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Lavelsloh, Germany 1799-2006 -- Metropolis, Illinois U.S.A. 1856-2006

The Welcome sign just coming into Lavelsloh.



 Generation 1   The Trampe family has been traced back to my gr gr gr gr gr gr grandfather, Christoph TRAMPE b 1669 in Lavelsloh and died Nov. 8, 1737 in Lavelsloh.  He married Anne Catrina PLAGGE of Nordel and they had one son, Johann Ernst Trampe.

Generation 2 Johann Ernst TRAMPE b. 1704 in Lavelsloh d. 1771 in Lavelsloh.  Ernst married Anna Catharina DOKEL in 1730 and they had five children: 

1.  Johann Hinrich TRAMPE b 1731--1798 Lavelsloh is my gr gr gr gr grandfather.

2.  Johann Rolf TRAMPE 1734 in Lavelsloh (No death dates were given.)

3.  Daniel Diedrich TRAMPE1738 in Lavelsloh

4.  Cord Hinrich TRAMPE 1742 in Lavelsloh

5.  Maria Elisabeth TRAMPE 1748 in Lavelsloh

Generation 3 Johann Hinrich TRAMPE is my gr gr gr gr grandfather.  He married Anne Catharine Margarete SNIRING b 1733 in Diepenau  d. Nov. 2, 1807 in Lavelsloh, married on May 25, 1759 in Lavelsloh.  They had seven children:

1.  Johann Friederich TRAMPE b 1759 in Diepenau d. 1763 in Diepenau

2.  Christian Ludewig TRAMPE b 1761 in Diepenau d. 1781 in Lavelsloh

3.  Friedrich Wilhelm TRAMPE b 1764 in Diepenau  d. 1833 in Lavelsloh. My gr gr gr grandfather.

4.  Anna Maria TRAMPE b. 1767 in Lavelsloh  d. 1767 in Lavelsloh

5.  Daniel Hinrich TRAMPE b 1769 in Lavelsloh d 1769 in Lavelsloh

6.  Maria Dorothea TRAMPE b 1769 in Lavelsloh d. 1838 in Lavelsloh

7.  Daniel Hinrich TRAMPE b 1773 in Lavelsloh d 1831 in Hauskampen

Generation 4 Friederich Wilhelm Trampe  is my gr gr gr grandfather born May 12, 1764 in Diepenau and died Aug. 22, 1833 in Lavelsloh.*All Info above is from  "Family Report Local Heritage book Lavelsloh."     On Nov. 28, 1794 Friederich married  Maria Elizabeth WESSEL ODER VINCKE but in our family records we have "Vinchen".  They were farmers residing in the Lavelsloh area of the Kingdom of Hanover.   Frieda and Marie had two sons that we knew of:  Johann Heinrich Trampe, born Nov. 11, 1799 and Johann Conrad Trampe born Oct. 23, 1810. Johann Conrad married Sophie Dorothea Schutte born Dec. 28, 1816  and she died Dec. 16, 1838 in Lavelsloh. Johann Conrad stayed in Germany and his descendant are still living in the Lavelsloh area. (Information from Gerald Trampe's History, Nils Trampe in Germany and  from  "Family Report Local Heritage book Lavelsloh."     For more information on Friederich Wilhelm Trampe go to: ( )

According to the German web site Friederich and Maria had four children:

1.  Sophie Dorothea TRAMPE b 1797 in Lavelsloh d 1868 in Lavelsloh

2.  Johann Heinrich TRAMPE "Henry" my gr gr grandfather:  According to our records was born Nov. 11, 1799 in Lavelsloh (no death date was given on the German web site as he died in America.)  He died in Massac Co. Metropolis, IL U.S.A. on Sept. 26, 1876.  He married Maria Hedewig Speckmann on Feb. 10, 1828 in Germany; Maria was born June 14, 1806 in Nordel, Germany and died July 5, 1843 in Germany.  After her death Henry came to America to be with his two sons. (See his page for more information.)

3.  Friederich Wilhelm TRAMPE b. May 9, 1807 in Lavelsloh d 1861 in Diepenau.  He married Dorothea Cathrine Louise Nolke b. Feb . 28, 1808--Mar. 24, 1868.  Married May 2, 1830 in Lavelsloh and they had four children. 

          (a) Conrad August Wilhelm Trampe b. 1830 Diepenau.  On Nov. 27 1854 in Lavelsloh Conrad married Anne Catharine Marie Elisabeth Rohlfing b. July 10, 1830 in Holzhausen died Jan. 22, 1857 in Lavelsloh .  They had two children:  Sophie Louise Dorothea Trampe b. 1855 (no death date given) and angetauft gestorbene Tochter Trampe b. 1857-1857.  

          (b) Sophie Philippine Trampe b. 1833 and married Ludewig Wilhelm Tuchardt  b. 1830--1861 married Dec. 26, 1858 in Lavelsloh.  They had three children:  Heinrich Friedrich Tuschart b. 1859; Carl Conrad Wilhelm Tuschardt b. 1869; Carl Friedrich Tuschardt b. 1862 all born in Diepenau.

         (c) Caroline Agathe Trampe b. 1836 born in Diepenau (no spouse or children listed.)

         (d) George Friedrich Wilhelm Trampe b. 1839 in Isenstedt. George married Dorothea Dopping gen Suermann born April 22, 1837 in Diepenau and married on May 4, 1866 in Lavelsloh and would have four children: ungetauft gestorbener Sohn Trampe 1866-1866 Diepenau; Carl Wilhelm Trampe b. 1868 in Diepenau; Sophie Dorothea Catharine Trampe b. 1870 in Diepenau; Caroline Luise Trampe b. 1874 in Diepenau.(Info from German Web site.)


4.  Johann Conrad TRAMPE b Oct. 23, 1810 in Lavelsloh d June 2, 1878 in Lavelsloh. His descendants are still in the Lavelsloh area and our family has visited with them on two occasions and have contact with the family by e-mail 2009. Sp.Sophie Dorothea Schutte.  Some of his family descendants (pictured below) are still living in Lavelsloh, Germany. For more information on Johann Conrad Trampe and his descendants:   See: 

  During our trip to Germany in 2003, we visited the Trampe descendants of Johann Conrad Trampe in Lavelsloh and were warmly welcomed.  (Pictured at the left:  Annegret, Dennis, Nils, and Hainer) It was so exciting traveling to Germany and visiting with the Trampes in Lavelsloh,  walking the streets, and visiting the Lutheran Church.  My brother, Ken and his wife, Helen along with my parents, Leonard and Ruth Trampe of Metropolis, IL had visited the Trampes years earlier in August of 1978 in the home of Heinrich and Hanni Trampe. (Pictured below with Ken Trampe) Heinrich "Heinz" was born Aug 19, 1926.  He was a registrar and administrative officer in Lavelsloh and loved to work in the garden after his retirement.  His wife, Johanne (Riepe), "Hanni" was born April 4, 1921.  She was an accoucheuse (midwife) in Lavelsloh. They had unfortunately passed away before our visit. Heinz and Hanni had two sons: 

1.   Their first son born 1955 is a pharmacist in Lavelsloh, married and has two sons.  During our visit in 2003 with the Trampe family in Lavelsloh we enjoyed sweet breads and had a delightful conversation with the help of their two sons who had studied English in school. 

2. Their second son born 1960 is a Captain on a container ship,  married and he also has two sons.  Below I have summarized the birth, marriage, and death dates of known family members from our first four generations:  

Generation 5 Johann Heinrich Trampe "Henry" born Nov. 11, 1799 in Lavelsloh m. Feb. 10, 1828 d. Sept 26, 1876 in Massac County, Metropolis, IL U.S.A.  He married  Maria Hedewig Speckmann b. June 14, 1806  Nordel Germany and the German web site has a + July 5, 1843 in Lavelsloh.   The German web site was:      Johann Heinrich Trampe came to America about 1856 traveling from New Orleans to probably St. Louis, MO.  It is believed he stayed the winter with relatives and then in the spring traveled to Metropolis, Massac Co. IL where he made his home. His brother, Conrad, would follow about 1858.  We believe we have Trampe relatives in St. Louis but have been unable to connect with them as yet.

Henry and Marie had six children.  Previously we were only aware of the two that came to America:  August and Henry Conrad Trampe.   For more information on Johann Heinrich Trampe (

The German web site lists the following children:

1.  Sophie Catharine Trampe b 1829 in Lavelsloh  buried Feb. 19, 1843 in Lavelsloh.

2.  Friedrich Wilhelm Trampe b 1831 in Lavelsloh  buried 1850 in Lavelsloh.

3.  Catharine Trampe b 1833 buried 1833 in Lavelsloh.

4.  Heinrich Conrad Trampe b 1837 in Lavelsloh.  Our records show his birth date as Feb. 22, 1837 and death June 28, 1918 in Massac County, Metropolis, IL U.S.A.

5.  August Wilhelm Trampe b 1839 in Lavelsloh--and died in Massac Co. IL. This is the writers great grandfather. 

6.  Sophie Louise Trampe b. 1843 in Lavelsloh buried 1845.

Generation 6  

1.  August Wilhelm Trampe b. Nov. 4, 1839 Lavelsloh, Germany He came to America about 1856. d. May 29, 1896 Metropolis, Massac Co. IL U.S.A. Sp. Sophia Louise Hoffmeyer b. Apr. 6, 1849 Cincinnati, OH m. June 21, 1868 d. Jan. 13, 1922 in Massac Co. IL.  

August's wife, Sophia, had a half brother, Henry Uthoff, who married Martha Ann Dupree and Henry’s family moved to MO where five children were born: Fred, Cynthia, Anna and Elmer but family members have no record of the children since. Henry Uthoff returned to Massac Co. and died Aug. 6, 1910. His funeral expenses were taken care of by his half sister, Sophia. I have been recently contacted by a family member as they are searching for more information and I am anxious to learn more on this branch.

2.  Henry Conrad Trampe b. Feb. 22, 1837 Hanover,Germany d. June 28, 1918 Metropolis, Massac Co. IL  Sp. Anna Maria Brockhaus b. July 9, 1838 Hanover, Preussen d. Oct. 26, 1928 Massac Co. IL. For more information on Henry Konrad Trampe and his descendants: ( His daughter would be of (Generation 7): Ella May Trampe Leukering b. June 12, 1861 Metropolis, IL m. Aug. 14, 1884 d. Aug. 9, 1900 Metropolis, IL  For more information on Ella Trampe ( )



Generation 7    (The Children of August Wilhelm Trampe and Sophia Louise Trampe:

1. Anna Wilhemina Trampe b. Apr. 22, 1869 d. Aug.24, 1870 Massac Co. IL

2. Henry Frederick Trampe b. Oct. 12, 1870 m. Oct. 1,1902 d. Apr.7, 1956 Gunnison, IL. For more Information on Henry Trampe: (

3. George Edward Trampe b. Oct. 31, 1872 m. Dec.30,1896 d. Oct. 11, 1948 Golconda, IL  ggg


For more information on George Edward Trampe go to (




4. William August Trampe b. Dec. 26, 1874 m. Nov.11,1908 d. Feb. 14, 1958 Midway, Massac Co. IL. 


For more information on August Wilhelm Trampe (




5. Amelia Louise Trampe (Arensman) b. Apr. 10,1877 m. May 26,1901 d. June 6, 1967  Metropolis, Massac Co. IL  


For more information on Amelia Trampe Arensman  (


6. Emma Sophia Trampe b. Apr.7, 1879 d. Jan. 5, 1903  Midway, Massac Co. IL

7. Mary Carolina Trampe (Rodenberg) b. Feb. 15, 1881 m. Apr. 26, 1905 d. July 29, 1966 Vero Beach, FL

8. Alice Bertha Trampe (Kotter) b. Apr. 28, 1883 m. May 12, 1909 d. Sept. 23,1954 Metropolis, Massac Co. IL

9. Laura D. Trampe b. Feb. 24, 1886 d. Mar. 22, 1888 Midway, Massac Co. IL

10. Otto Ernest Trampe b.Dec. 31, 1889 m. Dec . 3, 1911 d. Jan. 14, 1955 Metropolis, Massac. Co. IL (The writer's grandfather.)  ggg 


Friederich Wilhelm Trampe (



11. Lydia Myrtle Trampe b. Jan. 3, 1893 d. Mar. 30, 1894 Massac Co. IL

Generation 8   (The Children of Otto Ernest Trampe and Margaret Mitchell Trampe:)

1.  Virginia Earnestine Trampe Busclas Mallin 1913.  One child living.

2.  Howard Henry Trampe b. Nov. 26, 1914 m. April 3, 1948 d. Jan 7, 2002 One child living. 


3.  Leonard George Trampe  b. 1916 (My Father)  Four children living.





Friederich Wilhelm Trampe (