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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christmas to Easter Videos

Excuse #1: When your child gets older you don't have as much time.
Excuse #2: My workload has increased.
Excuse #3: Easter came early this year, so there wasn't much time.
Excuse #4: Blame the computer.
Excuse #5: Asa was in the hospital.
Excuse #6: Asa wants to play with the camera, not be in a movie.

Anyway, here are the videos, spanning from tree decorating right before Xmas to just a couple of weeks ago.

Decorating the Tree

Feeding the Baby

Asa Talks About the Hole in Mama's Slipper

Asa & Playdough

Asa Explains How the Video Works ("and another Asa")

Enjoy. More updates later today, I think.


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