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Friday, July 6, 2007

Kimlin Genealogy

Some time ago, I was contacted by a researcher looking into the history of the Kimlin Cider Mill in Poughkeepsie, NY. The 1853 mill was in danger of being demolished by developers, and she was hoping to save it by declaring it a historic landmark. More information on the mill, including a picture, is here. Additional pictures are available here and here. The Cider Mill Friends of Open Space and Historic Preservation, Inc. were successful in saving the mill, which is now listed as a historic landmark.

In the process of looking at my Kimlin family, I found a great deal of information about other Kimlins in Poughkeepsie and elsewhere. This information may be useful to other researchers.

Kimlins first appear in the United States in the mid-1800s as best I can tell. There are several families listed in the 1850 census, with a big contingent in Illinois.

John Kimlin (1792-after 1850)

The Illinois family seems to be descended from John (son of William) and Florence Sloan (b. Ireland, daughter of James Sloan; d. Sept 1842).

John Kimlin was born in County Armagh, Ireland on 26 Aug 1792, and immigrated to Ohio in 1816. He was "a weaver of double coverlets". He also lived in PA and IL, moving several times throughout his lifetime. John and Florence had several children, leading to a productive mid-western an mid-atlantic branch of Kimlins. A good history of the family can be found in: History of Crawford and Clark Counties, Illinois. Chicago: O.L. Baskin & Co., 1883.

  1. William Kimlin, b. 12 Sep 1816 in Belmont Co, Ohio; m1. Rebecca Prevo; Children: Mary Jane (abt 1844-?) and Samuel (abt 1845-?); m2. Elzina Spenny; Children: Benjamin F. (1851-?)
  2. James Kimlin, b. abt 1820, OH; m. Julia Ann McNary in 1846; lived IL in 1883; Children: Charles (abt 1849- prob before 1860), John (abt1848-?), Rachel (abt 1850- prob before 1860), Mary (abt 1852-before 1883), Perry (abt 1859-?), Zarena (abt 1863-before 1883)
  3. Jane Kimlin, d. before 1883
  4. Elizabeth Kimlin, m. John Alexander; d. before 1883; Children: James Alexander
  5. Mary A. Kimlin, m. James V. Hedges; d. before 1883; had children
  6. John Kimlin, b. about 1835, PA; m. Elizabeth; lived in KS in 1883; Children: Thomas (b. abt 1855, IL) Catherine (b. abt 1858, IL), William (b. abt 1862, IL), John (b. abt 1864, IL), Florence (b. abt 1866, IL)
John Kimlin (probably father?) and William Kimlin (John's son) purchased IL land in 1838 and 1840, respectively. There is a John Kimlin who received a Civil War pension in Illinois, probably a descendant of the original John (son or grandson?).

I am unsure that there is any connection between the Illinois family or any of the other early Kimlin families and my branch in Poughkeepsie. John Kimlin's birth was in the same county of Ireland (Armagh) that the Poughkeepsie Kimlins came from, however, he was somewhat older than they were (though not by much).

William Kimlin (abt. 1803-1877)

My first Kimlin to come to the United States was William Kimlin. He was born about 1803 in Ireland. Family records say that he was the son of William Kimlin and Mary Proctor... confusing and probably an error, since this William was married to a Mary Proctor as well. William was married to Mary Proctor, probably in Ireland. William's brother, who is mentioned in his will, was named John.

According to family history and his tombstone, William left Parish Laugall, Armagh, Ireland for America on April 27, 1839. I find a record of a William "Kenlin", almost certainly him, who arrived in New York on June 8, 1839 on the Ship Dauntless. He was age 30 of Ireland, though the ship had left from Liverpool (a common port of departure for Irish emigrants). Mary "Kenlin", age 28, matron, is also on the ship. No children seem to be listed, and the first child I know of was born in Nov 1839. It is possible, therefore, that William and Mary were newlyweds at the time of their emigration or at least that they had not yet had children.

Oddly, I cannot find them in the 1840 census. By 1850, however, they were in Poughkeepsie, NY, where William is also found in 1860 and 1870. In 1850, he was a "gardner" with real estate of $400. In 1860, he was a laborer with real estate valued at $6000 and personal estate of $200. In 1870, he does not list an occupation.

William and Mary Proctor Kimlin had at least three children, and a stepdaughter:
  1. Thomas I. Kimlin, b. 24 Nov 1839 in New York; m. Mary _____; d. 31 May 1882; buried Poughkeepsie. Listed as a carpenter, 1860 and 1880. Died age 42. Buried 2 Jun 1882 at Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. Children: Ezra (1876-?), Frank (1878-?), Mabel (1885-?), Blanche (1887-?)
  2. William Richard Kimlin (my gg-grandfather) b. 7 Oct 1843 in New York; christened 1843 in Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; m. Mary Ann Conn 17 Sep 1873 in New York, New York; d. 8 Dec 1891; buried Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery on Dec 11th. Listed as a mason in 1870, mason and builder (1889-1891), mason plaster and brick (1880). Had children: William Thomas (1875-1946), Stewart Tyng (1876-1904), Charlotte Sarah (1879-1953), Rachel Victoria (1885, d. infant), and Edith Belle (1887-1961).
  3. John Hamilton Kimlin, b. 12 Dec 1847/9 in Poughkeepsie, New York; christened 23 Dec 1847 in Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; m. Susan Anderson at Christ Church on 24 Dec 1879; d. Feb 1926; buried Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. Listed as a carpenter in 1870 and 1900, carpenter and builder (1890-97), and builder by contract (1880). Children: Florence Anderson (1881-?), John Jr. (1883-?), Isabella (1884-?), John Henry (1884-?), Harold (1889-?), Leslie Russell (1892-?), Carlotta (1893-?), Duane (1895-?), Charles (1897-?).
  4. Mary Ann Proctor is mentioned in William Kimlin's will as his stepdaughter. I'm a little unclear on whether she was Mary's daughter from a previous marriage or possibly a niece, or whether the surnames have simply been confounded over the years. I do not see that she came over from Ireland with the Kimlins.
William Kimlin died April 3, 1877, age 77 years, in Poughkeepsie, New York. He was buried in the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery on April 5th. His wife, Mary Proctor Kimlin, died October 15, 1892 age 84 years, and was buried with him. Other family members in the same Kimlin plot include their son, John H. Kimlin (1847-1911) and John's wife Susan Anderson Kimlin (1861-1946).

In 1880, I looked for Mary Proctor Kimlin. It is possible that she is the Mary Kimlin, age 69, who is listed as a patient at the Hudson River State Hospital for the Insane. This Mary Kimlin was formerly a "housekeeper", probably not in the modern sense of the word, but in its former meaning of "keeping house" for her own family. Mary Kimlin is widowed and was born in Ireland. She lists her mother's birthplace as England and her father's as Scotland.

Robert Kimlin (abt 1820/30-1881)

Robert Kimlin was born in Ireland about 1820-30. He married Margaret _____ (b. about 1826, Ireland).

Robert and his family immigrated on the Arabian on June 29, 1850 to Castle Garden. Robert "Kimlohan", age 23, was a laborer. Margaret, age 23, was a "spinster" (presumably meaning that she spun, not that she was an old maid!). James was age 2 and Thos. age 0 m.

In 1850, Robert is listed as a "gardner" in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 1860, he is a laborer with no real estate listed and only $100 in personal property. By 1870, he is a "gardner" with $3000 in real estate and $300 in personal property. In 1880, he is a farmer. He died 17 June 1881.

Robert and Margaret had the following children:
  1. James, b. about 1846, Ireland; probably the James Kimlin, age 26, who married Mary Jane Tweedy, age 20, on Oct 24, 1872 at Christ Church and who died 2 Apr 1911 at age 65; buried 4 Apr 1911, Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. If so, children: Eliza (1873), Jennie Tweedy (1875), John Edward (1877), Robert James (1879), Matilda Elizabeth (1881), Harry Truman (1887), Isabella Viola (1888), Helen Montgomery (1893), Edna Dorothy (1896).
  2. Thomas, b. about 1850, Ireland
  3. Sarah Jane, b. 24 May 1851; bapt 31 Aug 1851 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; possibly the Sarah Jane who married Isaac Mabey and had Charles William in 1868 -- this Sarah had Mary Louisa and Margaret Jane Kimlin as sponsors for the baby's baptism at Christ Church
  4. William John, b. 24 May 1851; bapt 31 Aug 1851 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; probably died as a young child, since William Henry was born in 1859
  5. Robert Truman, b. 13 Jul 1852, New York; bapt 12 Mar 1853, Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; d. 27 Dec 1914 age 62; buried 31 Dec 1914 at Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery
  6. Benjamin, b. 9 July 1854, New York; bapt. 21 Dec 1854 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
  7. Richard Courtney, b. 2 Dec 1857, New York; bapt. 17 Jul 1857 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; married Anna Catharine Reichardt on 13 Apr 1884; Children: George Henry (1889-1890); Robert (1894-?)
  8. William Henry, b. 21 Feb 1859, New York; 5 Aug 1859 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
  9. Mary Elizabeth, b. 4 Apr 1862, NY; bapt. 26 May 1862 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
  10. Margaret, b. about 1866, NY
  11. John Charles, b. about 1867, NY
In the 1870 census at least one child who is not theirs is enumerated with the family (John). I base my knowledge that he is not a son of Robert and Margaret on his sudden appearance at age 22, and the fact that there is another John in the records.
  1. John, b. about 1848, Ireland
There is also a child listed in the baptism records for Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie, with parents named as Robert and Margaret Kimlin. However, John Charles Kimlin was baptized on 17 Jan 1876 (no birth date given). This could be the John C. listed above if he received a late baptism. It seems highly improbable that this Robert and Margaret could have had a child in 1876, and since they already had a son John Charles, this is likely to be him.

In 1850, a Mary Burphy (age 60) with James (age 32) and Timothy Burphy (age 28), and John Ryan (age 28) were also listed with the family. They may or may not be related.

Robert Kimlin is listed with his family within the same house as William Kimlin (above) in 1850. He is, however, probably not a son of William. As noted above, William emigrated in 1839. However, Robert's two children were apparently born in Ireland as late as 1849. In addition, Robert is significantly older than any of William's other known children. It is, of course, possible that William Kimlin had children prior to his emigration and that Robert is a son who later moved to be closer to his father. It seems more likely, however, that Robert is either a cousin or (most probably) a nephew.

John Kimlin (abt 1810-1882)

John Kimlin was born about 1810 in Ireland. John "Kimlahan" immigrated with his family on the ship Marmion from Ireland to Castle Garden on 1 Dec 1847. He was age 40, and a carpenter. Listed with him are Julia (age 40), Charlotte (age 20), Thomas (age 9), Richard (age 5), and John (age 3). It is unclear what relationship Charlotte was. She could have been a daughter, but there is a sizeable gap between her and the next child, so I'm not sure.

He first appears in the 1850 census in Poughkeepsie, New York, age 40. He is a carpenter and has $500 of real estate. John is married to Julia, age 40. She and all of their children were also born in Ireland. I cannot find the family in 1860 or 1870.

Julia died at age 65 and was buried 9 Aug 1876 in Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. John appears in the 1880 census with his son Richard. They live near Robert Kimlin (above). He is a farmer. John died on 13 Aug 1882.

John and Julia were the parents of:
  1. Thomas, b. abt. 1838, Ireland
  2. Richard J., b. abt. 1842, Ireland; m. Marcia M. _____; d. 10 Jul 1910 at age 68; buried Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery 12 Jul 1910; Children: Ralph Richard (1887-?). Carpenter.
  3. John, b. about 1844, Ireland. Probably d. young.
Listed within the same household are John Morrow (age 26, carpenter) and James Morrow (age 10). They may or may not be related.

Also living in the house, though enumerated as a separate family are Hamilton Kimlin (age 26, carpenter) and his wife Anna (age 25) (more info on this family below). Given the ages of John (40) and Hamilton (26), I am uncertain as to relationships here. It is possible that Hamilton is a much younger brother, a cousin, nephew, or even a son of John (assuming that ages were approximated).

I have no doubt that these Kimlins are not only related to each other, but are also somehow related to the William Kimlin line above. All are listed as carpenters, and Kimlin is not a common name. In addition, first names are repeated in both families, including Hamilton, a fairly uncommon name. It is distinctly possible that the John Kimlin listed here is William Kimlin's brother, especially since we have information indicating that William had a brother named John.

Hamilton Kimlin (abt. 1824-??)

Hamilton Kimlin was born about 1824 in Ireland. He married Anna _____. Between 1861 and 1870, he seems to have remarried to Maria _____. He lived in Poughkeepsie in 1850, 1870, and 1880. In cursory looking, I haven't found him in 1860. Hamilton was a carpenter.

As noted above, he is almost certainly related to John Kimlin in some way.

Children with Anna:
  1. Ann Eliza, b. 19 Nov 1861; christened 8 Dec 1861, Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; probably died as child before 1870 census
  2. Margaret Jane, b. 4 Aug 1849, New York; bapt. 30 Mar 1852 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
Children with Maria (probably):
  1. Alice, b. about 1870, NY
James Kimlin (1810-?)

James Kimlin was born about 1810 in Ireland. He married Margaret _____, who was born about 1820 in Ireland.

I find a record of the family's immigration on the John Bright into Castle Garden on the 24 Apr 1858. James "Kimlahan" was a farmer, age 40. Listed with him are wife Margaret, age 30, Patrick, age 4, and Sarah, age 6.

In 1860, James was a laborer in Poughkeepsie, NY. He died at age 64 years, 3 months and was buried 25 Dec 1874 in the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. James and Margaret had the following children:
  1. Sarah, b. about 1852, Ireland
  2. Patrick, b. about 1854, Ireland
Richard Kimlin (abt 1820-???)

Richard Kimlin was born about 1820 in Ireland and married to Elizabeth Jane _____. In 1850, the family lived in LaGrange, Dutchess County, NY, in 1860 in Pawling, Dutchess County, and in 1870, the family lived in Dover, Dutchess County, NY, the only early Kimlin family in the area who did not live within Poughkeepsie. Richard was a "waggonmaker" in 1850 and farmer in 1870, perhaps explaining the distance from the city.

  1. Thomas William, bapt 29 Jun 1844 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie (no birth date is given, a relative rarity in the Christ Church records, so it seems likely that Thomas was born elsewhere, possibly in Ireland or en route)
  2. Richard James, b. 8 Mar 1846; bapt 29 May 1846 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
  3. Robert Erskine, b. 19 Jul 1847, NY; bapt 3 Jan 1848 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; possibily the Robert married to Jane ___ who had Jane in 1869?
  4. Julia Maria., b. 8 Jun 1851, NY; bapt. 13 Jul 1851 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
  5. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 17 Mar 1853; bat. 25 Mar 1853, Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; not at home by 1880
  6. Henry Seymour, b. 20 Feb 1854, NY; bapt. 17 Nov 1854, Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie
  7. Maria A., b. about 1857, NY
  8. Eliza Jane, b. 18 Nov 1858; 28 Nov 1858 Christ Church (Episcopal), Poughkeepsie; not at home (dead?) by 1880
Unconnected (so far) Early Kimlins

In this section, I have listed information I have found related to the surname Kimlin, but which does not fit nicely into the family histories above or which is not definitively linked. Most of this info is from before about 1875, when the surname becomes so frequent as to make this unfeasible.

1850 census:
28 Kimlins show up in the 1850 census, although more can likely be found under variations of the surname. Of these, all but one are represented above. The one that isn't included is:
  • Ann Kimlin, age 15, b.Ireland, living with an apparently unrelated family in Derby, CT (possibly as a servant?)
1860 census:
51 Kimlins show up in the 1860 census. Most are listed above, with many of the new Kimlins being from Germany, so probably not related to our Irish ones. Ann Kimlin from 1850 does not reappear. The Kimlins that are not listed in families above include:
  • Michael Kimlin (age 28, b. Germany) and family - Fredericka, 22, b. Germany; and William, 2, b. IN - living in Wayne, IN
  • Mathew Kimlin (age 28, b. Germany) and family - Celia, 25, b. Germany; John, 3, b. MI; Eliza, 1, b. MI - living in Erie, MI
  • H. Kimlin (age 25, b. KY) and family - M., age 21, b. MO, female; J., age 3, b. MO, female, D.A., age 2, b. MO, female - living in Washington, MO
  • John Kimlin (age 40, b. Ireland) and family - Bridget, age 37, b. Ireland; Patrick, age 18, b. Ireland - living in Brooklyn, NY
  • Fred Kimlin (age 50, b. Germany) and family - Mary, age 38, b. Baden; Fritz, age 9, b. Baden; Christiane, age 7, b. Baden, female; Joseph, age 5, b. PA; John, age 2, b. PA - living in Scranton, PA
1870 census:
There are 89 Kimlins in the 1870 census, including a new Irish contingent living in Pennsylvania. Interestingly, none of the Kimlins listed as "new" in 1860 seem to reappear. Possibly the 1860 Kimlins had their name mispelled in that census? The new ones are:
  • Elizabeth Kimlin, b. abt 1841, Ireland, living in Boston, MA (in boarding house?)
  • Rebecca Kimlin, age 19, b. MO; living in Campbell, MO as a servant
  • Thomas Kimlin (age 31, b. Ireland) and family - Louisa F., age 21, b. Illinois; Henrietta, age 3, b. MO; Clara, age 2, b. MO - living in Marion, MO (this Thomas is a physician and is probably the same as the Dr. Thomas Kimlin listed in the directory below)
  • Jacob Kimlin (age 62, b. Bavaria) and wife - Margaret, age 48, b. Deutschland - living in Newark, NJ
  • Christopher Kimlin (age 70, b. Ireland) and wife - Ellen, age 59, b. Ireland - living in Newburgh, NY
  • Andrews Kimlin (age 50, b. Saxony) and wife - Mary, age 29, b. PA - living in Allegheny, PA
  • Ann Kimlin (age 38, b. Ireland) and children - John, age 14, b. PA; Thomas, age 11, b. PA; Anthony, age 8, b. PA; Susan, age 4, b. PA - living Allegheny, PA
  • Anthony Kimlin (age 50, b. Ireland) and family - Ellen, age 50, b. Ireland; John, age 20, b. Ireland; Anthony, age 16, b. PA; Winifred, age 30, b. Ireland - living Schuylkill, PA
  • Mathew Kimlin (age 46; b. Ireland) and family - Mary Ann, age 36, b. TX; Edmund, age 8, b. TX; Carles, age 6, b. TX; Mathew, age 2, b. TX; Rade, age 4, b. TX, Ellen, age 2/12, b. TX- living Live Oak, TX
  • Fenton Kimlin (age 40, b. VA) and family (?) all b. VA - Sallie, 28; Mary, age 20; Abner, age 14 (?); Kittie, age 13; Ellen, age 11; Allice, age 4 - living in Newport, VA (This family is listed as black and mulatto)
  • Mary Kimlin (age 8, b. WV, mulatto) - living in Lewisburg, WV (relationships in household unclear)
Military Pensions:
There are several military pensions for Kimlins. Some of these are likely to be connected above, but most would require further research to definitively identify.

Civil War/War with Spain pensions:
  1. William Kimlin, served NJ, widow Mary (died in 1922)
  2. John Kimlin, served IL, filed in KS, widow Maria
  3. Anthony Kimlin, served PA, filed 1863, widow Annie & minor pensions (guardian of minor James M. Cooper)
  4. Arthur John Kimlin, filed Indiana in 1932?
  5. Thomas Kimlin, widow Louisa F., filed Illinois (served NJ?)
  6. Walter H. Kimlin, served Hosp. Corps, filed Colorado in 19--?
  7. Stewart T. Kimlin (War with Spain), served NY, widow d. 1918
In addition, Civil War lists include Augustus Kimlin who served in Ohio.

Passenger Lists/Naturalizations:
Included above when relevant. However, here are a few not listed above:

Passenger lists for NYC list a Fred Kimlin (age 44, occupation "minor") and Gustave Kimlin (age 15) who arrived on the ship City of Montreal in steerage on 16 Aug 1875 from Liverpool, England. Origins are listed as England. (the same Fred as appears in PA in 1860? That Fred was b. Germany, but the name "Gustave" seems to point to a German origin for this Fred also.)

Passenger lists also list a very early Kimlin family apparently bound for Georgia from Germany in 1741: Conrad Kimlin with wife Maria and son John.

Anthony Kimlin (probably the same one as above who served in the Civil War) is listed in an index to naturalization papers for Blair Co, PA as having arrived in 1850.

Thomas Kimlin is listed in the NYC naturalization indexes for the Court of Common Pleas on Oct 11, 1876. He is a shoemaker, living at 40 W. 11th St., NYC.

Directories/local histories:
A Dr. Thomas Kimlin is also listed as a Bookseller, Druggist, and Physician in Trenton, Missouri in 1881 according to the State Directory of that year.

Another Thomas Kimlin, originally of Poughkeepsie and son of one of the Richards above, moved to New Milford, CT about 1868 where he established a building and contracting business in 1880. (History of the towns of New Milford and Bridgewater, Connecticut, 1803-1882)

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  • I'm related to Richard James & Eliza Jane Smith Kimlin and from the data I've found I just may be related to John & Julia Kimlahan as well.

    I've written to you before. :)

    By Anonymous K. Kimlin, At April 3, 2008 7:50 PM  

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    By Blogger lijialefw, At August 26, 2008 2:04 AM  

  • Your research is amazing. I am from the James-Mary Jane Tweedy Kimlins.
    My great grandfather was Harry Truman Kimlin who married Lillian Heinz. Their two sons were Harry and Douglas. My grandfather was Douglas Orlando Kimlin. He married Helen Arvilla LaPolt and they had three children: Vilma, Douglas and Lillian Martha (all deceased.) My mother was Vilma Kimlin. My sister and my daughter both have Kimlin as their middle name.

    By Blogger Christine, At April 17, 2009 12:24 AM  

  • Additional Kimlin info from the 1892 State Census:

    Thomas Kimlin family shows up in Poughkeepsie, Wd 5, ED 1, p1: Thomas 39, Mary 38, Edgar 17, Frank 15, Cornelius 11, Mabel 8, Blanche 5

    John Kimblin, Poughkeepsie, Wd 6, ED 1, p9:
    John 46, Susan 31, John H. 8, Bella 7, Harold 3, Leslie 2

    Mary Kimblin, Poughkeepsie, Wd 6, ED 1, p10:
    Mary A. 41, William T. 17, Stewart T. 15, Charlotta 12, Edith B. 4
    All b US, all citizens

    James Kimblin, Poughkeepsie, Wd 6, ED 2, p6:
    James Kimlin 44 b. Ireland, Mary J 39, Cornelia G 18, Jenna T 16, Robert J. 12, Matilda E. 10, Harra [?] T. 7, Isabella V. 3

    By Blogger Meg, At May 22, 2009 7:31 PM  

  • By Blogger Meg, At May 22, 2009 7:42 PM  

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