Ronde and died June, 1972; buried Schoolcraft. She married Charles Putman in 1953 and taught school in Kalamazoo (records of Roeberta Shingledecker).

 (I.4.9) Eva May Crose on Nov. 16, 1867 in Prairie Ronde and died January 30, 1931; buried Schoolcraft. She married Charles M. Reed on December 5, 1888, and second George Burgess in 1916.

Hazel Reed, photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

 (I.4.9.1) Hazel Reed was born June 10, 1892.

(I.4.9.2) Ethel M. Reed was born January 23, 1897 and married Mack Harrison on October 25, 1915 in LaGrange, Indiana.

"Ethel Reed's Harrison boys"--Harold, Russell and Kenneth Harrison.
Photo contributed by Cathy Gowdy.

(I. Harold Lorraine Harrison was born July 24, 1917 in Kalamazoo. He married Marjory Burns in 1936 in California. Harold died in San Diego Co., CA March 20, 1997 (CA Death Index).

(I. Russell James Harrison was born October 6, 1919 in Kalamazoo. He married Ruth Snelling in 1940. He died February 20, 2002; his last residence was Dyer, Esmeralda Co., NV (SSDI).

(I. Kenneth Paul Harrison was born June 23, 1921 in Kalamazoo. He married Virginia Wolcott in Glendale, CA on April 22, 1944.

(I.4.9.3) Lorraine Reed was born October 15, 1900 and died December 31, 1908; buried Schoolcraft.

Jesse M. Crose and wife Mary and all their children together are  buried in Schoolcraft Cemetery, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.  Jesse died June 3, 1883 and Mary died Aug. 22, 1903 (obituary).

(I.5) Hannah Crose was born near Belvidere, Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey on December 21, 1812. Hannah Crose and James Gingles, “both of Warren, Oxford Twp.” were married on September 27, 1834 by George Banghart in Warren Co., NJ (LDS film# 1294806).  With other family members, they made the move to Kalamazoo County, Michigan, and in 1850 are found living next door to old Christopher Crose in Prairie Ronde Twp.:

 #1172-1186 taken Aug. 8
  James “Ingals”, 37, N.J.
  Hannah, 27, N.J.
  Christopher, 14, N.J.
  Margarett, 12, Mich.
  Ellen, 9, Mich. (she’s Mary E. on the 1860 census)
Margaret and Ellen were living in South Bend, Indiana when old Christopher Crose’s estate was settled. I have been told that Margaret married Everett L. Abbott from South Bend on Sept. 28, 1870 and that she died Oct. 27, 1927. One of the girls was apparently married to Jerry Knight.

(I.6) Sarah Ann Paul Crose (called Sally) was born near Belvidere February 3, 1815 in Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. On December 12, 1840 she married Bazil H. Stilwell in Prairie Ronde, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, at the home of her brother-in-law, William Fanckboner. Judging from the censuses, they moved to Illinois shortly after their marriage, and from there to Wisconsin where they were recorded in Trenton, District 42, Dodge County in 1850 and in the Village of Fox Lake in 1860, 1870, and 1880:

 1850 census Dodge Co., Wisconsin, town of Trenton, Dist. 42
 #175-186, taken Aug. 8
  Bazzil H. Stilwell, 33, farmer, $500, Ohio
  Sally A., 34, New Jersey
  Mary C., 9, Mich.
  Ann M., 6, Illinois
  Elizabeth J., 2, Wisc.

 1880 census Dodge Co., Wisconsin, Village of Fox Lake
 #95-102, taken June 3
  Basil H. Stilwell, 62, Ky, painter, Ky/Ohio
  Sarah A., 65, New Jersey, N.J., N.J./N.J.
  George, 25, Wisc., barber, Ky/N.J.

 Children of Bazil and Sally Stilwell:
 (I.6.1) Mary C. Stilwell, born Michigan ca 1841; not on 1860 census.

 (I.6.2) Ann Matilda, born Illinois ca 1844.

 (I.6.3) Elizabeth J., born ca 1848 Wisconsin.

 (I.6.4) George S., born ca 1856 Wisconsin.

(I.7) Mary Crose was born January 23, 1817 near Belvidere, Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. She traveled to Kalamazoo Co., Michigan with her family and met David Palmer; they married on February 29, 1844 at the home of her father by John S. Kedder, M.G. They were recorded on the 1850 census of Kalamazoo County, living in Prairie Ronde Township:

 #1204-1218, taken August 9
  Jesse W. Palmer, 75, Conn.
  David, 27, Ohio
  Mary, 30, NJ
  Jesse W., 5, Mich.
David Palmer died and the 1860 census shows Mary still living with her father-in-law, Jesse, in Prairie Ronde Twp.:
 #424-427, taken June 27
  Jesse W. Palmer, 77, Conn., farmer
  Mary, 42, N.J.
  Jesse W., 15, Mich.
  John Knight, 25, Mich., farmer
  Jeremiah Knight, 23, Mich., farmer
On March 24, 1873, in Allegan County, Michigan, Mary married a widower named William A. Reynolds. They lived in Allegan County where Mary died of heart disease in Watson Township on April 9, 1899  (recorded in Allegan Co. MI, Book 2, page 293).  She is buried in Hicks Cemetery.  A sketch of the life of William Reynolds can be found in Portrait and Biographical Record: Kalamazoo, Allegan and Van Buren Counties, Michigan, 1892, on page 492-3.  Mary and David Palmer’s son:
(I.7.1) Jesse W. Palmer, married Hattie Partridge at Pine Plains, Allegan Co., Mich., on February 16, 1870. They had children:
(I.7.1.1) Cora, born Nov. 4, 1872.

(I.7.1.2) Marshall Berton, born March 7, 1876.

(I.7.1.3) A daughter born Nov. 17, 1880.

(I.8) Fannie McCracken Crose was born near Belvidere December 4, 1819 in Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. On May 9, 1835 she married John “Woolle”, both of Oxford, in Warren County, N.J. by Robert Love, MG (LDS film#1294806). With the rest of the Crose family members, Fannie and John traveled to Kalamazoo County, Michigan and are found on the 1840 census living next door to her father, Christopher.

In 1850 this family was living in Lockport Twp., St. Joseph County, Michigan:

  John K. Wooley, 35, NJ
  Fanny Mc., 33, NJ
  Mary, 13, Mich.
  Theodore, 12, Mich.
  William, 11, Mich.
  George, 7, Mich.
John had purchased a farm from Ira B. Gage on April 12, 1850 (St. Joseph Deed Bk. 18, page 261) and he sold it to George G. Crose on Nov. 1, 1852 (St. Joseph Co. Deed Bk. 21, page 24).

Fannie died October 24, 1887 and is buried at Manton, Michigan; John died Dec. 18, 1885 in Hyde County, South Dakota where he is buried in Union Cemetery.

(I.8.3) William Wooley  served in the Civil War and applied for a pension Nov. 13, 1888 from Hyde County, Territory of Dakota.  He died in Gratiot Co., Michigan  April 19, 1913. On Feb. 21, 1867 at Prairie Ronde, he married Martha Harrison (she was 18  years old); she filed for widow’s pension. Although it doesn’t say so in the pension application, she was the daughter of John Harrison and Maria Eliza Louisa Baker, and therefore a granddaughter of Bazel Harrison and Martha Stillwell. An obituary for William Wooley was published in the Gratiot County  Herald April 24, 1913, page 8:
“Bannister.  William Wooley passed away Saturday evening at his home in this village after a long and tedious illness. He leaves a wife, two sons and one daughter to mourn their loss. Interment at Elsie.”
William and Martha are both buried in the Elsie Village Cemetery, in Clinton County, Michigan.

Catherine Crose Hubbard, daughter of Christopher Crose and Sabra Miller.  Photo submitted by Cathy Gowdy.
(I.9) Catherine Rope Crose was born May 23, 1821 near Belvidere in Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. On June 9, 1849 she married Stephen Return Hubbard in Prairie Ronde. They were living in Kalamazoo County at the time of the 1850 census. An account of the Hubbard ancestry appears in the little 1891 William Fanckboner booklet.  Stephen had been married previously and had had two children, Charles Lane and Ellen; they stayed in Ohio when Stephen went to Michigan. Charles was sent to school in the east and the family lost track of him.

In 1852, Stephen and Catherine traveled to California and homesteaded on a fork of Eagle Creek, near Igo, in Shasta County. Stephen taught school in his home; adults as well as children attended. He also operated a roadhouse, the equivalent of a hotel, and grubstaked miners. On the 1880 census he gives gardening as his occupation. Catherine died Feb. 1, 1886 in Igo, from the Weekly Shasta Courier, dated Sat., Feb. 6, 1886:

"Died--On the South Fork Clear Creek, Feb. 1st, 1886,
Mrs. Catherine, wife of Stephen R. Hubbard, aged 63
years and 11 months."
Stephen died on July 21, 1889 in Adin, Modoc County, at the home of his son Bela; he is buried in Odd Fellows cemetery in Adin. Catherine is buried at Igo; her obituary also appeared in the Schoolcraft Express on Feb. 27, 1886.

Children of Stephen and Catherine Hubbard:

(I.9.1) Bela Crose Hubbard was born in Kalamazoo County, Mich. on March 5, 1851. He married and had a family of ten children in California.

(I.9.2) Dayton Harris Hubbard was born in Shasta Co., CA April 10, 1859 and died Nov. 14, 1922; he lived all his life on the homestead. He also married and had children.

(I.9.3) Ada Hubbard was born in Shasta County, CA August 10, 1863 and died Sept. 3rd, 1863. Buried on the homestead.

(I.10) George Green Crose was born near Belvidere on September 9, 1823 in Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. On January 22, 1846 he married Mary B. Shaver in Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. They settled in Prairie Ronde Township and are found there on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses.

(I.10.1) Sabra, born 1849.

(I.10.2) Sarah Alice, born 1853.

(I.10.3) Ava Adel, born 1858.

(I.10.4) Arthur G., born 1864.

I haven’t checked it out for certain but I think Sabra married William Bush, a R.R. Agent, on Nov. 2, 1881 and Alice married Seth D. Perry, an attorney from Three Rivers, on Jan. 1, 1874. Arthur G. Crose worked for Northwest RR in the office of the freight department for fifteen years, and then was secretary and manager of Richter Brewing Co. until his death. Sabra and William Bush had children: Bertha on July 22, 1883 in Vicksburg, and twins Charles W. and George C., born Aug. 16, 1887 in Brady Twp.

(I.11) Christopher Crose was born December 19, 1825 near Belvidere in Oxford Township, Warren County, New Jersey. He was baptized on September 18, 1830 at the Presbyterian Church at Hazen, Oxford, NJ (LDS film#888746) He traveled to Kalamazoo County, Michigan with his parents and died there on April 6, 1848. Burial was in Harrison Cemetery.

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