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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Consumer Alert!

Even now, you may have a dangerous product lurking in your kitchen masquerading as a food. This green, leafy "vegetable" is often sold in stalks or heads, and parents are often heard to refer to it as "good for you". A single case report of a 12 month old male indicates that eating this substance may cause gagging, horrible faces, and/or your tongue to fall off. Death may result from ingestion. The child was saved through his quick reaction of scraping all of the material from his mouth and much spitting. At this time, investigation is ongoing but has indicated that other children and even some adults may have had similar reactions. Please be cautious when exposing any portion of your body to this potentially hazardous substance and keep out of reach of children at all times. In case of ingestion, feed sweets immediately.

A public service announcement from Asa.


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