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This slide show contains photos of individuals from my family (including cousins & unidentified people) dating from about the 1850s on. I've done my best to identify them, both on my own and relying on other family members' prior identifications. At times, the dating that I've done and these prior identifications do not correspond at all.

The originals go from daguerrotypes, to ambrotypes (glass), to tintypes, to paper, really giving a full history of photography. Dating was done based on the invention of the various photographic media, costumes, and knowledge of individual's ages.

All photos are Copyright 2007 by Meg Baker (see below). The show lasts a little over a minute and will repeat from the beginning when done. You may link to the album at: Meg Baker's Family

To move forward or back or to pause, simply move your mouse over the slide show and an option bar will appear.