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Generation 4 - No. 10:

George Washington Curry - G Grandfather

Life Events:
 Birth:   14-Jun-1842 - Cumberland Co., KY Death:   20-Feb-1924 - Breeding, Adair, KY
Burial:   Fudge Cemetery, Breeding, Adair, KY
 Married:    13-Sep-1869
                     - Breeding, Adair, KY
                     - (1) Matilda Jane Forbush
                     - (2) Nanny Harvey -

Children: i    J. W. Curry -
b.10-Jul-1870 d. xx-xxx-xxxx

ii   Edgar Jackson Curry -
b.31-May-1872 d. 1920, Dallas, TX

iii  Arthur Josiah Curry -
b.06-Apr-1875 d.xx-xxx-xxxx

iv   George Evan Curry -
b.20-Apr-1878 d. *

v    Ora Evalene Curry -
b.20-Sep-1880 d.01-Nov-1967

vi   Lucian Thomas Curry -
b.05-Jan-1882 d.04-Sep-1969

vii  John Cleveland Curry -
13-Mar-1884 d.29-Aug-1908

viii Amandia B. Curry -
09-Dec-1900 d.xx-xxx-xxxx

ix   Vedis Mall Curry -

Parents: William Curry
Harriet Schackelford


References: United States of America, Bureau of Pensions
State of Kentucky, War Records
Charles Donnilly, Magistrate, Washington, D. C., Court of Records.


         George Washington Curry is described in his family papers as being 5 feet, 6 inches tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes and light colored hair. He was a farmer in Kentucky and after his first wife (Matilda Jane Forbes Forbush) died, he remarried Nanny Harvey who then served also as Mother to his children (My Grandmother, Ora Evalene Curry, her brothers & sisters).

          George W. Curry also served in the Civil War. He was "enrolled" in Company L, of the 13th Regiment, of the Kenducky Cavalry on 5-Nov-1863. Recomended by Capt, John R. Curry, and was honorably discharged by Capt. Nelson [name illegable] on 10-Jan-1865

          George Washington Curry's Civil War service is well documented in the National Archives and Veterans Administration papers. Some written in his own hand. From those records, some of the dates can be verified. Notice that on his Veterans Administration records, he lists his first child as a "J. W. Curry" born July 6, 1870. George served under a Captain John R. Curry, I believe that this individual was also a member of our family, possibly a cousin or Uncle to George. Captain John was killed during that war. He has a descendant living (1988) at Columbia, Kentucky.

* George's Son, George Evan Curry was killed in an "oil explosion" in Casper Wyoming - date unknown.