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This is a partially completed index to the book, The Search for the Descendants of Samuel & Permillia Clark. More information on the book can be found here.

The book itself doesn't have an index, so this is a hand-compiled list. As I have time, I will continue to update this index. In the meantime, more information on some of the individuals on this list may be located on the remainder of my website. However, please understand that most of the individuals in this list are only nominally related to me and I WILL NOT have any more information. To see how I relate to Samuel & Permilia Scott, please visit my pedigree page and look at Mary Patricia Hill's chart.

Listed below are the names and birth/death dates for individuals contained in the book and listed as descendants of Samuel and Permillia Scott. They are alphabetized by surname. I did not include the birth dates for anyone born after 1925 unless they were listed as deceased in the book. This is intended to respect the privacy rights of these living individuals. If you find a living individual on this list, please contact me for removal. I will not update the list for deceased individuals as I cannot usually verify death.

Surname, Given Birth Date Death Date
, Alvira
, Alys
, Amelia Dead
, Angeline
, Barbara
, Beatrice
, Carolyn
, Catherine Dead
, Cherrill
, Delores
, Doris
, Dorothy
, Dorothy
, Edith Dead
, Eleanor
, Elizabeth Dead
, Emma Dead
, Emma
, Erma
, Eva
, First Husband
, First Husband
, Gertie
, Gladys
, Gladys
, Hazel
, Henrietta Dead
, Irene
, Jane 1821 Aft 1888
, Jean
, Joanne
, June C.
, Mabel Dead
, Margaret
, Mariah Dead
, Marilyn
, Marion
, Marjorie
, Martha
, Mary
, Mary Ann
, Nan
, Rosalind
, Rosemarie
, Ruth
, Vera
, Viola
Aber, Rachel 4 Dec 1840 27 Apr 1915
Abercrombie, Ruth 5 May 1918 1965
Abplanalp, Betty Ruth
Abplanalp, John Joseph
Abplanalp, Joyce
Abplanalp, Margaret
Abplanalp, Michael 1958
Adams, Carl Leroy
Adams, Elmer Dead
Allen, Dorothy
Allen, Sadie
Anderson, Ola
Atherton, Ruth A.
Atwell, Denise
Atwell, Ford
Atwell, Sharon
Atwood, Grant
Aupperle, Henry Dead
Backer, Alice
Baker, Dennis
Baker, Henry Irving Jr. 18 Oct 1917 10 Sep 1949
Baker, James 11 Sep 1788 Dead
Baker, Margaret Anne
Baker, Stephen
Baker, Stephonie Lynn
Baker, Stewart Abercrombie
Ballard, Arvin
Ballard, Audrey
Battle, James
Battle, Rose Ellen 1880 1937
Beeman, Regina
Beiler, Louise Dead
Benedict, Thaddeus
Bennett, Deloss Dead
Bennett, Nenah 1870 1951
Benson Jr., Elmer William 22 Jun 1927 Dead
Benson, Cynthia Gay
Benson, Edward Dead
Benson, Elmer William Sr 1899 1975
Benson, Scott Karlton
Bertch, Albert 1905 1973
Bertch, Andrew
Bertch, Arnet Rae
Bertch, Carl Dead
Bertch, Laurie
Bertch, Nena Lou
Bertch, Walter 1900 1949
Bertch, Walter Dean
Bidwell, Gerald C. 1917
Bidwell, John N.
Bills, Reba Ethel
Blair, Robert
Bliss, Flora 1903 1907
Bollen, Edith
Bolton, Faith 1923
Bolton, Vanburen
Bonnett, James
Bortz, Kathy
Box, Cassel
Box, Dianna
Boyd, Luella A.
Brand, Retta
Brawner, Carl E. 1882 Dead
Brawner, Leroy 16 Mar 1906 27 Apr 1975
Brewer, Arthur
Brewer, Bryon David
Brewer, David
Brigham, Carrie Myrtle Dead
Brigham, Charles 1845 1918
Brigham, Elmina 1871 1904
Brigham, Ethel Mae 1880 1903
Brigham, Gertrude Abt 1874 26 May 1923
Brigham, Jennie 27 Jan 1877 28 Oct 1918
Brown, Evelyn
Brown, Jeremiah O. Dead
Brown, Minos
Buchanan, Edith M.
Bullock, Glen 1890 1962
Burnett, Catherine Ann
Burnett, Clara Elizabeth
Burnett, Deborah Ann 26 May 1950 27 May 1950
Burnett, George H. 1855 1933
Burnett, John
Burnett, Marion H. 8 Oct 1910 28 Dec 1976
Burnett, Patrick Chase
Burnett, Ralph Marvin 20 Apr 1918 28 May 1965
Burnett, Ralph Marvin Jr
Burns, Dorothy
Bush, Lynette
Bush, Martha
Bush, Michael
Bush, Wilkie
Butler, Barry
Cady, Harold
Cady, Robert 1944
Cady, Sarah
Cady, Theresa 1944
Campbell, Walter Dead
Cannain, Daniel
Cannain, Lester
Cannain, Ryan
Cannain, Sean
Card, Ann Dead
Carmer, Edwin
Carmer, Robert
Carmer, Stephen
Carmody, Johanna Abt 29 Dec 1857 5 Jul 1943
Carpenter, Margery
Carroll, Helena
Carson, Bertha
Cary, Kevin
Cary, Thomas Carlos
Cary, Thomas Michael
Casto, Dead
Casto, Frank 1923
Casto, Reah Dead
Chapin, Carrie Ann
Chapin, David Lee
Chapin, Frank J.
Chapin, Jackie Jean
Chapin, Lauren Willis
Chapin, Lauren Willis Jr.
Chapin, Lorraine Gertrude
Cicanese, Louise
Clark, Josiah Dead
Clark, Lena
Clarke, Cyrus 31 Jan 1775 5 Oct 1859
Clarke, Josiah A. 1801 1862/1863
Clarke, Permillia 10 Mar 1800 31 Mar 1871
Colton, Irving
Colton, Melanie Tammi
Colton, Tiffany
Congdon, Lois Dead
Cook, Marilyn Ann
Cook, Paul 1920 1972
Cook, Sonja June
Cooley, Hattie R.
Cordell, Lawrence
Cornish, Charles
Cornish, Edward B.
Cornish, Elizabeth Mae
Cornish, Florence Marie
Crow, Charles C. Abt 1874 Abt 1946
Crow, Kathleen 21 Oct 1898 Dead
Crow, Mildred 21 May 1904 12 Oct 1972
Crow, William Dead
Davis, Don
Davis, Judy Ann
Davis, Lena Dead
Day, Carl 1878 1938
Day, Viola Christine 5 May 1902
Decker, Linda
Decker, Morgan
Dickerson, Carmeta
Dickerson, Clifford
Dillman, Kate Dead
Dobson, Barbara J.
Dobson, Daniel
Dobson, Jackie
Dobson, Lori
Dobson, Robert Dead
Dobson, Robert 1912
Dobson, Robert III
Dobson, Robert William
Donahue, Anna Abt 1845 Abt 1924
Donahue, Michael
Dotty, Eva Dead
Doud, Solomon Dead
Douglas, Angela Arlene
Douglas, Charles
Douglas, Gregory Lewis
Douglas, Lewis
Douglas, Wendy Marie
Drake, Asa Dean
Drake, Connie Lou
Drake, Dale Earl
Drake, Eric
Drake, Glen E.
Drake, Phyllis Jean
Drake, Prentice
Drake, Richard Eugene
Drake, Richard Eugene Jr
Dullen, Angel Marie
Dullen, James
Dullen, Randy M.
Dullen, Rick T.
Dullen, Rodney J.
Dullen, Thomas
Dullen, Tracy L.
Dunham, Beatrice
Dyer, Herrick
Eagle, Morris
Edmunds, Burr Dead
Edmunds, Kathleen 1912
Elwell, Onolee Payne
Ferguson, Alberta Child
Ferguson, Alma Dead
Ferguson, Alta Dead
Ferguson, Cecil Belle Dead
Ferguson, Marion Dead
Ferguson, Mildred Dead
Ferguson, Warren Dead
Ferguson, Warren Dead
FitzWater, Deborah Ann
FitzWater, Dorothy
FitzWater, Kermit
FitzWater, Raymond
Fleming, Daniel B.
Fleming, Edward
Fohey, Harold
Fohey, Kristin
Fohey, Michael
Fohey, Trisha
Forjone, Jane
Foster, Gene
Foster, Glenn
Foster, James
Foster, Stephen Edward
Fowler, Charles
Fowler, Christopher Paul 2 Sep 1972 Dead
Fowler, Rodney
Fowler, Rodney Charles 2 Nov 1968 Dead
Freeland, Hawley Dead
Freeland, Mildred
Frost, Charles
Frost, Douglas Charles
Frost, Onalee
Frye, Kathleen
Fuller, Deborah
Fuller, Edward
Fuller, Katherine Alice
Fuller, Mark
Fuller, Michael Edward
Fuller, Micheal
Fuller, Ryan
Fuller, Tamara
Fuller, Timothy
Gill, Loretta
Gillespie, Heidi Lynn
Gillespie, Howard
Glenny, Elizabeth 1858
Goodall, Kali
Goodall, Robert
Goodall, Robert H.
Goodall, Thomas
Gordon, Edward U.
Gordon, Louise V. 1910
Grandon, James 1921
Grandon, Otis
Grant, Alice Dead
Green, Dorothy
Greenfield, Carl Thomas
Greenfield, Cecil Paul
Greenfield, Ezra
Greenfield, Ezra Jr Bef 1900 Dead
Greenfield, James
Greenfield, Minnie Belle 28 Aug 1917 21 Sep 1978
Greenfield, Nelda
Greenfield, Paul 18 Feb 1916
Greenfield, Velma
Griffin, Katherine
Grinnell, Betty Irene
Grinnell, Diann Louise
Grinnell, Irving Dead
Grinnell, Lysle Alfred 16 May 1923
Grinnell, Vivien Irene
Grinnell, Wade Hampton 1900 1958
Grinnell, Ward H.
Grinnell, Wayne Alfred
Grinnole, 21 May 1897 Dead
Grinnole, Clayton E. Dead
Grinnole, Velma 7 Aug 1898 Dead
Groton, Naomi
Gunn, Eldon
Gunn, Rick
Gunn, Rick Joe
Hakes, Melissa Clark Dead
Hale, Albert Dead
Hale, Albert Dead
Hale, Danny
Hale, Ervin 1868 1903
Hale, Ima Aurilla 7 May 1900
Hale, Inez B. 1893 1900
Hale, Lucille
Hall, Lucina Dead
Hamilton, Rose Dead
Hauber, Maggie Daley Dead
Heath, Marty
Heck, Arthur
Heck, Arthur Jr
Heck, Trisha
Heckart, Jack
Heckart, Jeffrey
Heckart, Tammy
Heckart, Timothy
Heiser, Mary
Hessler, Lois
Higgins, Elsie
Hill, Mary Patricia 31 Mar 1921 7 Feb 1990
Hill, Warren Francis 9 Jul 1888 13 Mar 1928
Hinman, Bailey
Hinman, Barbara
Hodges, Isaac Dead
Hollenbaugh, Myrtle
Hollenbeck, Chaucey H.
Holmes, Lola Dead
Holt, Lena
Horn, Marilyn
Houghtaling, Gladys
Houpt, Daisy E.
Huntley, Phyllis
Hurlburt, Archie 1894 1928
Hurlburt, Bessie 11 May 1919
Hurlburt, Brian
Hurlburt, Chauncy 12 Jan 1922
Hurlburt, Chauncy Jr
Hurlburt, Douglas 30 Apr 1927 Mar 1972
Hurlburt, Iris Kay
Hurlburt, Jessie 11 May 1919 Jul 1944
Hurlburt, John Henry 22 Oct 1920 Nov 1969
Hurlburt, Joyce
Hurlburt, Juddie Samuel 1 Feb 1917
Hurlburt, Juddie Samuel Jr.
Hurlburt, June Marie
Hurlburt, Karen
Hurlburt, Kitty Ann
Hurlburt, Marie
Hurlburt, Patricia
Hurlburt, Samuel Dead
Hurlburt, Sonja
Hurlburt, Stanley 3 Jan 1924
Hurlburt, Sylvia
Hurlburt, Wendy Ruth
Hurter, Larry Lee
Hurter, Larry Lee Jr.
Hurter, Lawrence
Jarosz, Dan
Jarosz, Lisa
Jennings, Glenn Dead
Jennings, Lee Robert
Jennings, Lowell B.
Jennings, Susan Lynn 9 Jul 1956 Dead
Jett, Catherine
Johnson, Betsey
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, David
Johnson, Evan
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Irvin Dead
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jason
Johnson, Jesse
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Joy
Johnson, Judy
Johnson, Judy
Johnson, Miller Allen
Johnson, Murray
Johnson, Olive M. 1917 1972
Johnson, Walter
Jones, Leo
Jones, Mary Q.
Jourdain, Anna
Juntilca, Vienna
Justi, Hattie 1892 Dead
Justi, Phillip Dead
Keefe, Kevin M.
Keeler, Kay
Keith, Phyllis
Kelley, Ardis
Kelley, Carol
Kelley, Deane 4 Aug 1959 7 Jan 1975
Kelley, Irwin Dead
Kelley, Kim
Kelley, Peter 1930 Dead
Kelley, Robert
Kelley, Robert
Kelley, Stacy
Kienzle, Brielle Louise
Kienzle, David Andrew
Kienzle, Holly Noel
Kienzle, Richard
Kienzle, Richard
Kilper, Ruth Dead
Kinney, Eva Dead
Knapp, Alice May 1912 29 Aug 1966
Knapp, Celia Abt 5 Jul 1920 1950
Knapp, George Aft 1890 1951
Knapp, Scott Warren
Knapp, Shirley
Knapp, Tammy Lou
Knapp, Vera 19 Jun 1914 3 Aug 1965
Knapp, Warren Harding 17 May 1923
Knickerbocker, Naomi
Kornhauser, Alan Scott
Kornhauser, Anne Marshall
Kornhauser, John Douglas
Kornhauser, Sidney Isaac 3 Nov 1887 1 Jan 1959
Kromminga, Aimee
Kromminga, Amanda
Kromminga, Chad
Kromminga, Duane
Kromminga, Melissa
Kromminga, Richard
Kromminga, Shawn
Lamphiere, Carla June
Lamphiere, Dale
Lamphiere, Lori Sue
Lamphiere, Marcy
Lamphiere, Robert
Lamphiere, Shelly Ann
Lawton, Eda Dead
Levely, Brent
Levely, Eddie
Levely, Ellen
Levely, Enson
Levely, Enson
Levely, Enson
Levely, Tracie
Lewis, Juanita
Liedigk, Hubert
Liedigk, Theresa
Lindauer, Karl A. Dead
Lindauer, Karl S. 1901 1972
Lindauer, Sandra Joan
Lingenfelter, Rhonda
Liverette, Harry
Liverette, Susan C.
Loeven, Jean Pierre Dead
Loeven, Louis Nicholas 1898 Dead
Longwell, Curtiss
Longwell, Kimberly Lynn
Longwell, Merrill
Longwell, Wendy Hope
Lovejoy, Beatrice
Lovejoy, Frank
MacK, Beverly
Maddox, Patricia
Maddox, Phillips
Manning, Phyllis
Manning, Robert
Marsh, Emily
Marshall, Anna Viola 23 Mar 1887 16 Sep 1978
Marshall, Douglas Jul 1918 1932
Marshall, Edna 25 Oct 1919
Marshall, Lemuel 1937
Marshall, William
Masters, Clara
Mathews, Andrew Dead
Mathews, Audrey Mae
Mathews, John 1901
Mauro, Angela Marie
Mauro, Dominick
Mauro, Robert Francis
Mauro, Ronald Joseph
Mauro, Salvatore
Mauro, Teresa Lynn
Mauro, Thomas James
McAfee, Ambros
McAfee, Barbara Jean
McAfee, John A. 1923
McAfee, Nancy Lee
McAfee, Susan Lynn
McCaslin, Barbara Jane 6 Jul 1962 23 Mar 1966
McCaslin, Bruce Martin
McCaslin, Cleo
McCaslin, David Russell
McCaslin, Joseph
McCaslin, Joseph Marshall
McCaslin, Lisa Raine
McCaslin, Robert Joseph
McCaslin, Sandra Marie
McConnell, Emma J. Dead
McCoy, Elmer
McCoy, Elnora 1915
McCray, George Jr 1804/1806/1810 11 May 1863/1864/ aft 1870
McCray, Martha Minerva 16 Apr 1834 20 Aug 1906
McCray, Sarah Abt 1811/1813 6 Feb 1886/1887
McDougal, Maxine
McGuire, Julia
McLean, Lester
Mead, Cheryl Ann
Mead, Lewis
Mead, Michael Lewis
Mead, Terry Marie
Mead, Wayland
Merritt, Henry Dead
Miles, Beatrice
Milks, Judy
Milks, Lester
Miller, Bradley
Miller, Donald Jul 1907 Mar 1909
Miller, Fred Grant 8 Aug 1871 4 Dec 1953
Miller, Harold
Miller, Holly
Miller, Jack
Miller, Minnie Winifred 19 Apr 1896/1898 17 Jul 1971
Miller, Myron Reuben 25 Aug 1900 29 Jun 1968
Miller, Priscilla E.
Miller, Reuben Dead
Miller, Robert
Miller, Scott
Moon, Connie Marie
Moon, Robert
Moore, Irene
Moore, Joseph
Moore, William
Morganti, Jan Mario
Morganti, John
Morganti, Kim Ann
Morganti, Mario
Morganti, Mark John 21 Nov 1962 Dead
Morris, Edwin
Morris, Gladys I. 1899 1954
Morris, May Dead
Mott, Adah Theodocia 21 Mar 1868 26 Jul 1939
Mott, Alice 31 May 1872 30 May 1923
Mott, Edna 18 Mar 1882 Apr 1949
Mott, Edward P. 1847 1910
Mott, Elizabeth 18 Oct 1892 7 Nov 1937
Mott, Ella Apr 1884 Dead
Mott, James
Mott, Laurie Ann
Mott, Rodman Dead
Mott, Rodman 14 Apr 1922
Mott, Rodman Samuel 28 Oct 1888 6 Jan 1960
Mott, Rosa 12 Feb 1875 Abt 0194
Mouling, Kathryn Dead
Mundt, Clara Dead
Murdock, Alden Dead
Murdock, W. Reid 1892 Dead
Myers, Byron
Myers, Ronald
Neeley, Hazel
Neff, Dead
Neff, Margaret
Neff, Victor Dead
Nemecek, Brenda Sue
Nemecek, Joseph Abt 0197
Nemecek, Joseph Martin
Neuman, Barry
Neuman, Becky Lynn
Neuman, Chantel
Neuman, Douglas
Neuman, Jill Rosemary
Neuman, Marshall J.
Neuman, Scott
Neuman, Sharri
Neuman, Shelly
Neuman, Todd
Neuman, Walter 1911
Neuman, Walter
Neuman, Walter C.
Neuman, Walter J. Dead
Newell, Hamilton
Newell, Preston M. Dead
Noble, Rosa
Norton, Louise Dead
Nudd, Daniel Koeth
Nudd, David Kenneth
Nudd, Forrest
Nudd, Gail Yvonne
Nudd, Kenneth
Nudd, Veronica Evelyn
Nye, Esthers
Oldroyd, Karen
Painter, Cathy Mae
Painter, Cindy Lee
Painter, Danny Eugene
Painter, Gary Lee
Painter, Hubert
Painter, Hubert Charles 7 Sep 1972 7 Sep 1972
Painter, Lee Eugene
Painter, Lee Eugene
Painter, Ronnie Edward
Papperman, Delema
Papperman, Richard
Papperman, Richard
Parillo, Angela
Parker, J. Dead
Parsell, Helen
Patton, Peggy
Paul, Charles Richard
Paul, Dorothy Jean
Paul, Ella A. 22 Apr 1894 29 Jun 1929
Paul, Eloise Minnie
Paul, Florence 29 Jul 1896 Dead
Paul, Gary
Paul, Gaylene
Paul, Hazel 17 Sep 1904
Paul, John Jr. 1861 1920
Paul, John Sr. Dead
Paul, Lester
Paul, Louann
Paul, Martin Nelsen
Paul, Nelsen 30 Nov 1902 1 Dec 1962
Paul, Richard L.
Paul, Terry Lee
Paul, Veronica Ann
Persh, William
Persh, William
Pickens, William
Pidge, Anthony Dead
Pidge, Lee Dead
Plaisted, Edward Harmon 30 Jul 1832 27 Oct 1897
Plaisted, Rosette 5 Nov 1866 18 Oct 1899
Polesnak, Beatrice
Porreca, Edward
Porter, Euvie
Potter, Angie
Pratt, Ella A. 1884 1964
Press, Henry Dead
Press, Robert 1898 1977
Prorok, Michael
Prutsman, Angela
Prutsman, Darlene
Prutsman, Henry
Prutsman, Michael
Prutsman, Pamela
Prutsman, Roderick
Quinn, Bernard
Quinn, James Michael
Randall Sr, Stephen Dead
Randall, Deborah 1832 1870
Rathbun, Elmer
Rathbun, Laura
Rees, Midred
Renna, John
Renna, Regina
Renna, Robert
Renna, Tammy
Richardson, Eugene Dead
Richardson, Roseleanor 1845 Aft 1900
Riehlmann, Mary Dead
Riley, David
Riley, Deborah
Ripley, Flora
Roberts, Charles
Robinette, Lawrence
Robinette, Roselle
Robinson, Claude
Robinson, Clayton 1924
Robinson, Clayton Jr.
Robinson, Darlene May
Robinson, Rebecca Dawn
Robinson, Rosette Louise
Roorback, Burr G. 1881 1906
Roorback, Charles 1900
Roorback, Donald 1905 1966
Roorback, Frederick Dead
Roorback, Gladys 1902
Roorback, John W. Dead
Roorback, Mildred 23 May 1910
Roorback, Olive 1904
Roorback, Paul J. 1883 1949
Rosato, Carolyn
Rosato, Joseph
Rumsey, Ronald
Rumsey, Ronald
Sackett, Fred Dead
Saunders, Francis Dead
Saunders, Gertrude 1905
Schaefer, Myra
Schaffer, Cheryl
Schaffer, Fred
Schaffer, Fred Jr.
Schenck, Crystal Eileen
Schenck, Oscar
Schenck, Tamara Lynn
Schenck, Teresa
Schenck, William
Schilberger, Ann
Schilberger, James
Schmidt, Adelbert A.
Schmidt, Jonathan Scott
Schmidt, Victoria Marie
Schmidt, William A.
Schramm, Amelia Dead
Scott, 20 Oct 1945 20 Oct 1945
Scott, Dead
Scott, Dead
Scott, Dead
Scott, Amanda 1835 1898
Scott, Ann 1841 Dead
Scott, Anna Marie 5 Aug 1924
Scott, Anna Minerva 19 Jul 1892 10 Jul 1967
Scott, Barbara Joan
Scott, Bernice 21 Aug 1901 Dead
Scott, Betsey 27/29 May/Mar 1830 1879
Scott, Carolyn J.
Scott, Charles Dead
Scott, Charles D. 1852 1904
Scott, Charles James 30 Aug 1917 13 Sep 1975
Scott, Clement Dorr Chester 27 Jun 1866 19 Nov 1933
Scott, Cyrus 19 Nov 1824 Dead
Scott, Daniel Edward 13 Dec 1914
Scott, Daniel Michael
Scott, David H. 10 Mar 1839 1912
Scott, David Ransom Abt 1808 Dead
Scott, Diane M.
Scott, Donald Alan
Scott, Dorr
Scott, Eleanor M. 6 Aug 1871 1 Oct 1952
Scott, Ellie P. 1859 1887
Scott, Ethel Jane 14 May 1890 17 Sep 1978
Scott, Eva Lorena 13 Sep 1888 3 Apr 1968
Scott, Forrestt D. 14 Jun 1908
Scott, Francis Henry 2 Nov 1875 9 Oct 1940
Scott, Francis Patrick 5 Jan 1906 1 Nov 1974
Scott, Geneva Rose 5 Sep 1898 Dead
Scott, Gladys 1 Mar 1904
Scott, Gloria Ann
Scott, Gordon Grant 3 Sep 1913
Scott, Hannah
Scott, James 20 Apr 1822 Dead
Scott, James Bruce
Scott, James Calvin 11 Dec 1878 15 Mar 1947
Scott, Jan 1831 Infant
Scott, Jessica C.
Scott, Jessica Elizabeth
Scott, John 1879 1919
Scott, John 1852 Dead
Scott, John Dead
Scott, John Dead
Scott, John Leo 10 Mar 1908 29 Jul 1951
Scott, John Winfield 2 Feb 1896 11 Jan 1978
Scott, Jonathan 20 Mar 1832 25 Sep 1908
Scott, Jonathan 24 Dec 1838
Scott, Jonathan Rensallaer Abt 1810 Abt 1869
Scott, Joseph 1787 Dead
Scott, Joseph Dead
Scott, Joseph Michael 26 Jul 1910 12 Oct 1910
Scott, Joseph Ransford 1836 1900
Scott, Josiah 11 Feb 1828 1897
Scott, Josiah 1847 Dead
Scott, Jr., Samuel 14 Feb 1820 30 Aug 1888
Scott, Kathleen
Scott, Kelly
Scott, Laurence
Scott, Lillie B. 15 Oct 1883 18 Oct 1886
Scott, Linda
Scott, Lisa Ann
Scott, Lucius 1832 Dead
Scott, Mabel 2 Mar 1887 1973
Scott, Margaret 9 Aug 1849 Bef 1855
Scott, Margaret Loretta 17 Feb 1912 28 Nov 1926
Scott, Mark
Scott, Martin 21 Jan 1958 21 Jan 1958
Scott, Mary 22 Nov/Mar 1834 1886
Scott, Mary A. 1855/1858 16 Dec 1891
Scott, Mary Gertrude 13 Jul 1892 8 May 1928
Scott, Matthew
Scott, Matthew
Scott, Michael
Scott, Michael Daniel
Scott, Michael Ross
Scott, Mildred 5 Mar 1896 24 Aug 1980
Scott, Nancy 25 Apr 1836 1851
Scott, Nathaniel 25 Jul 1842 8 Nov 1901
Scott, Nelson 12/13 Sep 1826 22 May 1904
Scott, Nina
Scott, Nora Ellen
Scott, Patrick Alan
Scott, Patrick Lee
Scott, Permelia A. 24 Mar 1870 1943
Scott, Permilia 9 Aug 1849 26 May 1899
Scott, Phebe Dead
Scott, Polly 1777 Dead
Scott, Ransom 27 Aug 1845 1906
Scott, Reba Rachel 18 Feb 1894 Feb 1984
Scott, Rebecca
Scott, Richard Dorr
Scott, Riley Gordon
Scott, Robert B.
Scott, Robert Dominic
Scott, Rosanne
Scott, Sally Dead
Scott, Samuel 3 Jun 1791 6 Feb 1878
Scott, Sandra Lee
Scott, Sara Aileen
Scott, Sarah Ann Abt 1845 6 Feb 1896
Scott, Sarah B. 1834 1909
Scott, Shelley
Scott, Silas Abt 1844 Aft 1908
Scott, Stacey
Scott, Teresa
Scott, Thomas Bernard 12 Oct 1921
Scott, Walter 1843 Dead
Scott, William Alan 24 Apr 1861 17 Dec 1936
Scott, William G.
Scott, Willie H. 1856 1858
Sears, David W.
Sears, Robert
Shattuck, Charles
Shelly, Ella Dead
Sherman, Betty Marie
Sherman, Bobby Jo
Sherman, Cindy Lee
Sherman, Heather Lynn
Sherman, Jackie Lee
Sherman, Leon Paul
Sherman, Leon Paul Jr.
Sherman, Leslie Marie
Sherman, Mary Louise
Sherman, Michael James
Sherman, Robert
Sherman, Robert L. Jr 1916
Sherman, Robert Leroy III
Sherman, Robert Leroy IV
Sherman, Roberta M.
Sherman, Rosa
Sherman, Shelly Diane
Sherman, Shirley June
Sherman, Theresa Marie
Shoen, Clifford
Shoen, Helen 1919
Shultis, Maryann Dead
Simmons, Sylvia Dead
Simonds, Alice
Sirowatka, Charles
Sirowatka, Charles
Smith, Donald
Smith, Goldie F. Dead
Smith, Hazel K.
Smith, Mary Ann Dead
Smith, Suzanne
Soble, Barbara
Soble, Edward
Soble, Genevieve
Soble, James
Soble, James
Soble, James
Soble, John
Soble, Laurie
Soble, Nancy
Southard, Floyd
Southard, Michael Kevin
Stevens, Franklin
Stevens, Michael C.
Stevens, Michael Franklin
Stewart, Rachel
Stisser, Clarke D. 1911 1978
Stisser, Warren Dead
Strunk, James Dead
Sulyma, John
Sulyma, Stephanie
Sutton, Becky Sue
Sutton, Florence
Sutton, Jon Roger
Sutton, Jonna Rochelle
Sweet, Bernice E. 4 Aug 1912
Sweet, Bertha Rose 15 Jul 1892 2 Jun 1965
Sweet, Beulah 11 Feb 1900 1925
Sweet, Christina
Sweet, Donna
Sweet, Gilbert 1870 1949
Sweet, Harold Edward 11 Jun 1896 26 May 1972
Sweet, Janet
Sweet, Jeffrey
Sweet, Jeffrey
Sweet, Jesse
Sweet, Leland Nov 1917 Oct 1919
Sweet, Leslie
Sweet, Lillian May May 1916 1931
Sweet, Lynne
Sweet, Michael
Sweet, Milton 12 Jun 1903
Sweet, Muriel Louise 12 Dec 1918
Sweet, Myrtle Irene
Sweet, Richard E.
Sweet, Richard E. Jr
Sweet, Sandra
Symonds, Barbara June 6 Jun 1921 Dead
Symonds, Beverly Nena 12 Mar 1925 Dead
Symonds, John H. Dead
Symonds, Rose
Syracuse, Vincenetta
Taylor, Muriel
Thomas, Barbara Jean
Thomas, Christian
Thomas, Kimberly
Thomas, Stanley L. 1908 1943
Thomas, Stanley Richard
Thomas, William
Tilden, Donna
Tordella, James M.
Tordella, John P.
Tordella, Michael Ralph
Tordella, William Kyle
Totaro, Marianne
Totaro, Ralph
Towner, Janet 1908 1968
Traver, Bertha H. 1917
Traver, Charles Chase Dead
Tripp, Loretta
Tymeson, Charlotte
van Etten, James Dead
van Etten, Ruth 1901
Vanduren, Lillian Dead
Vanduser, Richard
Vanduser, Teeka Marie
Viers, Alice 8 May 1974
Viers, Beulah Jane 20 Mar 1881 22 Oct 1924
Viers, Dean Owen 30 Jun 1917
Viers, Dorothy Dead
Viers, Evelyn
Viers, George S. 29 Aug 1882 1930
Viers, Gerald Eugene
Viers, Janet Lee
Viers, L. D. Dead
Viers, Lee D. 29 Aug 1879 12 Nov 1891
Viers, Martin H. 1840 1923
Viers, Meribel 15 Nov 1919 17 Oct 1976
Viers, Owen 18 Feb 1885 Sep 1948
Viers, Penny Jo
Viers, Stanley Martin 30 Oct 1918 18 Jun 1939
Viers, Wallace P. 30 Aug 1886 Dead
Viers, Zula Dead
Vincent, John Dead
Vosburg, Aurilla Dead
Walrath, David Eugene
Walrath, Dennis Perry
Walrath, Earl
Walrath, Eugene Nelsen
Walrath, Tammy Sue
Ward, Charles Keene 1922
Ward, Charles Michael
Ward, Charles P.
Ward, Julie Beth
Ward, Kathryn Emily
Ward, Meredith Lynn
Ward, Robert Scott
Ward, Susan Ruth
Ward, Thomas Miller
Warren, Jennifer Lynn
Warren, John L.
Warren, Lloyd
Warren, Marie L.
Warriner, Diane
Warriner, Howard Dead
Warriner, Howard
Warriner, Jan
Warriner, Stephen
Warriner, Walter
Webster, Earl A.
Webster, Kimberly
Webster, Luella M.
Webster, Richard
Welles, Amy
Welles, Basil
Welles, David
Welles, Debra
Welles, Larry
Welles, Linda 1938 1975
Welles, William
Wellington, Nellie
West, Doris
West, Harold
White, Ethel
White, Harry Dead
Whitford, Harry
Whitford, Margaret
Whithorne, Sedrick
Wilcox, John K. Dead
Wilcox, Julia A. Dead
Wilcox, Lorinda Rosila 1854 Dead
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Billy
Williams, Michael Andrew
Wilson, George
Wilson, Matthew Wade
Wilson, Michael
Wood, Floyd
Wood, Geraldine
Worthington, Mary K. 1919
Worthington, Otis Dead
Yaeger, Mary
Youngs, John Dead