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The Lyon(s) Families Association was founded in 1951 by Howard C. Lyon as a
non-profit organization devoted to research and compilation of Lyon(s) families records.
Take a few minutes to learn more about the Lyon(s) Families Association, and its long history, activities and resources. And if you have a Lyon(s) ancestor, please contact us. You'll find more information on the Contact Us page.
Lyon(s) DNA Project
The Lyon(s) Family Association is cooperating with the FTDNA testing site to study the DNA of Lyon(s) descendants in order to attempt to discover common ancestors. The goal of the project is to see if DNA testing can discover a link between the early Lyon(s) Ancestors or Progenitors. Particularly useful is the testing of men named Lyon(s). Combined with traditional genealogical research the results can be compared to other Lyon(s) men. Using genetics and the markers on the Y chromosome, similar patterns may become clear. We urge Lyon(s) men to submit a test sample to Family Tree DNA for the 67 or 111 marker test. Learn about our ongoing project and other topics related to Lyon(s) DNA. here
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If this is your first visit to our website, take a few minutes to get to know us - we've been around for over 60 years! Find out how Howard Lyon's concept of collecting and documenting Lyon(s) in 1951 resulted in the creation of The Lyon's Tale and provided the foundation for the Lyon(s) Families Association.
Contact us and find out if your Lyon ancestors have already been documented in one of our Lyon(s) families. And, if they aren't in our database, we'll work with you to find a connection.
After you have connected with one of the LFA families, we hope you'll consider membership. We thrive on touching base with all our Lyon(s) descendants and always welcome new members. And your dues will ensure that our Lyon(s) records will be preserved for future generations.
We appreciate contributions of your 
Lyon(s) genealogy to our database. If you have already contributed, we thank you - and please, remember to keep us
Since our founding over 60 years ago, the LFA has been dedicated to the same unwavering principles:
           To collect, assemble and distribute complete, accurate
               Lyon(s) genealogy information
           To serve as a worldwide forum for researchers
           To collect family histories and anecdotes to round out our database
           To foster family unity and pride in the family name
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We maintain a genealogy database of over 130,000 individuals and families.  See our Publications page to learn how to get a copy.
That's where you'll also find out about our our archived (since 1951) Lyon's Tale quarterly publication.  The complete set is now on DVD for just $20.00 here.  

Help us correct some known inconsistencies in our database.  Click on the Help! button on the left.

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Note that the LFA Website manager has retired and the website is currently not being updated.
Any LFA member interested in assuming the responsibility of managing this website should contact the LFA Secretary at the "Contact us" link.
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