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L.W.(Bob) Roberts - Boyer Family lines (Ancestors)

Children of:

Calvin Layfette Ballard Boyer
Angie Whitson
  1. Alla Gene (Jean) Boyer (Roberts):
              b. 19-Dec-1912 d. 19-Mar-1994. Please see Jean Boyer's Descendancy Page

              Jean's Children -
                        L. W. (Bob) Roberts - living

  2. Calvin Layfette Boyer:
              b. 31-Oct-1923 d. 03-Sep-1973. Calvin was married to Rozena Betty Lanford on July 4, 1942. He enlisted into the United States Navy December 14, 1942, and left for San Diego, California on 25-Dec-1942. His time included Boot camp and training in Landing Craft School, Amphor Boat Pool. Was sent to the Solomon Islands (Tulagi) April, 1942 - January, 1945. Stationed at Point Montris Gunnery School until (April, ????) , he then went to the Naval Hospital in Oakland, California until his discharge on 04-Dec-1945. Gunners Mate 2cvb USN. Asiatic-Pacific Medal, American Theater Medal, World War II Victory Medal.

              After his discharge from the Navy, Calvin worked for the King Ranch (in the WildLife, Dept.). He worked at the Drive-in Theater in Kingsville while he attended college on the GI Bill. He worked many years for Hall Theatres in the Kingsville and Corpus Christi area. At one time, Calvin owned a Neon Sign company in Kingsville, and just before his death, the family lived in the San Antonio area where he was employed by the John Hancock Insurance Company.

              His wife, Rozena Betty Lanford, returned to Kingsville, Texas where she presently resides. She is one of several Daughters of Elva and Zula Lanford. (Parents: Elva (pronounced Elv-e) Lanford and Zula Laverna Walker) of Kingsville, Texas.

              Calvin's Children -
                        Calvin Gerald Boyer - living
                        Wanda Jean Boyer (Schoenfeld) (Allday) - living

  3. Charles Hudson Boyer:
              b. 01-Feb-1925 d. 10-Dec-1995. Charles was born in Bishop, Kleberg, TX. He was born at home, and a neighbor helped in the birthing, her last name was, HUDSON, henseforth, Charles' middle name was gleened from that neighbor.

              Charles enlisted in the US Navy after WWII began. The Navy sent him to Duke University, to the school of Electrical Engineering where he received instruction in all forms of electrical wireing. He then served the US Navy as a sonar specialist and rewiring submarines via a sub-tender.

              When his navy service was completed, he returned to Kingsville and sought work with CP&L (Centeral Power and Light). He then met and married Alice Tate b. xx-xx-xxx d. xx-xxx-1989. They were married circa 1946, at the Norris division headquarters of the King Ranch, where Alice's Father (Tom Tate) was division Foreman.

              Charles and Alice began their family, and welcomed two children, Kate and Tom into their family. By then they had returned to Sinton, TX from Charles' job as a Manager with CP&L in San Diego, TX. They remained for 20 years in Sinton before Charles' job took him to Beeville, Bee, TX. Both were highly respected members of the community until Alice's death in the spring of 1989.

              Charles married Sylvia Rudeloff (McCord) on 22-Jun-1990 in Beeville. Charles passed away in the Winter of 1995, of complications due to lung cancer. Alice's ashes were sprinkled on the Boyer property on Louise Drive, Beeville and Charles' ashes were scattered near his private hunting blind (used for the observation of wild life) in Bee County, Texas.

              Charles' Children -
                        Katherine Marie Boyer (Spradlin) - living
                        Charles Thomas Boyer - living

Children of:

Wiley F. Boyer
Justin Louvenia Williams
(G Grandparents)
  1. Mary Frances Boyer (Dunn) (Gerron) -
              b. 31-Aug-1870 d. 1929

              Mary's Children (husband, Dunn & Gerron) -
                        Charles dunn - deceased
                        Jettie Gerron - deceased

  2. James Monroe"Bud" Boyer -
              b. 20-Feb-1872 d. 28-Nov-1950

              Bud's Children (wife, unknown) -
                        Effie Boyer (Burnside) - deceased c 1981
                        Arie Boyer (unknown) - deceased c 1930s Texas

  3. Laura Ann Boyer (Streetman) -
              b. 06-Jan-1874 d 02-Oct-1931

              Laura's Children (husband, Tank Streetman) -
                        No Children

  4. Sarah Margaret Boyer (Poston) -
              b. xx-Feb-1876 d. 19-Feb-1959

              Sarah's Children (husband, unknown) -
                        No Children

  5. Miles Burris Boyer -
              b. 14-Feb-1878 d. 03-Dec-1938

              Miles' Children (wife, unknown) -
                        No Children

  6. M. Effie Boyer -
              b. xx-xxx-1879 d. xx-xxx-1881

  7. Tomas Benton Boyer -
              b.14-Oct-1881 - d. 16-Nov-1955

              Tom's Children (wife, Clarisse) -
                        Owen Boyer - deceased c 1981

  8. Linnie Culver Boyer (Johnson)-
              b. 28-Sep-1883 d. 18-Nov-1944

              Linnie's Children (husband, Green Johnson) -
                        Troy Johnson
                        Edna Mae Johnson (Merrick)

  9. John Leslie Boyer -
              b. ??-Aug-1887 d. 22-Dec-1971

              Les's Children (wife, unknown) -
                        Mildred Boyer (Davis)
                        Edna Mae Johnson (Merrick)

  10. M. Effie Boyer (2) -
              b. 19-Aug-1889 d. at birth (Effie #2)

  11. Calvin Layfette Ballard Boyer -
              b. 19-Mar-1891 d ??-May-1945. Please see Ballard Boyer's Descendancy Page

  12. Dottie Boyer -
              b. xx-xx-xxxx1 d. died at birth

  13. Lettie Boyer -
              b. xx-xx-xxxx1 d. died at birth

Children of:
Louis Franklin Whitson
Alice Minerva Olive
(G Grandparents)

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  1. Frank Whitson -
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. xx-xxx-xxxx

              Frank's Children (wife, unknown) -

  2. Joe Erdy Whitson -
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. xx-xxx-xxxx

              Joe's Children (wife, unknown) -

  3. Albert Whitson -
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. xx-xxx-xxxx

              Albert's Children (wife, unknown) -

  4. Clint Whitson -
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. xx-xxx-xxxx

              Clint's Children (wife, unknown) -

  5. Arnold Whitson -
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. xx-xxx-xxxx

              Arnold's Children (wife, unknown) -

  6. Angie Whitson (Boyer)
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. xx-xxx-xxxx

              Angie's Children (Husband, C.L.Ballard Boyer) -

    Rachel Whitson (Jones)
              b. xx-xxx-xxxx d. 12-Jan-1986

              Rachel's Children (Husband, Earl Jones) -
                        No Children

Children of:
John Williams
Mary Burris
(GG Grandparents)
  1. Elizabeth "Bettie" Williams -
              b. 05-Dec-1848 d. 23-Sep-1902 - Born in Jasper county, Missouri. She married Francis Marion Millican, 24-Feb-1868 Collin county, TX. Elizabeth was buried in Stiff Chapel Cemetery, Altoga, Collin county, TX.

  2. Sarah Williams -
              b. c 1849 d. 1889-1893 - Sarah Williams was born in Jasper county, Missouri. She married Leroy Joshua Broughton, Sep. 23, 1867 Collin county, TX. Sarah in a place unknown. Leroy remmarried to Sarah A Coleman, Nov. 22, 1893 Allen, OK. Leroy died April 27, 1931 and was buried Connerville, OK.

  3. Justin Louvenia Williams -
              b. 16-Dec-1850 d. 17-Jun-1902 - Louvenia was born in Jasper county, Missouri. She married Wiley F. Boyer, Aug. 26, 1869 Collin county, TX. Justin is buried in Stiff Chapel cem. Wiley died Sep. 19, 1930 and was buried Stiff Chapel Cemetery Their graves are marked by stone piles. Please see Louvenia Williams' Descendancy Page

  4. Angeline "Anna" Williams -
              b. Oct-1852 d. after 1920 - "Anna" was born in Collin? county, TX. She apparently never married. She lived with her nephew Matt Millican. She is burried somewhere in Oklahoma.

  5. Prudence "Prudy" Williams -
              b. 20-Jul-1854 d. 24-Jan-1890 - Prudence "Prudy" Williams was born in Collin county, TX. She married James M. Millican, Oct. 10, 1872, Collin county, TX. Prudence died in Collin county, TX and was buried in Stiff Chapel cem., TX. James died Oct. 1, 1904 Polk Co., TX and was buried Damascus cem., Polk Co., TX.

  6. Miles Burris Williams -
              b. 22-May-1856 d. 25-Dec-1877 - Miles Burris Williams was born in Collin county, TX. He married Virginia "Jennie" Lockridge, Dec. 27, 1877. Jennie died Dec. 25, 1877 and was buried Stiff Chapel cem. Miles remarried to Annie J Hinton Feb 17, 1889 Collin Co., TX. Miles died and was buried Altoga cem., Collin Co., TX.

  7. Margaret Ellen Williams -
               b. 07-Jul-1858 d. 28-Nov-1925 - Margaret Ellen Williams was born in Collin county, TX. She married Granville G. Millican, Nov. 21, 1872, Collin county, TX. Margaret died in Clarita, Oklahoma and was buried in Coleman, Johnston county, TX. Granville died Oct. 4, 1927 Durant, OK and was buried Burney cem., Bryan Co., OK.