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b.c.1654 Ireland
m. before 1680 MARGARET (2) WARREN
d. 1736 Rollingsford, NH

Tradition says that James was taken prisoner on the coast of Ireland when a boy only 14 years old and brought to this country. Stealing young people, transporting them to America and selling them into servitude was common at the time. Many from Ireland and Scotland were forcibly taken from their beds at night by men dressed as English soldiers and compelled to go on board a vessel bound for America. The persons who practiced such a crime were called "Spirits". A royal order was passed against them in 1682. Gov. Simon Bradstreet conjectured in 1680 that there were then living 60 such Irish immigrants and 120 Scots who had been sold as "servants".(1)

Where and how James Stackpole lived before the year 1680 is not known. In April of that year he is first mentioned in the "Cochecho Province Rate" as taxed two shillings and one penny.(2) In December of the same year he is incidentally mentioned as hauling boards from Thomas Holmes' mill at Salmon Falls to Cochecho Point. In 1681 he was taxed in Dover four shillings and one penny and the following year his tax was eight shillings and two pennies. It was in 1680 that he signed a petition with the inhabitants of Kittery to King Charles II asking for abatement of taxes thus indicating a previous residence in that town.(3) The inventory of the estate of John Bready of Kittery 9 Oct. 1681 included the following: "due from James Stagpoole 22S".(4).

In 1680 he settled as a squatter in Dover, now Rollingsford, NH on land that had been granted in 1656 to Joseph Austin. None of the Austin family ever lived here. The next lot north had been granted to Henry Tibbetts at the same time. James cleared a portion of both lots and built his house on that of Austin. Perhaps he had been there earlier but, probably his residence had been in upper Kittery now South Berwick previous to that date. On 20 May 1710 he received a deed from Thomas Austin, only son of Joseph Austin, who conveyed to him "for twenty pounds of current money all that tract of land granted to said Joseph Austin in 1656... lying in ye range of lots between St. Alban's Cove and Quamphegan" bounded south-east by the Newichawannock River, north-east by Henry Tibbett's hundred acre lot, north-west by Ralph Twombly's hundred acres and Thomas Hanson's hundred acres and south-west by a highway between this lot and Thomas Kenne's (Canney) hundred acre lot. The lot purchased contained one hundred acres of rich land. That the priced paid was only a nominal one is shown by the fact that only four years later 30 Nov. 1714 he sold forty acres of upland from this lot to William Frost for 120.(5)

Map of Berwick- from Stackpole's Old Kittery And Her Families

A brook flowed through his farm which is still called Stackpole's Brook as it was in the old deeds. The location of James Stackpole's house is shown in 1709 in the return of the Sligo road laid out that year. Thus we see that James had built a house just north of the creek called Stackpole's Brook some time before the took a deed of the farm from Austin. April 20th, 1743 Samuel Stacpole sold to his nephew Joshua Stackpole a small lot of land five rods by eleven on which stood the house in which James was living in 1709 just north of Stackpole Brook and including a part of the present highway. Just east of it was the Landing Place and a bridge over the brook for the repair of which the town paid in the year 1800 "for plank for Stacpole's Bridge $5.44."

On this small lot of land lived Joshua as a blacksmith. Here his widow Abigail was living in 1795. It seems that her youngest son Tobias inherited the property and he willed it to his son Ebenezer Stacpole in 1821. Jonathan Whitehouse who married Lucy Stacpole was then living in the house. Ebenezer lived here till about 1830 when he moved the house to St. Alban's Cove and the land was purchased from Tobias Stackpole by Samuel Hale on 10 Jan. 1831. The house was put in its new location in spite of the public protest of Mr. Roberts but, the location seems to be described in a deed from Daniel Goodwin to Aaron Stackpole 26 July 1765, 48 rods of land on the road from St. Alban's cove to Quamphegan, 17 rods from a stone near the brook that empties into the cove. The house is still in good condition and occupied. Originally the main entrance was in the middle of the southern side.(6)

James Stackpole's home

About the time that the Indians came down on Salmon Falls in 1689 James moved to the other side of the river for protection and for several years kept an "ordinary" or tavern a few rods east of the old cemetery at Great Works on the spot where lived the Rev. John Wade and the Rev. Jeremiah Wise. The Court of Sessions at York 4 July 1693 made the following record: "Lycence is granted to James Stagpole of barwick to sell by retaile beere, Cyder, rum, provision and lodging, he giving ten pounds bond to their Majesties to observe the laws in that case provided."(21) The license was renewed annually up to 1698 and his place was called a "publick house of entertainment". At the Court of Quarter Sessions for 1694: "Lycence granted to James Stagpole to sell by retale beer Cyder victualls horsmeate & lodgeing for ye yeare Ensueing and to give bond according to law".(23) A supply of ardent spirits at such places was the rule without exception. It is true that this as usual led to some disorders and James was complained of and in 1696 he was fined 20 shillings and admonished yet, his license was at the same time renewed: "James Stagpole being presented to this Court for suffering bad orders in his house &c as p ye presentment, is for his ofence sentenced to pay twenty shillings for ye use of his Majesties and to be Admonished : & pay fees 5s"(25) At the Court of Quarter Sessions at York, 3 Apr. 1694: "Wee present James Stagpole for selling strong drinke by retalie".(22) And another time: "We present James Stagpole of Barwick for suffering severall psons to sit drinking in his House at unseasonable times to Excess & many of them Inhabitants and on ye Sabbath day."(24) His last license was granted in 1698: "Lycence granted to James Stackpole to keep a house of public Entertainmt he giving bond of 10 to observe and keep the Law in such Cases made and provided.(26)

He bought the place where he lived in Berwick parish on 2 Nov. 1696 for 15 from Ephraim Joy (27) and sold it on 22 Nov. 1699 to John Wade, minister.

"I James Stagpoll of Dover... husbandman for a Sum of money... paid... by Mr John Wade Ministr of Barwick... do... sell... a certain parcle of Land Scituate in sd Barwick near the Meeting house which I bought of Ephraim Joy Decd Containing three Acres and a quarter... bounded... by the way going from the great work to the River... by Mr John Plaisteds land Sometime called Parkers field... by the Burying place in ye Land of Humphrey Spencer, heir to William Spencer Deceased... this twenty second day of Novembr... one thousand six hundred & Ninety nine... James Stagpoll- in presets of Thomas Goodin, Samuel Savery, Timothy Gerrish". (20)

One has to wonder if running a pub across from the church was such a good idea... but he did sell it to the minister! Perhaps all the fines and court appearances and the 10 bond he had to post made him loose interest in being a publican and he decided to move back across the river.

At the later date he is called "James Stackpoll of Dover in New Hampshire, husbandman". The land was 3 1/4 acres, "near the meeting house" bounded on the southeast by the way going from the Great Works to the river, northwest by the burying place "with all the housing, trees, fences and Privileges pertaining thereto." The burying place still is used and is on the hill just south of the Great Works River.(7)

"The Deposition of James Stagpole of Dover in the pvince of New Hampshire aged Eighty Years viz. that I well Remember that Edward Toogood now of Portsmouth... did sundry Years before Salmon Falls was destroyed by the Indians live at the aforesd Salmon Falls in that House which formerly belonged to James Grant then Deceased and in which said Grant lived and died and that the sd Toogood then Improved the Plantation or Land which was Improved by the sd Grant in his Life Time and that after the Destruction of Salmon Falls aforesd in the Year One Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety Two in mowing Time he the sd Toogood Improved the sd Plantation by mowing and that after that for the space of many Years... and that I never heard that any pson or psons gave him any Interruption in that his improvement or claimed the same Saving that he was interrupted by the Indians as abovesd and that Timothy Wentworth lived in the sd Plantation under the sd Toogood till he died and that his Sons now improved the same- James Stackpole..." (19)

James Stacpole had grants of land in both Dover and Kittery. "April ye 11 1694. By the committee chosen by the freeholders of ye town of Dover for granting land, given and granted unto James Stagpole his heirs and assigns forever, fifty acres of land above Indigo Hill near Salmon Falls River, not intrenching upon any former grant." This grant was confirmed in town meeting five days later.(8)

The town records of Kittery declare that 16 July 1702 there were lotted and laid out to James Stagpole Senr 20 acres of land part of a grant made in 1694 to Gilbert Warren. Four acres of it were on the north side of the Great Works River, the rest on the south side extending to the York line, adjoining Warren's land. The land passed into possession of James Jr. and was bequeathed by him to his brother John. On 20 May 1728 John sold it to Gilbert Warren.(9) James Stagpole of Summersworth, yeoman sold to Thomas Wallingsford of Sommersworth, Gent. in May 1728 for 30 the 50 acres of land which had been granted to James Stagpole Jr. 10 May 1703 and which had been given to his father.(10)

"I James Stackpole of Dover... Husbandman For & in consideration of the Sum of twenty three Pounds... paid... by Nathan Lord of Berwick... Husbandman... a certain grant of land containing fifty acres granted to me at a legal town meeting held at Kittery May the tenth 1703... I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal & Margret my Wife... February the twenty third... seventeen Hundred & twenty six- James Stackpole... in Presence of us Joseph Moulton John Bradstreet".(11)

A petition was dated 25 April 1715 by "The Inhabitanes that are Nerer ye New Meten house than ye old Cocheco Pint" asking to be assigned to the new place of worship which was at what is now Dover city. Among the petitioners were "Jeames Stagpool" and "fileon Stagpool". A footnote to the petition as given in the New Hampshire State Papers explains that the petitioners were "nearer ye new Meeting house at Cocheco than to the old on Dover Neck". The new church at Cocheco was erected in 1713 and the inhabitants of Sligo and vicinity were rated there, though it is certain that they often found it more convenient to ford the "Sluiceway" and attend church at the Great Works settlement.(12)

James and Philip signed a petition 25 April 1729 for a new parish in the north-east part of Dover. The petiton was granted and Somersworth was made a parish 19 Dec. 1730. Rev. James Pike was the first pastor of this church. He died here 19 March 1792 after a pastorage of 65 years. The church records were burned with the parsonage in 1812.(13)

In his old age James divided his homestead between his sons Philip and Samuel reserving a 3 acre lot of the southeast corner for himself. The deed to Philip was dated 17 Nov. 1732. It conveyed the northern part of his farm, 15 rods wide on the river and varying in breadth "to ye uppermost Corner or point of my land next to ye Meeting house... Excepting al ye old Apple trees yt I sot formerly which I do reserve dureing ye life of me & my wife for our own use." The lot contained 16 acres.(14)

On 20 April 1734 James, for "paternal love & affection", conveyed the southern part of his farm, 50 acres, to his son Samuel extending from the river towards the meeting house and bounded on the south by land of Thomas Hobbs with buildings thereon, "Excepting & Reserveing unto my Self out of ye premises ye House wherein I now live & ye land whereon it Stands & to extend from Ye House towards Capt. Wallingfords house by ye River & ye little field before my Dore adjoining to Thomas Hobbs land Being in al about two or three acres be it more or less & lying on ye South & South westerly side of ye Road yt leads from Thos Hobbss House to ye Gutter Behinde my own House", providing also that James and his wife Margaret should have half the produce of the land conveyed during their lives including "half of ye Syder yt may be made".(15)

James died in 1736 as shown by the inventory of his estate made by Nathaniel Perkins and Thomas Wallingford 12 Aug. 1736 and amounted to 141.10.0. Administration was granted to his son John of Biddeford 14 July 1736.(16)

In his old age James lived down by the river near the wading place which was at the head of Little Johns Falls opposite Chadbourne's mill. The spot is easily found by the bricks which the frost brings to the surface. It is probable that here he built a cabin before the year 1680 and that he returned to it in his declining years leaving the house north of the brook to his son Samuel. Five pounds was all the old shack was worth. His widow Margaret had the use of it till her death and then the house and three acres passed into the possession of Thomas Wallingford. The price paid for it was 120.(17)

The cemetery on the hill is the spot where rest four generations of the Stackpole family. There are good reasons for believing that the following persons were buried here: James and his wife Margaret (Warren), Samuel Stacpole who died in 1758, Philip Stacpole and wife Mercy (Thompson), Joshua Stacpole and wives Lucy (Baker) and Abigail (Hobbs), James Stacpole and wife Elizabeth (Pierce), Stephen Stacpole and first wife Esther (Warren), Philip Stacpole Jr. and wife Elizabeth (Tibbetts), and Anne (Grey) wife of William Stacpole.(18)


  • I. James- d.s.p. 1706 James Stackpole Jr.'s Will- Page 1, Page 2
  • 2II. JOHN- b. 1680, m. ELIZABETH (4) BROWN
  • III. Catherine- m. 1700 Alexander Junkins
  • IV. William-
  • V. Margaret- m. 7 Jan. 1707/8 Jonathan Young
  • VI. Philip- m.1. Mercy Thompson, 2. between 1750 & 1755 Martha Stevens
  • VII. Honor- m. 24 Jan. 1734 Joseph Freathy
  • VIII. Samuel- d.s.p. 1758


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    2II. JOHN (JAMES 1)

    b. 1680
    living in 1767

    John lived in York from about 1705 until 1717 and received three grants of land there.

    "Nathaniel Wittney of York... in consideration of a certain Sum... paid by John Stagpole of sd York... do... sell...a certain piece... of Land... within ye Township of sd York Scituate upon ye Southwest side of sd York River & adjoyning to a Small Crick Known by ye name of Hiltons Crick, it being ye one halfe of a lot of land ye sd Wittney bought of Capt Johnson Harmon ye whole being seventy Six Acres & a halfe... it being Thirty eight Acres & a quarter... this Seventeenth day of Aprill... one Thousand Seven hundred and thirteen... Nathll Whittney, Sarah X Whittney... in presence of Elisha Allen, Mary X Austin, Mary Preble"(43)

    "John Stagpole of York... in Consideration of a Certaine Sum... paid by Joshua Lasedell of sd York... do... sell... a certaine piece or parcell of land... within ye Township of sd York Scittuated upon ye Southwest Side of sd York river & Adjoyning to a Smal Creek known by ye Name of Hiltons creek It being ye One halfe of a Lot of land ye sd Nathaniel Whitney bought of Capt Johnson Harmon... this thirtyeth day of Decembr... One thousand Seven hundred ffifteen.- John stagpole... in prsence- Saml Bray, Joseph Smith, Nathl ffreeman".(46)

    While a soldier at the fort at Winter Harbor John was captured by the Indians and carried to Canada. He ran into the pool and attempted to wade across but, one of the party named Wahwa who was well known to John pursued him crying out: "Boon quarter, John, boon quarter" meaning that he would spare his life. He surrendered and spent the winter at the foot of the White Mts. on the way to Canada. A petition of Lewis Bane 12 June 1712 by order of his excellency, exchanged four Indians taken in the expedition of the preceding winter for four English captives one of them being John Stagpole.(1) He "prays that 10 for each prisoner may be ordered out of the public treasury".(2) On 8 June 1714 "J. Stagpole, a soldier at Winter Harbor fort" who had been a prisoner 19 months was given 22.(3)

    "John Stagpole of Winter harbour... in Consideration of three Pounds... Paid by Mr John Woodbridg of York... Joynor... two Sertain grants one is of twenty acres of land bareing date March ye 23th 1712/13 ye other is ten acres of Medow bareing date March ye 17 : 1713/14 : both Given to the Said John Stagpole : by the Town of York... March 19th 1718/19 : John Stagpole... in Presents of Benja Stone, Ebener Allin".(44)

    John Harmon Benja Stone John Kingsbury Jonathan Young Jonathan Bane Samuel Bragdon Joseph Holt John Stagpole all of York... in Consideration of ye Sum of Two hundred & Twenty pounds... paid by William Moodey of Newbery... Gentleman... do... sell... All that land that lyeth between Thomas Adams & ye land formerly Thomas Besons According to a grant given by ye Town At a Legall Town Meeting in York March 8th 1714/5 & a grant bareing date March 13th 1715/6 which was granted to John Harmon Benja Stone & Comp... this Sixth day of May... Seventeen hundred seventeen- John Harmon, Benja Stone, John Kingsbery, Jonathan Young, Jonathan Bane, Samuel Bragdon, Joseph Hoult, John Stagpole... in presence- Lewis Bane, Nathll ffreeman".(47)

    John moved to Biddeford about 1717 and bought several parcels of land near Cow Cove and the mouth of the Saco River having at one time over 200 acres of land. He was chosen constable of Biddeford in 1717 and the last meeting of the inhabitants on both sides of the river under the old name of Saco was held at his house 31 March 1717 and he was chosen moderator.(4)

    "I Benja Haley of ye Town of Saco... house carpenter... in consideration of Sixty pounds... paid by John Stagpole... husbandman.... do... sell... fifty acres which was formerly granted unto my Honoured Father Thomas Haley... on Saco River.... from pudding point southeast to Harmons land... to Warrens Land... also two acres of Marsh or Thatch beds lying in Cow Cove adjoyning to pudding point... this Twenty eight day of March one Thousand Seven hundred & Eighteen... Benja Haley... in presence of Wm Dyer, Rebecca X Emery, Mathew Short"(41)

    "I John Sharp junr of ye Town of Biddeford... in Consideration of ye Sum of five pounds... paid by Leiut John Stagpole... do... sell... a certain grant of Thirty acres of Land to me granted by ye above Town of Biddeford at a meeting of sd Town on ye Second day of Aprill in ye Year 1720 to be laid out in ye Common Land... this twenty second day of February... one Thousand seven hundred & Twenty one... John Sharpe... in presence of Mathew Short, Robert Bayley, Nicholas Beal". (42)

    "That whereas there is a Deed of Sale of fifty acres of Land and Two acres of marsh or Thatch beds all lying in ye Town of Saco... passed from Benjamin Haley of sd Town... Carpenter unto me John Stagpole of ye Town... aforesaid Husbandman... on Saco River... from Pudding Point... to Harmons Land... to Warrens Land... ye Two Acres of Marsh... lying in Cowe Cove adjoyning to puddings point therefore for good Satisfaction & full Securitie to ye said Benjamin Haley for the Sum of Sixty pounds... I ye sd John Staggpole do... make over all ye above sd Land... unto ye above sd Benjam Haley... yet it is to be understood, That if I ye sd John Stagpole Do well and truly pay... unto... Benjamin haley... the full & Just Sum of Sixtie pounds... within ye Term of three years... with Law full Interest... this Instrument is to be void... this twentie eight day of March... one Thousand Seven hundred & Eighteen... John Staggpole... in presence of William Dyer, Rebecca X Emery, Matthew Short". (38)

    On 28 Mar. 1718 John loaned Benjamin Haley of Biddeford, carpenter, 100 which he paid off on 24 July 1728 after a final payment of 16.(36)

    His house stood on the spot where lived Ralph E. Jordan Esq. on the Pool Rd. near the old cemetery being a garrison for defense against the Indians. On 9 May 1723 four men were posted at the garrison of Mr. Stackpole in Biddeford.(5) A petition to the general court 9 Nov. 1723 is signed by Ebenezer Hill, John Stackpole and Nathaniel Tarbox.(6) They ask for protection against the Indians and say that "Mr. Stackpoles garrison is upon the Road and is a guard and security to the meeting house."(7) In 1727 he petitioned the general court for an allowance for services in taking: "Command of Twenty one men at Biddeford and marcht up Saco River in pursuit of the Enemy, which Continued for 9 days, & Soon after his return, on the first day of february following (1724/5) Yr Petr did by order of Col Westbrook march as Pilot from Richmond to Penobscot Town with Capt. James Heath."(8) It was ordered that 8 be paid him out of the public treasury. On this expedition with Capt. Heath a village of the Tarrantines, near Bangor, containing 50 houses was burned. From the journal of Allison Brown 11 May 1724: "Marcht from this place (Saco) takeing Mr. John Stackpole as pilot pursued to the Col. orders, about six miles up the river to ( ) bond creek where wee way layd and ambusht the river."(9)

    Petition to William Dummer, Commander in Chief from Ebenezer Hill, John Stackpole and Nathaniel Tarbox, John Stackpole's petition to William Dummer for back pay

    "I Samuel Cole of Biddeford... husbandman... in Consideration of the Sum of twenty Pounds... Paid by John Stagpole... do... Sell... a certain Grant Granted by the town of Biddeford at a legall town Meeting : the Grant being forty five acres... this Second day of december... 1721- Samuel Cole- Wittness- William Graves, Danll Gookin".(45)

    "By Vertue of a Grant from ye Town of Biddeford aprill ye 2nd 1720 of forty five acres of Land unto Samll Cole where He Could find it free from any former Grants : and Now Convayed by a deed under his hand to John Stagpole upon whose Request I have serveyed and Laid out twenty Eight acres and fifty six Rods of ye fore Mentioned Land... Beginning at ye Country Adjoyning to the Road yt Goeth down to ye forte... Near Saco River... this twenty third day of May one thousand Seven hundred and twenty two- John Wells Servaier".(39)

    "To ye Sheriffs of our County of York... Whereas William Pepperill of Kittry... Esqr- By Consideration of our Justises of our Inferior Court of Common Please Holden at York... on the first tuesday of July Recovered Judment John Stagpole of Biddiford... Yeoman for the Sum of thirty Nine Pounds seventeen shillings debt and two Pounds Seventeen Shillings & Sixpence Cost of Suit... we Comand you Therefore that of ye Goods or Lands of ye said John Stagpole... you Cause to be Paid and Satisfied unto ye Said William Pepperrill at the Value... being forty two Pounds fourteen Shillings and six pence in the whole with two Shillings more for this writt and thereof also to Satisfye your Selfe for your owne fees and for want of Goods Chattles or Lands of ye Said John Stagpole to be by him Shown unto you... to ye Exseptance of ye said William Pepperrill to Sattisfie ye sums aforesd We Command You to take the body of ye Said John Stagpole and him Commit Unto our Goal in York... and detain in Your Custody Within our Said Goal untill he pay the full Sum... att York ye 23 day of January... 1722- Wm Pepperrell Clerk...

    March ye 15th 1722/3 in the Persuance of ye Within Execution I have Levied the Same on twenty Eight acres of Land and fifty six Roods of ye afore Mentioned Land... Near Saco River... Richard Rice debut Sheriff...

    Biddeford March ye 14gh 1722/3 We Roger Dearing Nathall Jurden & John Murphy being Chosen and Sworen to Prise a parcel of land of Mr John Stagpoles Containing twenty Eight acres as he Saith We Vallue it at two pounds p acre : the Said Land Lying in the Town of Biddeford Lying at ye East Side of his House Lott... Roger Dearing, Nathaniel Jurden, John Murphy".(40)

    Obviously John got into financial trouble with William Pepperell no less... who if you notice was also the clerk of the court!

    "John Stackpole of Biddeford... Husbandman... in Consideration of the Sum of Fifty pounds... paid... by Collo Thomas Fitch of Boston... Esqr... do... sell... two certain Tracts of Land... in... Biddeford... One parcell thereof was laid out the second Day of February 1721... forty Acres which makes up the whole of William Gibsons Grant from the sd Town of Biddeford The other Tract... was laid out the twenty fourth Day of February 1721 Containing Thirty Acres... which Land was granted by the sd Town to John Sharp junr the second of Aprill 1720... the twenty first Day of November... One thousand seven hundred & twenty three- John Stackpole, Elizabeth Stackpole... in presence of us Samll Grant, Peter Bulkely..."(37)

    At the winter session of the court, 1727/8, a petition was presented from John Stackpole in behalf of himself and several other inhabitants, against the tradinghouse being near the sea, and praying that it may be further removed from the town. The subject was referred to a commmittee, who reported in favor of removing the truckhouse to Salmon Falls on the west side of the Saco river now in Hollis.(10)

    On 4 Jan. 1728 John and others had a grant from Arundel of 100 acres apiece on the Saco Road, a new road to be laid out from Wells through Arundel to Winter Harbor in Biddeford. Later that year 20 May 1728 John sold 20 acres of land in Berwick on the north side of the Great Works River and on the south side to Gilbert Warren for 28:

    "I John Stackpole of Biddiford... Gent for & in Consideration of Twenty Eight Pounds... by Gilbert Warren of Berwick... Yeoman... do... sell... Two Tracts or Parcells of Land & Meadow Lying... in Berwick... being Twenty acres... bounded... on the North side of Great Works River... over against Warren's Lower Corner Bounds... the Remaining part Lyes on the South Side of sd River & begins at the uppermost side of Warrens Land... on the South East with York Line... as it was Laid out by Nicholas Gowen Surveyer for Kittery to James Stagpole July 16 : 1702... the Twentieth Day of May... one thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight- John Stackpole... in Presence of us James Grant Joseph Moulton John Bradstreet". (11)

    "I John Briant of the Town of Biddeford... in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty Pounds... paid by Lieut John Stackpole of the Town... aforesd... do... sell... a certain Grant of Thirty Acres of Land to me granted by the abovesd Town of Biddeford at a Meeting of sd Town on the Ninth Day of May in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight to be laid out in the Comon Lands... this Second Day of January... One Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight Nine... John X Briant... in Presence of us James Grant Stephen England Edmund Morey". (34)

    "I Edward Rumery of the Town of Biddeford... for & in Consideration of the Sum of Six Pounds... paid by Lieut John Stackpole of the Town... aforesd... do... sell... a certain Grant of Thirty Acres of Land to me granted by the abovesd Town of Biddeford at a Meeting of sd Town on the Ninth Day of May in Year One Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight to be laid out in the Comon Lands...this Thirteenth Day of January... One Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty Eight Nine... Edward X Rummery... in Presence of George Clark Richard Crockit Rd Deane".(35)

    "I Charles Monk of Biddeford... Husbandman... in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty Pounds... paid by John Stackpole... do... sell... a certain Grant granted by the Town of Biddeford at a legal Town Meeting May the Ninth 1728 The Grant being for Thirty Acres of Land to be in the Township of Biddeford... the 23d Day of January... 1729/30- Charles Monk... in Presence of David Bryant Edward Prockter".(35)

    John contributed 7 toward the building of the First Congregational Church in Biddeford and was one of the committee that called the Rev. Samuel Willard to be its pastor in 1729.(12) He was one of the selectmen in 1729, 1730, 1737-9 and in 1740.

    "I Benjamin Snelling of the Town of Boston... Blockmaker and I Dorcas Rule of the Town... aforesd Spinster for... Twenty Pounds... paid by John Stagpole of the Town of Biddiford... Yeoman... do... sell... all our Right Title Interest... in any Lands... lying in the Township of Biddiford... belonging formerly to John Rule of sd Town... Decd and coming to us as two of ye surviving Heirs to sd Estate... this fifteenth Day of May... 1729- Benja Snelling, Dorcas Ruel, Margret X Sneling... In presence of Isaac Pierce, Ann X Dautry, Moses Markham". (33)

    "Edward Sargent of the Town of Newbury... Esqr and [ ] his Wife... for... the Sum of Twelve Pounds... paid by John Stagpole of the Town of Biddeford... Yeoman... a Certain Tract... of Salt Marsh being in Estimation about Three Acres... lying in ye Township of Biddeford... at a Place called Little River & is... Bounded at the North- east Corner at Heap of Stones on ye Upland Adjoyning the River and thence downwards along the rivers Brink on the east side to a Stake by a Small Creek lying Southerly thence on a North Easterly Line to a Slabb in a Salt Pond... this 25 Day of Novermbr... 1729- Edward Sargent... in Presence of Elizabeth Noyes, John Brown"(13)

    In 1730 John was chosen messenger to hire a schoolmaster and not to excede 60 per annum.(14) "Pro. Massachusetts to James Woodside for wooding His Majesties Fort Mary from Oct. 1, 1730 to Oct. 1731... To Mr. Stagpole 6 cord wood 3/12... to 1 load hauld by Mr. Stagpole 10/."(15)

    "I Lieut John Stackpole of Biddeford... Yeoman for & in Consideration of the Sum of one hundred Pounds... paid... by John Smith of Biddeford... Husbandman... do... sell... a Tract or Parcel of Land... being situate in the Township of Biddeford... between the Land of Saml Jordan & of me the sd John Stackpole... untill it cometh to the Parsonage Land... until Forty Acres be Compleated the sd John Smith Receiving this as his Wifes Portion & hereby excluding himself from any Claim or Demand from any of his Heirs after his Decease... this 19 Day of March Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & twenty nine thirty... John Stackpole... in Presence of us Richard X Davise, Benja Crabtree...

    Biddeford June ye 3d 1735 Eliza Stackpole the wife of Lt John Stackpole Personally appeared before me the Subscriber & voluntarity surrenderd her Right of Dowry & Power of Thirds of the within Instrumt... John Gray Just Paca..." (30)

    John Smith and his wife, Sarah Stackpole, sold this 40 acres to Capt. Samuel Jordan in 1735 for 146 in 1735. Not a bad return on investment! At that time he also sold land in Arundel to his father-in-law:

    "I John Smith of Biddeford... Husbandman... for... the Sum of Seventy Pounds... paid by John Stackpole Junr... a Parcel of Land situate... in Arundel containing by Estimation Fourteen Acres & two thirds of an acre... on ye West Side of Little River... & likewise Fiver acres & one third of an acre of Salt Marsh the lower part of which Joyns to Corn Island... which Land & Marsh I lately purchased of Dorcas Cox of ye Province of East Jersey which was her RIgt when the Division was made between her Roger Plaisted Samuel Smith & William Dyer... the Second Day of June... one thousand seven hundred & thirty five... John Smith, Sarah X Stackpole... in Presence of us John Gray John Stackpole..."(32)

    "This Indenture made this Twenty Fourth Day of March... 1731 Between William Russell of Biddeford... Laborer on the One Part & John Stackpole of Biddeford... Gent on the other Part... I the sd William Russell... do... sell... Ten acres... at the Little River adjoyning Arundel Line... if the abovenamed William Russell... do well & truly pay unto the abovenamed John Stackpole the full & just Sum of Thirty Pounds.... with the lawful Interest... before the Twenty Fourth Day of March... One Thousand Seven Hundred & Thirty Five... then this above written Deed... shall be null void & of none Effect... William X Russell... in Presence of us John Gray, Sarah X Brown, Jno ffrost."

    On 22 March 1730/1 William Russell paid off the mortgage on the 10 acres of land on the Little River in Biddeford for 30.(16)

    On 5 May 1731, John was involved in a land dispute with Samuel Harmon concerning land at the mouth of Pigstie or Mill Creek:

    "We John Daviss of Biddeford Yeoman John ffrost of Kittery Gent John East of Falmouth Yeoman & Aaron Jewet of Scarborough Joyner... Whereas divers Controversiets & Debates hertofore have been had moved & are yet depending between John Stackpole of Biddeford... Yeoman on the One Party & Samuel Harmon of Scarborough... Millwright on the other Party for the Appeasing & Determining whereof the sd Parties have submitted themselves & are become bound each of them to the other... dated ye Sixth Day of April... 1731 in the full & just Sum of One Thousand Pounds... to settle the Bounds of the Land & Marsh lying & being within the Township of Scarborough... formerly belonging to Henery Watts & Andrew Brown... do thereupon... put in Writing this Award... & Judment between the sd Parties... beginning... on a small Island of Upland in the Marsh... southerly to... the Mouth of Pigstie River alias Mill Creek... to the Head of the Ashen Swamp... the Land & Marsh on the Easterly Side of the aforesd Line... to be unto the sd John Stackpole & to the Heirs of Henry watts... And the Land & Marsh on the Westerly Side... to be to Him the sd Samuel Harmon... & they forthwith pay... Seven Pounds Seven Shillings & Ten Pence each... the Fifth Day of May... 1731- John Daves, Jno ffrost, John East, Aaron Jewett".(17)

    "Thomas Bordman of Ipswich Yeoman as Attr to John Tuck of Beverly & his wife which is the Daughter of jane Leach which Jane is the Datr of Ralph Allison formerly of Scarborough Decd & John Stackpole of Biddefird Gent for himself & his wife Eliza in Right of sd wife & as Attr to [ ] Carr of Arrundel & Mary his wife which Eliza Stackpole & Mary Carr are only Surviving Children of Andrew Brown late of sd Arundel Decd & Anne his Wife the other Datr of the sd Ralph Allison wch Jane & Anne were the only Children of sd Ralph Allison for & in Consideration of the Sum of Thirty & Five Pounds... paid by Arthur Bragdon of Scarborough aforesd Gent... do... sell... a Certain Tract of Land lying in Scarborough aforesd Containing by Estimation Thirty Acres.. at the head... of that thirty acres of Land which sd Arthur Bragdon bought of Thomas Pickerin & whereon he now Dwells... till it come to the head... of ye Land now Possessd by Daniel Moody and Clement Meservy Also a Certain Small Island Containing about three acres lying in ye Marsh at the Foot... of the sd Land bought of sd Pickerin... also... a Certain Parcel of Marsh lying in Scarbo aforesd sold to the sd Bragdon by Saml Smith of Dover Containing Six Acres... all which were formerly the Estate of Henry Watts of Scarbo aforesd Decd as also of & in ye Fourteen Acres of Marsh... this 27 day of May... 1731. John Stackpole, Thomas Boardman, Elizabeth Stackpole..." (31)

    "I Clement Hooper of Biddeford... Husbandman... in Consideration of ye Sum of Ten Pounds... paid by John Stackpole do... sell... a Certain Grant Granted by ye Town of Biddeford at a Legal Town Meeting May ye Ninth 1728 the Grant being Ten Acres of Land Part of a Thirty Acre Grant... this Tenth Day of Janry... 1731/2- Clement Hooper... in Presence of us, Abigail Willard, Sarah Millar, Samuel Williard".(18)

    John bought another 30 acres of land in Biddeford 13 March 1732/3 from Samuel Cole Sr. & Jr. for 30:

    "We Samuel Cole Senr & Samuel Cole Junr of Biddeford... Labourers... in Consideration of the Sum of Thirty Pounds... paid... by John Stackpole Senr of sd Town... Husbandman... do... sell...a Thirty Acre Lot given by the Town of Biddeford to me the sd Samuel Cole Junr at a Legal Town Meeting... May ye Ninth 1728... this 13th Day of March... 1732/3- Samuel Cole, Samuel Cole Junr... in Presence of us Samuel Willard, Nathl Wheelwright, Abigail Willard"(19)

    He bought another 40 acres of land in Biddeford 12 Nov. 1733 from Thomas Emery for 30:

    "I Thomas Emery of Biddeford... Husbandman... in Consideration of the Sum of Thirty Pounds... paid by John Stackpole Senior of the sd Town... Husbandman... do... sell... Forty Acres given and granted to John Senter at a Legal Town Meeting held in Biddeford March 21st 1720/1 which I the sd Thomas Emery bough of Joshua Cheever of Boston... wheresoever it can be found in the sd Town of Biddeford free and clear... this 12th of November... 1732/3- Thomas Emery... in Presence of us Samuel Willard Abigail Willard Sarah Haley".(19)

    John then bought 2 acres of marsh from Dorcas Cox 1 Aug. 1733 for 14 next to the marsh he purchased from Capt. Sargeant of Biddeford.(20)

    John sold to Joseph Dyer, Gent. for 4 seven acres of land in Biddeford 11 April 1763 which was part of the grant to John Briant 9 May 1728. The deed was witnessed by Rishworth and Abigail Jordan.(21) He sold more of the Briant grant to Jeremiah Hill of Biddeford for 4/13/4 on 17 Jan. 1744. The land consisted of 5 1/4 acres on the Little River. The deed was witnessed by Josiah Davis and Rishworth Jordan.(22)

    On 25 Apr. 1759 John bought from his son Andrew 10 acres of land in Biddeford for 15.(23) He and Elizabeth then sold 16 acres of land in Biddeford and 1 acre of marsh to Rishworth Jordan of Biddeford, Esq. for 67. This deed was witnessed by John Stackpole Jr. and William Goodridge.(24) John & Elizabeth sold to James Stackpole of Biddeford 30 acres on the Little River in Biddeford for 67 on 2 Nov. 1757.(25) John sold more land to his son Andrew on the Little River on Oak Ridge for 100 for 80 acres 28 March 1755.(26)

    John sold to Joseph Fletcher of Biddeford, laborer 3 acres on the west side of the Saco River at the Little River where Fletcher's lower mill stood for 5 on 23 May 1748.(27) He then sold to Matthew Lassell of Arundel, yeoman 100 acres in Arundel next to Stephen Averell's land on the Saco Rd. which had been granted to John by the town. He received 300 in old tenor notes 8 Dec. 1749.(28)

    John was appointed the attorney for Andrew Symmes of Boston, shipjoiner and sold Symmes' land on the east side of the Saco River to John Brient & Joseph Edwell for 100 on 7 May 1748.(29) Elizabeth signed a deed in 1759.


  • 3I. JOHN- b. 1708 York, ME, m. 30 Nov. 1731 BETHIAH (12) YOUNG, d. 2 Dec. 1796
  • II. Andrew- m. 22 Nov. 1743 Mary Davis
  • III. Sarah- b.c.1713, m. 1730 John Smith, living in 1786
  • IV. Elizabeth- m. Edward Smith


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    3I. JOHN (JAMES 1, JOHN 2)

    b. 1708 York, ME
    m. 30 Nov. 1731 Biddeford, ME, BETHIAH (12) YOUNG (d. 28 June 1785)
    d. 2 Dec. 1796 Biddeford, ME

    John Jr. was granted 30 acres in 1728 on condition that he pay to the treasurer 4 and lived in the town five years.(1)

    In Sept. 1729 J. Stackpole jr. was "granted the privilege of building a seat in the front gallery (of the church), leaving sufficient room for passing into the other seats."(2)

    On Friday, 14 Aug. 1730, at a meeting of the First Church of Biddeford, John Stackpole Jr. and his brother Andrew, were "Admitted... by Mr. Willard and received by letters of recommendation from other churches". Bethiah was addmitted by Mr. Morrill on 12 June 1743 and Andrew's wife Mary, was recieved into membership on 4 Sept. 1748.(9)

    John Jr. was a selectman in Biddeford in 1746, 1750 and in 1751. He was then made deacon of the Congregational Church in Biddeford in 1754 in place of Deacon Wadlin.(3)

    John was a lieutenant in the militia appointed by Gov. William Shirley in 1755 "for killing and captivating the Indian enemy". He had in 1755 command of soldiers enlisted for five months who scouted from New Boston (Gray) to Fort Shirley at Frankfort (Dresden), ME. His journal recounts the daily doings of the month of July in marching to North Yarmouth, New Gloucester, Brunswick, Cathance (Bowdoinham), Richmond, Fort Western at Augusta and Fort Halifax at Winslow, ME.

    "Northyarmouth July 31st 1755

    According to his Excelencies orders I have Kept As exact a Jornal of our Proseedings Which is as followeth as things Would ( ) Kept pr Me John Stackpole lieutt

    July 3 Thursday Marched From Biddeford to Falmouth
    4 Friday Marched to Northyarmouth Wheair I Red provisions
    5 Satterday Marched to Newboston
    6 Sonday Scouted Round the forte
    7 Monday ( ) for Ammascogin camped in About two Mile of the ( )
    8 Tuesday Marched Down the River About Seven Mile Then Ammbushed the River Secretly Made No Descovery
    9 Wednsday Retorned to Newboston Makeing No Discovery
    10 Thirsday I Marched With parte of the men towardes Ammascogin So Rownd to New glostor So to Riols River And Retorned in Makeing No Descovery the Capt. With the Rest of the Men Scouted Rownd the forte Eachway Makeing No descovery No Way
    11 Friday Sent ten Men After provision The Remaindor Marched to Riols River With Capt. ( ) to Search the proprietors provision
    12 Satterday After the Retorn of the ten Men I Marched Down to Northyarmouth
    13 Sonday I Kept Sabouth At Northyarmouth
    14 Monday took Provision & Marched fore miles towardes Bronswick
    15 Tues Marched to Bronswick Maid No Descovery
    16 Wednsday Crosed the River Marched to Cathance threw the woods
    17 Thirsday Marched to Richmond Maid No Descovery
    18 Friday Twock provisions & at the Request of Capt. ( ) Mr Willard up to forte Westron Parte of the Men Marched for Newgloster
    19 Satterday then with him to ( ) to garde up the ( )
    20 Sonday Retorned to forte Westron So to Richmon
    21 Mon to Topsom
    22 Tuesday to Northyarmouth the other Scoute got in to Newgloster
    23 Wednsday went to Newboston Met the Men Retorning Left Son to garde the forte Marched the Rest to Northyarmouth Maid No Descovery No way
    24 Thirsday toock provision And Retorned about fore Miles towards Newboston
    25 Friday Marched up to Newboston
    26 Satterday Marched towardes Ammascogin
    27 Sonday Lay by Maide No Descovery
    28 Monday Set our corse for Newglostor
    29 Tuesd Caim in to Newgloster
    30 Wednsday Scouted Round at Night Caim in to Newboston
    31 Thirsday Marched Towardes Ammascogin So to North- yarmouth"(4)

    John Stackpole's Journal

    John was listed on the muster roll 22 March 1757 as a Lieutenant and was paid 3/4 per month. He was in the service from 21 Feb. 1757 until 21 March 1757 and paid 3/4. He received 13/ of the commissary balance and was due 2/10/4... Charles Gerrish of Falmouth was Captain.(5) John Sr. & Jr. (actually Jr. & John III) were on the muster roll 9 March 1757 with Thomas Bradbury Captain.(6) Deacon John Stackpole Jr. was on a "list of names of those in the alarm list on the River in Biddeford where Thomas Bradbury is Captain 7 April 1757."(7)

    John's obituary was listed in the "Eastern Herald" for 16 Dec. 1796 as being in his 89th year and survived by 7 children, 72 grandchildren, about 93 great-grandchildren and one great-great- grandchild.(8)


  • 4I. JAMES- b. 14 Nov. 1732 Biddeford, ME, m. 26 Dec. 1754 ABIAH (5) HILL, d. 8 Sept. 1824
  • II. Phoebe- b. 13 Dec. 1734 Biddeford, ME, m. 15 Apr. 1761 Samuel Banks
  • III. Hannah- b. 6 Mar. 1736 Biddeford,ME, m. 26 Nov. 1754 Joseph Banks
  • IV. John III- b. 28 Sept. 1739 Biddeford, ME, m. 1765 Rebecca Gilpatrick
  • V. Sarah- b. 16 Feb. 1741 Biddeford, ME, m. 3 Aug. 1770 Ezekiel Tarbox
  • VI. Andrew- b.28 Mar. 1745 Biddeford, ME, m.Sarah Fletcher
  • VII. Joseph Young- b. 28 Aug. 1747 Biddeford, ME, m. 1775 Anna Fletcher
  • VIII. Elizabeth- b. 17 Dec. 1749 Biddeford, ME, m.1. 9 Feb. 1769 Shadrach Wetherby, 2. Dec. 1793 James Deering of Arundel


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    4I. JAMES (JAMES 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3)

    b. 14 Nov. 1732 Biddeford, ME
    m. 26 Dec. 1754 by Rev. Moses Morrill, ABIAH (5) HILL (b. 29 Apr. 1737, d. 25 Apr. 1808 Waterville, ME)
    d. 8 Sept. 1824 Waterville, ME

    James was admitted as a member of the First Church in Biddeford on 7 Oct. 1753. (21)

    On 3 Nov. 1756 Robert Gray Jr. of Biddeford, husbandman sold to Nicholas Smith and James Stackpole of Biddeford, husbandmen for 93/6/0 1/16th part of a sawmill on the Saco River at Lower Falls on the west side of the river as well as 1/16th part of land for a mill.(1)

    James is on the list of soldiers under the command of Capt. Thomas Bradbury, Lt. Theophilus Smith and Ensign Ebenezer Hill Jr. at Biddeford 7 Apr. 1757.(2)

    James bought 35 acres in Biddeford on Oak Ridge on the Little River from Andrew and Mary Stackpole for 28 on 6 Apr. 1759.(3) He lived in that town until moving to Gardiner in 1774 where he kept the "Great House" an Inn that was built in 1761.

    James purchased lot No.5 (5 acres) in Gardinerstown from John Denny of Gardinerstown for 13/6/8, 4 April 1778.(4) He then bought lot No.4 (also 5 acres) from Lydia Burrill of Boston for 30, 29 April 1778.(5) On 2 March 1779 he purchased lot No.8 (5 acres) from James Cocke of Hallowell for 33.(6)

    James then began buying land in Winslow beginning with lots No.18 and 19 (300 acres), 22 Dec. 1779 purchasing it from "John Fargusson of Winslo Cordwinder" for 200.(7). He then bought lot No.20 and one half of lot No.21 from James Huston of Winslow, yeoman for No.80, 2 Feb. 1780 and lots No.31 and 32 (300 acres) from James McDonald of Winslow, yeoman for 1,000 on the 28th of the same month.(8) The next year (12 Feb. 1781) James purchased lot No.17 (100 acres) from Michael Thornton of Sebestoocook, yeoman for 500.(9)

    James then sold his holdings in Gardiner beginning with lot No.18 which he sold to David Berry of Pittstown, Gentleman for 18/18/0, 16 Dec. 1782.(10) He then sold lots No.4 and 5 to William Barker of Pittston, yeoman for 45, 16 Dec. 1782 including all buildings and fences.(11) James then moved to that part of Winslow which is now Waterville 9 March 1784 where he was a general trader. He also raised flax on his farm and spun linen there. He was a selectman from 1785 until 1794, a commissioner to settle the bounds between Winslow and Vassalborough in 1787, town clerk in 1796, and town treasurer in 1798. He also built the second saw mill on the Redington and Getchell dam and built several boats. On 12 Nov. 1812 he wrote in his diary: "I am this day eighty years old and carried a bushel of corn and grain on my back to the mill." He lived in a house on Silver St. and in 1813 he and his son James built the larger house.(22)

    James then began selling sections of his vast holdings in Winslow beginning with 50 acres on the Sebastoocook River to Daniel Spring of Pownalborough for 40, 15 Feb. 1785.(12) James retained the right to land lumber on the front of the lot for the next three years. He then sold 100 acres to John Lewis of Winslow for 45, 13 Dec. 1785 and then part of lot No.17 (50 acres) to his son Samuel Stackpole for 60, 16 Nov. 1786.(13) James then sold lots No.18 and 19 (300 acres) to William Howard of Hallowell, Esquire for 135/8/2 payable in one year with interest, 2 June 1787.(14)

    James was commissioned Captain by Gov. John Hancock 25 Oct. 1787 and his resignation was accepted 6 Feb. 1795.(15)

    James Stackpole's Commission

    James then sold more land to his son Samuel adjoining Samuel's lot No.17 for 45 reserving a 5 acre lot on the north side of the road for himself 15 Jan. 1789.(16)

    Evidently William Howard did not make his payments since James sold lots No.18 and 19 for a second time to Elijah Hall of Falmouth for 300, 23 July 1792.(17) James then sold 10 acres of land lying between son Samuel's and Elijah Hall's land to his son James Jr. of Winslow, trader for 30, 25 March 1794.(18)

    From the diary of Martha Moore Ballard 17 July 1795: "Clear and very warm mrs Kinney here informing me her Dagt was very ill last night I gave her some Bread meat Chees milk string Beans and Soap to Convey to her - Sally Came home at 10h morn all well at her Dads except mr Kimballs infant - Capt. Stackpols Lady, mrs Greely and mrs Dingle here."(19)

    The Stackpoles were involved in the formation of the first fire dept. in Waterville. James Stackpole Jr. was a member of the first engine company in 1809. The engine was a central tub into which water was poured and pumped out with an ordinary pump through a leaky hose. The name Bloomer was written on the side of it and it was known at "The Bloomer" thereafter.(20)


  • I. Hannah- b. 19 Sept. 1755 Biddeford, ME, m. Dec. 1776 Andrew Goodwin, d. 7 Nov. 1791
  • II. Joseph- b. 13 Feb. 1757 Biddeford, ME, m. Hannah Town (m.2. 18 Mar. 1781 Robert McCausland), d. Nov. 1780
  • III. Phoebe- b. 20 Mar. 1759 Biddeford, ME, m. 4 Mar. 1781 Eleazar Tarbox, d. 2 Apr. 1851
  • IV. Samuel- b.1 May 1761 Biddeford, ME, m. Mary G. Spencer
  • V. Eunice- b. 7 May 1763 Biddeford, ME, m. 3 Nov. 1799 Ephraim Towne
  • 5VI. ABIAH- b. 4 May 1765 Biddeford, ME, m. 12 June 1783 HENRY (3) McCAUSLAND Jr., d. 27 Mar. 1842 Gardiner, ME
  • VII. Sarah- b. 12 July 1767 Biddeford, ME, m. 30 Sept. 1793 Timothy Wyman, d. 25 Dec. 1801
  • VIII. James- b. 28 May 1769 Biddeford, ME, m. Mary McKecknie
  • IX. Mary Anne- b. 10 Feb. 1772 Biddeford, ME, m. 3 Oct. 1793 Charles Dingley
  • X. ______- b. 30 Jan. 1774 Biddeford, ME, d. 30 Jan. 1774
  • XI. Elizabeth- b. 13 July 1776 Gardiner, ME, d. 28 July 1787
  • XII. John- b. 11 Dec. 1779 Gardiner, ME, m. 10 Oct. 1803 Patty Ellis, d. 1 Aug. 1864
  • XIII. Jotham Hill- b. 11 Oct. 1781 Gardiner, ME, m. 24 Jan. 1819 Susan Parsons, d. 13 Dec. 1836


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