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d.. between 1706 & 1715

William is often listed as a child of Robert Roberts of Ipswich, however, there is no proof that he was connected with that family other than the fact that son George moved there. In 1715 Ephraim Roberts was appointed the administrator of Robert Roberts' estate as the only surviving heir, despite the fact that William had heirs. This point alone makes me believe that William is not Robert's son, however, one does have to wonder if there was a close family connection between the two families.

William was a fisherman and lived on Crockett's Neck in Kittery but, he was in Arundel in 1660. He signed a petition that Thomas Wells be permitted to preach among them 10 Nov. 1673.(1) Also in 1673 he was fishing for Roger Kelly and then shipped with Hugh Aland of the Isles of Shoals in 1674.

"Know All men by these present that I Anne Jeffry Relict And Administratrix of Thomas Crockitt Late of ye Town of Kittery Deceased with the ffree Consent of my husband Digory Jeffrey & ye more in order to fullfill ye mind of my Late Husband Thomas crockett aforesd Have given granted & Confirmed unto my Son In Law William Roberts and Anne his Now wife & doe by these presents Give grant & Confirm all that Tract of Land... being on that Neck of Land Called Crockets Neck Near unto ye Homestead of ye sd Crockett & is bounded Southward with a Little Creek & Land of John Parrott & of Lands of my Deceased Son Ephraim Crockett Northward Eastward and westward it being ye homestead of ye sd Roberts with an adition of Land Six Acres to his whome bounds Layed there unto by my free Consent and... by ye free Consent of my sons Hugh & Joseph Crockett & my Daughter in Law Anne Crockett... this Twenty second day of June one Thousand Six hundred ninty five.

ye Sign of
Anne A Jeffry

In presents of us
Nicholas Tucker
Joseph I Crockett
Wm Godsoe...

Recorded According to ye Original March 12th 1715/6".(6)

William had a town grant of 40 acres in 1699 which he sold to Sir William Pepperrell on 18 June 1702: "At a Legall Town Meeting held at Kittery May 24th 1699- Granted unto William Roberts forty Acres of Land to him and his heires & assignes for ever if he can find it Clear of former grants.... Know all men by these prsence that I William Roberts above named for a valluable sum of money to me in hand paid by William Pepperrell Esqr doe Assigne & make over unto ye sd William Pepperrell of Kittery.... all my right title & Interest of and in ye above mentioned grant of forty Acres of Land Witness my hand and Seal this Eighteenth day of June 1702.

William W Roberts

in presence of us.
Joshua Downing
Jos. Hamond Junr..."(2)

On 10 Apr. 1702 Elizabeth Roberts was a witness to a deed from Thomas Spinney to James Fernald of Kittery of eleven acres in Kittery.(5)

William mortgaged his homestead in Kittery to his son George of Ipswich: "Ipswich in ye County of Essex in New England Septembr 23rd 1706 Know all men by these presents that I William Roberts of Kittery... in Consideration of ye Sum of Thrity two pounds in good Currant lawfull Silver money of New England in hand paid me by my Son George Roberts of Ipswich... have... Sold unto sd George Roberts a Certain tract of upland lying & being in ye township of Kittery... by Estimation Sixteen Acres... bounded Southwest on Spruce Creek Northwest on land of John Parrat Northeast on land of Richard Crocket & Southeast on land of sd Crocket & Henry Barter together with all ye houseing on ye sd land & fences orchard trees timbr wood Springs mines minerals with all prividedges & Appurtenances to ye Same any ways belonging... and also one Shallop with all her Appurces to her any ways belonging... it is to be understood that if ye sd William Roberts Shall Save harmless & indemnifie ye sd George Roberts... from a bond this day Delivered ffrancis Wainwright of Ipswich... wherein sd George Roberts hath bound himselfe Joyntly & Severally with ye sd Wm Roberts for ye payment of thirty pound & ten shillings in good Currat Lawfull Silver money... with Lawfull Interest upon or before ye Last day of June... 1708 which money is Justly owning from sd Wm Roberts- Now if sd Wm Roberts shall pay sd money to sd Wainwright... by ye last of July following sd day in June 1708 then ye above deed of Sale to be Voyd otherwise to be of full force-

       mark of
William W Roberts

In prsence of
Caleb Hobbs
Francis Wainwright...

The deed was not recorded until 11 June 1710, probably after William died.(3) On 17 July 1708 George mortgaged the property to Sir William Pepperrell:

"Know all persons by these prsents that I George Roberts of Ipswich... for ye Sum of Sixteen pounds Seventeen shillings to me in had paid by Wm Pepperrell Esqr of Kittery... doe... Mortgage... ye sd granted premises... Witness my hand & Seale this Seventeenth of July 1708.

The Condition of this Obligation is that if ye abovesd George Roberts or his father Wm Roberts doth well & truly pay until ye sd Wm Pepperrell Esqr... before ye Seventeenth of July... one thousand Seven hundred & Eleven with ye Lawfull Interest thereof in Good Lawfull money at Six p cent ye aforesd Sum of Sixteen pounds Seventeen shillings then ye Above to be voyd Else to remaine in force Memo: It is agreed before ye Signing & Sealing hereof that ye within house land & prmises shall not be Claimed by ye sd George Roberts... without ye Consent of his father ye sd William Roberts and his now wife Anna Alias Nan Roberts or ye Surviver of Either of them.

George X Roberts

Sealed in presents of
Henry Barter
Roger Dearing Junr."(3)

This mortgage was not recorded until 17 July 1710. William died before 30 Aug. 1715 as Sir William Pepperrell levied an execution:

"To ye Sheriff of our Court of york his undr Sheriff or Deputy Greeting Whereas Wm Pepperrell of Kittery... by ye Consideration of our Justices of our Inferior Court of Comon pleas holden at york... on ye first Tuesday of July Last past recovered Judgmt against ye Estate of Wm. Robert Late of sd Kittery decd for ye Sum of fourteen pounds Thirteen Shillings & 5d dept & one pound Eight Shillings & 4d Cost of Suit... Wee Command you therefore that ye godds Chattells or Lands of ye sd William Roberts decd within yor precinct you Cause to be paid & Satisfied unto ye sd William Pepperrell At ye vallue thereof In Money ye afore Said Sums being Sixteen pounds one Shilling and nine pence in ye whole with Two Shillings more for this writt... at wells ye 19th day of August... 1715...

Then pursuant to ye within Execution made distress and Received of anne Roberts Widow & Relict unto ye Estate of ye within named Wm Roberts fourteen acres of Land and a Dwelling house Lying & being within the Township of Kittery... which Said Roberts died in possession of and as ye widow Saith always was Intended to Satisfie within Specyfied Debt which Land and house accordingly Delivered to ye within Named Wm. Pepperrell Esqr in full Satisfaction to him... which Land is butted... on ye South west by a Crik cuming out of Spruce Creek in breadth fifty three poles & on ye South East by ye Land of Henry Barter... Octobr 4th 1715"... pr me Abraham Preble Sheriff".(4)


  • I. Mary- m. William Bail
  • II. George- int. 25 Oct. 1712 Ipswich, Hannah Pettus of Haverhill, d. after 1726. George was in Ipswich in 1706.
  • 2III. ELIZABETH-m.1. 1703 JOHN (1) SURPLUS, 2. William Godsoe (b. 4 Mar. 1680/1 Salem)
  • IV. William- m. 1702 Sarah Crecy, d. after 1742. William moved to Ipswich and then to Falmouth, Maine and later to North Yarmouth.
  • V. Digory-


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    1. JOHN-

    of Woolaston


  • 2I. THOMAS- m. REBECCA ______ (d. by 1673), will 27 Sept. 1673- 30 June 1674

    2I. THOMAS (JOHN 1)

    m. REBECCA ______ (d. by 1673)
    will 27 Sept. 1673-30 June 1674

    Thomas was said to have come with the Hiltons which is very probable as he was a fellow member of the Fishmongers Company of London with Edward Hilton, both marked "in New England" in a list from 1641. The New Hampshire State Papers states that Thomas was here with Edward and William Hilton as the only settlers on Dover Neck in 1623.(2) Thomas Roberts, son of John Roberts of Woolaston was apprenticed on 29 Apr. 1622. In 1639/40 he was elected President of the Court an office of agency for the Bristol Co., the proprietors of Dover, from which fact he is sometimes called "Governor" although the territory under his authority was only one town.(3)

    He signed the Dover combination in 1640 from the inhabitants of Dover to the Governor of Massachusetts:

    "Northam, 4, 1 month (1.40).

    Honored Sir: We, the Inhabitans of Northam, make bould to trouble you with these few lynes, certifyinge you that whereas wee suppose Captaine Underhill hath informed you and the rest of your brethren of the Matechuseth baye, that wee are all willinge, voluntarily to submit ourselves to your Government upon fformer articles propounded; truth it is wee doe very well aprove of your judicious wayes, and shall be very joyful, yu please God to enlarge us, that wee may be free from other ingagements and promises wch some of us are obliged in to the owners or patentees, from whom under his Mat's Letter Patents we enjoy our free liberty, wch causeth us not for present to submit to any other government than that wch wee have already entered into combination to observe according to the King's Mat's lawes, until such time as the owners come over to us, wch we suppose will be about three months hence, and then our prpositions considered as the Lord shall direct us, we will labor more to satisfy you. But for the proceedings of Captain Underhill seeking to undermyne us, and contrary to his oath and fidellyty as we suppose intrusted to him, hath went from house to house, and for his own ends, by flattery and threatening gotten some hands to a note of their willingness to submitt themselves under your government, and some that have no habitation to bring his purposes to pass; we doubt not but you are well acquainted with his stratagems in plotting his owne designe wch wee refer to your grave indgments. Some of those that subscribed to his note have this day utterly prtested against their own act, for he hath raysed such a mutinie amongst us wch if we take not course for the stoping thereof, it may cause the effusion of blood, by reason he hath by his designes privately rent the combination as much as in him lyeth, contrary to his act, that is that wee should continue in the same govemnt except an agreement or cause showed to the contrary in open court, agreed on by the major p'te, thus much we thought good to acquaynt your wor'p with all beseeching your favourable construction, hoping you will weigh our case in equity and conscience, and not any way to enforce us to any act whereby wee should break prmise or covevant wth the patentees or amongst ourselves whchin soe doinge we should sinne greatly. Wee heartyly desire your prayers for us, and comit you to the prtection of the Almightye at yor- to be comanded.

    Thom. Larkham, William Jones, John ffollett, Robert Varney, Thomas Durston, Thomas Roberts, Samuel haines, Bartholomew Smith, John Dam, Barthol'ew Hunt, William Waldern, John Tuttle, henry beck, Thos. Layton, Edward Starbuck, William Pomfrett, William furber, William Storer, John Hall, Phillip Swaddon, Richard Waldern, Edward Colcord, Robert Huckins, Richard Pinkcom, Thomas Tricky." (4)

    Thomas was on the grand jury in 1643, 1646 and 1656. In 1670 he gave land to sons John and Thomas and in 1671 half his remaining estate to his daughter Sarah Rich.(5)

    "In the name of God Amen

    I Thomas Robearts Senr of the Towne of Dover in Piscattaqua River, in New England yeoman beeing weake of Body...

    Item I give and bequeath unto my Sone John Robearts, of Dover, aforesaid, the sume of Twenty shills in Currant money of New England, to be paid, by my Executor, three monethes, after my discease

    Item I given and bequeath, unto my Sone, Thomas Robearts, the sum'e of fiver shillings, in money to be paid at or within the Space of three monethes, after my disease, by my Executor

    Item I give, and bequeath, unto my Daughter, Hester (now the wife of John Martyn, of New Jarze) the sume of five shillings in money, to be paid, by my Executor, three monethes, after my discease, if demanded-

    Item I give, and bequeath unto my Daughter Anne (now the wife of James Philbrooke of Hampton) the sum'e of five shills in money to be paid, by my Executor, at or within the Space, of three monethes, after my discease, as is above men'coned.-

    Item I give, and bequeath, unto my daughter Elizabeth, no the wife, of Benjamin Heard, of Cochechock, the sume of five shillings, in money to be paid, at, or within, the Space, of three monethes, after my discease by my Executor.

    Item I give, and bequeath, unto my Sone, in Law Richard Rich, the husband, of my dearly beloved daughter Sarah, and to his heires, Lawfully begotten (or to bee begotten) on the Body of my said Daughter (be it Either Males, or females) the Males, to bee Ever prferred, before the females, and the elder, before the younger, and to his, and their assignes forever, my dwelling house, where in, I now dwell, Lieing and Scituate, in Dover aforesaid, to gether also, with all, and Singular, the Out houseing, Orchards, planting Land, and pastures, within fence, or Laying, in Common priviledge, of Commons, proffitts, or Commodities, Advantages, hereditamts, and appurtenances, whatsoever, thereunto belonging, or in any wise, appertaining, and now in my owne Tenure, and occupac'on, and also, a Lott of fouer Acres, of planting Land, lieing and Scituate, in Dover aforesaid, neare my Said dwelling house, and Likewise three Acres, of marsh, by Estimac'on, bee it more or Lesse, Lieing, and Scituate, at the mouth of Winnycott River, neare Greeneland, in Piscattaqua River, aforesaid, which I doe now possess, and Enjoy, and also, I doe nomminate, make choice of, and appoint, my sd Sone in Law Richd Rich to bee my whole and Sole Exeuctor, (& in Case of Mortallity, my Daughtr Sarah above menc'oned) to Execute, or see Executed, this my Last will, and Testament, according to the purport, true Intent, and meaning thereof, and in Testimony, that this is my Last will, and Testament, Irrevocably, I have hereunto, putt my hand and seale Dated in Dover, aforemenc'oned, this Twenty Seaventh day of Septembr, One Thousand Six hundred Seaventy & three. 1673.

    Thomas Roberts

    Signed Sealed and Delivrd
    in the presents of us.
    Job Clements Sener
    Job Clements Ju witnesseth
    Richard Allexander" [proved 30 June 1674].(1)


  • I. John- b.c.1628, m. Abigail NUTTER, d. 21 Jan. 1694/5 Dover
  • II. Thomas- b.c.1635, m. Mary Leighton, living in 1705 Dover
  • III. Hester- m. John Martyn of New Jersey
  • 3IV. ANNA- m.1. JAMES PHILBRICK (d. 16 Nov. 1674 drowned in the Hampton River), m.2. William Marston
  • V. Elizabeth- m. Benjamin Heard
  • VI. Sarah- m. Richard Rich


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