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Working notes and data...
Note to family: These are listings from databases, and are not yet confirmed as being actual ancestors.

Source, Mr. Earl Ross, "GHLL", Genealogy Community.

Question asked:

James CURRY -
b. ??-???-abt 1757 - Pittsylvania Co, VA
Nothing else known...

Information gained:

Bob -- Here are some choices and 'possibles' for you from the IGI:

LDS submission:
James CURRY b: abt 1734 Pittsylvania, VA
no parents listed
source: Film 6142824 an LDS submission

James CURRY b: 1740 Pittsylvania, VA
no parents listed
source: an LDS submission

James CURRY b: abt 1757 VA ?? see link
father: William CURRY
mother: Frances
source: Film 1761101 an LDS submission

James CURRY m: abt 1759 Pittsylvania, VA
spouse: Margaret
source: Film 2034585 an LDS submission

The Ancestral File shows:
James CuRRY b: 1736 Va
d: 19 Oct 1817 Pittsylvania, VA
spouse: b: est 1743 VA
James CURRY Jr. b: 1760 VA
d: Bef 1842 Maury co. TN
spouse: Margaret GARDNER

Isaac CURRY b: 25 Nov 1762 VA
d: 2 Mar 1846 Shelby Co. IL
spouse: Rhoda GRISHAM m: 24 Mar 1785 Pittsylvania co. VA

Bartholomew CURRY b: est 1764 VA
d: Bef Nov 1848 Green Co. KY

Nathan CURRY b: 1765 VA
d: 1807 VA
spouse: Nancy GRESHAM m: 9 Dec 1790 Pittsylvania Co. VA

Bartholmew CURRY b: abt 1765 VA
d: Nov 1848 Green Co. VA
spouse: Rozanna NUCKOLS m: 11 Feb 1796 Pittsylvania co. VA

George CURRY b: 1766 VA

Israel CURRY b: 1775 VA
d: 20 Nov 1834 Franklin Twp, Harrison Co. TN
spouse: Sarah PAYNE m: 19 Jan 1795 Pittsylvania co. VA

Thomas CURRY b: est 1777 VA
d: abt 1846 Green Col KY

Thomas CURRY b: 1781 VA ??
d: 1846
spouse: Peggy HAWKINS m: 16 May 1798

Charles CURRY b: est 1783 VA

John CURRY b: 1810 VA
spouse: Annie HARBIN

Elisabeth CURRY b: est 1814 VA

If none of these make sense start looking in Halifax co. Pittsylvania Co. was established from Halifax co. in 1766.
Source, Mr. Earl Ross, "GHLL", Genealogy Community.

Question asked:

Solomon Huggard -

b. ??-???-1817 place unknown
d. ??-???-1880 Adair Co., KY

Wife -
Elizabeth (unknown)

Children - (no birth/death dates known)
i   Sarah A. E. Huggard
ii  Thomas Huggard
iii E. F. Huggard
iv  Allen Huggard
v   M. A. Huggard
vi  Eddie Huggard
vii Evaline Huggard

Parents - Unknown
Siblings - Unknown

Information gained:

Bob -- I could not find Solomon HUGGARD in the places I normally look -- suggest that you also check for spellings like HUGHART and other alternatives.

You need to start from the Known -- he died in 1880 in Adair Co. KY.

From the Interlibary Loan process at your local library you might order:
Author: Michael C. Watson
Title: Death records of Adair Co., KY and Russell, Casey, Green, Cumberland, and Taylor Co. prior to 1900.
Published: Columbia, KY: Printing Creations abt 1987
copyright date: 1987
format 69 pp

From the FHC you might order:
Film 0829846
Author: KY, county court (Adair Co.)
Title: Wills 1804-1930 Will index 1804-1970
Notes: Microfilm of original records at the Adair Co. courthouse
This film is for Wills 1876-1930 and order the Index on Film 0828889

Author: Margie Coffey
Title: Cemeteries of Adair Co. KY
Publication: Columbia KY Adair Co. Library
There are seven microfiche from 6101466-6101472
These can be ordered from FHC -- but not sure exactly what these fiche include.