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Castle Acre Priory

The family of Pagrave of Pagrave in South Greenhow Hundred, Norfolk, are first mentioned as benefactors of Castle Acre Priory in the time of Henry II (1154-1189), when John, son of Thomas de Pagrave, gave the Priory a yearly rent in his fee of Pagrave Parva.(7)

In 1223 from the Office of the Auditors of Land Revenue is a grant from Henry de Pagrave to Pentney Prior of 3d. rent from land at Thuresbure in the fields of Palgrave, Norfork.(4)

On 17 Oct. 1303 is a writ to the Sheriff of Norfolk from William Butt of Norwich and John de Kirkby, Clerk concerning a debt of 20 owed by William le Gauger of Wootton and John de Palgrave to Sir William de Kerdiston, Knight, who held Kerdiston, Eynesford Hundred, Norfolk. The case was heard before William Butt of Norwich and John de Kirkby, clerk. (5)

Again from the Certificates of Statute Merchant and Statute Staple in the Chancery records is a writ to the Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk from William Butt of Norwich and Robert Benedicite, clerk concerning a debt of 20 owed by John de Palgrave of Mundham, Lodden Hundred, and William le Granger of Wooton to Sir Robert de Benhall, clerk. The case was heard before William Butt of Norwich and Ralph le Verly, Clerk. (6)

On 10 June 1310 is a writ to the Sheriff of Norfolk from William Butt of Norwich and John Sparrow, Clerk concerning a debt of 26 3s. 4d. owed by Nicholas de Stradsett [who held Stradsett, Fordham, Ryston and Watlington in Clackclose Hundred, Norfolk] to Ralph de Pagrave, Rector of the Church of Ashill/Asschle [Wayland Hundred, Norfolk] . The case was heard before William Butt of Norwich and John Sparrow, Clerk. (1) From the inquisitions taken as a result of applications to the Crown for licenses to alienate land, Ralph de Pagrave to grant messuages, a mill, land, and rent in South Lynn, Kings Lynn, Islington, Hardwick, West Winch, Runcton, Setchy, Seeth, and Saddle Bow to the prior and convent of Westacre, retaining land in Clenchwarton, Ashele, and Palgrave, Norfolk, dated 16 Edward II. (1322/3) (3)

Walter de Pagrave witnessed a charter dated 28 July 1325 granting to Dom. William Batalye, Knt. from Thomas Hille and Adam, fil. Alani de Walpol, chaplains, for the term of his life, of a windmill with its site in the village of Tirington, called Berkynmille and 23 acres of arable land in three pieces in the same village, with the remainder, upon his death, to Margaret, his daughter and the heirs of her body begotten. Witnessed by Walter, Dom. Henry de Walpol, Dom. William de Dunton, Dom. Thomas de Tiln, Knts, Robert de Causton, William de Marchall, John de Sancto Omero, and Thomas Schilling, dated the Sunday after the Feast of St. James, 20 Edward II. (2)


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On 8 May 1337 is a writ sent to the Sheriff of Norfolk by William, son of William Butt of Norwich and John de Worstead, Clerk concerning a debt of 14 10s. by John Marcaunt of West Lexham [Laundith Hundred, Norfolk] and Robert de Pagrave owed to Nicholas Redland, Geoffrey de Sall, merchant, William de Deepdale, Adam Gilbert and Andrew de Bergh, citizens of Norwich, Norfolk. Case was heard before John de Bumpstead of Norwich and John de Worstead, Clerk. (4)

On 28 June 1339 another writ was sent to the Sheriff of Norfolk by William, son of William Butt of Norwich and John de Worstead, clerk concerning the above debt of 14 10s. Looks like Robert and John Marcaunt weren't ready to settle up! (10)

On 20 Nov. 1349 Robert Pagrave and Matilda his wife granted to Dom. Robert, Vicar of Apulton, Dom. John le Barker of Flycham, Chaplain of land in Apulton, Flycham, Sandryngham, Neuton, Annemere, and Congham. It was witnessed by Richard de la Rokele, Philip Andrew, William Aleyn, Alexander Godefrey, and John Sinalervar and is dated at Apulton, the Sunday before the Feast of St. Edward, King and Martyr, 23 Edward III. (1)

Robert witnessed a quitclaim dated at Apulton 4 Mar. 1357 from William, vicar of Apulton and John Bacheler of Fliceham, Chaplain, to Beatrix, daughter of John Rowe of Estlexam, of a messuage in Apulton. Witnessed by Robert Pagrave, Richard de la Rokele and Philip Andre. (8)

Robert witnessed a grant from Thomas Skebbe of Apulton and Katerine his wife to William, their son, of a messuage in Apulton. Witnessed by Robert de Palgrave, John Richeman, Alexander Godfrey, Philip Andrew, William Gale, and Simon Lonel, dated at Apulton on the Sunday next before the Feast of St. Edward, King and Martyr, 33 Edward III, 18 Mar. 1359.(12)

Robert witnessed a grant from Robert de Fransham to Robert de Alleye of the homage of John Strut and two pence rent annually from land of John Costyn in Apeltone. Witnessed by Robert de Pagrave, John Richeman, Simon Lonel, Alexander Godfrey, and Geoffry Payn and dated at Apultone, march before the Feast of St. Barnabus, 35 Edward III, 11 June 1361. (2)

Robert witnessed a grant from Thomas Sckebbe of Apulton to William, his son, to land in Apulton. Witnessed by Robert de Palgrave, Simon Lonel, Alexander Godfrey, William Potter, Geoffrey Payn, William de Soham, and John Richeman, dated at Apulton the Sunday next after the Feast of St. Peter and Vincula, 40 Edward III, 1 Aug. 1366. (11)

On 14 Sept. 1368 Robert witnessed a grant from Geoffrey, son of Geoffrey Randolf of Westneutone to Alexander Godefrey and Cunstance, his wife, of lands in Westneutone and Apultone. Witnessed by Robert de Pagrave, John Tannyer, John Jekelene, Reynold de Byntre, Simon Lonel and John Rycheman, dated at Westneutone, the Monday next after the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, 42 Edward III. (9) On 18 Oct. 1368 Robert witnessed a grant from Robert Chapman of Wilfertone and Alice, his wife, to Geoffrey Syrreve of Apultone to land in Apultone. Witnessed by Robert de Pagrave, Simon Lovel of Apultone, Geoffrey Payne, Alexander Godefrey and John Rycheman, dated at Apultone the Friday after the Feast of St. Luke, 42 Edward III. (6) He also witnessed a grant from Alexander Godefrey of Apultone to William Dany of Flycham and Gilian his wife of land in Apultone. Witnessed by Robert de Pagrave, Simon Lonel, Geoffrey Payn, Robert Rokel, William Potter, and John Richeman, dated at Apultone the Sunday next after the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, 42 Edward III, 21 Dec. 1368. (3)

On 25 July 1368 is a grant from Simon, son of John Lenot of West Neutone to Matilda, wife of Robert Pagrave of Apultone to land in Apultone. Witnessed by Robert de Ilneye of Apultone, Simon Lovel, Alexander Godefrey, John Rycheman, and William Pottere, dated at Apultone the Sunday before the Feast of St. James the Apostle, 42 Edward III. (7)

He was a witness again on 25 July 1369 for a release from William Pottere and Geoffrey Payn of Apyltone to William Gyle of Apyltone to land in Apyltone. Witnessed by Robert de Pagrave, Alexander Godefrey, Robert Rokel, John Rycheman and Roger Rede, dated at Apyltone, Monday after the Feast of St. James, 43 Edward III. (5)


  • 2I. JOHN-


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    On 7 Apr. 1367 Robert Hall conveyed to John de Palgrave and others, lands in East Lexham. (6)

    John De Pagrave of Sporlevill (Sporle-with-Pagrave) was assessed 6/8 in the Poll Tax of 1378.(2)

    Sir John le Strange granted the manor of Tottington to John de Pagrave 9 Richard II (1385). (4)

    On 4 June 1392 is a title deed granting a piece of land outside the east gates next to a common way leading towards Geywode on the south part and abutting on the hermitage belonging to the Master and brothers of St. John's Hospital towards the west, by Alan Warmkyn and John Pagrave, leatherdresser and burgess, to John Patermak and Henry Elmham, tanners, and William Hillington, coverlet maker. (5)

    There is a deed dated 6 Dec. 1403 concerning a tenement in Bryggegate between the tenement of John de Brunham on the south part and the tenement sometime of John de London, now of Thomas de Geyton, mason, on the north part, extending in length from Bryggegate towards the east to land sometime of John Schylling towards the west. Feoffment by John de Pagrave, tailor and burgess, executor of Margaret Grym's will, to Robert Grym, chaplain, and others, burgesses. (3)

    There is a grant dated 15 Dec. 1414 by Robert Palgrave to John Gilberd, Robert Curteys and Henry Thurleberwe of one acre of underwood and half acre, 1 rod of meadow in Gillingham he had from Robert Goodwene. (7) I wonder if this Robert may be another son of John?


  • 3I. JOHN- m. SIBEL HETHERSETT, d. before 1439
  • II. ?Robert-


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    3I. JOHN (ROBERT 1, JOHN 2)

    m. SIBEL, d. and heiress of William Hethersett of Hethersett (m.2. John Pain of Norwich (d. before 1439), will 24 Nov. 1439-2 July 1445 Norwich)
    d. before 1439

    St. Peter's church- Palgrave

    By his marriage to Sibel, John obtained the manor of Berningham. Sibel's grandfather John de Hetherset had obtained the manor by his marriage to Elizabeth, one of the sisters and coheirs of Richard de Berningham.

    From the Indentures of War from the King's Remembrancer is an indenture between the Earl of Salisbury and John Pagrave of County Norfolk retaining him for service in France dated 6 Henry VI (1427). (1)

    There is a grant from Simon Fyncham of Fyncham to Geoffrey Pagrave and Robert Hamme of Fyncham to a messuage in Fyncham, dated 8 Jan. 1419/20. Perhaps Geoffrey was John's brother? (2)

    In the Chancery pleadings addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury as Lord Chancellor [which would refer to various times between 1407 and 1456] is a suit by John Palgrave against Cristian Grymbald for refusal to carry out a bargain for lands in Peasenhall, Suffolk. (3)

    In her will Sibel directed that she be buried in the church of the Friars Preachers in Norwich by her father and mother.


  • 4I. JOHN- b.c.1420, m.1 Margaret Herward (d.s.p.), 2. ANNE STURMER (m.2. John Baynard (will 26 Mar. 1474- 7 June 1474 Norwich), 3. Roger Drury (will 20 Jan. 1493/4- 22 Mar. 1500 Norwich), will 11 Dec. 101- 1 Sept. 1503 Norwich), will 13 Apr. 1467- 7 May 1467 Norwich


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    4I. JOHN (ROBERT 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3)

    m.1. Margaret Herward (d. of Clement Herward of Alborough, Norfolk, d.s.p., bur. Church of the Friars Preachers, Norwich)
    2. ANNE STURMER (d. of Henry Sturmer, Sheriff of Norwich and Katherine Hanningfield, m.2. John Baynard of St. Michael's Coslany, Norwich, Esq., Lord of the manor of South Hall in Geist (will 26 Mar.- 7 June 1474 Norwich), 3. Roger Drury, squier, of Hawstead, Suffolk (will 20 Jan. 1493/4- 22 Mar. 1500 Norwich), will 11 Dec. 1501- 1 Sept. 1503 Norwich, bur. Church of the Friars Preachers)
    will 13 Apr.- 7 May 1467 Norwich
    bur. Church of the Friars Preachers, Norwich

    All Saints Church- Stanton

    John Pagrave, Esq. was a party to a fine of the manor of Estbekham, dated Easter, 20 Henry VI (1441).(10)

    John was a friend of the Pastons. He is named several times in the will of William Paston, the judge, dated 31 Jan. 1443/4(1). On 19 May 1448 Margaret Paston mentions him in a letter to her husband, John, as having gone with her to the Prior of Norwich regarding an assault committed by one Wymondham on Sir James Gloys, a friend of the Pastons(2). On 23 Apr. 1452 he was one of the Norfolk gentlemen who addressed the Sheriff of Norfolk regarding a memorial sent to the Duke of Norfolk concerning the assaults and riots committed by Charles Nowell upon John Paston and "others of owre kynne, frendes and neyghborys"(3). On 16 May 1455 Thomas Canon the elder of Pagrave Magna, wrote to John Paston offering to sell land in Pargrave Pava and Lytyldenham, called "Strangys" on condition he "keep it cousel from John Palgrave" until the bargain was concluded.(4)

    "John Pagrave the elder and wife Margaret querants vs. John Pagrave the elder and wife Anne deforciants, of the manor of Little Pagrave with appurts. and 6 tofts, 200 acres of land and the liberty of one fold with appurts. in Great Pagrave, Little Pagrave, Great Dunham, Little Dunham, Neweton and Southacre."(5)

    There is a charter dated 27 Apr., 2 Edward IV (1462) from John Marteyn of Stowbardolff to John Fyncham, Henry Spilman, Richard Holdiche, John Pelly, Esq., John Pagrave of Stanten, Robert West, clerk, Peter Scotyn, baker, John Chauntoure and John Wynche to all his messuages, lands, tenements, meadows, feedings and pastures with liberty of two folds, liberty of a bull's boar and all rents, services, suit of court, wardships, marriages, reliefs, escheats, villeins, and their sequalia and all appurtenances in the towns and fields of Stowbardolf, Wymbotesham, Dounhamhithe, Wallyngton, Watlyngton, Garbiesthorp and Sechehithe parva. (9)

    In his will he directed to be buried in the chancel of the church of the Friars Preachers at Norwich beside his late wife Margaret, and left bequests of 6s. 8d. to the churches of Hedwsett, Wymondham, Melton Magna, Melton Pava, Northwood Bernyngham, and Keteryngham. The residue of his estate went to his wife Anne who was his executrix.(6)

    Anne in her will directed that she be buried in the Black Friars Church by the grave of John Pagrave. She bequeathed to Henry Pagrave "my neve" (grandson) a piece of gilt plate with her father's and mother's arms. She left to Anne Pagrave and to her "nevyn" Henry Pagrave her household stuff except her plate. She also mentioned Margaret, wife of her son William Drury. Executors were Edmund Stube, Thomas Atkyn, priest, and her son Henry Pagrave. Supervisor was Sir Robert Drury, knight.(7)

    There was some doubt as to whether Anne was the daughter of Henry Sturmer of Norwich or the sister of his wife Katherine and the daughter of William Hanningfield, who died in 1426 leaving three daughters, Elizabeth age 4, Katherine age 2, and Agnes age 30 weeks. Blomfield's Norfolk states that Anne was the daughter of William Hanningfield and the Drury monument shows a shield of Drury impaling Hanningfield and for chronological reasons it would seem that Anne was probably Anne or Agnes Hanningfield and that her sister Katherine, married Henry Sturmer, and upon her death without issue, Anne was her heir hence the error in the Visitation Pedigree. This debate is put to rest by the following Norfolk fine of 1476/7:

    "16 Edward IV John Broughton of Denston, armiger, Henry Spelman, Henry Straunge armiger, Henry Fenne clerk, Thomas Drentall clerk and William Fegge clerk quers vs. Roger Drury and Anne his wife, daughter and heiress of Henry Sturmer deforcs. or the manor of Southall and lands in Geyst, Twyford, Wodnorton and Byntre".(8)

    St. John's Church- Stanton


  • 5I. JOHN- b.c.1445, m. MARGARET YELVERTON (d. after 1513)
  • II. Henry-
  • ?III. Anne-


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    5I. JOHN (ROBERT 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3, JOHN 4)

    m. MARGARET YELVERTON (d. of Sir William Yelverton of Rougham, Norfolk, knt., Judge of King's Bench, living in 1513)

    In the Fines for Norfork dated 37 Henry VI (1458) is listed a fine between John Pagrave, the son of John Pagrave the elder, and Margaret his wife, and John Pagrave the elder and Anne, his wife, of the manor of Little Pagrave with the appurtenances and six tofts, 200 acres of land and liberty of one fold with the appurtenances in Great Pagrave, Little Pagrave, Great Dunham, Little Dunham, Neweton, and Southacre.(13)

    On 3 Nov. 1469 is an agreement concerning a release made by John Fyncham the elder, gent., John Fyncham the younger, his son and heir, John Pagrave of Norwyche, Esq. and Henry Falyate of Norwyche, merchant to Thomas Brewys, Knight, Hugh Fenne, William Tendale, Esq., Richard Holdich, Esq., John Sulyard, Robert Aylmer, grocer, and John Cook, draper, of the manor of Grymston, called Brokeles Halle, the advowson of the same with the appurtenances and lands and tenements in Grymston, Congham, Rydon, Pawsey and adjoining towns. (2) The following day is recorded a bond from John Pagrave of Norwych, gentylman, William Tendale of Houghwold, Esq., and Robert Morley of Morley next Hengham, Esq. to John Fyncham. (7)

    There is a charter from 1472 from John Pagrave of Stanton to Richard Calle of all his messuages, lands and tenements, meadows, feedings and pastures, rents and services, wardships, marriages, reliefs and escheats, liberty of two folds, liberty of one bull and one free boar, with all other appurtenances in the towns and fields of Stowe Bardolff, Wymbotesham, Dounham, Bekeswell, Garbesthorp, Walyngton, Rongtonholme, Thorplond and Secchith parva, which he and others had from the feoffment of John Martyn, dated 16 Nov., 12 Edward IV. (5)

    In the Court of Chancery pleadings addressed to the Biship of Durham as Lord Chancellor is a case in which John Pagrave and Henry Faldyate sued John Cook, citizen and draper of Norwich concerning the manor of Grymston, Norfolk, dated c.1475. (3) Also of same date in the Chancery pleadings is a suit by John, Duke of Suffolk vs. John Cook and Robert Aylmere, feoffees concerning the manor of Grymston called Breklys, late of John Pagrave, esquire, and Henry Faldyate, grocer of Norwich, Nofolk. (4)

    On 8 May 1478 Richard, prior of Westacre, Richard Holdych, Esq., John Pagrave, Esq., Edmund Geyton, Gent., Sir John Swafham, "vyker of the parysshe Chirche of our lady seynt mary in Rougham", William Wayte, Edward Horn, William Patryk, and Thomas Withfoot of Rougham, witness that Sir William Yelverton, kt. of Rougham has granted to William Yelverton, the younger, esq., of Rougham, all his goods and chattels. (8)

    In the Chancery pleadings dated between 1475 and 1485 is a suit by William Asshewyn and Rose, his wife, daughter and heir of William Pollard and Elizabeth his wife, against John Palgrave, feoffee concerning messuages and land in Fen Drayton, Connyngton, Hemmyngforth Gray, and Fen Staunton, late of John Polard. (11)

    In the Chancery pleadings addressed to the Bishop of Worcester, Lord Chancellor is a suit by Thomas Thorisby of Lynn, merchant, vs. John Pagrave, gentleman concerning the covenants for a marriage between the defendant's son Herry, and the complaintaint's daughter Margery, dated c.1485. (1)

    In the Chancery pleadings addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury as Lord Chancellor [either John Morton 1486-1493 or William Warham 1504-1515], William Melborn and Thomas Arborow, executors of Alice Gyler of Fenny Stanton, widow vs. John Motte, John Hauconby, and others, executors of John Palgrave of Fenny Stanton, concerning a debt of the said John Palgrave to the said Alice. (10) And another Chancery pleading to the Archbishop as above, involving Thomas Flourdewe of Hethersett vs. Robert Whynbergh concerning a bond given on behalf of John Palgrave for delivery of barley. (12)

    In the Chancery pleadings to the Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor, is an action for debt for money promised by Leonard Hyde of Throkkyng, gentleman against John Pagrave's marriage with Margaret, his sister, dated c.1495. Does this refer to the above John or did he have a son named John? (6)

    Margaret was living 11 Sept. 1513 and held the manor of Woodhall in Hethersett.

    In the records of the Exchequer is a legal commonplace book including extracts from the court rolls of Pagrave Parva and a pedigree of the family of Pagrave from the time of William Yelverton in the mid-15th century.(9)


  • 6I. HENRY- b.c.1470, m. ANNE GLEMHAM
  • ?II. John- m. Margaret Hyde of Throkkyng


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    6I. HENRY (ROBERT 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3, JOHN 4, JOHN 5)

    m. ANNE GLEMHAM (d. of John Glemham of Glemham, Suffolk and Eleanor, d. of Sir William Brandon, Knt.)
    d. 2 Oct. 1516 North Barningham, Norfolk
    will 11 Sept. 1513- 14 Jan. 1517/8

    St. Peter's church- North Barningham, Norfolk

    Anne's grandmother, Eleanor Brandon, was descended from the FitzAlans, Earls of Arundel, and King Henry III. Henry was from Pagrave, Northwood, Barningham and Thruxton, Norfolk. There is a brass in the Barningham Church to the memory of Henry and Anne. The arms of this family are Azure a lion rampant argent.

    The Visitiation of Norfolk from 1613 states: "Henry Pagrave of Pagrave in com. Norff. Ar., sonne & heire to John, marr. Anne, dau. to John Glemham of Glemham in com. Suff. Ar., and had Issue, John sonne and heire, Thomas seconde sonne, James third sonne, obijt., ffranncys mar. to Sr. Willm. Pennington of the North, Anne mar. to Homfrey Smallpeece of Hockeringe in com. Norffe. gen., Elenor a Nonne in Carow Abbey, Elizabeth dyed yonge.

    John Pagrave sonne & heire to Henry, overlived his father & dyed sannz Issue.

    Thomas Pagrave of Thuckston in com. Norff. gent., seconde sonne of Henry, mar. Alice dau. of Robt. Gunton of Thuckston, prdict., and had Issue, Gregory sonne & heire, Edward seconde sonne, Walter & Willm., obierunt, Mary mar.... Margarett mar. to Robt. Durrant of Melton, Anne mar. to Gregory Clarke of Therne in com. Norff."(2)

    In his will dated 11 Sept. 1513 and proved 14 Jan. 1517/8, Henry recites a feoffment of Robert Brandon, knt., and William Paston, Esq., with the manors of North Barningham and Thruxton to the use of his will. His mother Margaret was seised of the manor of Woodall in Hethersett and the adjoining towns for life and William Drorye, gent., was seised in demesne in the manor of Mattshall bergh and Matshall for life. He directed that his wife Anne should have the profits of all the manors, so long as she remain sole, to the use of his will, that she shall pay his debts and keep the children. Should she remarry within six years, she was to have her jointure in Pagrave and Wymondham for life, with the remainder to John his son. He gave legacies to his daughters Frances, Eleanor, and Anne at their marriage, with remainders if they died to Clement, Thomas and James and gave his younger sons 20 each out of the manors. The executors were his wife Anne and his son John.(1)

    North Barningham Hall- built by Clement Palgrave


  • I. John- d.s.p.
  • II. Clement- b.c.1500, m. Margery Read of Beccles, Suffolk, (bur. 20 Aug. 1564 Northwood Barningham), bur. 30 Apr. 1583 Northwood Barningham.
  • 7III. THOMAS- b.c.1505, m. ALICE GUNTON
  • IV. James-
  • V. Frances- m. Sir William Pennington of Mulcaster, Cumberland. Frances was a member of Margaret, Duchess of Suffolk who was the French Queen. Frances and William were the ancestors of the Lords Muncaster.
  • VI. Anne- m. Humphrey Smallpece of Hockering, Norfolk
  • VII. Eleanor- a sister at Carow Abbey
  • VIII. Elizabeth- d.s.p.


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    m. ALICE GUNTON, d. of Robert Gunton of Thruxton

    St. Paul's church- Thruxton

    Thomas received the manor of Thruxton from his father or brother and was the founder of that branch of the family.

    Issue- all children bpt. at Thruxton, Norfolk

    Baptismal Font- St. Paul's, Thruxton

  • I. Gregory- bpt. 12 Mar. 1538/9, m.1. Amy Patrick of Studdye, Norfolk (bur. 5 May 1571 Thruxton), 2. Mary Sefowle of Waterden, Norfolk (bur. 11 June 1578 Thruxton), 3. Katherine Pigeon (bur. 15 July 1596 Thruxton), bur. 17 Aug. 1617 Thruxton, Will 7 Jan. 1613/4- 5 Jan. 1617/8. "Mary Seffowle buryed in this place, Second wife to Gregory Pagrave was, Of hir he have children too sones only, The eldest named Robt ye other Gregory; Hir Soule Christ toke to his endless mercy The xjth of June M.D. eight and seventy." And another brass: "The bodie buried in this Grave, Was third wife of Gregory Pagrave, Katherine Pigeon was her first name, Rich in faythe and honest fame, Who's vertues and Works briefly to declare, Many poore folks did fele what they were, This life she ended the fiftenth of July, The yere of Grace M.D. six and nyenty, her soule rest in joy by God's fre mercy."
  • 8II. EDWARD- bpt. 21 Jan. 1540/1, will 3 Dec.- 20 Dec. 1623
  • III. Walter- bpt. 2 Mar. 1543/4, bur. 8 Sept. 1557
  • IV. William- bpt. 19 Apr. 1546, bur. 9 Oct. 1547
  • V. Mary- bpt. 12 Nov. 1548, m. 9 Aug. 1573 Garveston, Norfolk, William Jare
  • VI. Margaret- bpt. 10 Apr. 1551, m. Robert Durrant of Melton
  • VII. Anne- bpt. 29 July 1554, m. 21 Dec. 1586 Thruxton, Gregory Clarke of Thurne, Norfolk


    "The English Origins of New England Families"- 1st Series, Vol. III, pp. 68-9


    bpt. 21 Jan. 1540/1 Thruxton, Norfolk
    will 3 Dec.- 20 Dec. 1623

    Church of St. Peter & Paul- Barnham Broom, Norfolk

    Rev. Edward Palgrave was rector of Barnham Broom, Norfolk from 1567 until 1623.

    "Edward Palgrave of Barneham Broom, Co. Norfolk, Clerke. Being sick in body and aged 82, both which are fore runners and messengers of preparation for the grave, &c, I make this my last will, &c. To be buried in the chancel of the Church of Barneham Broome aforesaid. To Richard Palgrave my son and to John Abell and Richard Russolls my sons-in-law. To Edward Palgrave, clerke, my eldest son, my great cupboard in my psonage house at Barneham Broom, &c. Other bequests to said sons and sons-in-law. To Symon Webb, of Carleton Faveroo, 10s. To Richard Webb, Elizabeth Webb, and Susan Webb, son and daughters of the said Symon Webb, 5s. All other my goods, &c. to Richard Russell my son-in-law, and make him executor. Witnesses, Thos. Bayley, Willm. Nicker, John Allen.(1)


  • I. Edward- b.c.1572, m.1. Elizabeth ______ (bur. 6 July 1631 Litcham, Norfolk), 2. 27 Oct. 1631 Stanfield, Norfolk, Martha Lynford (d. after 1642), bur. 9 Dec. 1641 Litcham, will 2 July 1640-31 Mar. 1642. Edward was a graduate of Caius College, Cambridge and was ordained a priest in 1602. He was the rector of Litcham from 1617 until 1641.
  • II. ______- b.c.1574, m. John Abell
  • III. Gregory- b.c.1576, drowned in the River Cam, bur. 19 Aug. 1590 St. Michael's Church, Cambridge
  • IV. ______- b.c.1580, m. Richard Russell
  • 9V. RICHARD- b.c.1585, m. ANN ______ (b.c.1594, d. 17 Nov. 1669 Roxbury, MA), will 4 June- Oct. 1651 Charlestown, MA


    (1) Norwich Consistory Court Register- 1623, folio 160 quoted in "Palgrave Family Memorials"- p. 140

    "The English Origins of New England Families"- 1st Series, Vol. III, p. 69


    m. ANN _____ (b.c.1594, d. 17 Nov. 1669 Roxbury, MA)
    will 4 June- Oct. 1651 Charlestown, MA

    Wymondham Abbey

    Richard was the physician at Wymondham, Norfolk from 1620 until 1630. He and his family sailed in the Winthrop Fleet in Apr. or May 1630. Richard was one of the first physicians in Charlestown. He applied 30 Oct. 1630 to be admitted a freeman which was granted 18 May 1631.(1) Richard and Anne were admitted as members of the Boston church at that time and were members No. 104 and 105.(8)

    In 1630 "Mr Richd Palsgrave & Edwd Jones also built & planted three-quarters of a mile without the neck of land".(9) On 10 Jan. 1633/4 the town of Charlestown ordered that a lot be laid out to him at the east end of the lots next to Newtown.(2) He was granted another acre of planting ground in Jan. 1635/6 and one cow common in 1635 which was increased to 4 1/2.(10) He was then granted five acres on the Mystic side in 1637 and in the Mystic side allotments of 23 Apr. 1638 he received 20, 50 and 5 acres.(11) On 27 Aug. 1638 "Mr Palgrave is granted 4 cows hay he having yeilded back 5 acres of his ten acres."(12) In the 1638 Charlestown Book of Possessions "Ric[hard] Palgrave" held ten parcels: five acres arable on the common, "with a dwelling house, &c."; one acre and a half of meadow in the South Mead; four milk cow commons; five acres of meadow in the South Mead; two acres of arable in Line Field; five acres of woodland in Mystic Field; four acres of meadow in Mystic Marshes; twenty acres of woodland in Mystic Field; fifty-six acres of land in Water Field "divided by Horn Pond in three parts"; and twenty-four acres of land in West Rock Field.(13) He was granted 200 acres at Woburn on 5 Nov. 1639.(3) By 23 May 1655 this grant of land was in the hands of John Alcock as a result of "Mr. Palsgrave's disposing of the 200 acres of land to his wife, & of the petitioner's [Alcock's] right thereunto by a letter of attorney, under the hand and seal of Mrs. Anna Palsgrave".(15) On 30 Dec. 1640 he held four cow commons in the stinted common.(14) On 5 July 1650 Henry Evans and Hester his wife of Boston, yeoman, sold to Richard Palgrave, "phisition," and Anne Palgrave his wife, both of Charlestown, a house with a barn, cowhouse and two acres of land at the west end of the town common, also three acres of meadowland and four acres of land near the upper field, also four cow commons at Charltown Neck. On 18 October 1651 Mr. Thomas Allen of Charlestown declared that he had formerly sold to Richard Palgrave, deceased, a cow's hay lot and part of a salt and fresh marsh meadow in Charlestown, and that he resigned it up to Mrs. Anne Palgrave the widow.(16)

    On 19 Oct. 1650 his taxes were 2 in arrears.(4)

    Richard's will is dated 4 June 1651 and was proved the same year but, was not recorded until 1694.

    "Richard Palgrave, phisition, inhabitant of Charltowne ... being at present sick in body," bequeathed to "my beloved wife Anne Palgrave all my lawful debts due unto me, also all my goods moveable and unmoveable, and all my cattle great and small ... and devise all my housing and lands arable and meadow unto her to be hers after my decease forever, to dispose of as she sees meet & fit"; "my son John Palgrave, and my two daughters, Rebeckah and Lydia" to be at "my said wife's disposing both in regard of their marriages, as also of the giving and disposing of anything which is mine as above named"; "for my three daughters Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth, who are all at the present married ... they rest and be satisfied with that which they have had of me already, or with what my wife shall please to bestow upon them or any of them in her lifetime or at her decease"; "my beloved wife Anne Palgrave to be my full and sole executrix."

    The inventory of the estate amounted to 313/00/08 including 80 in real estate: "housing, land, arable and meadow, and cows commons," 80 and his books valued at 25.(5)

    On 14 October 1651 in "answer to the petition of Anna Palgrave, of Charlstow[n], widow, this court doth confirm her as the sole executrix of her late husband, Richard Palgrave, & doth also hereby confer all her said husband's estate upon her & her heirs forever, according to the desire & true intent of the testator, expressed in his will".(17)

    On 27 Mar. 1656 "Anne Palgrave of Stepney, Middlesex, late wife and executrix of Richard Palgrave, late of Charlestowne," appointed John Pierce of Wapping, Middlesex, mariner, and Edmund Heylett of Stepney, merchant, to be her attorneys instead of the others formerly appointed (Dr. John Alcock of Roxbury, Thomas Cooper of New England, merchant, and William Dade of Charlestown, butcher).(6) On 1 Sept. 1657 Edmund Heylett, attorney of widow Anna Palsgrave, sold to Timothy Wheeler of Concord for 140, the house and lots of land that belonged to her late husband.(7) On 1 December 1665 "Anne Palgrave of Boston, widow," sold to James Converse of Woburn, yeoman, two lots of land in Woburn, one of fifty-six acres and one of twenty-two acres.(18)

    Anne's will is dated 11 Mar. 1668/9 at Roxbury and was proved 1 May 1669.

    "The last will and Testament of Anna Palsgrave, of Roxbury, Relict of Richard Palsgrave, formerly of Charles: Towne, made the Eleventh of March, 1668. Whereas my late sonn Alcock did take into his Owne possession the two Hundred Acres of Land formerly granted by the Generall Court, unto my late Husband, Richard Palsgrave, and for that my said sonn did obtaine a grant thereof from the Generall Court, which hee hath thereupon layd out with his other Lands, and the Generall Court having Confirmed the same unto him, my sayd sonn, and his heires, with which I am well pleased and sattisfyed, is to prevent all future trouble thereabouts, I doe hereby give the same unto the heires of my sonn Alcock, according as hee hath disposed thereof in his will to them and their heires forever, they paying for the same, that is to say, I doe hereby will and appoint that those children of my said sonn Alcocks to whom hee hath given the said Two Hundred Acres shall proportionably, according to their parts thereof, pay as a legacy and token of my love, unto my Eldest daughter, Mary, the wife of Roger Willington, 15, to bee paid unto her owne hands and to bee at her only dispose, and her acquittance shall bee a full discharge for the same to the Children of my sonn Alcock, the pay to bee made in some good pay in one or two yeares after my death. I Give unto my said daughter, Mary, my best Gowne and best Petticoate and best hood and the lace I had of Mr. Rawson. I also Give unto Mary, the wife of John Maddox, my black Gowne, all which Garments shall bee delivered them within Three monthes after my death. I Give unto Anna Alcock, Eldest daughter of my late sonn and daughter Alcock, my dwelling House and Land in Boston, with all the movables, shee paying the seaven pounds debt due from mee to John Pattison, in old England, and out of the same the legacy heereunder mentioned to John Heylet, I also hereby order to bee paid, in manner as followeth. I Give unto John Heylet, Eldest sonn of my daughter Lydia, 20, to bee paid out of the rent of my House and Land at Boston, given unto Anna Alcock at 40s pr Ann. during his minority and 40s more shall if my Executors see Cause, bee also Annually paid for and towards his maintenance and keeping at schoole, yea if need requires at the judgment of my Executors hereafter named, the full rent of the said house shall bee Expended for his Education and keeping, till hee shall bee one and twenty yeares of Age, during which time my will is, that if my truly Lovinge Friend Deacon Robt. Sanderson, bee willing hee bee Committed unto his Charge and Custody or otherwise at the discretion of my Executor soe as hee bee brought up to soe much Learning as that if Possible he may bee Capable for practice in Phissick. I Give him also my medicens and instruments and all my bookes. I nominate and appoint my Honnored Friends Mr. Edward Rawson, and Mr. John Hull, of Boston, my Executors, and to bestow as they shall judge best out of my Estate upon my funerall, and any small Token of my love not Exceeding 5s. Each unto any other of my Grandchildren or speciall Friend that shall attend the same. I nominate Deacon Robt. Sanderson and Deacon Henry Allen, both of Boston, to be Overseers of this my will.

    March 11, 1668/9
    Anna Palsgrave"(19)


  • 10I. MARY- b.c.1618, m. c.1637 ROGER (1) WELLINGTON (d. 11 Mar. 1697/8)
  • II. Sarah- b.c.1620, m.c.1648 Dr. John Alcock (d. 29 Mar. 1666/7 Boston), d. 29 Nov. 1665
  • III. Benjamin- bpt. 19 Dec. 1622 Wymondham, bur. 22 Feb. 1622/3
  • IV. Benjamin- bpt. 5 Feb. 1623/4 Wymondham, bur. 3 Feb. 1629/0
  • V. Elizabeth- bpt. 10 Apr. 1626 Wymondham, m. John Edwards Sr. of Green Bank, Stepney, London, (d. after 27 Feb. 1675/6), will 20 Oct. 1694- 2 Apr. 1707 Boston
  • VI. Hannah- bpt. 28 Sept. 1628 Barnham Broom, d.s.p.
  • VII. Rebecca- b. 25 July 1631 Boston
  • VIII. John- b. 6 Mar. 1634/5 Boston, m. 8 Feb. 1655/6 Mary Maverick (m.2. 20 Sept. 1660 Francis Hooke of Kittery), d.s.p.s.
  • IX. Lydia- b. 15 Jan. 1635/6 Boston, m. Edmund Heylett of Deptford, Kent
  • X. Bethia- b. 10 July, d. 21 Aug. 1638


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