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The Harris Family

(My 3rd Great-Grandparents)
John Harris married Polly Grove(s)
on Abt 1829 in Ohio

They had 10 children:

  1. Male Harris
        Born bet 1825-1830
        Died bet 1830-1840 Before Age 10
  2. Nancy A Harris
        Born Abt 1830 Gallia County, Ohio
        Married James Payne 21 Mar 1868 Mahaska Co Iowa
        Died Bef 1926
  3. Sarah Sally Harris
        Born 26 Jan 1833 Gallia County, Ohio
        Married Charles Fuller 28 Feb 1850 Mahaska Co Iowa
        Died 1 Apr 1926 Wapello County, Iowa
  4. Mary Harris
        Born Abt 1837 Gallia County, Ohio
        Marr William Knightley 19 Apr 1860 Mahaska Co Iowa
        Died Bef 1926 Iowa
  5. William Harris
        Born 30 Jun 1840 Gallia County, Ohio
        Marr Eliza Jane Walker 17 Aug 1862 Mahaska Co Iowa

          (Eliza born 25 Dec 1841 Deavertown, Morgan, Ohio, Died 23 Apr 1924 Union Co, Iowa)
        Served in the Civil War Co. C 33rd Iowa Inf.
        Died 13 Feb 1931 Lorimor, Union, Iowa
  6. Dianah Harris
        Born 16 Aug 1843/44 Mahaska County, Iowa
    Richard T Morris 18 Jul 1860 Jasper Co. Missouri
        Died 4 Jun 1935 Genoa Nance Nebraska
  7. Charles Harris
        Born Abt 1847 Mahaska County, Iowa
        Marr Melissa Lucas 3 Aug 1870/71 Mahaska Co Iowa
          (Melissa born 1846 Mahaska Co. Iowa, Died 1901 Iowa)
        Died Bef 1926 Iowa
  8. Polly Harris
        Born Oct 1852 Mahaska County, Iowa
        Married John J Parrish 7 Nov 1870 Mahaska Co Iowa
        Died Bet 1880-1926 Iowa
  9. Celia Harris
        Born Abt 1861 Iowa
        Died Aft 1870 Iowa
  10. W. Harris
        Born Abt 1862 Iowa
        Died Bef 1926

(My 4th Great-Grandparents)
William Harris Sr married Nancy Rudaback
1 June 1795 in Greenbrier County, Virginia

They had 6 children:

  1. John Harris
        Born Abt 1795 Greenbrier County, West Virginia
        Married Abt 1829 Ohio to Polly Grove(s)
        Died Abt 1872 Mahaska County, Iowa
  2. William Harris Jr
        Born Abt 1796 Rockbridge County, Virginia
        Died Abt Mar 1829 Gallia County, Ohio
  3. James Harris
        Born Abt 1798 Rockbridge County, Virginia
        Died Abt 1870 Mahaska County, Iowa
  4. George Harris
        Born Abt 1799 Rockbridge County, Virginia
        Served in the War of 1812
        Died Aft 1829
  5. Susannah Harris
        Born Abt 1800 Gallia County, Ohio
        Married Abner Fuller 5 Oct 1823 Gallia Co. Ohio
  6. Barbara Ann Harris
        Born 26 May 1802 Gallia County,Ohio
        Died 29 Aug 1876 Saybrook,Mclean,Illinois

(My 5th Great-Grandparents)
(unknown) Harris married (unknown)
in (unknown)

They had 1 child:

  1. William Harris Sr
        Born Jun 1750 Culpeper County, Virginia
        Married 1 June 1795 Greenbrier County, VA to Nancy Rudaback

            (Nancy born Abt 1760 Shenandoah Co., Virginia, Died Abt 1836 Champaign Co., Illinois)
        Served in the American Revolution
        Died Aft 1836 Champaign County, Illinois

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