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MacKay Family & Connections in the Maritimes

Welcome to the web site for William MacKay and Mary Ann Warren descendants, and related families. Here you will find genealogical information concerning the following families: MacKay, Chapman, Holmes, Martell, Johnstone, Salsman, Dakin and Snow, who settled in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, Canada.

The data presented here excludes living persons, to protect privacy. If you have any corrections, additions, or information to share, I would be delighted to correspond.

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Last updated: September 15, 2002.

The Descendants of William MacKay and Mary Ann Warren

William MacKay, born 1795 in Scotland, emigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada, before 1836, and there married Mary Warren, possibly the Mary Ann Warren born 15 February 1812 on Prince Edward Island, a daughter of James Warren and Ann Bearstoe. William was a ship carpenter and a Presbyterian, and is listed in the 1881 Census in Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, with his wife and sons Robert and George. They had five sons:

  1. Daniel W. MacKay, born 9 Feb 1836 on Prince Edward Island, married Ann (Annie) M. Kittredge, daughter of Whiting Kittredge and Lydia Whitaker. Ann M. was born 27 May 1843 at West Eden (now Town Hill), Maine, United States, and died 28 Sep 1919 at West Eden. Daniel W. died 3 May 1915 at West Eden. They had no children.
  2. James Harold MacKay, born 20 Apr 1837 on Prince Edward Island, married Margaret (Maggie) Jane Chapman, daughter of John Stocks Chapman Jr. and Sarah Ann Chapman, on 1 Jan 1878 at Dorchester. Margaret Jane was born 22 Jul 1852 at Dorchester and died 7 Oct 1910 at Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. James Harold died 15 Sep 1917 at Pugwash, Nova Scotia. They had three children:
    1. William Elmore MacKay, born 1 Oct 1878 at Dorchester, married Winifred Grace Holmes, daughter of Marshall Edward Holmes and Elizabeth Mary Ann Martell, on 17 Nov 1902 at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Winifred Grace was born 5 Nov 1883 at Homeville, Nova Scotia, and died 6 Dec 1952 at Belleville, Ontario, Canada. William Elmore died 13 Jul 1960 at Belleville. They had three children:
      1. Earle Robert MacKay, born 1 May 1904 at Glace Bay, married Laura Margaret Johnstone, daughter of Russell Johnstone and Cora Vance Dakin, on 15 Nov 1927 at Toronto, Ontario. Laura Margaret was born 16 Jun 1908 at Glace Bay, and died 17 Jun 1986 at Belleville. Earle Robert died 4 Sep 1993. They had four sons.
      2. Isetta (Etta) Blanche MacKay, born 1 Dec 1905 at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, married Harold Elmo Burgess on 15 Aug 1937 at Colborne, Ontario. Harold Elmo was born 1901, and died 1943 at Toronto. They had two children.
      3. Roy Elmore MacKay, born 22 Jun 1912 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, married Marjorie Jessie Clayton, daughter of James Stuart Clayton and Annie Currie, on 19 Jun 1937 at Toronto. Marjorie Jessie was born 5 Dec 1915 at Hamilton, Ontario, and died 4 Aug 1999 at Mississauga, Ontario. Roy Elmore died 28 Aug 1988 at Toronto. They had four children.
    2. Isetta (Etta) Sarah MacKay, born 5 Oct 1882 at Dorchester, married Harvey (Harry) Nathan Loomer, son of Nathan H. Loomer and Rebecca -----, on 2 Jan 1908 at Amherst. Harvey Nathan was born 1881 in Kings County, Nova Scotia. Isetta Sarah died 24 Nov 1973 at London, Ontario. They had no children.
    3. James Harold MacKay, born 17 Sep 1892 at Amherst. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  3. Robert Bruce MacKay, born 1 Mar 1844 on Prince Edward Island, married Florence N. Wood, daughter of Joshua M. Wood and M. Jane -----, on 18 Jan 1883 in Westmorland County, New Brunswick. Florence N. was born 25 Oct 1854 at Shediac, New Brunswick and died 20 Apr 1894 at Brooklyn, New York, United States. Robert Bruce died 30 Dec 1907 at Brooklyn. They had four children:
    1. Robert Edmond MacKay, born Feb 1885 in New Jersey, United States, married, first, Maude -----, by whom he had one son. He married, second, Minnie (Hope) Ray, by whom he had two children. Robert Edmond died, possibly 1917 at Chicago, Illinois, United States.
      1. Robert William MacKay, born 17 Apr 1911, married Molly -----, died 1990 or 1991 at Lagrena, California, United States. They had no children.
      2. Roberta MacKay, born Jan 1915, married, first, Thaddeus Chamabian 1937, by whom she had four children. She married, second, Mike Tracey 1964, by whom she had no children. Roberta died 1987.
      3. Malcolm MacGreagor MacKay, born 19 Nov 1916, married Kathleen Quinn 22 Feb 1941, died 21 Nov 1978. They had four sons.
    2. Edith L. MacKay, born Dec 1889 in Canada, married Jack Carson, died 1939. They had one daughter:
      1. Edith Carson
    3. Mary F. E. MacKay, born May 1891 in New York, United States, married Henry Bryan, died 13 Aug 1980 in Florida, United States. They had no children.
    4. Anne (Annie) M. MacKay, born 11 Nov 1893 at Brooklyn, married Reginald Squire, died 14 Jan 1916 at Brooklyn. They had no children.
  4. George W. MacKay, born Oct 1850 on Prince Edward Island, married Estella Stock around 1891. Estella was born Jun 1870 in New Jersey and died before 1935. George W. died 4 Apr 1935 at Brooklyn. They had three children:
    1. William (Willie) W. MacKay, born Sep 1891 in New York.
    2. Estelle P. MacKay, born Apr 1897 in New York, married Garabedian, born about 1895 in the United States. They had a daughter:
      1. Natalie Garabedian
    3. Unknown, died before 6 Jun 1900.
  5. Edward MacKay, died in a train accident.

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