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Rufus Creller
maple leaf familymaple leaf
Stanbridge East, Quebec

 Philip Creller
Dutchess County NY

Peter Creller
Rufus Creller

Polley Kimmel Creller


 David Creller  - Unconfirmed

Philip shows  on the NY microfiches files as  being baptized 1742   , in the Church records at the time of burial it was stated he was 76 years old when he died. 

From the information collected as late as  Apr 2003, we know that Peter Creller was born in Red Hook NY. The names of the above children were culled from the records in the register office in Bedford Qc, the known dates from tomb stones in the area. No records of a burial ,nor stones has been found for Philip's wife so it has to be assumed that she passed away before the family arrived in Canada, the fact that Polly Creller had been given the name Kimmel , allows us to assume that her mother may just have beem a Kimmel or ( Cammel ) as that particular family was among those who appear to have emigrated into the St Armand/ Stanbridge area at the same time as the Creller. (The records i have been lead to belive have been transferred to  Quebec City  rather than being kept in the   land records office in Bedford where I first came across them) 

Philip is found listed on the 1795 Oaths of Allegiance  signed as the Loyalists came into Canada   seeking to restart thier life one more  time

In 1801 the land grant records show that Peter was allocated 1200 acres of land in the Stanbridge township.   Lot 2 of concession 6  and lots 22,23,24,25,and 26  in concession 7 

Rufus Creller
July 12 1807
Highgate Vermont
Magdaline Bockus

Philip Creller


Infant Son Creller
John Creller
George Creller

                          Peter Creller


Hannah Creller
Mary Creller
Elizabeth Creller

George Edward Creller


Jeremiah Creller
Hiram Creller
Anna Creller
Charlotte Creller


Adaline Creller


The marriage record as it appeared reades as follows

Realif Criller to Lany Boechas, both of St Armand, 12, 07 ,1807, Highgate Jonction Vt

In 1801 the land grant records show that Peter was allocated 1200 acres of land in the Stanbridge township.   Lot 2 of concession 6  and lots 22,23,24,25,and 26  in concession 7  .The  allocation of lots in the township of Stanbridge had been begun in 1796 with  a formal request to the then Governor of Lower Canada  to have the lots surveyed . After several years  and much correpondance the Patents for the land lots were granted  (1801) by then several of the inhabitants had managed to clear and improve the principal lot they were expecting to receive legally . Peter  had also bid on lots in the township of Sutton but  for what ever reasons did not floow through on those purchases.


Land records

Rufus inherited lot number 2 , concession 6 in Stanbridge East from his Uncle Peter, whom he kept in a manner suiting to his station until his death  Rufus was obligated to ensure that Peter his brother upheld his end of the bargain as he also had inherited a lot of land from his uncle 

In 1804 Peter Cruller was also listed as owning one half  lot number 127 in the St  Armand Concession

George Edward Creller
September 22 1856
St Armard East , Qc
Charlotte Elizabeth Cammell

George Edward Creller  (jr)
Caroline E Creller
Hiram F Creller
Ernest Eugene Creller
Lyman L Creller

Caroline E Creller
Stanbridge Qc
J Herbert Martin

Parents - Edmund Farrow & June Taylor

Ernest Eugene Creller
Rose Lavina Farrow

Glendon R Creller
Edna B Creller
Harold F Creller
Dorothy Creller
1901 -
Harbison Creller
1906 -

Catherine M Unknown  to be confirmed


Ernest and family are found living in Connecticut USA in 1930

The 1901 Canadain census shows Ernest E Creller married to a Rose L ( born Mar 9 1876)
(children at that time
) The 1911 census has Rose being born 1885 with children Dorothy and Haribson living in Bedford Qc

Both Ernest 's father and brother are living with him according to the 1911 Canada census

Lyman L Creller
Married Isabella G Unknown

Florence M Creller

Lyman and family are found living in Hartford Connecticut USA in 1930
He and his wife are buried there.

Elizabeth Creller
March 22, 1854
Stanbridge , Qc
Lyman Barnes

Charlotte Barnes
Anna Maria Barnes Ellen Louise Barnes

Anna Maria Barnes Married
July 25 1878
Farnham Qc
Barney Samuel Borden

Ellen Louise Barnes Married
August 5 1873
Cowansville, Qc
David Pells

Jeremiah Creller
October 8 , 1870
St John Que
Elvira Dendas Martin

 Edna E Creller
 Lee Forester Creller
Jasper Jeramiah Creller

Edna E Creller


Septembe 04 1892

Stanbridge Qc

Byron L Gardner

Jasper Jeramiah Creller
 Stanbridge Qc
Margaret Amelia Harbison

Neil Forester Creller
Gerlard Harbison Creller
Lucile W Creller

Neil Forester Creller
Bedford ,Qc
Flora B Derby

Martha Creller
Charlotte Creller

Martha Creller
Bedford , Qc
Eric Wesley Jones

Charlotte Creller Married
Bedford ,Qc
Robert Lee

Lucile W Creller

Ewen J MacMillian

Ewen passed away in Maxville Ont
There was no issue with this union

Adaline Creller
August 10 , 1854
St Armand East , Qc
Gilbert Sawyer

Florance Sawyer
Jessie Sawyer
Elizabeth Sawyer
Hiram Gilbert Sawyer
Agnes Sawyer
Ivan M Sawyer

While the Sawyer family moved away to Decatur Iowa, USA
Florance remained behind with Aunt and eventually married Milo Hauver
(who is actually Milo Clow  ,see note)

1881 Canadain Census - Stanbridge ,Missisquoi, Quebec

Household: Name                   Marital Status     Gender    Ethnic Origin    Age    Birthplace    Occupation 

John HAURER                             W                    Male            German         70      Quebec           Farmer 
Clow Milow HAURER                 M                    Male            German          36     Quebec           Machinist  
Florance HAURER                      M                    Female         German          24     Quebec 
Lester HAURER                                                  Male            German            5     Quebec 
Dana HAURER                                                    Male            German            4     Quebec 
Josie HAURER                                                    Female         German            2      Quebec

What happened, in fact, is that the 1881 census taker confused Milo's last name. John Hauver was married to Hannah Creller. This couple had no children who lived, and so they adopted Milo (who was the son of Hannah's deceased sister, Mary Creller). They raised Milo, and later, they also took in and raised another teenaged neice, Florence Sawyer (who remained behind when her parents moved to Iowa) (Florence was the daughter of Hannah's other sister, Adaline Creller)

In time Milo and Florence married.

In his old age, John Hauver moved in with Milo and Florence, and at the time of the 1881 census, it was John who answered the door and gave the information. In error, the census taker put Milo's name down as Milo Hauver.

Milo Clow is the son of John Edward Clow and Mary Creller. It is believed that Mary Creller died shortly after the birth of Milo. John Edward died in 1853, when Milo was only 8 years old. John Edward is the son of John Clow Jr. and Catherine Primmerman. John Clow Jr. was the son of Johannes Clow (Clauw) and his wife Bathsheba (Bata) Huyck. Johannes Clow was a Loyalist who settled in Highgate, VT after the American Revolution.

As Per :



Milo Clow

Stanbridge, Qc

Florance Sawyer

Lester Clow
Dana Clow
Josie Adele Clow

Map of Dutch Road 1864


1851 Census for Dutch Road

Family         Name                   Born                Age  Other    Concession #                Lot #      # acres

Near John USA 62    widow         7  1 66
Near Jacob Stanbridge 33 6 1 70
Near Elizabeth Stanbridge 28
Near Hannah Stanbridge 12
Near Amanda N Stanbridge 5
Cardin William USA 38 6 1 30
Cardin Christina Stanbridge 38
Cardin John Stanbridge 9
Cardin Margaret Stanbridge 7
Cardin Unk Stanbridge 4
Ploss John USA 61 7 1 100
Ploss Ukn Stanbridge 61
Ploss Margaret Stanbridge 31
Ploss Hannah Stanbridge 28
Primmerman George F Stanbridge 37
Rhinehart Peter St Armand 40 6 1 100
Rhinehart Margaret St Armand 35
Rhinehart Mary St Armand 10
Rhinehart John St Armand 8
Rhinehart Charles St Armand 6
Rhinehart Jane St Armand 3
Williams Nathaine USA 67 widow
Powers George USA 62 7 2 200
Powers John Canada 66
Powers Nathaine Canada 52
Powers Leonard Canada 29
McDonald Harriett Canada 18
Creller Phillip Canada 42 6 2 100
Creller Margaret Canada 36
Creller John Canada 17
Creller Rufus Canada 14
Creller Charlotte Canada 13
Creller Dorcas Canada 6
Creller Emily Canada 4
Creller Margaret M Canada 1
Kimmel Charles Canada 14
Creller Rufus USA 64 6 3 175
Creller Magdalene Canada 62
Creller Edward Canada 29
Creller Jeremy Canada 24
Creller Hiram Canada 23
Creller Elizabeth Canada 25
Creller Anna Canada 22
Creller Adaline Canada 17
Rosenberger George Canada 38 widow
Hauver John Canada 41 6 3 25
Hauver Hannah Canada 32
McDonald Benjamin USA 51 6 4 200
McDonald Asenth USA 50
McDonald Amanda Canada 16
McDonald Mary I Canada 13
McDonald Hannah Canada 11
Rosenberger Nathaine New York 78 widow
Sander Edward Canada 32 widow
Mills John N Canada 36 6 6 100
Mills Susannah Canada 28
Mills Gaby f Canada 4
Mills George Canada 1
Mills Hannah New York 76 widow
McIntosh Julia Canada 11
Freleigh Galloway New York 55 6 6 200
Mills Jane Canada 44
Shakle Dieg Canada 18
Mills Charles F New York 15
Freleigh Abraham New York 63 6 6 200
Freleigh Caroline Canada 43
Hauver John New York 65 widow 6 6 90
Hauver Solomon Canada 19
Hauver Eliza Canada 22
Hauver Jane Canada 24
Hauver Crnetly Canada 17
Hauver Philip Canada 26
Hauver Mary Canada 26
Hauver Onelia Canada 4
Hauver Amelia Canada 2
Hauver Frederick Canada 32
Campbell Esther Vermont 29
Campbell Eliza Vermont 23
Hauver Hannah Canada 9
Hauver Isabel Canada 5
Hauver M E Canada 3
Hauver J H Canada 1
Martin Hiram Canada 27 6 7 100
Martin Mary Vermont 27
Martin Charles Canada 3
Martin Mary E Canada 1
Lafontaine Cyrus Canada 26
Lafontaine Rhoda Canada 22
Lafontaine Colen E Canada 1
Lafontaine Lucy Canada 62 widow
Jones Jonas D Vermont 38 6 7 30
Jones Fanny Vermont 40
Jones Unk Vermont 36
Jones George H Vermont 15
Jones Edwin W Vermont 13
Jones Mary I Vermont 11
Spronston John England 69 6 7 3.5
Spronston Sarah England 68
Spronston William England 36
Spronston Gergory England 23
Spronston Susan England 21
Spronston John Canada 2
Wilson John England 23
Wilson Adalaha Vermont 18
O'Flaharty Micheal Ireland 50 6 7 50
O'Flaharty Anne Ireland 40
O'Flaharty Margaret Canada 19
O'Flaharty Katharine Canada 17
O'Flaharty Mary Ann Canada 13
O'Flaharty Elizar Canada 8
McLear Miles Ireland 47 6 6 3.5
McLear Jane Ireland 40
McLear John Ireland 21
McLear Lawerance Ireland 19
McLear Rannald Ireland 17
McLear Barnasie Canada 15
McLear Mary Canada 11
McLear James Canada 8
McLear George Canada 6
McLear Joseph Canada 4
McLear Frances Canada 2

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