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Use the links below to locate a family or individual or search using the form above. Please note that the search form may not recognize an individual if you use quotation marks and the name is not exactly as I have it (including middle initial or name). It may be easier to look at the indexes below first.

This web site lists all of my family tree, including direct ancestors and many cousins. It now also includes my partner Jess Rouse's family tree (which has been merged with mine). If you don't find what you are looking for in the family tree above, consider trying out my custom search engine on the Links page.

I also encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions page, where there is information about downloading the GEDCOM and sourcing this page.

While you are at this site, you may also want to visit the Family Documents section, which includes historical letters, diaries, and photos. The Stories page has additional information on a few families and individuals.

I have recently started a Genealogy & General Subjects blog at this site to opine on a variety of topics, particularly those with genealogy or family history content. The blog allows you to subscribe via a web feed or comment on the topics.

Almost all the lines in my tree are from the New England states (especially Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts), New York, and Pennsylvania. Both of my parents are from the Northeast, and several ancestral lines lead back there as well. There are also a number of more recent immigrants from Ireland and England as well as Germany and Hungary.

Most of the families in Jess's tree are from Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois and trace their roots back to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, and the Carolinas. I continue to do research on this family, so it doesn't go back that far right now, but you will find that it is very well cited (in fact, it tends to be better cited than my tree!).

For those of you with a specific interest in those individuals cited in The Search for the Descendants of Samuel and Permilia Scott, I have recently updated the website to include more information from this rare resource. The information is available here. More information will be forthcoming in future edits.

The website contains the sum of my knowledge of these individuals. I appreciate any follow-up emails with additional information regarding branches of the family tree, but please understand that my primary interest is in my direct line and that I am unable to update the tree for all branches. I apologize to those to whom I cannot respond.

This website is updated frequently, so check back often!!