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Lytton Springs, Caldwell County Texas
Why would anyone want to do a web page on a small community that very few have even heard of?  All my John and Ida McCandlesslife I've heard the stories about the kids of Lytton as they grew up, the adults that made homes and families.  Tabernacle

It has been said that a piece of your life goes with your children and therefore to their children.  If that be true, the lives of these people lives on.  The focus of this rural community has been the Tabernacle which started out as a brush arbor but the structure pictured to the right was built before 1912 and reroofed with the tin roof that has become its most striking feature.  Families from miles around would come here to week long camp meetings.  Wagons and horses covered the acreage around the creek and the springs behind the building.  A few quilts on the ground for the baby and a rocker for Grannie, the entire community enjoyed the preaching, the cooking and music that filled the air for the week.  John Richard McCandless and Mary Ida Perry, pictured here, settled in Lytton Springs and raised a family.   They are just an example of all the folks from Lytton and when you come to Lytton, remember that the footsteps you hear are not just your own, a proud spirit walks with you.

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