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 Since its first edition in 1951, The Lyon's Tale has listed over 39,000 names in its pages. 

Please note:  This search identifies the referenced page (Year-Quarter-Page) where the name appears in The Lyon's Tale.  Because of internet privacy considerations,you will NOT find birth, death, or marriage information during this search.  Birth, death, or marriage information IS found on our compilation DVD containing full text of all of our LTs in pdf format.         See Publications.  


Please keep in mind that spellings have often varied over the years and regionally. 

And don't forget initials !

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  Lyon(s) 1951-2010   Other 1951-2010

  Lyon(s) 2011- today   Other 2011- today


This master index is updated each



Due to size limitations, the index has been split at the year 2011.  Be sure to check BOTH parts !

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