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  1. Peter1 PERCY

    Pierce, Frederick Clifton, Pearce genealogy: being the record of the posterity of Richard Pearce, an early inhabitant of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, who came from England, and whose genealogy is traced back to 972 : with an introduction of the male descendants of Josceline de Louvaine, the second house of Percy, Earls of Northumberland, Barons Percy and territorial Lords of Alnwick, Warkworth and Prudhoe castles in the county of Northumberland, England, Rockford, Ill.: unknown, 1888, 150 pgs., p. 36:
    "Peter Percy had a son Richard. The father was standard bearer to Richard the Third at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485."

    Child of Peter Percy is:

    1. Richard2 PERCY.