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On 9 July 30 Elizabeth [1588] Thomas Nason junior, was part of a jury for an inquisition taken at Warwick before Humphrey Ferrers, Sheriff.(1) As the Thomas who married in 1568 didn't have a son Thomas that I can find I suspect that the father of the three sons below was named Thomas. However, Thomas, husband of Margareta may have been Thomas "senior" and Thomas, son of William, may have been "junior" given the differences in their ages. Although, there was a Thomas Sr. and Jr. who lived in Roughton [Rowington], Warwick and the member of the jury may refer to these folks.


  • 2I. WILLIAM- m.1. _______, 2. 14 Nov. 1549 Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, ISABEL ______ (m.2. 12 Oct. 1574 Charlecote, Thomas Corbett), bur. 30 Sept. 1573 Charlecote, Warwickshire
  • II. Thomas- m.1. by 1562, 2. 21 June 1568 Stratford, Margareta Reeus/Rycol
  • III. John- m. 13 May 1566 Wellesbourne, Agnes Walker


    (1) Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service, Lichfield Record Office- D187/1/6

    Charlecote, Stratford, Wellesbourne Parish Registers


    m.1. _______
    2. 14 Nov. 1549 Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, ISABEL ______ (m.2. 12 Oct. 1574 Charlecote, Thomas Corbett)
    bur. 30 Sept. 1573 Charlecote, Warwickshire

    St. Leonard's church- Charlecote


  • I. Judeth- bpt. 5 Nov. 1645 Wellesbourne
  • I. John- bpt. 2 June 1547 Charlecote, m. 19 June 1577 Stratford, Neanes Astwell
  • II. Thomas- bpt. 2 June 1547 Charlecote
  • II. Isabel- bpt. 14 Nov. 1549 Charlecote
  • III. Edmund- m.1. 19 June 1577 Stratford, Denise Astwell, 2. 29 Apr. 1581 Stratford, Margaret Andros
  • IV. Richard- d. 1570
  • 3V. ANANIAS- bpt. 10 July 1552 Charlecote, m.1. c.1579 URSULA ______ (bur. 17 May 1588 Stratford), 2. 11 Aug. 1589 Stratford, Anne Holmes (bur. 23 July 1605 Stratford), 3. 12 Dec. 1605 Johanna Heath (bur. 30 Jan. 1624 Stratford), bur. 3 Dec. 1631
  • VI. Isabel- bpt. 10 Aug., bur. 20 Sept. 1567 Wellesbourne
  • VII. Alice- bpt. 13 Sept. 1568 Wellesbourne, bur. 20 Aug. 1570


    Charlecote, Stratford, Wellesbourne Parish Registers


    bpt. 10 July 1552 Charlecote, Warwickshire
    m.1. c.1579 URSULA ______ (bur. 17 May 1588 Stratford)
    2. 11 Aug. 1589 Stratford, Anne Holmes (bur. 23 July 1605 Stratford)
    3. 12 Dec. 1605 Johanna Heath (bur. 30 Jan. 1624 Stratford)
    bur. 3 Dec. 1631 Wellesbourne, Warwickshire

    St. Peter's Church- Wellesbourne

    At a Court of Record held on 12 Oct. 28 Elizabeth [1586]- Defence of Ananias Nason and Thomas Hathewey to the suit of Robert Gybbes. "Ananias Nason et Thomas Hathewey opponit se per Thomam Trussell atturnatum suum versus Robertum Gybbes in placito transgressionis super casum; querens petit diem ad narracionem". And on 1 Feb., 29 Elizabeth [1587] "Ananias Nason et Thomas Hathwey veniunt et dicunt quod non assumpserunt modo et forma prout predictus Robertus Gybbes versus eos narravit, et hoc, etc. Et predictus Robertus similiter. ideo fiat venire facias duodecim etc."(2)

    Richard Boyes and Ananias Nason, wardens of the Skynners and Taylors Company of the borough of Stratford v. Thomas Hamon. From the statutes of the association which are given, it appears that nobody could exercise the craft without first entering into an agreement with the master and wardens under a penalty of 2s. 6d. per diem. This fine had accumulated to £3. 12. 6. which led to the present action.(9)

    Ananias sued Roger Welshe 33 Elizabeth [1591] for a debt for a cartbody, some iron bound wheels and other articles/ploughing implements.(3)

    Ananias moved his family to the Mickle Meadow Farm, Wellesbourne about 1580. It is interesting to note that these people were contemporary with William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Would they have know Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway? Perhaps some of the family were the inspiration for some of his characters?

    Shakespeare Before Thomas Lucy- Thomas Brooks, 1861

    Charlecote Park- Home of the Lucys, c.1880

    Shakespeare was accused of poaching a deer in Charlecote. The two witnesses against him Joseph Carnaby and Euseby Treen testified at a court at Charlecote Hall. Joseph stated: "May it please your worship! I was returning from Hampton upon Allhallowmas eve, between the hours of ten and eleven at night, in company with Master Euseby Treen, and when we came to the bottom of Mickle Meadow, we heard several men in discourse. I plucked Euseby Treen by the doublet, and whispered in his ear, 'Euseby! Euseby! let us slink along in the shadow of the elms and willows'"... “At this moment one of the accomplices cried, ‘Willy! Willy! prithee stop! enough in all conscience! First thou divertedst us from our undertaking with thy strange vagaries, thy Italian girls’ nursery sigh, thy Pucks and pinchings, and thy Windsor whimsies. No kitten upon a bed of marum ever played such antics. It was summer and winter, night and day with us within the hour; and in such religion did we think and feel it, we would have broken the man’s jaw who gainsaid it. We have slept with thee under the oaks in the ancient forest of Arden, and we have wakened from our sleep in the tempest far at sea. Now art thou for frightening us again out of all the senses thou hadst given us, with witches and women more murderous than they.’"

    “Then followed a deeper voice: ‘Stouter men and more resolute are few; but thou, my lad, hast words too weighty for flesh and bones to bear up against. And who knows but these creatures may pop amongst us at last, as the wolf did, sure enough, upon him, the noisy rogue, who so long had been crying wolf! and wolf!.. “The last who had spoken did slap him on the shoulder, saying, ‘Jump into the punt, lad, and across.’ Thereupon did Will Shakspeare jump into said punt, and begin to sing a song about a mermaid.”...

    ‘The mermaid sat upon the rocks
    All day long,
    Admiring her beauty and combing her locks,
    And singing a mermaid song....
    And hear the mermaid’s song you may,
    As sure as sure can be,
    If you will but follow the sun all day,
    And souse with him into the sea.’

    “His face was toward me; I saw it clearly. The graver man followed him into the punt, and said, roughly, ‘We shall get hanged as sure as thou pipest.’"

    “Whereunto he answered, -

    ‘Naturally, as fall upon the ground
    The leaves in winter and the girls in spring.’

    "And then began he again with the mermaid; whereat the graver man clapped a hand before his mouth, and swore he should take her in wedlock, to have and to hold, if he sang another stave. ‘And thou shalt be her pretty little bridemaid,’ quoth he gaily to the graver man, chucking him under the chin.”...

    "Within an hour, or thereabout, all the three men returned. Will Shakspeare and another were sitting in the middle, the third punted.

    ‘Remember now, gentles!’ quoth William Shakspeare, ‘the road we have taken is henceforward a footpath for ever, according to law.’

    ‘How so?’ asked the punter, turning toward him,

    ‘Forasmuch as a corpse hath passed along it,’ answered he.

    “Whereupon both Euseby and myself did forthwith fall upon our faces, commending our souls unto the Lord.”...

    "I did not see the carcass, man’s or beast’s, may it please your worship, and I have recited and can recite that only which I saw and heard. After the words of lugging out and breaking it, knives were drawn accordingly. It was no time to loiter or linger. We crope back under the shadow of the alders and hazels on the high bank that bordereth Mickle Meadow, and, making straight for the public road, hastened homeward.”(1)

    Supposedly because of this incident, Shakespeare left Warwickshire and went to London and the rest, is history. This tale is widely discredited today, however, there are three 17th century accounts that claim that Shakespeare was once beaten and imprisoned for poaching. Shakespeare is said to have revenged himself by composing a satirical ballad which got him into trouble and he fled to London. There is in the opening scene of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" an exchange between Shallow, Slender and Evans which can be interpreted as a disparaging reference to the Lucy family. I think it's particularly interesting that the supposed crime that Shakespeare committed occured on the edge of the property where our ancestors lived, Mickle Meadow.

    We have one ancestor who was a character in one of Shakespeare's plays (see Stephen HOPKINS), and now we have family who lived in the same village as the bard... interesting.

    The will of William Homes of Stratford, weaver, dated 7 May and proved 5 Aug. 1590 has annexed schedules of debts owing to and by the testator, one of which is to Mr. John Combes for malt. Ananias Nason is listed as his brother-in-law.(6)

    On 6 James I [1609] Ananias Nason, husbandman, is one of the people named in a writ for numerous persons to answer at a general session of the peace.(8)

    On 7 James I [1610] Ananias Nason was summoned to answer William Walford upon a bill of obligation.(5)

    In 1611 Ananias was summoned to answer Daniel Baker, Gent., about the buying of some fine black kersey and French russet baize.(7)

    On 10 James I [1613] William Hardinge attached to answer Ananias Nason touching his procuring a demise for life from Ananias to John Nason, his son, of a messuage in the High Street, he paying an annual rent of 40s and a cart load of furze.(4)

    Issue- First six children by Ursula, last child by Johanna.

  • I. Isabella- bur. 25 Apr. 1606 Stratford
  • II. Joan- bur. 16 Feb. 1580 Stratford
  • III. John- bpt. 23 Mar., bur. 31 Mar. 1582 Stratford
  • IV. Frances- bpt. 6 Mar. 1583 Stratford, m. 9 July 1621 Stratford, Thomas Rogers
  • ?4V. JOHN- bpt. 3 Sept. 1585 Stratford, m. 28 Oct. 1600 Stratford, ELIZABETH ROGERS (bur. 22 May 1653 Wellesbourne)
  • VI. William- bpt. 8 Jan. 1588 Stratford, bur. 4 Aug. 1589 Stratford
  • VII. William- bpt. 23 Nov. 1607 Stratford


    (1) Citation and Examination of William Shakespeare, Euseby Treen, Joseph Carnaby, and Silas Gough Clerk, before his Worshipful Sir Thomas Lucy, Knight, Touching Deer-Steeling- on the Nineteenth Day of September in the Year of Grace 1582 Now First Published from Original Papers- Walter Savage Landor- available from several web sites.
    (2) Court of Record Proceedings- Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive- BRU12/1 1585-1601
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    Charlecote, Stratford, Wellesbourne Parish Registers


    bpt. 3 Sept. 1585 Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
    m. 28 Oct. 1600 Stratford, ELIZABETH ROGERS (bur. 22 May 1653 Wellesbourne)
    bur. 12 Nov. 1624 Wellesbourne

    William Shakespeare

    John was a barber in Stratford-upon-Avon... perhaps he was responsible for Shakespeare's hair? Hmmmm... another interesting thought!

    It is obvious from the list of children of John Nason that there were several of the same name living in or around Stratford in the early 17th century. Unfortunately, without other information it is impossible to determine which child belongs to which John Nason. There was a John Nason married in 1599 in Birdingbury (which was a distance away), and a John Nason, son of Michael, bpt. 1578 in Wellesbourne, either of whom may have been our ancestor. My guess would be that the John, son of Michael, born in 1578 is the one who married Elizabeth Rogers in 1600 as the dates would work better. It would be unusual for a working class boy to marry at age 15. Most of the genealogies I've seen have our John Nason as the son of Ananias, however, I haven't found any conclusive evidence that this is correct.

    On 11 James I [1614] John Nason was attached to answer William Rose in some transaction respecting the purchase of a mare and some ducks and drakes.(2)

    Trinity church- Stratford-upon-Avon, 1890


  • I. Elizabeth- bpt. 9 Aug. 1601 Stratford, m. 10 Aug. 1618 Stratford, Humphrey Mace
  • II. John- bpt. 16 Jan. 1603 Stratford. "Recognizance of John Nason, barber, not to sell ale, beer, perry or cider. Sureties Michael Goerge, joiner, and Richard Hornbe, blacksmith- 16 Nov. 1653"(1)
  • III. Phillippa- bpt. 17 Oct. 1604 Stratford
  • 5IV. RICHARD- bpt. 3 Aug. 1606 Stratford, m.1. SARAH BAKER, 2. Abigail ______ (m.1. Nicholas Follet), will 14 July 1694- 15 Mar. 1697/8 Kittery
  • V. Henry- bpt. 25 Dec. 1608 Stratford
  • VI. Thomas- bpt. 25 Jan. 1611 Stratford, d.s.p.
  • VII. William- bpt. 18 Apr. 1613 Stratford
  • VIII. Ann- bpt. 7 May 1615 Stratford
  • IX. Martin- bpt. 2 July 1615 Stratford
  • X. Mary- bpt. 29 Dec. 1615 Stratford
  • IX. Thomas- bpt. 14 May, bur. 15 May 1617 Stratford
  • IX. Mary- bpt. 22 May 1618 Stratford
  • X. Thomas- bpt. 14 Nov. 1619 Stratford
  • XIV. Frances- bpt. 17 Feb. 1622 Stratford


    (1) Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive- BRT4/1/1/121
    (2) Ibid- BRU12/8/24

    Charlecote, Stratford, Wellesbourne Parish Registers


    ?bpt. 3 Aug. 1606 Stratford-on-Avon
    m.1. SARAH BAKER
        2. Abigail ______ (m.1. Nicholas Follet)
    will 14 July 1694- 15 Mar. 1697/8

    Most genealogies I have seen on the Nason family have Richard of Kittery being one and the same as the Richard Nason who was the above son of John Nason, barber, of Stratford-upon-Avon, however, other than the similarity of names and the fact that the birth year works out, I can find no other evidence that they are the same person.

    We do know that Richard was living at Pipe Stave Landing, Kittery in 1639 where he had a 200 acre grant and ran an ordinary.

    In 1645 John Baker was fined 5/ "for beating Richard Nason that he was black and blue and for throwing a fire shovel at his wife."(1)

    Richard was a militant Quaker and was often in trouble with the authorities after Massachusetts took over the government. He was disenfranchised in 1653 for entertaining Quakers. In 1655 he was charged with blasphemy but, the court did: "not judge him so guilty of that fact as that by our lawe he ought to die." He was placed under a bond of £40 for good behavior.(2) He was elected a member of the General Court in 1656 but, the court refused to allow him to attend and the persons who elected him were censured for electing him. In 1666 he signed a petition to the King to appoint a stable government free of "Bostoners".(3) He was in court in 1655, 1663, 1670, 1671, 1675, and in 1685 for being absent from meeting. In 1678 he was charged with being abusive towards the officers.

    Richard was on the coroner's jury in 1647, jury in 1649, 1653, an ensign in 1653, town commissioner in 1654, a trustee for Gorges in 1662, and a selectman in 1659, 1666, 1667, and 1668. He was rejected as a selectman in 1669. He signed the submission to the Massachusetts government on 16 Nov. 1652(4) and signed the declaration against the sale of Maine to Massachusetts on 18 Mar. 1679.(5)

    "Beet known to all Christian people to whom this present writting may concern it I Richard Nason of ye Towne of Kittiry in ye provence of main in New england do make this present writting as an addition to my former will this 28 of Decem ber 1695 and in ye seventh year of his majesties reign which was forgotten att ye making of my will

    primis it Is to say all ye possessions of all sorts and kins whatsoever it shall be left and due att my deseas I do give and bequith to Abigall my wife and all ye rents it shall be due att my deseas I do give unto her. If god shall gtake mee away befor her.

    Second I also do give to her ye best iron pott which is to say ye midlong pott and ye best brass kittell with all it she brought with her when I took her to be my wedded wife as allso ye ( ) vessels and a cople of washing tubs and spoons and platens and chairs for her one use with other nessary things fitt for her one use. and If it should pleas god it my son ffollett dos not return from ye seas than I do give my other son John meador full power to act with my son Benjamin Nason about my estat.

    and I do give to my wife all ye money it shall be left after charges are mad good for my buriall for her tender care over mee in my sikness

    This being my last desier as and addition to my former will I have set to my hand and seall this 28 of Decmb 1695 and in ye seventh year of our majesties reign

    Richard Nason his X mark

    Joseph Smith
    martha lord
    Thomas Butler"

    "An Inventory of that parte of the Estate of Richd Nason deceased wch is in Benja Nasons custodee att the dwelling house where ye deceased lived Taken and apprised by ye Subscribers hereof this 12th March 1696/7 by order of Benja Nason one of the Executr. Jno Pickring Attorny to Nicho Follett the Ececutr Nominated in the deceaseds Will

    To a parcell of sheeps Wolle in a barn........................ 00:10
    6: chaires................................................................. 00: 1
    2 cushions................................................................ 00: 0
    2: Smoothing Irons.................................................. 00: 01
    3: Iron potts: 1 kettle, 1: iron skillet.......................... 01: 10
    2: brass kettles, 1: ditto skillett................................. 02:00
    1: Skimmer, a flesh hooke & Drying Pann: ............... 00:10
    1: Frying Pann Choping knife and grid Iron............... 00: 0
    1: fire panns and tongs............................................ 00: 0
    1: Iron Spitt............................................................. 00 ( )
    11: earthen panns................................................... 00 ( )
    1: butter pott.......................................................... 00 ( )
    1: small feather bed: 2 blankitts old.......................... 01:0
    old empty cask........................................................ 00: ( )
    abt 3/4# broad........................................................ 01:0
    1 old chest............................................................... 00:( )
    abt 1/2# powder: some bulletts............................... 00: ( )
    his weaving cloaths of all sorts.................................. 06:0
    1: bed wth Cotten Ticking:2: smll pillows.................. 03:0
    2: old ruggs: 5: blankitts 2: pr sheetts and one old boulster 07
    4 Gunns.................................................................. 03:
    abt. 1 1/2# Cotten Woole....................................... 00:( )
    abt 6# suger: 2: old pillow cases &
    2 old table cloths: 3 smll baggs............................... 00: ( )
    a prcell yarne, 1 hower glass and 2: Sives, 1 old lock 00: ( )
    2: pr old cards........................................................ 00: ( )
    wooden Ware........................................................ 00: ( )
    Pewter & Spoones................................................. 00: ( )
    2: tyning lamps: 3 ( ) cups : 3 hoards.................. 00: ( )
    2 pr potthookes : 2: pr tramells............................. 00: ( )
    abt. 3 gall Mosasses............................................... 00: ( )
    1 pr sissers: old Trowell, square and one hamer..... 00: ( )
    £31: 1

    Peter Grant his O marke

    Jno Keray his O marke

    Inventory of part of Richd Nasons Estate at Portsmouth

    An Inventory of part of ye Estate of Richard Nason of Newichawanik deseced: which is in ye Custody of Nicolas follet: on of ye Executors nomenated in sd Nasons will wee say taken & Apprised by us ye subscribers hereof at ye Request of sd ffolet this 4th day of January 1696/7

    A fether bed & Bolster............................................2: 10: 00
    4 Blankets..............................................................1: 10: 00
    20 yds. home made cloath.................................... 2: 05: 00
    ( ) of ( ) & ( )......................................................00: 02: 00
    3 yds. ( ).............................................................. 00: 09: 00
    2 table cloathes: 3 napkins, & a cobberd cloath old & much worne 14/
    a coverlead............................................................. 00: 09: 00
    a parcell of old bookes............................................ 00: 02: 06
    an old chamber pot & poringer............................... 00: 01: 06
    an old chest........................................................... 00: 04: 06
    3 cotton sheets old & much worne........................ 1: 02: 00


    William Ertmann
    Joseph Hill

    This is ( ) of the estate of Richd Nasson in my possession and all that I doe know of in the province of New Hampshire excepting some money wch was left in my possession & ( ) to his wife as appears by his last will

    Nicho ffollett"(6)

    Richard Nason's codicil, Inventory- Page 1, Page 2, Page 3


  • I. John- b.c.1640, m.1. 6 Nov. 1674 Hannah Heard, 2. 7 Oct. 1687 Bridget Weymouth, will 10 Nov. 1715- 6 Oct. 1719 Kittery
  • II. Jonathan- m. Sarah Jenkins (m.2. after 28 June 1703 John Key), killed by his brother Baker with an oar while in a canoe in 1691.
  • III. Joseph- m. Mary Swaine (d. 27 Sept. 1714 Nantucket)
  • IV. Richard- m. Shuah Colcord (m.2. 16 Sept. 1687 John Douglas)
  • 6V. BENJAMIN- m.1. 30 June 1687 MARTHA CANNEY, 2. before 1705 Sarah ______, 3. 27 Dec. 1708 Elizabeth Martin, will 28 June-11 Aug. 1714
  • VI. Baker- b.c.1665, m. by 1692 Elizabeth Hatch (living in 1740), will 6 Jan. 1724/5- 30 June 1729
  • VII. Sarah- m.1. Henry Child, 2. John Hoyt
  • VIII. Mary- m.1. Ephraim Trickey, 2. William Wittum
  • IX. Charity- m. Joseph Meader
  • X. Charles- m. Abigail Willoughby, will 1698


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    m.1. 30 June 1687 MARTHA CANNEY
        2. before 1705 Sarah ______
        3. 27 Dec. 1708 Elizabeth Martin
    will 28 June- 11 Aug. 1714

    Benjamin was on the jury in 1689, 1694, and 1699 and on the grand jury in 1696.

    Benjamin signed a Berwick petition ( Page 2 ) on 3 Apr. 1698 for money to support the ministry as "The greater part of sd parish is wholly wasted by the enemy... our Inhabitants are generally Exceedingly poor... Our Crops of Corn... have Extremely faild... Although we have ben by degrees almost utterly consumed by this tedious war yet, Rates have fallen very frequent & heavy upon us... Benjamin Nason... Thomas Goodwin..."(1) He also signed the petition dated 20 May 1698 requesting £20 for the maintenance of the ministry: "whereas the circumstances of the parish of Barwick continues as bad as, or rather more grievous than hitherto by reason of the not ceasing of the wars & the extreme deadness in trading." They were granted £15 for the maintenance of the ministry for the year beginning Sept. 1698 on 2 Dec. 1698.(2)

    "In the Name of God Amen I Benjamin Nason of Berwick in the county of york in the province of the massachusetts bay in new england being weak of body but of sound memory and not knowing how it may plases God to deal with me, do make & ordain this my last will and testament...

    I give & bequeath unto my son Benjamin Nason my homesteed vist. all the land thereto belonging with all the buildings housing out housing therto belonging, I say I give all my homestead lands to Benjamin and his heirs for ever (Excepting twenty acres out of the same wch I give & bequeath to my son William vizt. Six acres at the water side and fourteen acres at the head and in case William dye without Issue the same to revert to Benjamin and his heirs. Also the meadow belonging to the homsteed farm I Give & bequeath to my Son Benjamin & his heirs for ever, and my fifty acres at the beaver dam, and my part of the neck land between Quamphegan falls & Salmon falls to him my sd Son Benjamin and his heirs for evar: and also all my personall Estate within doors & without cattle sheep swine horsekind Cackling & all other named or not named of what nature kind or quality soever household goods and whatsoever the same Consists of I say I Give & bequeth to him my sd Son Benjamin forever and as for my hundred acres land or ther abouts joyning to Spruce Swamp, I give my Executor full power to make Sale therof for the payment of my debts if the case so require or if he finds away to discharge them more for his advantage, then the said land to be to him & his heirs, after they are discharged

    Item I give & bequeath unto my daughters Lydia: Mary: Patience: Febee: Anne & Sarah three pounds in or as money to be paid them by my executor when he can most conveniently do it to such as are of age & the others when they come of age.

    Item I ordain & appoint my well beloved son Benjamin Nason to be Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament In Wittness Wherof I have herunto set my hand & seal the 28th day of June Anno Domini: 1714

    Benjamin nason

    Signed Sealed published & Declared to be his last will & testament in the presence of us
    Mary Spencer
    William Newton his X mark
    John Croade"

    Proved 11 Aug. 1714 (3)

    Benjamin Nason's will- Page 1, Page 2


  • I. Lydia-
  • II. Sarah- m. 8 Aug. 1725 Portsmouth, William Divers of Devon
  • III. Mary- b. 25 Sept. 1689 Kittery, int. 13 Aug. 1730 Rowland Jenkins
  • 7IV. BENJAMIN- b. 10 Oct. 1691 Kittery, m. 10 Sept. 1710 MARY KENNARD, will 16 Jan.- 12 July 1756 Kittery
  • V. Patience- b. 10 Nov. 1693 Kittery, m. 10 Jan. 1709 Benjamin Lord
  • VI. William- b. 10 July 1695 Kittery, m. 11 May 1718 Mary Fletcher (d. after 1762), d. before 1737
  • VII. Phebe- b. 22 Jan. 1698 Kittery, m. 1720 Joseph Cass of Hampton
  • VIII. Anna- b. 2 May 1700 Kittery, m. 11 Sept. 1720 William Jones


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    b. 10 Oct. 1691 Kittery, ME
    m. 10 Sept. 1710 MARY KENNARD
    will 16 Jan.- 12 July 1756 Kittery

    "In the name of God Amen, The sixteenth Day of January Annoque Domini 1756 I Benjamin Nason of Berwick in the County of York yeoman- Being aged and sick and weak of Body but through Divine Goodness I have the exercise of my reason and understanding and of perfect memory and caling to mind the mortality of my body and the uncertainty of Life I do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament In which I recommend my body to the Earth to be buryed in Decent manner at the discretion of my Executors and my Soul to God who gave it hopeing for Mercy through Jesus Christ and as to the worldly goods or Estate it has pleased God to bless me with hear on Earth other than such as I have already disposed of now give and Disppose of the Same in the following Manner Vizt.

    1. In the first Place I give and Bequeath To my belovd Son Noah Nason all that Tract of Land in Berwick aforsd . on which he now Lives containing about thirty more or less and also the one half of that hundred acres of Land above Little river which fell to me by virtue of my common rights to him his heirs and assigns in fee simple- I also give my sd. son one yoke of Steers four years old the next spring to be Deliverd. him by me Executors after my Deceased I also Give him a young horse which he now has of mine.

    2. In the next place I give & Bequeath to my tow Sons Vizt- Benjamine and John in equall halves in fee simple all that part of my Common rights in Berwick aforsd. Which shall fall to me Below the Little river as the Same is or shall hereafter be divided.

    3. I Likewise give to my Son Joshua Nason the other half of that hundred acres of Land above Little river Which fell which fell to me out of my Common rights and also one yoke of oxen to be Deliverd. Him by My Executr. Said Land is given in fee simple

    Item I Give and Bequeath to my Daughtor Elizabeth Goodwin my best bed and Furniture Vizt. One pair of sheets one pair of Blankets a pari of pillows and cases a bolter and case and a civerlead and my warming pan and What that Wants on a just apprisal of ten Pounds Lawfull money is to be made up and paid her by My Executor-

    Item I Likewise Give to my Daughtor Martha Goodwin My othe bed and beding consisting of one pair of sheets one pair blankets a pair of pillows & cases a bolster and case and Coverlead and what that wants of ten Pounds Lawfull money is to be made up & Paid her by my Executor-

    Item I Likewise give unto my other three Daughtors Vizt. Mary Morrison Jane Warren and Abigail Libby all my other household goods of all Kinds to be Equally Divided amongst them and what that Wants of ten Pounds Lawfull money to Each of them is to be made up and Paid them by my Executor.

    Item I Give to my Grandaughter Hannah Hodsdon the only child of my Daughter Sarah Hodsdon Deceasd. Ten Shillings Lawfull money to be paid by my Executor I having already given my said Daughter Sarah her full Portion of my Estate

    I Likewise give to my three sons Vizt. Noah Benja & John My Pew in the New meeting house in Berwick aforsd. In Equal Shairs-

    And in the Last Place I Give to my Son William Nason hi heirs and assigns for ever in fee simple all my other Estate Real & Personal in Berwick or Else where which I have not Before Disposed of he Paying My Just Debts and Funeral Charges- and the Several Legacys before mentioned within six months from my Decease-

    And I do hereby appoint make and ordain my siad son William Nason Sole Executor of this my last will and testamt. Renounceing and hereby making Void all other Will or testmts by me at any time before made and do now Declare the foregoing to be my Last Will & Testamt.

    In Witness Where of I have herein to Set my hand and affixed my Seal the Day & year first above mentioned-

    Signd Seald Publishd Pronouncd & Declard By the Said Benja Nason to be his Last will & Testamt in Presents of-
    Caleb Emery                                      his
    Darling Huntriss           Benjamin    X    Nason
    Elisssa Hearl                                   mark
    Stephen Wood jr

    York Se. February 14, 1756. The above written Instrumt. Was presented by William Nason sole Executor therein named and then Caleb Emery Elisha Hearl and Stephen Wood junr appeared & made Oath that they were present and did See the within named Benja Nason Decd. Sign & Seal & heard him declare the Said Instrumt to be his last Will & Testamt. And that he was then of a Sound disposing mind to their best discovring and that they together with Darling Huntriss Subscribed their names as Witnesses thereto in the Testators presence.

    Jer. Moulton Jud: prob:

    An Inventory of all & Singular the Goods and Chattels rights and Creddits of Benja Nason Late of Berwick in the County of York Deceasd Taken and aprised by us the Subscribers as the Same Was Shewed us by Wm. Nason Executor of the Testamt, of the said Deceasd Feby 16th 1756
    The Perticulars are as Followeth Vizt.

    The first Bed and Furniture £ 8 - 0 - 0
    A warming Pan. 0- 10- 0
    The Second Bed & Furniture. 7 - 0 - 0
    A Chest of Draws old 1 - 0 - 0
    An ovel Table 12/ two sqaure Do 8/. 1 - 0 - 0
    an old cubbard 8/ an old chest 5/. 0 -15- 0
    half Dozn Black Chairs. 0 -16- 0
    ten common Chairs and a great Chair. 0- 16 - 0
    a Looking Glass 0 - 8 - 0
    a Large Iron Kittle 12/ brass Skillet 1/. 0 -13 - 0
    a Small Iron Kittle 6/ a small Pot Do. 6/ Do 3/ 0 -15 - 0
    a Large Iron Pot 10/ a Large pr Hand Irons 20/. 1- 10 - 0
    Fire Shovel 6/ Tongs 6/ Frying pan 2/ 0- 1 - 0
    Grid Iron & Toaster 5/ a Tramil 6. 0- 1 - 0
    A brass Skimmer 4/ Meal Chest 5/. 0 - 9 - 0
    A Larg Puter basson Porenger ( ) 0 - 8 - 0
    The next Largest and Do 5 lb Wgt 0 - 7 - 0
    The next Do 5 ½ lb Wgt. 0 - 8 - 0
    three Parcels of Puter Platters 14/ Each Markt. 2 - 2 - 0
    three Dozn Puter Plates @ 20/ pr Dozn 3 - 0 - 0
    a Tin Cullender 2/6 a canaster Do 1/ ( ) 6d. 0 - 4 - 0
    Salt Seller & Drinking Glass 1/6. 1 - 6 - 0
    Some Earthen Wair 5/ brass Candlestick 7/. 0 -12 -0
    2=Iron Candlesticks 3/ salt morter 2/. 0 -5 - 0
    a brass Chaifen dish 9/ Some Wooden Wair 16/. 1 - 5 - 0
    a Large Spinning Wheel. 0 - 6 - 0
    £ 33 - 3 - 6

    To Seven yds toe Cloth 10/ one yd Cotton Do 2/8. £ 0 -12 - 8
    one pr Cotton Pillow Cases 5/ one pr Linnen Do 3/ . 0 - 8 - 0
    one Cotton & Linen Pillow Case 2/8. 0 - 2 - 8
    one Pair Cotton Sheets 24/ 1 - 4 - 0
    one pair Cotton & Linnen Sheets . 0 - 15 - 0
    one pair Toe and Linnen Do. 0 - 15 - 0
    one blanket 8/ one Do 6/ ( ) 6/ 1 - 0 - 0
    a Cheese tubb 3/ a churn 3/. 0 - 6 - 0
    two Earthen Potts 1/6 . 0 - 1 - 6
    £ 38 - 8 - 4

    To the Wearing apparell all sorts. 18 - 6 - 8
    a Pew in the New meeting house. 10 - 13 - 4
    one yoke of oxen. 8 - 0 - 0
    one yoke of steers comeing in four. 6 -0 - 0
    Two cows at 45/ Each. 4 - 10 - 0
    One three year old heifer 36/ 1 - 16 - 0
    One Do two year old 1 - 5 - 0
    One calf 15/ seven sheep 42/ 2 - 17 - 0
    One Swine 20/ Corn & grain 24/. 2 - 4 - 0
    About half a barrell of meet. 1 - 10 - 0

    The foregoing articles Were apprised according to our best skill and Judgmt- Witness our hand the Day aford---
    Caleb Emery
    Samuell Nason
    Timothy Davis"(1)

    Benjamin Nason's Will and Inventory of his Estate: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

    Issue- all children bpt. in Kittery

  • I. Noah- bpt. 13 Sept. 1713, m. Love ______
  • II. Elizabeth- bpt. 1 Nov. 1713, m.1. Taylor Goodwin, 2. Peter Grant
  • 8III. MARTHA- bpt. 15 Apr. 1716, m. JOHN (11) GOODWIN(b.c.1719)
  • IV. William- bpt. 4 Aug. 1717, m. Keziah Lord (d. 6 Dec. 1802 South Berwick), d. 14 July 1794 South Berwick
  • V. Mary- bpt. 28 Feb. 1719/0, int. 1 June 1744 Daniel Morrison Jr. of Wells
  • VI. Jane- bpt. 16 July 1721, m. Chadbourne Warren
  • VII. Abigail- bpt. 28 Aug. 1722, m. Daniel Libby
  • VIII. Benjamin- bpt. 5 Apr. 1724, m. 4 Dec. 1747 Jemima Edgecomb of Biddeford, d. 13 July 1793 Biddeford
  • IX. John- bpt. 12 Nov. 1727, m. 6 June 1751 Mary Edgecomb. John lived in Buxton and Limington.
  • X. Joshua- bpt. 26 June 1725, m.1. 2 Dec. 1747 Sarah Butler, 2. 24 Jan. 1771 Abigail Curtis, 3. 11 Mar. 1798 Mary Miller. Joshua moved to Kennebunk.
  • XI. Edward- bpt. 4 May 1729, d.s.p.
  • XII. Ann- bpt. 10 Aug. 1732, d.s.p.
  • XIII. Elisha- bpt. 20 Jan. 1733/4, d.s.p.
  • XIV. Sarah- bpt. 8 June 1735, m. 13 July 1753 Timothy Hodsdon


    (1) York Probate- No. 13890

    Old Kittery and Her Families- pp.627-8

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