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Helen Scarborough with Pat Campbell

Found Ellis Photos--Can you identify? ADDED 8-20-2001

Photo 1 - John Miller and Ruth Ellen Keener

Photo 2 - Jessie P Green and Ethel Keener Green

Photo 3 - Myrtle Evelyn with her Father, John William Keener, in 1904

Photo 4 - 1943 Jessie and Ethel Keener Green's Family

Photo 5a, 5b - Rev Ulrich and Sarah Keener Graves (includes Cabin)

Photo 6 - George Wesley Keener and Mary Ida Hankins Keener

Photo 7a, 7b - Two mysteries: James Newport Ellis and Rev. Wm A Ellis

Photo 8 - The George Washington Hayes House, built 1830

Photo 9a, 9b -Directions and Steve Miller and Ernest Keener

Photo 10 - Chief Vann House - Childhood Memories

Photo 11 - Margaret Keener Miller and her story

   Photo 12 - Daniel Atkins Keener and his family

  Photo 13 - Gene Green, Lynda Ellis and Paula Gibbs each at 20

  Photo 14 - James M and Virginia Green Beaty

Photo 15 - Easter Knox Stone and son, A. Phylander Stone

Photo 16a - James Madison Ellis,
16b James Kimsey and wife, Louisa Clayton Ellis

Photo 17 - James Kimsey Ellis and all his children

Photo 18 - more Gilmer County Ellis Pictures

Photo 19 - Carson Reunion -2000

Photo 20 -  Joseph Lester Ellis and Joseph Grant Ellis

Photo 21 - North vs South - A family divided

Photos 22a James Mackell Grice b. Lee and Sarah Grice

Photos 23a Grice Family of 1898 b. "LOST" Elwina Cochran

Photo Page 24 - Children of George and Mary Banther

Photo Page 25 - Keeners in Kansas

Photos 26 - William Keener Douglas and Family

Photos 27 - John Sevier Keener and Isabel Keener Bain

Photo 28 Sebastian Keener of 1831

Photo 29- James Marion and Ruah Vian Holbrook Keener
with Edd and Lydia Keener McCoy

Photo 30- Harriett Admonia Hayes Keener with some of Family

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