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Included on the site is direct information on Genealogy with a family tree of over 8000 individuals, searchable by surname, individual name, or browsable by family. I also have Family Documents (photographs, letters and a diary) and Stories about individuals and my family history research processes.

Also, I appreciate any follow-up emails with additional information regarding branches of the family tree, but please understand that my primary interest is in my direct line and that I am unable to update the tree for all branches. I apologize to those to whom I cannot respond.

Scrapbook Page for Edward Harmon Plaisted

Probably Edward Plaisted as a Young Man

Daguerrotype in a Union frame, very poor condition, hard to photograph Possibly dated from around 1850 or earlier?

Rachel and Edward Plaisted

Edward Harmon Plaisted

From his wife Rachel's photo album

Edward Harmon Plaisted

Edward Harmon Plaisted

Plaisted Family

2 Plaisted Boys (David and William?), Rachel (Aber) Plaisted, Edward Harmon Plaisted, Rose Plaisted Large paper print; probably dates from early 1880s

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