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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Day-After!

Coming down from the sugar high, we are doing pretty well. Poor Asa had to get his 15-month immunizations plus flu shot yesterday afternoon. 4 shots! On the other hand, I had a better treat waiting for him when he got home than usual, since we headed straight out for trick or treating.

He had SO much fun trick-or-treating. He loved the doorbells (pushing buttons is great), and then all the coos and attention he got in his lion costume. He thought that picking out the candy was superb. He doesn't say trick or treat, but would sign please with prompting. And then the thank-you would turn into another reach for the candy. I even gave him some of his candy to eat last night. We did the whole neighborhood, but were home by 6:30.

Here is a video of Asa reading a book with Ahmee this AM.

He has gotten really good at walking in the past month, almost never falling and moving FAST. Climbing has also improved, so that now he can get into most chairs in order to scare me.

He's talking in two word sentences now, although I don't understand him at least half the time. I've given up tracking his words though. He has a ton. And understands almost everything you say to him. He knows body parts and some animal sounds. Books are still one of his favorite things which is how he's learning some of this. He's able to look at books in his carseat independently, which helps a little. We had a long car ride to my mother's house and now he hates the car no matter what you do.

His favorite toys right now are his vehicles (trucks and a school bus) and his farm animals. Plus the books and music of any sort. Even they don't help in the car though.

Another new thing is that we've started time-out. He's still too young by all the books, but for hitting, biting, and throwing things we had no other solutions. The problem was escalating, so that if you told him 'no', he'd just start doing it more. He needed a break from everything in order to calm down. For other things, we are still doing a lot of redirecting (as much as that works) and warning. Testing limits was something I thought came later than this...


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