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Below is a listing of other researchers and the particular branch they are pursuing. 

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 Ever wonder who else out there is working on your same family branch?  Do they have critical information that you don't?

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This list will be continually updated as new researcher names are added.

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  Oldest Lyon(s)      (born/where; died/where)                                                Researcher's Name / email      



  Kidder, Eunice B. (Lyon) (b.1736, Worth, Jefferson Co., NY)                        Shirley Long


   Lyon, Benjamin (b. 31 Dec 1730, Seekonk, MA; m. Sarah May 25 Jan 1753, Woodstock, CT)

                                                                                                                         Sandi Hartnell


   Lyon, David (b. 1714 Inverkip, Scotland; d. 1766, Inverkip, Scotland)               Bruce Lyon 


   Lyon, George (b. London, England, resided Petersburg, VA)                            Barton Cox


   Lyon, Henry (b. abt 1623 of CT & NJ)                                                                  Porter Lyon


   Lyon, Isaac (b. 1791 in Millbrook, NJ, d. 1865, Morris County, NJ.) m. Margaret F. Todd dau. Jerusha A. Lyon

                                                                                                                          Kelle Luoma


   Lyon, James (b. 22 Jan 1751; d. 1827, NY; m. Mary Presket; lived 1790 Tunbridge, VT)

                                                                                                                              James Lyon

   Lyon, James (b. 1736, MD; d. 29 Dec 1817)                                              Rachel Lotterhos Wills


   Lyon, John (b 1649 / Scotland; d 1684 / Dorchester Co., MD ??)                     Mike Lyon        


   Lyon, John (b. 19 Nov 1775, New Kent o., VA; d. abt 1863, Todd Co., KY)            Stephanie Lyons-Olsen


   Lyon, Jonathan Lyon (b. 1724, Harford County MD; d. 1784, Harford County, MD)      Gerald Lyons Jr

   Lyon, Joseph (dau Johanna Lyon b. abt 1805; m. George Washington Waite Feb. 21, 1822;  d. October 31, 1887; buried Greenwood

                  Cemetery, NYC)                                                                             Grace Daniel

   Lyon, T. Joshua (b. 1 Mar 1796 in Sc, d. 3 Sep 1882 in Choctaw Co., AL)           Dorothy Melanson


   Lyon, Peter (b ~1620 / England; d ~1693 / Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA )      Bruce C. Lyon


   Lyon, Peter (b ~ 1745/ Maryland; d ~ 1820/Maury County, Tennessee)            Bill Dahnke


   Lyon, Rachael Dolly (b. abt 1864, Eaton Co., MI; d. 1937 Thompsonville,MI; m. David Nelson Cornell) 

                                                                                                                                               Pamela MaAllizter


   Lyon, Rachel Levisa Lyon (b. 6 Jul 1861, VA; d. 23 Jan 1931 Memphis, TN; m. William Perry Burton)

                                                                                                                                    Kathy Milam


   Lyon, Samuel (b.1706, Georgetown, PA; d.1807 Richland, OH)                       Douglas Lyon


   Lyon, Thomas Lyon (of Rye)                                                                             Terry A. Lyon


   Lyon, T. Joshua (b. 1 March 1796, SC; d. 3 September, 1892, Chocta AL)    Dorothy Davis Melanson


   Lyon, William (b.1580, Harrow-on-the-Hill, England; d.aft 1646, MA)             Martha Smith

   Lyons, Abe (b. 1808 Mercer Co., KY; d. 1862 Mercer Co., KY)                   Alfreda Potrafke  


   Lyons, Elizabeth (b. 17 Dec 1802, PA; d. 24 Jul 1867, Allegheny, PA; m1 Daniel Swank; m2 John McElroy)

                                                                                                                                  Betsy Hare Kemp


   Lyons, Jonathan (b. abt. 1754; d. abt. 1849, Oldham County, KY)                  Pam Brinegar


   Lyons, Joseph Victor (b. bet 1800-1830 possibly England), m. Christina ???, son James Charles (b. bet 1850-

                                                                                              1855)                            Les Lyons   


   Lyons/Lions, Matthew (b. abt 1760, Reading, Berkshire, UK; d. 1840, London)            Joy Lyons          


   Lyons, Samuel Thrasher (b. 1810 Philadelphia, PA)  parents Henry and Sarah O'Brien Lyons

                                                                                                                                   Carolyn Wyatt


   Lyons, Pocius Mead (b. 1819, TN; d. Jul 1885, AL)                                        Joy Lyons Hooker

   Lyons, Thomas William (b. 1835 Ireland d. 1909 Randolph County, IN, USA)             Joe Walsh


   Lyons, Thomas William (b. September 1866, New York City; d. March 1901, New York City);

                              m. Margaret Mary Armstrong                                                            Bill Lyons          WTL@LYONSANDCO.COM


    Lyons, William "Bill"  (b. Oct 1895; d. Arcadia, FL)        Rebecca Smith


    Lyons, William D. (b. 14 Dec 1796 New Jersey; d. 31 Mar 1868 Mahomet, Illinois)

                                                                                                Nancy Lyons Thompson