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The Morris Family

Ross Morris Family

(My Grandparents)
Ross Thomas Morris married Nevada Opal Curtis
on 31 Jul 1926 in Bellwood, Butler, Nebraska

They had 5 children:

Clifford Lyle Morris
    Born 19 June 1927 Genoa, Nance, Nebraska
    Married Jean Shanahan
    Died 2 Nov 2008 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried 6 Nov 2008 Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nance, Nebraska

Margaret Louise Morris
    Born 19 Aug 1931 Genoa, Nance, Nebraska
    Married 18 Nov 1949 to James Clayton Killion in Kearney, Nebraska
    Died 29 Nov 2008 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Buried Greenhill Cemetery, Laramie, Albany, Wyoming

Ruth Marie Morris
    Born 20 Mar 1933 Genoa, Nance, Nebraska
    Married 16 July 1952 John Kummer Jr Columbus, NE
    Widowed 8 July 1955
    Married 28 Jan 1958 Philip Sukup Genoa, NE
    Died 11 Sept 2000 Creighton, Antelope, Nebraska
    Buried 15 Sept 2000 St Ludger Catholic Cemetery, Creighton, NE

Lucy - Living

Leroy Morris
    Born 23 June 1939 Genoa, Nance, Nebraska
    Married 3 Aug 1963 to Donna Rae Sloan at Colorado Spring, Colorado
    Died 27 Mar 2010 Denver, Colorado
    Buried Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

Nevada Curtis Morris with Kids

Frank Morris Family as of 1897

(My Great Grandparents)
Francis (Frank) Marrien Morris married
Mary Allen Carrier
on 17 Nov 1893 in Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska

They had 7 children:

Bertram W.(Bert) Morris
    Born 9 Mar 1886 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Married 1913 to Clara I Decker in Nebraska
    Died 6 Jan 1971 Elk City, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried Elk City Cemetery, Elk City, Nebraska

Elvira Jane (Vira) Morris
    Born 15 Dec 1894 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Married abt 1913 to Elmer Riley Solomon in NE
    Died 1 Feb 1964 Notus, Canyon, Idaho
    Buried Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho

Lucy Morris
    Born 17 Nov 1897 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Married Charles Schaad abt 1916 in Nebraska
    Died 22 May 1963 Crescent City, Del Norte, California
    Buried Crescent City Cemetery, Crescent City, CA

Ross Thomas Morris
    Born 8 Feb 1901 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Ross was a twin to Rose
    Married Nevada Opal Curtis 31 Jul 1926 Bellwood,Butler,NE
    Died 18 Dec 1967 Genoa, Nance, Nebraska
    Buried Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nebraska

Rose P. (Rosie) Morris
    Born 8 Feb 1901 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Rose was a twin to Ross
    Married August William Ahrens abt 1919 Prob Genoa, Nebraska
    Died 12 Jul 1960 Crescent City, Del Norte, California
    Buried Del Norte County Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Edward Morris
    Born 24 Aug 1903 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Married Ettie Pearl Curtis Hughes
    Died 13 Dec 1965 North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska
    Buried North Platte Cemetery

Rena Etta Morris
    Born 10 Jun 1906 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Married Emil Yelm abt 1923 Genoa, Nebraska
    Died 7 Sept 1989 Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho
    Buried Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Caldwell, ID

Richard and Diannah Morris

(My 2nd Great Grandparents)
Richard T Morris married
Diannah Harris
on 18 Jul 1860 in Jasper County, Missouri

They had 10 children:

Nancy Jane Morris
    Born 19 Aug 1861 Wapello County, Iowa
    Married 23 Dec 1880 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska to Andrew A McKee
    Died 23 Aug 1931 Waterloo, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried Elk City Cemetery, Elk City, NE

Henry Harrison Morris
    Born 4 Dec 1863 Mahaska County, Iowa
    Married 21 Mar 1887 Washington County, Nebraska to Laura Lee Brown
    Died 18 Dec 1940 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried Elk City Cemetery, Elk City, NE

Francis Marrien "Frank" Morris
    Born 9 Mar 1866 Mahaska County, Iowa
    Married Mary Allen Carrier 17 Nov 1893 Fremont,Dodge,NE
    Died 9 Dec 1960 Genoa, Nance, Nebraska
    Buried Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nebraska

John William Morris
    Born 1868 Mahaska County, Iowa
    Died 1907
    Buried unknown

Louis Erwin Morris
    Born Dec 1870 Mahaska County, Iowa
    Married Cal 1895 to Grace M
    Died 10 Sep 1947 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Elkhorn, NE

Richard Andrew Morris
    Born 25 Aug 1873 Wapello County, Iowa
    Married 13 Dec 1895 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska to Caressa Rose Hendricks
    Died 28 Aug 1961 Franklin, Franklin, Nebraska
    Buried Upland Cemetery, Upland, Franklin, NE

Child Morris
    Born 1876
    Died probably died young
    Buried unknown

Florence Rebecca Morris
    Born Aug 1879 Douglas, Nebraska
    Marr 26 Aug 1895 Dodge County, NE to John Lorin Donahoo
    Died Bef 1961 Blaine or Richardson County, Nebraska
    Buried unknown

George Washington Morris
    Born 5 Nov 1880 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Married to Edith Margaret Thrane b1888 d1963
    Children... George, Kenneth, Chester, Harry, Marvin, Edith, Bonnie, Mary, Eldon
    Died 26 Mar 1953 Ashland, Jackson, Oregon
    Buried Hargadine Cemetery, Ashland, Oregon

Pauline D. "Polly" Morris
    Born 13 Jun 1884 Dodge County, Nebraska
    Married 13 Apr 1901 Fremont, Nebraska to Edward N. Sutter b1874 d1958
    Children... Eddie Jr.
    Died 27 Sep 1967 North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska
    Buried Saint Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus, Platte, Nebraska

Garry Morris married 1st Sarah Snyder
on 15 Jan 1810 in Hardin County, Kentucky

They had 1 child:

William Thomas Morris
    Born 15 Nov 1818 Hart County, Kentucky
    Married 21 June 1846 Vigo County, Indiana to Zylpha Jane Beauchamp
    Died Oct 1896 Phillips County, Kansas
    Buried Old Logan Cemetery, Logan, Phillips, KS

(My 3rd Great Grandparents)
Garry Morris married 2nd Elizabeth Osborne
in 1825 in Hart County, Kentucky

The 3 children that I know of:

John Hansford Morris
    Born 8 Jan 1826 Hart County, Kentucky
    Married 10 Apr 1849 Vigo County, Indiana to Mary Atkinson
    Married Cal 1857 to Eunice
    Served Civil War in 7th IA Cavalry, 3rd Cpl., Co. B
    Married 17 Jul 1871 Douglas County, Nebraska to Sarah Hartford Kitchen
    Married Aft 1880 to Grace
    Died 6 May 1907 Elk City, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried Elk City Cemetery, Elk City, Nebraska GAR Burial

Girl Morris
    Born 1828 Hart County, Kentucky
    Buried unknown

Richard T Morris
    Born 17 July 1836 Stilesville, Hendricks, Indiana
    Married 18 Jul 1860 Jasper County, Missouri to Diannah Harris
    Richard had a GAR burial but I cannot prove he served in the Civil War.
    Died 29 Feb 1908 Valley, Douglas, Nebraska
    Buried Elk City Cemetery, Elk City, Nebraska GAR Burial
    Note Georgene Sones was also aware that Richard had a GAR burial.

(My 4th Great Grandparents)
(unknown) Morris married (unknown)
in (unknown)

Note: There are 2 Morris' on the 1810 census for Grayson County, KY who are 45years +
Either one could be Garry's father. (Daniel or John.)

They had 1 child:

Garry Morris
    Born 1784 in Georgia

    Married 15 Jan 1810 Hardin County, Kentucky to Sarah Snyder
    Married 1825 Hart County,Kentucky to Elizabeth Osborne
    Died in either Vigo County, Indiana or Tazewell County, Illinois

William Morris Family Story
Kanawha County, West Virginia

Martha Morris Page

This link shows pictures of Martha Morris that were sent by another researcher who said Martha was an Indian Princess.

There is a picture of Martha with apparently two sons?
One looks very similar to Richard Morris!!

Still do not know who this is!!

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