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The Family Ancestry of Judith Isabel LYMBERY

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Walter Lymbery
The Lymbery Family - Lace Manufacturers

...... from Waterford to Radford ...........

By 1653 Oliver Cromwell and his forces had subjugated the whole of Ireland. Many large estates, taken from Catholic overlords who were forced to relocate west of the Shannon, were broken up. Cromwell's soldiers, in lieu of arrears in payment, were to be given shares of these forfeited lands, by drawing lots according to their rank in the army. Kilcop House and lands, in Waterford County, was one of these forfeited properties, and Gregory Lymbery became its new owner. Lymbery's were to reside here for generations.....

One of Gregory's descendants, John Lymbery (1789 - 1872), along with his elder sister Susannah, came to Nottingham sometime before 1806, took up residence in Hyson Green, Radford, built the first house there, and founded a dynasty of Lace Manufacturers, cricketers and footballers...

Walter Roe Lymbery is John Lymbery's grandson.

    Walter Roe Lymbery 1845 - 1925
Diary Page 3
Nottingham Forest Cricket Club

On Page 3 of the first volume of Harold Lymbery's Diary he describes 
his father (Walter Roe Lymbery) founding the Notts Forest Cricket Club

" which became famous in Nottinghamshire. They went on a tour in the Dukeries
and Derbyshire every year and still do. They have now been 22 times and
during all this time my father has been captain and the mainstay of the Club
If this were written in 1892, it would imply these Dukeries Tours commenced
in 1870, and thus the formation of the Cricket Club must have been around that
date. Apart from these Diaries and the Photographs no other written
records appear to have survived which would help pin down the formation of
the Club. One of the photographs taken outside a "Lion Hotel", probably the
one in Worksop, Notts, has the caption:

"25th Annual "Dukery" Tour - 1898"
This implies a start to these tours in 1873, slightly at variance with that
stated by Harold in his first diary, and is probably more accurate. There is
in the possession of Judy Clifford's (nee Lymbery) family a beautiful framed
presentation portrait photograph of Walter Roe Lymbery (Harold's father),
with a brass commemoration plaque on the bottom, which reads:

"Presented to Mr. W R LYMBERY by the Members of the Nottm Forest CC on the completion of 50 years as Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and Captain. April 1921"
A reasonable guesstimate therefore of the foundation of the Cricket Club
would thus put it at 1870 or 1871.
Walter Roe Lymbery was also a Founder Member in 1865 of Nottingham Forest
Football Club, and was the Club's Chairman and Secretary 1866 - 1868
and it's first Captain.

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