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Generation 1 - No. 1:

L. W. (Bob) Roberts (Jr.)

photo, 1993

Life Events:
 Birth:   Scunthorpe, Linconshire, England
Death:   Living
 Marriage:   N/A

Children: None - the line stops here.

Siblings: None

Parents: Louin Weldon Roberts (Sr)
Alla Jean Boyer

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          I was born during the time when my Father and Mother were in England - September 7, 1938. From the time of my birth until my 9th birthday, we moved wherever my Father's work took him. He was a Geophysicist-Seismologist and was engaged in the manufacture of "records", which aided oil companies (at that time) in the exploration and location of underground oil and gas.

          I attended many schools in the Texas and Oklahoma area, and when my Father terminated his employment with J. C. Petty Geophysical Engineering Company of San Antonio, Texas , we moved to "the farm", a portion of family lands in southwestern Oklahoma. I attended school and graduated High School in Blair, Oklahoma and spent a short and uneventful time at Oklahoma University.

          I was married (and divorced) in Oklahoma, and after my divorce, I moved to southern California, where I persued my interests in the medical profession over the next several years, graduating UCLA. After living and working in the Los Angeles area for 12 years, I was offered a job with the University of California - San Francisco. This move also afforded me the opportunity to do post-graduate work at Stanford University.

          I am now retired from the medical profession and still live in San Francisco. Upon the death of my Mother (Jean Boyer), my Father (still living, and now in his 90th year) came from Corpus Christi, Texas to live with me.