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Generation 4 - No. 10:

Matilda Jane Forbush - G Grandmother

Life Events:
 Birth:   84-Jun-1852 - Cumberland Co., KY Death:   06-Oct-1885 - Breeding, Adair, KY
Burial:   Unknown
 Married:    13-Sep-1869
                     - Breeding, Adair, KY
                     - George Washington Curry

Children: i    J. W. Curry -
b.10-Jul-1870 d. xx-xxx-xxxx

ii   Edgar Jackson Curry -
b.31-May-1872 d. 1920, Dallas, TX

iii  Arthur Josiah Curry -
b.06-Apr-1875 d.xx-xxx-xxxx

iv   George Evan Curry -
b.20-Apr-1878 d. *

v    Ora Evalene Curry -
b.20-Sep-1880 d.01-Nov-1967

vi   Lucian Thomas Curry -
b.05-Jan-1882 d.04-Sep-1969

vii  John Cleveland Curry -
13-Mar-1884 d.29-Aug-1908

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

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State of Kentucky, War Records
Charles Donnilly, Magistrate, Washington, D. C., Court of Records.


         At this writing, not much is known about my G Grandmother, Matilda Jane Forbush. She died when my Grandmother was only five years old. My Grandmother (Ora E. Curry) did not have much of a memory of her. She was brought-up by her Step-Mother, Nanny Harvey (Roberts)