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Name Raphe Bradshaw29,56
Birth abt 161129
Death 31 Jan 1667/6829
Father Laurence Bradshaw
Mother (Private, Female) Hinchman
Marriage 26 Oct 1630, Church Of St. Gregory By St. Paul, London, England29
Spouse Rachell Penn29,56
Birth 24 feb 1606/0729
Baptism 24 Feb 160729
Father Captain Giles Penn (~1573-1656)
Mother Joan Gilbeart
1 F Anna/Anne Bradshaw29
Birth aft 163029
2 F Francis Bradshaw29
Birth aft 1651
Spouse William Assheton
3 F Mary Bradshaw (Died as Child)
Birth aft 163057
4 F Sarah Bradshaw (Died as Child)
Birth aft 1630
5 M William Bradshaw (Died as Infant)
Birth aft 1630
6 M John Bradshaw29
Birth 164329
Death 171129
Spouse Elizabeth
Spouse Elizabeth Harper
7 M James Bradshaw29
Birth abt 1646/4829
Death 169129
8 F Rebecca Bradshaw29
Death abt 166529
Spouse Captain William Crispin
9 M Robert Bradshaw29
Notes for Rachell Penn
Rachel Penn baptized 2/24/1607 daughter od Giles Penn and Joan (Gilbert) Penn,
married by license 10/26/1630, at the Church of St. Gregory by St. Paul,
London, Ramdall (otherwise Ralph) Bradshaw (see note 7) The Visition of
Lancashiregives the pedigree of " bradshaw of Pendleton" (see note 8) and
shows that Laurence bradshaw of Hope in the parish of Eccles, Lancashire,
married Sarah Hinchman of Andover, Southhampton, and had four sons and three
daughters. The eldest son, the gentleman who entered his pedigree at the
Visition was "Raphe Bradshaw of Pendelton, Co., Lancaster, aet 53 an 3/16/1644
married Rachell, daughter of Giles Penn, a merchant in Bristol" The will of
Raphe Bradshaw of Pendleton, gentleman, is missing in the Lancashire probate
records of the consistory Court of the Bishop of Chester, but the probate of
the will was granted 1/31/1667/68, to Nathen Leech and Ralph Bradshaw. The
children of Raphe and Rachell, are listed in the Visition pedgree, but not in
the order of birth.
1. Robert Bradshaw, a merchant
2. William Bradshaw, died an infant
3. James bradshaw, now a merchant at sea, aet.18 an. 3/16/1664
4. John Bradshaw, aet 13
5. Rebecca bradshaw, wife of William Crispin merchant of London
6. Sarah Bradshaw, died young
7. Mary Bradshaw, died young
8. Anna Bradshaw
9. Francis Bradshaw29
Notes for Francis (Child 2)
The youngest daughter Francis Bradshaw, married after 1664, Willaim Assheton
(Asheton, Ashton) , an attorney-at-law, a coroner of Lancashire and a Deputy
Herald at Arm. As Progemitors of the Philadelphia Asshetons, they had issue:
Robert Assheton ( 1620- 1727), who came to Pennsylvania; Frances Assheton,
baptized at Salford 3/15/1675. (Charles P. Keith, The Provincial Conncillors
of Pennsylvania...Philadelphia 1883,282; PMBH LIII, 295)
29 57
Notes for James (Child 7)
listed as age 18 on 16 Mar 1664 on The Visition of
Misc. Notes
James and John Bradshaw sons of Ralph and Rachel (Penn) Bradshaw, were named
in the will of Admiral Penn. James Bradshaw, born about 1646, the " merchant
at sea" listed in the Visitation pedgree, followed his first cousin William
Penn to Pennsylvania and from him obtained the post of Surveyor of New Castle
County. he died about 1691, for on 3/28/91 , the Commissioner of Property in
Philadelphia ordered the profits of the place of Surveyor continued to his
widow Mary Bradshaw (Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd. series XIX.66). He was one
of the very few first settlers of Penn's colony whose name was listed in a
Visitation pedigree.
Notes for Rebecca (Child 8)
The eldest daughter, Rebecca Bradshaw (died ca. 1664-65), married at St.
Dunstan's, Stepney, Middlesex,as his first wife, William Crispin, baptized
10/3/1627, at Holy Trinity Hall, Yorkshire: "died tranmarinus" 1681-82,
letters of administration on his estatebeing granted 7/7/1682, in Ireland to
John Suxberry and John Watts
Chaptain Crispin was appoined commissioner for the settling of the colony of
Pennsylvania, and was to have been Chief Justice. There is no evidence to
support the long-held contention he was also to have been the surveyor
general. according to the Eccles Parish register Ralph Bradshaw "of ye pole"
father of Rebecca , was buried 10/30/1667, his daughter Sarah 7/28/1635. See
M. Jackson Crispin, "Captain William Crispin" PMHB,LIII(1929), 97, 104, 126.
130, 321, for vitial records, and M. Jackson Crispin " the Crispin of Kingston
on Hull" Publications of the Genealogial Society of Pennsylvania (1928) 105 en
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