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Welcome to the gadgets page. You may already be familiar with Google's gadgets, which can be added to a personalized Google homepage, or added to your own website. Google provides information for developers interested in creating their own gadgets, which is what I have done.

Below you will find a number of the Genealogy Gadgets I have created (as well as a couple that are useful that I didn't create). Each provides you with the option of searching an external database (such as the FamilySearch website) from the convenience of one web page. You can use the gadgets from this page or you can install them on your own site or blog. Search results for each gadget will open in a new page.

I hope you find these useful. If you have questions or to request a new genealogy gadget, please contact me by removing the dashes from this email address:

This custom Google Search box will search many of the genealogy websites that I have found helpful. It cannot search those with databases, though.

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